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The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

The Vengeance of Dr. Rhino

Originally posted 2005-02-08

Sometimes getting even just isn't enough for a supervillain

The Adventures of Dr. Rhino, Supervillain


by Lainie Lee and Erin Halfelven


Hot Crossings -6- A Day on the Mountain

Originally posted to Classic Big Closet on Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Part 6

By: Rebecca Anne Stewart.

With special thanks to Christy Lake & Misty Dawn

And a big hug to RicckiB for all his technical know how.

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 11

Originally Posted to Classic BC July 18, 2004

Sue is NOT happy with the recent course of events.

Chapter Eleven
And Then There Were None

by Dana Short

Warning: This chapter contains strong emotion, expressed by even stronger language.

========================== ==========================

Power Fluctuations - Story 4

More of the tales of the Fluctuations. Warning, may cause an emotional response.

Transexuals can be made as well as born...

Power Fluctuations

Lisa's Story

By Jerrie526
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

CAUTION! Emotional Subject Matter.

Transformation Treasure Hunt - Part 8 of 8

The treasure of life is in the finding...


Part 8 of 8

By Jerrie526
Note: My thanks to Doug B. (Aardvark) for his assistance in finalizing this part.
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

Power Fluctuations - Story 2

The power has fluctuated and so did life. What happened to the souls that were affected?
Find out in the ashes of the Aftermath

Power Fluctuations


By Jerrie526
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

Meeting of Minds - Chapter 4

Originally posted to Classic BC on May 31, 2004

He was walking in a long hallway. Along the sides were doors. As far as he could see to the front, the hallway stretched on for hundreds of doors before ending at a distant wall, but to his rear there was just one door, but it, unlike all the ones on the sides of the hall, was only partly closed.

Chapter 4
What Strange Realms Are These We Find Within

by Dana Short

Bad Day's Good Joke

Originally published on Classic BC July 30, 2004

Just a short, slice of life kinda thing I slapped together on my PDA. Some of it is based on real life and some wishful thinking mixed with a liberal dose of artistic license.

Bad Day's Good Joke

Or Good Day's Bad Joke


Meeting of Minds - Chapter 1

This story was originally posted May 14, 2004 on Classic BC

On a rainy night in Georgia, the lives of twenty year old watcher Sue Danning, and her almost four thousand year old Immortal subject Eadgils collide in a way which will leave one of them dead, and the other changed, forever. Join Sue, Eadgils, and several others on their journey, as they experiance a meeting of minds.

Power Fluctuations - Story 1

Seems like everyone is having their problems with energy companies...

Power Fluctuations

Story 1

By Jerrie526
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

Transformation Treasure Hunt - Part 6 of 8

"It's not like you won't see each other again."
-- Another quick kiss and he was gone...


Part 6 of 8

By Jerrie526
Edited by Aardvark
Copyright© 2003 Jerrie526
All Rights Reserved.

Jayti Singh

Originally published in parts on Classic BC March 2003 and now presented in its entirety.

What happens when a history experiment gone wrong meets a 15 year-old girl on the way to the Harem of Akbar the Great?

Note: I did try to make this story as accurate as I could within the confines of my research and to give the feel of India and England in the late 16th centuries. This involved giving people of that era 16th century attitudes and beliefs. Other than historical figures, any similarity to any real person is coincidental.

BigCloset has permission to post this story on their website. For permission to use this story in any other way, contact the author.

Warning: This story contains violence, some controverisal positions and relatively mild sex: Rated R

Jayti Singh

by aardvark

The Queen Of Country Music

Originally posted to Classic BC on February 24, 2004

A tabloid reporter visits a small town in the Ozarks and follows up a strange story.
JayJay, the official town crossdresser, relates the story.
The Queen of
Country Music

By Tyrone Slothrop

The Anniversary

Originally posted on Classic BC on Thursday, December 12, 2002

Who will Erika be on her next anniversary...

The Anniversary

By Doug Beaton (Aardvark)

My name is Erika Menendez. I am a lean athletic woman of 21, just over 5'3" with a medium brown complexion, black eyes, and long, shiny black hair that I almost always throw over my shoulders. My high cheekbones and the slight hook in my nose are from my Mexican Indian heritage.

Eyes That Sparkle

Originally published December 18, 2002 to Classic BC

Eyes That Sparkle

by Keshara


A letter published in an agony aunt column I read many years ago inspired this story. It was from a lost soul who was desperate to find the true person they wanted be. You could say that it is based on a true story, but as for the answer to their dilemma I do not know?

Rebecca's Revenge

Complete story recovered and migrated from Classic Big Closet

Rebecca's Revenge

By Constance Grant

Copyright (c) 1999, 2000 by Constance Grant Manasquan, NJ all rights

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual persons or events is

If it's illegal for you to read this - DON'T.


This began as a short story, so much for good intentions!

Variations On A Busted Flush In Spades

Originally published on February 14, 2004 on Classic BC

Bobby, an older man somewhat wounded by life, meets up with three amazing women on the way to Vegas. He learns about playing poker with strangers.

Variations On A
Busted Flush In Spades

By Tyrone Slothrop

The Governess

In a world run by dominatrices, someone has to be in charge...

The Governess

A Cresswell Industries Story.

After her husband's transformation had been completed Lady Melissa Cresswell had decided that his wife should be given what she deserves.
She had spent many years in her domineering husband's shadow and now with her own transformation complete, Lorna Trewick was going to play an important role in Her Ladyship's plan for a world where women were to become the more dominant species of the human race.


This story was originally published on Classic BC on 3/6/2003


by Keshara

The machines where all hooked up and ready to go as Dr Lowe began to check all the dials and leads once again.

Although Keith Pressman was only twenty-two and had taken this job of laboratory assistant as a way of getting him through college, he knew that what Dr Lowe was up to was not legal.


This story was originally published on 2/27/2004 on Classic Big Closet.


By Tyrone Slothrop

Chapter 1: Breathlessly, She Awaited Her Lover

I watched as Raoul's shadow darkened the moonlit wall of my boudoir. I could smell the scent of the man, his primal essence entering my spirit as I hoped he would stay long enough to enter me for real.

Cresswell Industries -48-49-50-51-

Charlie had dreams...

Cresswell Industries

48 - Fulfilled
49 - Just Rewards
50 - Winter Blues
51 - Girls' Meeting

by Keshara

Chapter Forty Eight


Charlie Saddler had always considered himself intelligent even if those around him did not. He thought his life was his own and that every decision he made would bring him closer to his dream of being a rich man with girls surrounding him wherever he went.

Cresswell Industries -44-45-46-47-

Cresswell Industries III

How The Mighty Fall

Chapters 44-47

by Keshara


Bernard Falconer ran his hand over his bald-head, he had decided to look more in with it than he usually did, for his greying hair, what he had of it, was showing his age. He had outlived many of his adversaries and now that they had been replaced with younger and fitter ones, he knew that staying as fit and young as possible was just as important.

Allen Becomes Britney

A thousand years has passed. everyone thinks that little Allen is a freak or one of them.


by jasmine

Little Allen was in his room talking to what seemed to be himself, "Jasmine, why do I have to be a girl? I can't be a girl; I don't want to be a girl. Why!?" said a sobbing boy to thin air. He had just turned thirteen .

Cresswell Industries -40-41-42-43-

Cresswell Industries:
40 - The New Year's Ball
41 - Night's End
42 - Future Females
43 - New Year's Day

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara
Chapter Forty

The New Year's Ball

Annabelle reveled in her newfound freedom, especially when she had been so desperate to be treated as girl for so long. Wendy had taken her to the mall to fill her wardrobes and draws with all the female items she had once thought she would never ever get to touch let alone wear.

Cresswell Industries -36-37-38-39-

Cresswell Industries:
36 - Autumn Winds
37 - Half-Term
38 - Three Girls and a Boy
39 - Christmas Presence

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara

Chapter Thirty Six

Autumn Winds
Wendy sat in the 4x4 waiting for Michelle to hurry up, before when Michelle was Michael she would have been at her tether and would have been yelling at him to get ready, but not today.

Michelle was excited and had got up early to get dressed, despite last night's lack of sleep through excitement.

Cresswell Industries -32-33-34-35-

Cresswell Industries
32 - Envy
33 - A Change of Mind
34 - New Awakenings
35 - Summer's End

Cresswell Industries

by Keshara

Chapter Thirty Two


Monday morning brought more frustration for Allan, his chores were endless and now that he was even having to wash Michelle's underwear, dresses and tops and it was beginning to show on his face.

"I know washing and ironing is tiresome Allan, but believe me you will thank me one day for letting you do the job," Wendy noticed her son's change of mood.


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