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The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle

This is a story I did a few years ago and posted on Sapphire's. It's an attempt at Science Fiction and Adventure. At the time I wrote it, I had never read any of the Gor books. Now that I have, I'm surprised at some of the similarities.

The story is about Bill, who, through a travesty of justice gets involved with a dying boy. With the help of the boy's late uncle's writings, Bill is pulled into a strange, savage world.

The Princess of Q’fahr

Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2005

Princess of Q'fahr
Princess of Q'Fahr on Amazon

Age of Gods Online Chapter 5


Serena was a top player in the popular browser game Age of Gods Online which combines elements of strategy and RPG on a platform available to everyone with access to the internet. As an RMT scum, she climbed the ranks of the deathmatch with real world money. One day, after she was defeated in battle by another player, she went to sleep and woke up in the world of AGO.

But something was wrong. She woke up 300 years in the future of the current Age of Gods Online. Will she be able to unravel why or how she got there and if she'll ever return home?

Age of Gods Online Chapter 5
The epic struggles of young gods in another world.

By Shiina Ai

the cross-world sword part 4



The final cat leaped towards them. John shot its foreleg off, so when it landed, it slid towards them. Just as it came to a halt, John blew its head off.

The way seemed clear now, so the group walked up to the house and into the gate.......
The gate was still open, which caused John some concern, so he was on his guard.

the cross-world sword part 3


John awoke at first light, as the fingers of light started to spread across the sky. All the others were asleep, apart from one warrior on watch. He was quite pleased to be awake, as he had been plagued by bad dreams all night. He shook his head, as the last memories filtered away, much to his relief.

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