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My dog, who I have had for almost 16 years (short by 2 mo), was put to sleep today. She was old, had trouble walking, fell over occasionally, had trouble going up and down stairs. It hurts. It hurts a lot. I have been crying over it for the last several days. This has been really difficult to deal with. So, I wanted to let you all know, because I will be out of it for a while.

Take care and hug your pets.

Jem...Chapter 1 I guess...

Jem…Chapter one I guess…

Series inspired by Melinda_Starr
(It’s her fault.)

“Never thought I could dance…”
“Never though I ever be asked…”

“La, la, la….. (Humming.) the lights are bright and I’m up on the stage…”

And the rest of it just won’t come. I fall back away from my keyboard and flake out on the bed with all my comics and magazines and sign putting my palms over my face and trying to rub the writer’s block-blahs away.

I know the song sounds girly but it’s supposed to. I’ve been writing it for the next teeny-chick pop star.

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