Story of a Young Actress Named Geoffrey

Story of a Young Actress Named Geoffrey

by Jeremiah Smith

A delightfully silly romp through the life of an actress with the unlikely name of Geoffrey. Unsuitable for mature audience.

Jugsy for Big Closet Mascot!

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JugsyC.jpg     Heya, goyls. It's me, Jugsy. Yeeeah. Oy wuz boyn a boy, ya know? But oy really am a goyl. Oy am, see. So, ya gotta make me yer meee-ascot here. Oy'm purrfect for da job. Yeeeah.

- Jugsy, da Cougar Cub

P.S. I just had to post this. My little cougar friend has me eating out of her paw. She's sooooo cute, and she dreams of being a famous mascot. So what do you think? Does she have a chance? :)

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