On The Bounce


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Lee Jones, always knew that he had Twisted ancestors. I mean one of his Grandfathers looked like a marble statue, but he never really thought that it would happen to him, until the day he fell off a cliff and didn't die.

On the Bounce

By Konzill

This story is set in Morpheus's Twisted Universe and takes place within the timeframe of the original stories.

Night and Day, part 12 of 12

“Cool! Were you this smart before you transformed? I wasn’t. I transformed while I was doing some science homework, and suddenly everything made a lot more sense, and I read to the end of the textbook by the end of the week, and asked Mrs. Taylor for some more books...”

Night and Day, part 11 of 12

“So, all of the girls in Diana’s posse swore they’d never have anything to do with yucky boys. But this guy named Jupiter saw one of them, a girl named Callisto, and thought she was pretty. He was a no-good kind of man, always chasing after girls and then leaving them alone as soon as they fell in love with him.”


“Yuck,” Jasmine commented.

Night and Day, part 10 of 12

Once the kids on the bus saw me turn into Jamie, and told other kids at school and their families about us, it wasn’t more than a week before we had a reporter knocking on our door. I found out about it when I woke up in the playground that night with TV cameras and lights pointing at me.

Night and Day, part 07 of 12

“I’ll pour three mugs of water, and heat one of them up in the microwave, and then shuffle them around while you’ve got your back turned. Then you look and tell us which one is hot.”

Night and Day, part 06 of 12

“I get a little stir-crazy sometimes, being cooped up in the apartment all night. But Mom says our neighborhood’s too dangerous for a girl at night, and I know she’s right.”

Night and Day, part 05 of 12

“I like being a girl. It feels better than being a boy, at least for me. But remember Jamie is a different person; still a lot like me, I mean we’re both still a lot like we used to be, but just because he turns into me at night doesn’t mean he’s gay or transgender. If anything, from what Bobby tells me, he’s more macho than we were before.”

Night and Day, part 04 of 12

“Please don’t be mad at him. He’s embarrassed about changing into a girl and is afraid of how people will react. If you freak out, it will make him feel justified in keeping my existence secret, and I’m just as real as he is. Both of us remember being the original Jamie, but both of us have changed.”

Night and Day, part 03 of 12

“He said you’ve changed your name to Artemis? Why? Jamie works fine for a girl as well as a boy.”


Better for a girl than a boy, I thought, remembering some of the teasing I’d had to put up with. No sense bringing that up now, though.

Night and Day, part 01 of 12

We’d been awake almost twenty-four hours, and we were delirious with sleepiness. A few minutes earlier I’d been about to turn in, and Bobby had said: “We’ve stayed up this long, why don’t we go out and watch the sun rise?”

Wanderer and Homebody, part 6 of 6

“Mom said supper’s almost ready, but I think I’ve got time to scrub the toilets...”




She shrugged. “They’ve been used several times since this morning. And Craig has terrible aim.”

Wanderer and Homebody, part 5 of 6

“This name origin stuff isn’t as helpful as I thought it might be. About half of the names seem to mean ‘good’ or ‘pretty’ and it’s one thing for parents to name their precious newborn something like that, but it would be arrogant for me to call myself ‘Agatha’ or ‘Jolie’ or whatever. Not that I like the sound of ‘Agatha’ anyway, but, you know.”

Wanderer and Homebody, part 4 of 6

“The usual punishments don’t work,” Steve said. “No sense giving her extra chores when she’s already doing way more than her share, or grounding her when she doesn’t want to go anywhere and she’s quit playing games or watching TV on her own. I said we should stop her from cleaning something, but —”

Wanderer and Homebody, part 2 of 6

When we went out clothes-shopping, she didn’t fuss about trying on bras or skirts, or insist on buying only jeans, like some people. And you saw how she was dressed, just now — she picked that out herself. But we didn’t have time to buy very much because she got so anxious about the housework she’d left undone.

Wanderer and Homebody, part 1 of 6

“Jack, it’s Mindy. Tim has — gone through a Twist. You promised you’d come if — when — it happened...”


“I’ll be there.”

Wanderer and Homebody


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This story is set, with Morpheus' kind permission, in his Twisted universe.
It's a sequel of sorts to my earlier novel Twisted Throwback, but it
should stand alone tolerably well (though it features three characters
from Twisted Throwback). Thanks to Morpheus for his feedback
on the rough draft.

Twisted universe Q&A


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Twisted Q&A

Here is a set of excerpts from my correspondence with Morpheus while writing and revising Twisted Throwback. It is not a story bible or official set of "rules" for the setting; it's just some quotes from our emails.

Twisted Throwback, part 25 of 25

“It’s experimental, so the Medical Bureau won’t pay for it; I’d have to save up for it, probably put it off till I finish college and I’ve been working full-time for years. And there’s no guarantee it’d work; I might have a womb and ovaries but still not be able to have babies...”

Twisted Throwback, part 24 of 25

“I was about your age when I Twisted,” he said. “And it was a mental Twist, like yours... it was a couple of days after the Twist that I realized what my new obsessions and compulsions were. It was the day I went back to school, and I found myself looking at the girls and thinking about what I’d like to do to them... And I was horrified at what I was thinking, but couldn’t stop. I pretended I was sick and insisted on the school nurse calling Dad rather than Mom. And then I asked Dad to take me home and lock me up, and he did.

Twisted Throwback, part 23 of 25

“— I might have been like that guy who Twisted into a giant cockroach in his sleep.”


“That’s an urban legend,” I said. “There’s a book where that happened, but it was way pre-Antarctic Flu, pure fantasy.”

Twisted Throwback, part 22 of 25

Open flames in an enclosed habitat like Phobos are a dangerous thing, but it’s hard to cast certain spells without the use of candles.

Twisted Throwback, part 21 of 25

“It’s okay most of the time,” I said. “Times like this, I can forget what’s wrong with me and just enjoy being a girl out shopping with her friends. My friends accept me for who I am, and strangers can’t tell what’s wrong with me.”

Twisted Throwback, part 20 of 25

“I’m not sure, but I think I may have a clue about why your condition is somewhat different from many of my earlier patients. It seems to me that you may have Twisted based on your idea — much more accurate than it had been a few hours earlier, but still somewhat oversimplified — of what transsexuals are like.”

Twisted Throwback, part 19 of 25

I tried to elicit clues that would help me figure out what he was thinking and feeling about me, without leading him on in a way that would mess up what I had — or might have — with Rob. It didn’t work; by the end of the meal I had no more idea than before what Vic felt about me, and had only succeeding in confusing myself about my own feelings.

Twisted Throwback, part 18 of 25

“— trick to make herself look like a girl, she could look like a supermodel, and instead —”

“She looks fine,” Vic said. “Better than fine. And I think her trick’s mostly subconscious — she’s making us see the girl she thinks of herself as. A girl next door, not a model. I respect that. And I don’t think Rob does.”

Twisted Throwback, part 17 of 25

Mildred getting in trouble for using her trick was serious business and I knew I wasn’t supposed to encourage her, but I couldn’t help laughing.

Twisted Throwback, part 16 of 25

“Vic, it’s just a game. And I’m not exactly Rob’s girlfriend, not yet anyway. Besides, when me and Laura were an item, that didn’t mean my character couldn’t flirt with girl NPCs... or even with other players. When Lionel was playing a girl alien in Schwarzschild Radius II —”

Twisted Throwback, part 14 of 25

Ingrid said: “I’m not going to ask you about your Twist. You’ve told me more than you really need to tell a stranger, already. But if you want to listen I’ll tell you about mine.”

Twisted Throwback, part 13 of 25

“This sometimes happens with Twist compulsions,” Dr. Oldstadt said. “They are vague at first, and easy to ignore, but once they become more definite, they are harder to resist and one suffers more distress when trying to resist them. I’m sorry we did not realize that wearing feminine clothes was a Twist-compulsion for you, and not just an expression of your altered gender identity.”

Twisted Throwback, part 12 of 25

“I have another question for you. What does it mean to you to be a girl?” After I’d been quietly thinking for a while, Dr. Underwood said: “I’m not your Social Studies teacher, asking you to define gender. What being a girl means to you might not have much to do with what it means to someone else. Just say what first comes to mind.”

Twisted Throwback, part 11 of 25

Another girl stepped out of one of the stalls just then and went to wash her hands, looking warily at me. Tracy said to her: “This pervert is using some Twisted trick to make us think he’s a girl, so he can sneak in here and spy on us.”

“No, I walked in here openly so I could empty my bladder.”

Twisted Throwback, part 10 of 25

I gave in. I was annoyed at how overprotective he was being, but another part of me was secretly pleased about it, too — that it showed he really thought of me as a girl.

Twisted Throwback, part 09 of 25

“There’s someone I’m close to who’s Twisted, but my family doesn’t want anything to do with him,” Morgan said, and hurried on: “Not like you’re thinking. He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my cousin. I haven’t seen him since his parents got divorced, which was right after his Twist, and because of it.”

Twisted Throwback, part 08 of 25

“You should stay here near the house,” Renee said to me, “and me and Todd will go way over to the far corner, maybe even a little way into the woods but not so far the trees block our view. And we’ll see if you still look like a girl from that distance.”

Twisted Throwback, part 07 of 25

“It’s what they call a mental Twist. Most of my body didn’t really change at all, but my brain... there are a lot of little changes there, because I have a kind of new personality. Basically, I have a girl brain.”

Twisted Throwback, part 06 of 25

I heard a guy sitting a row or two behind me say: “Aren’t guys who Twist into girls supposed to get a really nice rack? She’s not much to look at,” and I felt my face burning. Ms. Rutherford heard him, though, and wouldn’t stand for that; she assigned him a three-page paper on the persecution faced by first-generation Twisted, and sent him to the office on top of that.

Twisted Throwback, part 05 of 25

Then the real fun began, picking out skirts and blouses and a couple of dresses. I was eager to finally try on something that was right for me, but worried that, until I got my body fixed — and who knew how long that could take, if it was even possible these days? — this stuff wouldn’t look right on me, even if it felt right to my Twisted mind.

Twisted Throwback, part 04 of 25

“Around fifty years ago, most developed countries added gender dysphoria to the list of things they test for and treat prenatally. Over the next few years, researchers’ attention shifted focus toward prenatal sex reassignment. Adult sex reassignment was done by fewer doctors and hospitals every year; no young doctors were going into a field where the supply of new patients had dried up. By now, I’m pretty sure all the surgeons, psychologists and endocrinologists with experience in that area have retired.”

Twisted Throwback, part 03 of 25

I got out my razor and shaving cream, and then paused, remembering the depilatory cream that Mildred used on her armpits and legs. She sure wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

Twisted Throwback, part 02 of 25

I’d been there when my cousin Todd went through his Twist, when we were playing in Grandpa and Grandma’s back yard a few years ago, and he’d passed out completely, while the sparks shooting out of him burned off all his clothes and killed all the grass where he fell. I seemed to have burned a few holes in mine, but I was still decent, and still conscious.

Twisted Throwback, part 01 of 25

“I hope I get a really cool trick, like Kerry’s,” Mildred said. “And I’d like to be taller and prettier, and I wouldn’t mind having exotic eyes, but...”


“But you don’t want to look like Kerry,” I said, and she nodded.

Twisted Throwback

part 1 of 25

by Trismegistus Shandy

This story is set, with Morpheus' permission, in his Twisted universe. It's set about a generation later than "Twisted", "Twisted Pink", etc. I've tried to write it as a stand-alone, so you need not have read Morpheus's Twisted stories first, or recently, to enjoy it; some of his characters make cameo appearances, but I don't think it has significant spoilers for the stories they come from.

Twisted Throwback


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Twisted Throwback

by Trismegistus Shandy

This story is set, with Morpheus' permission, in his Twisted universe. It's set about a generation later than "Twisted", "Twisted Pink", etc. I've tried to write it as a stand-alone, so you need not have read Morpheus's Twisted stories first, or recently, to enjoy it; some of his characters make cameo appearances, but I don't think it has significant spoilers for the stories they come from.

The Karma of Serenity

The Karma of Serenity

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