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Happy New Year and Putting it to the test

Christmas has come and gone. Alex spent four glorious days wearing the soft luxurious fabric and deliciously feeling lingerie. Getting ready for work he almost doesn’t think about it as he reaches in the lingerie drawer. As a result, he has to admit to himself that this thing is growing on him. He tries to fight it and finds that he regrets his decision to abstain.

Blending in While Blind (a.k.a My Introduction)

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(that's an awful title, but I have no better ideas)

I've been lurking around BC for a while now, two years, sixteen weeks if my profile is to be believed, but I know I was around long before that. I'm finally delurking to say thank you to all the authors. You are all tallented, and I find lots of great material every time I start looking. I also figured this blog might be a good place to get some thoughts out of my head, and maybe find some answers.

Our own worst enemies....

Yes, I know. Your ragtime gal has never been the best blog-keeper--the detritus of three different blogs on the net, begun but not maintained by yours truly, attests to that. I believe, however, that in this circumstance I have a passable excuse.

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