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Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Trying to find his new home in the pouring rain, Bobby winds up falling into a mud puddle and is soaked from head to toe. A neighbor girl offers to takes Bobby home, where his rainy day adventure begins.

Stephanie's Deal

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Stephanie's Deal

by Jennifer Brock

This serial is a spinoff from my holiday story, Nancy’s Patterson’s Criss-Crossed Christmas Pageant. The first couple of episodes overlap the timeline of that story, but from a different point of view. Later chapters continue showing what happens to Stephanie, for as long as she exists.

Our Nutcracker Adventure

Collin, now Colleen for certain, is still hiding from the world. While attending ballet for a performance,
others around her begin to see through the cracks in her day to day disguise as Collin.

How much longer can she stay hidden?

Our Nutcracker

Chapter 1

by Torey

Copyright © 2012 Torey
All Rights Reserved.


Author's Note: This story is the sequel to My Summer with Meg. It was one Wren asked me to write at the end of the last chapter. I dedicate this story to her.

Image Credit: Image frame from the Dutch Documentary film Zonder Spitzen.

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