Street Child 2 Chp. 3

It was three days before Christmas and Karen was getting anxious. This was going to be her first real Christmas. She has been living with Betty and sleeping with her ever since Sasha had informed her that he wasn’t going to renew the lease on his apartment. At first it had been a disappointment to her, because even though she was working full time at the paint store, she wasn’t making enough money on her own to pay the rental fee or the bills. Then when Betty had offered to let her stay with her, she jumped at the offer. She was already willing to do whatever Betty asked of her.

Alonely...Part two

Alonely… Part two


I feel Trey’s head on my shoulder and look to see them asleep on my shoulder and the sunshine is touching their face and they are sleeping like me when I hit that wall of sheer exhaustion.

He has really bad burns on his face too and yet he looks like he’s crying a little in his sleep.
I don’t know what I’m doing really but I reach under the comforter and feel out for him and find his arm and then his hand.

Even feeling the scars doesn’t gross or freak my out.

Actually I have no idea what I’m feeling….but when I gently squeeze his hand and whisper. “It’s okay….I’m here.” The pained tenseness, that sad in his sleep seems to fade a little and right now.

Right now we’re not alone for the moment at least.

*And now…

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