Urban Fantasy

Run, Red, Run: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Aftermath

Red was just going to visit her sick grandmother; she wasn't expecting the big bad wolf.


“I… I’m going to end up in prison or a padded room,” I muttered to myself as I sniffled and wiped away tears with my uninjured arm.

Run, Red, Run: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Seeing Red

Red was just going to visit her sick grandmother; she wasn't expecting the big bad wolf.


“Granny?! It’s Red! I came to check up on you and brought you some soup!” I called once I was safely inside and my breathing had calmed enough to allow it.

The Cartoonist

Amanda couldn’t decide what she was going to wear to the comic con this year. This year they were bringing in some of the best comic book artists and having them interview a potential artist. She puts her portfolio together of some of her best drawings of comic book characters.

She hopes this time, she’ll get some job offers for her talent. Her parents were disappointed in her, first because she wanted to be a cartoonist. Secondly, they didn’t like the fact that she wanted to be a girl. She has always known she should have been born a girl, but she wasn’t.

Carla and Angela Part 15 (Final Chapter)

Alice, Ripper, and Carla look at the building Alice brought them to. Her ability to detect magically enhanced items was unique to her and she was never wrong.

“What you are looking for is in there.” Alice’s voice had a rough sound to it like she was sick or smoked a lot.

Ripper looks at Alice “are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m positive.” Alice looks at Ripper.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Ripper looks toward Carla for an answer.

“The direct approach.” Carla puts her helmet on and starts walking toward the building.

A Visitor to The Bounty’s Ranch

Rae blocks an attack from the creature that the Sorcerer Null summoned to attack her. She blocks the claw attack with her magically enchanted swords as she defends against the creature. She twirls her sword in her right hand and slices the creature across his chest. Lightning flashes overhead as her sword bites into the thick rubbery skin of the creature.

“Didn’t like that, did you?” Rae swings her other sword towards the creature and chops his arm off.

Carla and Angela Part 14

Carla’s Place, 0500 hrs:
Carla didn’t know why she didn’t think of this sooner. She takes a sip from her second cup of coffee. While she was asleep an idea popped into her head. Her subconscious wouldn’t allow her to sleep, so she got up and sent a text message to the one person who she should have used from the beginning.

She then sent a text message to Ripper as well. She was waiting to hear from the first person she should have called in right away. As for her friend Rita, she was still in critical condition.

Carla and Angela Part 13

Ripper knocks on the old townhouse door. After a few minutes, it opens and standing in the doorway is an older oriental woman wearing a dark gown. A smile appears on her face as she steps aside to let Ripper in.

“What do I owe this visit?” As she shuts the door behind Ripper as she walks in.

Ripper turns around and looks up into Lee’s hazel eyes “I need some advice on how to deal with a supernatural creature and, I could use one of your special massages.” As Ripper steps close to Lee.

Carla and Angela Part 12

Manhattan Tower Twelve, Manhattan, New York:
Rita and the cleaning company she was hired to work for have been on site since eleven at night. The nighttime guards had cleared her and all the other cleaning members. Carla had managed to come by and give her the EMF scanner she needed to scan for the magical artifact.

Carla and Angela Part 11

Scarlett was shooting pool down at Big T’s pool hall. She has been coming to Big T’s since she was capable of walking. Her father uses to hustle people for money, while she watched. When the former owner of Big T’s decided to retire, she bought the place.

She used the money she saved up from hustling people like her father. Everyone that came into the pool hall always underestimated her. There were only a few times that she lost, but she won more than she lost.


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