Chapter 17

To me movies were an odd thing for me. I never really got the chance to be into them like other people because mostly growing up all we had was a poor example of a video store and there was the fact that anything fantasy or science fiction was “that foolishness.” And I had my “head in the clouds enough as it is.”

So being with Brandy and just curled up together watching movies that I’ve never seen before is a huge treat and it’s revealing worlds to me that I really just never got a chance to see before.


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It’s a trend the makers of 1993 spoof movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights, obviously didn’t envisage, but the market for men’s hosiery has reportedly taken off in recent years.

Last month UK department store Selfridges responded to the demand and began stocking (no pun intended) a range of extra-tough tights designed exclusively for men.

Source: Tights for blokes: Men warm to ‘mantyhose’

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