Heroes of Justice

And there was rejoicing!

It's been about a month and my book, "Heroes of Justice" available on Amazon Kindle has reached my estimate in sales. About 25 have been sold. Of course I hoped for more, but that was my realistic expectation.

I'm trying to get my next Kindle project, 'Once the Hero' cleaned up to be posted now, but if you have purchased a copy of HOJ please leave a review! Each one helps seperate my work from all the others in that popular genre.

Yay! First Review!

I got my first review for my book up at Kindle, 'Heroes of Justice.' It was mostly positive with the reviewer giving me four stars. Apparently despite all the people who have looked it over, mistakes have still persisted. That's annoying since I think at times I can recite the whole book given how many times I've gone over it.

On a humorous note, the review claims to have bought it accidentally because of Amazon's 'One-Click' Button.

However, one review is better than no review!

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