Finding Zoey - Part 3

Finding Zoey – Part 3

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(A sequel to a 2018 story about a boy who finds joy in being a pretty girl and the twists and turns that feature his new adventure.)


The Beginning - part 14. This is only the beginning

When I opened my eyes I saw Mary’s face. She smiled at me. For a moment I had no idea what happened. I did not know where I was or what time of the day it was.

“Babe, are you okay?” Mary asked me sounding concerned.

The Beginning - part 13. Shopping paradise

My mom, Mary and I got up simultaneously and all three of us walked over to hug my dad. I was so proud to be his daughter. A little more crying happened and after a short while, we settled back down.

“Okay girls. We need to get ready for shopping soon. Mary, I will give you some money too so you don’t feel treated unfairly.” mom announced.

“Hooray! I am not going to say no to that .” Mary said excitedly.

“What about your friend Samantha, Riley. Maybe she wants to hang out at the mall with us?” mom asked me.

The Beginning - part 12. Tough negotiations

We walked up to my parents who were still standing at the door. I was determined to get this issue resolved. I felt confident and brave. I loved wearing my girlie clothes because it felt so natural. Well, technically they were Alyssa’s old clothes. The skirt and top fit me perfectly as if they were made for me. Of course, I loved the black tights the most. This was me. Riley.

Christmas At The Hardy Ranch

Caroline watches as Laila and Julie walk into the school Bart enrolled them in on his returned from England. The girls have adjusted going to an American private school. Caroline made sure the nurse at the private school knew Laila was a type 1 diabetic and that her insulin was watched. Julie was given a full physical by Caroline and put on the proper dosages of estrogen and androgens. Caroline was watching her oldest daughter and making sure she behaved like a girl. There were a few times she had to lecture Julie about being tarty in how she dressed.

The Beginning - part 10. The escape

Mary drove rather fast. She definitely did not obey the speed limit. I did not care much. I just wanted to escape. The car went up and down over hills. I took in the beautiful countryside while the sun was fully up by now. This was not going according to our plan. Finally Mary spoke while we were leaving our town.

“Where do you want to go?” she asked me.

“I am not sure. Just far away.” I replied.

“Okay. I suggest we go to the next town and find a restaurant to get something to eat. Then we will figure something out and talk strategy.” Mary said sadly.


Brooke was annoyed with her younger brother Kaleb. He had been annoying her and getting her into trouble all the time. So one day she wished she had a little sister who wouldn't annoy her as much and who she would have more control over so she ordered some kind of powder off some website a friend of hers told her would help. So when it came she slipped it in his soda he left on the table. So when he came back...

"Hey Brookiee." He said walking in grabbing the drink and guzzling it down. "What are you up to?" He asked.

Lilli of the Valley

Lilli of the valley
By Gypsy Woman

Note; This story is just a short to get me back into writing. It has nothing to do with anything else I have written on here. It has been a bad time for me but I am trying so here goes nothing. Gypsy Woman

I had a secret. It was a life changing one. When I heard the door open I knew my secret would be out and I would be in big trouble. I slowly turned to find my sister staring at me. My mind went blank my eyes rolled back in my head and I crumpled to the floor in a faint.

The Beginning - part 8. Finally home

After we were driving for a while, everybody seemed tired and therefore the talking stopped. Mary fell asleep after her long flight. Her head leaned on my shoulder while she was sleeping. I gently touched her hair and face and whispered: Get some nice rest, big sis. Soon we will be home. Dad seemed tired too and it was slowly getting dark. I felt so happy and loved in this very moment. My best friend, mentor and role model was finally with me again. I have been feeling more and more confident since I met Sammy and her friends.

The Beginning - part 7. Reunion

I just had to smile when I was thinking about this wonderful day. Of course, Michelle was annoying and she made rude comments. However, this didn’t bother me much and that was kind of surprising to me. I feel that I have been gaining confidence now that I know my girl name and now that there are some people who know the person I have been hiding inside of me. It felt really liberating. I know that soon I have to tell mom and dad. The thought made me cringe but I know it will feel liberating too. My next thought was about Mary.

The Beginning - part 5. Mom is catching on.

“Honey, can I talk to you in private for a few minutes in the living room?” my mom asked me with a serious look on her face.

I was alarmed. “Okay.” I said rather hesitantly. My mom pointed to a chair in the living room. I sat down and she looked at me intensively for a few seconds.

“What did you and Samantha do and talk about the whole time?” she asked me. I did not like the concerned tone in her voice.

The Dress That Changed My Life - 3

The Dress that Changed My Life - 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2016)
(We continue this holiday season story about the dress I saw in a store window while on a Christmas shopping trip. This special dress helped me realize a truth about myself.)

An Unexpected Pastime — Chapter 5

Now with something to do these holidays, Sam and his sisters were going to require a few more leotards.

Once again, I'm sorry about the long delay on this. Along with personal matters, I had felt that I had written myself into a corner for a large length of time. I was previously writing this story as it flowed out from my fingertips, not really having an overall goal for it in mind.

However, I'm pleased to say that I've now planned ahead for the next several chapters. With this, I aim to produce chapters at a much faster pace. Thanks to anyone who stayed with me.

Please let me know of any feedback, be it positive or negative. It's very much appreciated.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 56

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 56
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Mr. Williamson and fire duty.

Naomi took Mr. Williamson to the county jail and had him booked for terrorizing minor girls at a state facility. She told the deputy at the booking desk what it was all about. He said not to worry, because in addition to the terroizing charge, Mr. Williamson was going to be charged with disorderly conduct.

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6

The Camp Of The Willows - Chapter 6
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 - The camp project meeting.

The girls all woke up and took turns in the shower. When they were finished getting dressed, they all made their beds and swept the cabin and mopped it. When they were done, the breakfast bell rang over the public address system.

The girls went to the cafeteria and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon (three strips), toast (if they wanted any), and milk. Sharon sat with the girls today, and listened while Miss Loretta made an announcement.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 55

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 55
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - back on patrol.

“Sheriff squad 300, resuming patrol.”

“10-4, sheriff squad 300. Be advised, the car you have now, will be your permanent vehicle for the Pine Meadows County sheriff’s department. Remember the fleet number.”

“Squad 300, 10-4.”

Caught in the Act - 7

Caught in the Act – 7
Enjoying Girlfriends

Things started with Jeff ready to turn 13 years old, dressing in his sister’s clothes and makeup; he hadn’t expected to get caught… The discovery of him cross-dressing begins the blossoming of Jessie... Jeff had trouble accepting Jessie was really him, others have trouble accepting Jeff and Jessie co-exist… Mom and Dr. Hunt support Jessie/Jeff in taking time to discover what is true in this situation.

An Unexpected Pastime

A boy's trip to the beach becomes unsettling when an important item is forgotten.

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X-Why-Me...Chapter 8

X-Why-Me…Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It was a few stares and a bit of quiet for the rest of the bus ride home. She got off the bus with Angie. She shouldered her backpack and started up the lane. Angie wasn’t too long coming up from behind huffing from trying to catch up.


“Hey, how was you’re day?”

“Not as interesting as yours.”

“So you guys heard it too huh?”

“About how my sister’s a lesbian?”


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