A TV's Dream

A TV’s Dream
By Patricia Marie Allen

My parents were separated when I was four years old. Mom moved to the West Coast with us kids. When I was in the first grade, my father decided to try and reconcile. He showed up one Saturday unannounced. It had been so long since I had seen him that I didn’t recognize him. He moved in and things began to get a little strained.

New Endings, New Beginnings

The Girl with The Mini:
Part 1 - New Endings, New Beginnings
A story about starting over

by Bobbie Cabot


This story is the first part of my story, "The Girl With The Mini," and although it is the first of three-parts, it has an ending, sort of.   I'll continue it when there's more time.   As it is, I have to thank Sephy for extending the deadline enough so I can get this first part posted in time for the contest.

This story is an official entry to the "September/October 2012 Reconciliation Story Contest," and is actually a fictionalized version of parts of my own life, circa 2004 - 2006.   Perhaps 75% true-to-life and the rest changed around so it'll be a better story. Needless to say, liberties were taken to change the names, many of the details, and some of the events. The story is about how Zoe, our protagonist, deals with how relationships can sometimes end, and from there, how a new life can begin.

I hope that you will like the story, and I hope that you will be gentle. Thanks!

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