Reincarnation 8 - A Warning

The truth always hurts (ancient saying).

Caution: contains scene of a murder, smoking scenes

The news about Julia and Sandra spread like the flash of a lightning. Televisions came, reporters asked them for interviews, many organizations wanted them to be their honorific members. In only a few weeks, everyone was talking about. Julia's transformation from a girl and Sandra's transformation from a guy, both into hermaphrodites, reached the front pages of many news corporations. Reporters were everywhere for a while. It was known as the surgery of the century.

Reincarnation 7 - Pandorra's Box

People reject what they find different from them (a study about discrimination).

Caution: smoking scenes, humiliation scenes and some adult subjects

Julia and Sandra are preparing to go to school with their new hermaphrodite bodies. How will their colleagues accept this? To make things harder, all students heard what happened with the two.

Reincarnation 6 - New Bodies

I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it (The Matrix).

Caution: large-scale body transformations and limited smoking and erotic scenes

Reincarnation 5 - Hard Choice

When the sword is above your neck, you hardly see the best solution (memories from a prisoner).

Caution: smoking scenes, moments of drama, depression and hard decisions

Will you go through the pain of complete body transformation when even a visit to the dentist is painful enough?

Reincarnation 4 - Path To Answer

Memories come to your mind when you find something related to a past experience (elementary psychology).

Caution: smoking scenes

Julia and David witnessed more experiences from their past lives. They could remember them only when they become somehow similar to how they looked in their last life. David was a woman named Sandra and he has to wear women clothes, while Julia, which were a cross-dresser, had to wear a strap-on. It never works in another way.

Reincarnation 2 - This Is Impossible

Loneliness is the key to discover your true self (quote from a hermit).

Caution: smoking scenes

A lonely person evolves different from someone who lives with many others. It doesn't require to be a hermit on top of a mountain. You can live a lonely life in a crowded city. While the mainstream population is influenced by others, a lonely person develops a different personality, strongly influenced by its own self. Elements from a past life are far more easy to discover at lonely people.

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