I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 16

In Which I Have A Conversation Through The Door, And Wait For That Person’s Return

My body felt heavy and someone’s hand was gently holding mine. Everything was soft and warm, I seemed to be sleeping in a very comfortable bed. My eyes slowly blinked open.

The person formerly know as Sasha who was currently inhabiting my body smiled down at me tenderly. “Hey, pet… you okay?” She petted my arm softly with her free hand, and I pulled away my hand from hers, which she didn’t stop, although she frowned slightly.

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 13

Chapter 13: In Which I Stand In The Hallway With A Woman Whose Name I Don’t Know For A Very Awkward Five Minutes

It took me a moment to process that offer with a very hot and extremely naked Princess pressed up against my own naked body, but then:


She blinked, tilted her head to one side, raising an eyebrow as she tapped my nose with her finger.

“I mean, no, sorry, your highness… anything that involves the death of Master is not something I’ll ever agree to.”

“Okay, I can respect that. What if your Master agreed to it?”

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 12

Chapter 12: In Which I Am Sorry I Used The Metaphor Too Soon, This Time Literal Cards Are Hitting The Literal Table

The Royal Garden of Eusthyne, the place where those looking for admittance to the Night Court waited for their invitation. It was surprisingly unkempt, with plants growing all over the place in a lot of places, yet barren in other parts, stagnant pools of water filled with algae. We were dressed in black robes, which was the apparent custom of the Night Court to conceal identities, but Valentine still stood out thanks to her relatively huge size.

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 8

Chapter 8: In Which I Say Some Things That Were Perhaps Unwise To Think, Much Less Speak, But Am Eventually Shut Up With Master’s Assistance

Valentine was looking at me expectantly, waiting for her heals, and I couldn’t tell her I wasn’t running that spec, because– oh thank god, Master was coming over.

“Actually… could I heal you, Valentine, if you don’t mind? Sasha’s been teaching me a little healing magic, and I think I’m pretty decent, but the proof is in the ashes, as they say.” ...who the heck said that? I had to question some of this world’s idioms.

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 5

We stood over the fallen tiger lady… she seemed to still be breathing, at least.

Master stared off into the distance with a slight smile and a sort of vacant expression.

I blinked… I hadn’t seen that look on her since she switched places with me. “ okay there, Master?”

“Shhh, quiet, trying to think, Master.” From her superior tone, I gathered she hadn’t meant to say ‘Master’… actually, maybe she had said my original name instead, whatever that was. Maybe I should try to read her lips next time… but how would I even know when or if there would be a next time?

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 3

“Okay, Sasha. Cast the spells you know, and tell me which ones you’re casting as you cast them.”

Master had released the control on my collar until sunset, and she sat in one of the chairs in our room, while I stood in front of her. Naked. I really didn’t get why I needed to be naked, and it was more than a little distracting.

“Mmm, I just know two spells: Fire,” I raised a finger and shaped my mana into the proper pattern, and a small gout of flame raised from my finger. I blinked a few times. That spell would usually just get a lighter-sized flame.

Please Ask Me To Come Inside Already 3

After brunch, my high SPF sunscreen was beginning to come off a little -- wearing it outside during the day made me look even paler, but whatever, I just played it up by wearing light goth makeup otherwise -- and I bid Aurelie fairwell, and returned to my apartment.

My roommate was lying on the couch, and gave me a confident little smile and wave. I felt kinda awkward at the look in her eyes, as I so often did, I was pretty sure she had a crush on me, but like, I was more focused on Aurelie romantically?

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 2

When I woke up, Master was gone. I sat up and looked around frantically— had she suddenly abandoned me? She wouldn’t, would she? What could I do in this world alone, powerless, and looked down upon?

I saw a note on the table. “Went out to get some info. Be a good girl.” I wondered if she was going to one of my informants, or had some I didn’t know about, and sighed a little as I realized my tail was wagging from the "be a good girl" part. Some part of me really liked being a girl, huh? ...but was that my own mind, or…?

Well, not much point in worrying about it.

Please Ask Me To Come Inside Already 2

Maybe you're asking yourself, "Wait, I thought vampires couldn't eat, how could you have brunch?"

Or maybe you're not-- I don't know what knowledge or halftruths you have been fed... other than the halftruths I've fed you so far in this book itself, of course.

Come to think of it, if foodplay really turns you off, you might want to skip to the next chapter? It wasn't usually my favorite kink... but when it came to Aurelie....

Truth is, I got vicarious enjoyment from watching Aurelie eat. I'm not even sure it was particularly sexual, at least, usually.

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

The flames flickered in Sid’s dull eyes, as he listened to the harsh, dying screams of the stray cat. This alley never wanted for them, fortunately, and he had plied the old tomcat with a can of old tuna he had found in a nearby dumpster, his usual method. Then he threw it in a rusted metal garbage can, doused it with gasoline, and set it alight with one of his matches.

In the Darkness is the Light: Chapter 13

“I can’t believe it but I did it. I helped my team come together and we took out a Royal! He was terrifying, his name was Fluorescon, and his ability scared me. He could upgrade his Luminescent generals giving them the ability to fire bolts of light. I thought we were all going to be purified, then I took a deep breath like Fluffy told me to do, and focused. Once I did I was able to take command. I had Dragon lead in the front to take the brunt of the hits with his Brute trait.

Everybody Needs a Little Drama

Everybody Needs a Little Drama
by Sabrina G. Langton


Authors note: So... I have been writing fiction for over a year now (started April 2021) on other sites of course, phew, and this one was originally just for me, something to read through at night with a half a bottle of Merlot, but things change... It started out as a short little story about a crossdresser with low self-esteem and turned into so much more. Four people who always pay it forward, four people we can all use in our own lives. I hope YOU like it.' And thank you for a wonderful year... or more...

In the Darkness is the Light Chapter 10

Like an Open Coffin

“This time I met an interesting lady, she was like a grown adult or something I think. She was really nice, and she really seemed to get along with the little girl. Almost in a big sister kind of way. She tried her best to help her learn girly stuff too. Though what made me the happiest was that we were finally a squad, Raftilia told us that we were ready. I can't wait for our first mission as a team!”

Curse of the Werewoman


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Curse of the Werewoman!

John Henderson was a normal guy, married to a loving and understanding woman for the last eight months, with a successful career in Real Estate... or at least he seemed to be. When a chance encounter with the supernatural comes into his life, he may find he's not only bitten off more than he can chew, but some things he'd forgotten about himself along the way.

Set in Ontario, Oregon in the Fall of 2012, Curse of the Werewoman is a comedic short story showing that getting what we sometimes want in life means learning to like it, even if it's not exactly what it was billed to be.

This story is dedicated to my wife, Rachel.
It's all HER fault! The whole thing was HER idea!
She MADE me write it! Don't blame ME!

This short story (if you can call it that) is complete and has been released in 3 parts of 2 chapters each. Enjoy the silliness!

27,752 words

In the Darkness is the Light Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Graveyard Shock

“I got another new member to my squad. Though, something really bothered me about it. She was an old lady, like in her thirties. Then when she went through the Ceremony she turned into a fourteen year old like me. I thought it only made you lose two years, like how I went from sixteen to fourteen. She was eerily calm about it though. I don’t know how I’ll get along with her, but I’ll try.”

In the Darkness is the Light Chapter 3

Umbra Girl!? I am what?

“Training was much harder than I could have ever anticipated. I persevered, though. I am going to be a great Umbra Girl. I am going to work hard. I don’t want to fall behind anyone. I’m not going to let anyone suffer anymore. I am going to save them all.”

“Welcome to the Umbra Girls, Cherry Sparkles.”

Midnight Prowl

Out for a food run, Carmelita saves a young woman from a fate worse than death. That act of kindness will emerge things inside her heart that she never knew were there. Those feelings that will cause her to supersede the will of the Goddess herself

Allison's Pledge Chapter 11

Synopsis: Allison speaks with her therapist about starting hormone therapy and learns about Philanthropy

“Allison? Are you okay?” Brynn asked me. I snapped out of my brief trance and looked back to her. Brynn was the therapist that Remy had referred me to and so far I had no idea how the session was going.

“I…yeah, I’m fine,” I think I was lying.

Allison's Pledge: Sidestory - Brianna

Synopsis: Watch the story from Brianna’s point of view as she receives an unexpected phone call.

My eyes shot open as I heard the phone ring. The room was bathed in darkness, still, and the clock beside my bed read 5:59 AM. Who in the actual hell was calling me at almost 6 in the morning? This was my day off, right? I checked the phone screen. Yep, Saturday. I squinted a bit, I knew the number. Why did I know that number? I swiped the answer icon and held the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I said, doing my best impression of an ‘awake’ person.

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 62

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 62
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 – Debra goes home.

At nine o’clock the next morning, Ms. Joan Wells, the superintendent of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls, called all the staff of the main house together. This was an informal conference, so it was held in the dining room. The girls were all in school.

“Mrs. Sanger, this is your meeting. Tell us as best as you can, why the judge discharged Debra on such short notice.”

Leigh Anne - Chapter 26

Leigh Anne - Chapter 26
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 - The state semi-finals begin.

Image taken from MSU Tennis website

(Disclaimer: Remember that this is fiction. All schools, students and staff mentioned have nothing to do with any real school of the same name, students or staff. This is strictly a work of fiction. Barbara Lynn Terry.)

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 61

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 61
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - The Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls.

Pine Meadows County deputy sheriff sergeant, Naomi Petersen, during her patrols, would stop in at the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Gils. This is where she was made an honorary sister. This is an honor not bestowed lightly by the resident girls.

Yep, I can fly (part 4)

What if you could fly? You, know, be a kick-ass superhero whenever you want. That's what happened to college freshman Ned. Though, here's the catch—every time he uses his powers he turns into a woman. Still want to be that superhero?


The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 57

The Girl Most Likely To … - Part 57
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Court convenes.

The next day, Clarke Abrams was brought before Judge Granger.

“All rise, the circuit court in and for Pine Meadows County is now in session, The honoravle Steven H. Granger, presiding. Silence is commanded, gentlemen take off your hats. Case number FC-6792, here for initial apearance and bail set

“I will not ask for appearances, because I have a feeling I am going to appoint counsel.Mr. Abrams, you are charged with impersonating an attorney. How do you plead?”

A Study in Satin


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Unable to defeat the addiction-withdrawal syndrome of Moriarty's youth potion,
Holmes is running out of the drug, and faces madness and a horrible death.
Unwilling to concede victory to the Professor, he leaves England
in search of the one person who might still best Holmes' archenemy -

"THE Woman."

A Study in Satin

by Tigger

Copyright © 2002,2013 Tigger
All Rights Reserved.

Guts and Lingerie 3 & 4

Sorry for not posting after a long time. So here are the next two chapters, Hope you enjoy!
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Chapter 3
Jenny woke up this time having the same dream again of Marge and him. He took a pic and

stuck it in its place. Today was the day he was waiting for! He went down prepared his

breakfast and had it quickly to enjoy the day. He went up to Marge's bathroom and took a

A Faery Tale Wedding? Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Thanks for the memories

Belinda clutched at her head as dizziness struck her. The world about her was fading, fading into a mass of blurred colours. Dimly through the haze she felt her knees strike soft turf as her legs gave way under her.

“Stefan, help!”

“It’s all right, I promise; this will be a memory coming back.”

No, this isn’t a memory, I can feel myself fading, going to another time, another place.

Belinda shut her eyes. Brian opened them.

No-Hoper to Knocked Up

No job, no friends, no prospects. Jerry is the typical freeloader still living in his parents' basement in his early twenties with no intention of ever finding a job or helping his long suffering family out. Nothing and nobody can get through to him until a lesson from an unexpected source takes him by surprise. Stuck in the body of heavily pregnant Jenny, he starts to learn that responsibility isn't always optional, sometimes it's thrust upon us.

My Life as a Mail Order Bride

Steve has some anger management problems, but he mostly gets away with it. All that changes one day when he loses his temper and makes a racist remark. Now he's going to find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence. His life is about to change forever as he finds himself trapped in the body of an exotic oriental bride.

Hopscotch…A Jump in Life 1


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I see, sort of see everything spin and go free floating. We hit something and we’re flying, rolling.

I see asphalt and hopscotch squares but I’m looking up when I see them.

There’s a crash and red…so much red.


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