Bloodlines Chapter 5

Crystal Friend — Chapter 2

Crystal Friend

Chapter 2

By Mildred Ki'Lya

Edited by Sephrena Lynn Miller


“You have nothing at all to fear from me, please! I never kill. And, I do not need much blood.” Blushing a deep rose red, she continued lowering her eyes, “It’s not the blood itself I need - it’s a gift of life, the blood is just the medium. That is different from how you are thinking of what the word ‘vampire’ is.”

Ashley was dumbfounded by what Meryl had told her.

What Transpires at Night (Part 4)

I tried, I really did, but I found out when the thirst takes control there's not really a whole hell of a lot you can do. I felt tears roll down my face as my lips met his flesh and my canines sank into his neck. He jerked slightly but then went limp, and a sigh of ecstasy escaped from his mouth.

What Transpires at Night (Part 3)

Her thighs were clamped to my side, making it impossible to go for my guns and I felt her nails already digging into my throat. Something told me that it wouldn't be any problem whatsoever for her to rip my head right off of my shoulders.

What Transpires at Night (Part 2)

"Uh, where's the rest of it?"

Black and red leather pants and a matching… uh. I don't have a clue. It was small.

"It's called a bustier."

"Uh-huh." I backed away a single step. "I'm going on a hunt and kill mission, not dancing at a biker bar."

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