The Wolf’s Youngest Daughter and Family

Antique Bakery, Caldwell, Montana:
“Thanks for coming.” Silvia watches as Mrs. Lings leaves the store.

She was glad that things had slowed down recently. She and her employees have been busting their asses with all the holiday parties they had been hired to cater. She looks over towards the corner table in the store and a smile appears on her face. Her children were busy doing their homework, along with their friends.

Kitty Katz

Katz was halfway through her exercise routine when her roommate Alicia came walking over to her. She loved how sexy Alicia’s body looked. She wished she had a body like hers but had to work to maintain her body. The hormones she was taking made her hungry, and she had to be careful.

Katz stops and looks at Alicia. “What’s up, sis?”

“I’m heading to that new vegan restaurant that just opened up. Do you want to join me?” Alicia knew Katz worked hard to keep her body trim and curvy.

“Sure, I was just finishing up my routine.” Katz wipes the sweat from her forehead.

Toni With An i - Part 6

After a lot of fun Toni really knuckles down to work. She’s been given the freedom and opportunity to really show what she can do in her job, maybe the opportunity to keep her job. However the freedom comes in extraordinarily handy when she faces her first crisis, all alone and anxious for reasons she can’t understand.

The question is whether the nascent Toni is strong enough to handle this? And whether she can even begin to handle it? What she does could determine where she goes next. Is Toni ready for what Toni? Or is the warning Big-G gave her about setbacks coming true faster than she could ever have expected?

What’s It’s Like for A Girl Book 2 Chapter 1

When Max attended her scheduled weekly meeting with her counselor. She had an emotional breakdown as the weight of what happened to her came crashing down on her. Her mother had informed her that the police were trying to locate Shawn Grubbs since he was the one responsible for attacking her.

The life of Riley-part 21 Sisters united

I returned her intense look and felt a wave of relief washing over me. I noticed a tiny smile on her face that was getting bigger by the second.

I tried to pull her up slowly. A few seconds later, Mary was up and let herself fall into my arms. We hugged intently for a while. Two sisters against the world. Nobody and nothing could shake us.

During this intense hug we were both crying. We held each other close a little bit longer and then finally let go.

“I am so sorry, Riley. I think that I was way too harsh.”

Sisters Sharing Their Child’s Father

Special Note: This story takes place a few years after Momma Hatter’s story.
Character Ages: Bree is sixteen years old, Hollace is five years old, Aylin/Hatter is twenty-eight, Jamie is twenty-five, Taskhtali is twenty-four years old, Sakura is twenty-one, and Mark is thirty years old.

March 15th, Dining Room, Aylin’s and Mark’s Place:
Jamie looked at Mark as he sat at the head of the table. She just discovered she was pregnant with triplets today.

The life of Riley-part 20 It's game time

“Going on a date with the next pretty girl?” Mary demanded to know.

“It’s not a date. We are just going out for coffee.” I replied maybe a little louder than I intended to.

“Oh sure. That’s why you had that big smile on your face the whole time Lilly talked to you.” Mary insisted.

“Can a girl just be happy to make new friends?” I answered, starting to feel a little angry.

“Riley, come on! Don’t play games with me. I know you inside and out. You need to settle down. You are way too hyper while flirting with all of those girls.”

Robyn Gets Her Man

Highway 405 Los Angeles, California:
Ace couldn’t believe she was on another highspeed chase. This made four in one week, and the way the driver was driving, he would lose control of his car. She needed to put an end to this chase before anyone got hurt.

Anika Gets Married

Anika stands in front of the mirrors as she admires herself in the wedding dress she picked out. She was still amazed at what the Blue Lace drug had done to her body with Jack’s blood added to it. Something about Jack’s blood has physically changed her. It had hurt like hell as his blood coursed through her body.

“I think that’s the one for you, mom.” Justice couldn’t believe that Ron and Anika had adopted her. That had been a year ago, and now she was calling Anika’s mom.

The life of Riley-part 19 The battle of princesses

“Unbelievable. That is so rude!” I pointed out.

“Yes, I agree. I understand that she is not crazy about the idea of having to teach you dancing, singing, and acting. She could at least be professional about it.” Mary added to our weird little discussion.

“Absolutely true! She may feel frustrated about having to work with Riley but without Riley being willing to take the part of backup Belle there wouldn’t be a musical.” Alice pointed out.

“Oh, Alice I have a question. I wanted to ask you for a while but I kept forgetting. Who will play the beast in the musical?”

The life of Riley-part 18 The bold, a beast, sister trouble and a heartbreak

“Don’t worry, Riley! It will be okay.” Alice almost pleaded with me.

“Famous last words. You forgot to mention that the girl who is playing the Beauty is actually a Beast.” I told Alice.

“Oh come on! I promise it will be okay. Let’s get to our afternoon classes. We can all meet again after school and talk strategy” Alice said seeming a bit stressed out.

“Alright! Sorry, Alice! I am simply feeling nervous about having to work with Madison.”

The life of Riley-part 17 Isabella so beautiful

“Wait and see. I think that you are going to love it.” Alice said enthusiastically.

I was still confused but I decided to trust her. When she measured me, she was really close by. I could smell her deodorant which smelled like a waterfall warmed by the spring sun. I also noticed that my hands were a bit shaky. Feeling the warmth coming from her body felt wonderful.

Being Born The Wrong Gender and Poor

Dixie holds her little sister and looks at the freshly dug grave their mother laid in. She was lucky that her parents had burial insurance and plots near each other. All she had to do was sign all the paperwork involved in burying her mother. She had buried her mother in her favorite dress.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 17

Early Morning, Billy and Sara’s Apartment:
Sara was straddling Billy’s waist and massaging Billy’s chest. The two of them had woken up horny and were spending some time together in bed. Their other partner was busy on another case assigned to her by Jack.

As Sara massaged Billy’s breasts and play with her nipples. She looks into Billy’s eyes “so, what did the boss say?”

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 16

Midnight, Sasha’s and Susan’s Mansion:
Angela was sitting on a floor pillow in the den while she made a database of sub-owners and dealers. She couldn’t believe how many people in the United States owned submarines. There were a few private dealers that could get old military subs.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 14

Angela covers up a yawn as Andy and Jason drive from the private airport to his cousin Sasha’s place. His aunt and uncle were staying there. He looks over towards Jason as he drove “you’ve been quiet since we landed. What are you thinking about?”

“I want to know how Ludlam and his companion keep avoiding us.” Jason has been thinking about the problem a lot.

“I think I know uncle, Jason.” Angela has been going over the satellite footage again and again.

A Wounded She Wolf

Julia’s and Christmas’s House, Caldwell, Montana:
Julia watches as Haylee and Catori ride their horses out in front of the house. Chayton was out with her father and a few other men hunting. He would have taken Haylee, but Haylee had a thing about killing innocent animals.

“How are you feeling, Mrs. Bounty?” Katy looks at Julia as she stood next to her.

Julia looks at Katy and smiles “I’m doing okay, Katy, but you don’t need to call Mrs. Bounty. Mrs. Bounty is my mother. Just call me Julia from now on please.”

Carol's Unusual Life

Carol at Age Fifteen:
Carol looks at the four needles she managed to get from a friend that sold drugs. She was tired of waiting until she was sixteen years old to have the surgery to get her vagina. She heard what these drugs could do and wanted to be a true girl now.

She puts two of the needles into her left arm and puts the other two needles into her breasts. One needle per breast. She was glad she had the house to herself because otherwise, she would have to wait until everyone was asleep.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family Part 2

One Month Later:
Gracie tries to scratch an itch under the cast on her arm. She uses a nail file to get under her cast.

“You know if you keep scratching the skin under your cast, it's going to be raw.” Rose looks at her younger sister.

“Rose, it itches, and the heat isn’t helping.” Gracie hated the cast on her arm.

“How do you think I feel, sis?” Rose looks at Gracie. Her arm was supported up in the air, while the cast around her shoulder that held her bones in place.

Don’t Mess with The Wolfhart Family

Bunnie slowly starts coming around. She shivers from her skin bare skin touching cold metal. She had duct tape over her mouth and her hands were bound behind her back. She notices that she was completely naked, and her head was resting on someone’s body. There was pain coming from between her legs and her head was a little woozy.

The life of Riley-part 16 Care bear interrupted

What have I done? I simply got so excited about the dresses I found in the closet that I totally forgot they were not mine and that the owner, Alice, my new roommate, would maybe strongly disagree that I took the dresses and tried them on without asking permission.

“So?” Alice asked, seeming very angry and upset.

The Heaviness Of The Badge Chp. 12

0100 hrs. Julia’s Hospital Room, Montana General Hospital:
Jack walks into Julia’s hospital room and spots his wife and his daughter-in-law. His wife was sitting next to Julia’s hospital bed and holding her hand. He spotted Christmas sleeping in the other chair.

He walks up behind his wife and places his hand on her right shoulder “how is she doing?”

Debbie turns her head and looks at her husband when she hears his voice. She was relieved that he finally showed up.

The life of Riley-part 15 A new beginning at Cherry Blossom Hill

My still sleepy eyes saw cars go by fast on the highway. I yawned and snuggled a little bit with Mary. It was still early and the sun was not going to rise for another two hours. I felt a little bit anxious but mostly excited about this new beginning. Mary smiled at me and squeezed my hand, just to reassure me that everything will be okay. Sometimes sisters just know.

The life of Riley part 14 - The great Italian fashion show and saying good bye

I simply could not comprehend what my mom was talking about. Maybe the attack on our family confused her?

"Mom, I can't go with Riley to Cherry Blossom Hill. Just like Riley pointed out, I have to go back to Oregon a few days later. Besides, what am I going to learn there, I already finished high school?" Mary asked my mom trying to figure out what she was up to.

The life of Riley part 13 - Threats resolved?

I almost fell down the stairs because Mary was going so fast while holding my hand very strongly. When all four of us made it downstairs we checked everywhere to see what happened. Shortly after all the lights were turned on, we discovered the reason for the rude wake up call.

The life of Riley part 12 - Angela, CBH and a nasty surprise?

"Riley, are you okay?" Mom asked me.

"Yes, why?" I replied, feeling a bit annoyed.  I wasn't annoyed at my mom. More at the situation.

"Who do you mean by Show yourself ?" my dad wanted to know.

"I don't know. I suddenly felt strongly that someone was watching me." 

"What if she is right?" Mary added, seeming a bit nervous and concerned.

"Then we will deal with it. Maybe we should go home now. It's late and cold." my mom suggested.


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