The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 13

The upcoming weeks were rough on the Angels as they performed outside on stage. Between the humidity and heat, they were sweating like pigs. Cassady was soaked in sweat by the time they finished their performance. All the other ladies were sweating as well.

The gigs they played at some of the bars they played at were profitable. The managers of those bars wanted them to come back and play again. Cynthia was going to talk to their booking manager to arrange it.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 6

Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, Va.:
“Man, this place is unbelievable.” Debbie and Juni were loving the horse center.

“And the good thing about it is we don’t have to judge anything.” Angela was glad they didn’t have to do anything this time except sing.

Cassady and Jessie were standing next to each other and looking around. They spot a teenage girl dressed in western gear helping a bunch of other teenagers with a bunch of horses. Cassady and Jessie watch as the long, strawberry blond-haired girl leads several horses out of a horse trailer.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 4

Always Stay Down To Earth, Walter
I grew up overshadowed by lush lakes
Couldn't catch the eye of no city boy
Here I am devoted to Walter
How I love the way you look in your blue jeans
Can't believe I let the smog cloud my eye
Where the lush lakes stand
And the deep mountains surround
I'll ride my battered truck with you by my side
There's a whisper in the Tennessee breeze
Reminding me of Chris
That whisper builds
That whisper cries
Chris in the morning skies

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 3

The ride to the fairgrounds could have been more uneventful. The girls were practicing some moves in the back of the tour bus. Cassady was reading about the pie contest rules online, that the contest sponsor posted. The rules and regulations each contestant had to follow.

Angela makes a few suggestions to Cassady about the tempo of their Moonshine song. She wanted to drop the rhythm some, making it sound slower.

“I like that idea. It will make it seem I’m drinking some.” Cassady knew they used water in their mason jar props for the song.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 2

Day Of Departure:
“Whose idea was it for us to be here at four in the morning?” Cassady had ridden in with her cousin.

“Don’t complain too loudly, Cassady.” Juni was unloading her bags from the back of her boyfriend’s pickup truck.

“Where are our driver and roadie?” Jessie was looking around for the two guys that were traveling with them.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour

Triple D Steak House, Cave Spring, Virginia:
Jessie, Cassady, Debbie, Angela, and Juni couldn’t believe they had gotten a call from Leon and asked to meet him at Triple D Steak House. When they arrived, they were escorted to a private section, where Leon was waiting for them. He wasn’t by himself, either. Standing next to him was a young woman around their age. She was dressed in a nice business suit.

“Ladies, it’s so good to see you in person. Please have a seat.” A huge smile appears on his face.

Left on Her Own

April was all excited her mother was taking her for a ride. She was going to go and see real horses and have a chance to ride them. She watches as they drove down the highway. She had never been out of the city and this was her first time traveling. She loved seeing the cows and horses as they pasted them.

“Mommy look, there’s a brown horse and a white one.” She points her tiny hand towards them.

Abandoned Child Chapter 15 Final Chapter

Jessie was still recovering from her wounds. However, the doctor wasn’t ready to release her yet. She was still sharing the same room with her aunt. Her Aunt Mary was making progress with her recovery. Her doctor was thinking about releasing her in a few days. She was watching the news with her Aunt Mary yesterday afternoon, when the news caster spoke about the death of the President and Vice President of an MC under investigation in West Virginia were found dead.

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