Sexual Punishment

Irresistible, Kissable: A TG Mixed Tape

Iressistible, Kissable

A TG Mixed Tape

Edited by PersnicketyBitch

In the Australian outback a solitary traveller stops at strange roadside store. They leave with more questions than answers and a CD labelled "A TG Mixed Tape". Hit play on this collection of short, short tales if you dare and let 11 different voices in TG-Fiction take you to worlds both far flung and almost but not quite like our own; introduce you to Rock Star Vampires, Shape-shifters and the even the Devil herself; and spin stories of remembrance, sex and second chances.

The Adventures of Samantha: Alt-Ending

An alternative ending to the story The Adventures of Samantha.
Read how macho Sam Gordon now Samantha Gordon, tries to figure out
his escape from the clutches of the women who have transformed him.

The Adventures of Samantha

by Tigger

Copyright © 1997,1998,2013 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.
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