A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Part 1

It was supposed to be an experiment in socialization. No physical changes except some blockers to hold back the growth of a beard and make the male genitals sit quietly in the delicate panties. Just to play with the male mind. And then it would be over. There would be a follow up in a week or two to confirm re-assimilation as a male. I suppose I never thought that was in doubt.

Learning to Be A Sailor

“Watch you doing up there, Amy?” Steve looks up at Amy way up at the top of her mainmast in a bosun's chair.

Amy looks down towards Steve as he stood near her sailboat. She had just finished installing a new light bulb and a radio antenna on her mainmast.

“Replacing a light bulb and installing a new radio antenna.” Amy was glad she got started early on the repairs.

“You’re a better person then I am.” Steve had a fear of heights.

“I love my boat.” Amy starts lowering herself back down to the deck.

Learning To Be A Mother Part 4 Final Chapter

Arabella was enjoying herself as they sailed down to Florida. Once her mom and dad explained what happened up on deck. She felt scared to sleep by herself the following night. So, she slept with Gina and Arnold.

The trip down to Florida was nice and Arabella loved it a lot. When they arrived in Florida, Gina and Arnold took Arabella sightseeing and to Disney World. Arabella had never been to somewhere so big before and stayed next to Gina and Arnold.

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