Paramilitary Camp

The New Recruits Part 4

Tammy and several others come walking in looking red as a lobster and exhausted. She watches as Sophie drag her backpack in. Tammy felt sorry for her. She had thrown-up everything in her stomach the first few days they were on the life raft.

“I’m going to kill my uncle Jack when I see him.” Sophie barely makes it to her bunk, before she collapses.

“You signed up for this program.” Dave was taking his bloody torn t-shirt off while wincing.

The New Recruits Part 3

“God! Tell me why I agreed to do this again?” Sophie was limping by the time they got back to the barracks.

“Because your family owns this place.” Greg was watching Sophie’s ass as he walked behind her into the barracks.

“No, I don’t think that was the reason.” Sophie takes her heavy backpack off and sets it next to her locker.

She shivers as the wet clothes she had on turned cold from the A/C turning on. They had just gotten back from doing a twenty-mile hike with an eighty-pound pack. Sophie’s feet were bothering her. She could tell that a blister had formed.

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