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Chaos and Order: The War Eternal Chapter 5



A Daemon and a Sorcerer Walk into a . . .


I could feel Cordi’s sorrow turn into a cold fury as she moved around the ruined warehouse. The fire here had burned most of the building leaving the concrete and metal, charred and twisted, while devouring most of the rest of the building. As we walked through the ruin I caught a glimpse of a huge arch through one of the many holes in the wall.

“Are we in St. Louis?”

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 6 of 7

Morgana and her Elven allies are poised to assault the terrorist group. Unbeknownst to Morgana her mother has been subjected to an artifact capable of powerful compulsions. Will Morgana be able to rescue her mother? Will she recover the Mask? And will Max escape?

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 5 of 7

With the Mask stolen, her mother kidnapped, and Sir Galohond’s warning that the St. Louis Guild might be compromised Morgana realizes that it’s up to her to rescue her mother. Feeling like she’s in a race against time to find the rogue Elves Morgana will use every resource at her disposal, but will she be in time?

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 4 of 7

Morgana now has the Mask the only problem is that Mark is wearing it! Feeling happy that this problem will soon be solved she agrees to a date with Sir Galohond. What could possibly go wrong?

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 3 of 7

Morgana having been told to stand down on her investigation of the theft of the Mask is offered an opportunity to work with Sir Galohond. As if this weren't enough there have been a mysterious series of robberies in East St. Louis and the failure of her wards in a way she can’t understand. On top of all of that Morgana is starting to have an unusual feelings toward the handsome Sir Galohond.

The Consultant and the Mask Ch 1 of 7

Morgana has reluctantly taken a position as a consultant for the St. Louis Guild of Magic-Users. The theft of a powerful Elven artifact leads to something much more sinister. Now Morgana finds herself in the middle of a much larger plot and is in a race against time if she is to recover the Mask and save the ones she loves!

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