HatBox Gateway Page

This is a gateway page for the HatBox, BigCloset's premium pages where stories given by authors can be viewed or downloaded by people who have contributed money to the maintenance of BigCloset. After one year in the Hatbox, contributed stories are made available elsewhere, either on BC or on the donors' own websites. Downloads are made available on the honor system, please do not distribute these files privately as that would be a violation of the copyright of the author.

If you want to go directly to the HatBox the link is: The HatBox. You will need your Hatbox user id and password (different from your BigCloset id and password) to access the HatBox stories.

If you want to join the HatBox, the link is: HatBox Membership. This is the same as the link with the kitty in the right column.

After the |Read More| is a list of the stories currently in the HatBox with links to the pages there offering the stories in various download formats.

If you want to donate a story to the HatBox, send me a private message.

If you need a refund, send me an email at [email protected].

Enjoy and thanks,