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Game Theory 2.30-2.38

Omnibus edition of this week's releases of Game Theory.

I've now caught up - that is, this release is only about three thousand words behind where I've written up to, but I'm busy clacketing away to stay ahead... :-}

P.S. I've been increasingly unsure if my genre-tagging is accurate, and have fallen into the dilemma of certain aspects of the plot that maybe should be signposted in the tags but haven't been, largely because they only emerged - even in my own mind - as the story progressed. (But also, in some cases, because to do so would be a massive spoiler. :-}) But I do worry that the tagging may no longer accurate and would welcome feedback on this.

P.P.S. <geek>I switched to Scrivener partway through this week's work, and with it to a different way of exporting to HTML. You should only be able to see the join if you view source. :-)</geek>

Making Friends

Bernie the Junkman made a decent living fixing and selling bots and droids out amongst the asteroid miners. He was basically content, sure his life wasn't perfect and he was a bit of a loner, but despite that he didn't mind being Bernie. Then from a broken robot he learned what could make him even more content.

Curious Awakening Part Two

A Curious Awakening Part II: New Location

I stood angrily facing them. "What the hell have you done to me?" I
said in my new feminine voice, which still contained an element of

Curious Awakening Part One

Curious Awakening
By Dudette

I opened my eyes, I wasn't sure where I was. Mentally I felt around my
body, nothing at first but it soon became apparent that my arms were

Passing Tones, Chapter 9

I stopped dead in my tracks. Standing there across the essentially empty lobby was the woman I loved; looking at me with what I desperately hoped was forgiveness in her eyes. Her face started to brighten when she saw me, but then she quickly suppressed that reaction as she tried unsuccessfully to appear disinterested.
Passing Tones
Chapter 9

by Jillian Marie

A Day in the Life -- complete Stardust First Annivesary contest entry

A Day in the Life

The government admitted there was a problem only after the State Of The Union speech when everyone present turned instantaneously into pink-haired hermaphroditic midgets with four breasts and pointy ears. The world’s scientists scrambled to explain the phenomenon.

“Picture reality like, you know, waves in a swimming pool. I like swimming pools, don’t you. I love to show off my body, I am like just so perfect, you know. You like my bikini, it’s so bitchin’,” Janie I Taylor, the hot spokeswoman from the Nationail Akademy of like Stuf put it some days later — we were all busty blondes that day and all female. “Oh, sorry,“ she said and giggled. This sexy woman was a PHD in the pre-P&F days. “The wave thingies come from all over and, well some places they pile up and get real big and jiggly like me, see? “ she giggled again.

Past Imperfect -- full Stardust First Anniversary contest entry

“That costume must have taken a long time to perfect, Hon. We all thought you were a middle-aged guy. Now that I look at you close … are you seeing anyone exclusively? My younger brother just graduated high school and I think you’d like him.”

~~ Does she think I’m GAY! And a recent high school grad?~~ I screamed in my mind until I saw myself in a large mirror on the wall of the woman’s locker-room where she’d led me as she’d spoken. I’d was about to protest I was *not that way* when I saw myself, truly saw myself in that huge mirror, I fainted.

Game Theory 2.20 to 2.29

Omnibus edition of this week's releases. I got bored/lonely, so you're getting it a little early. :-)

I have another week of releases in the bag, then I'll be running to keep ahead, I expect. :-}

Messages In A Bottle Of Estrojen

The future in the mirror is closer than it appears. If, thanks to new technology, you had to become a girl for a year in the middle of high school, what would you do? Start a blog, of course.

An Unexpected Experience

I don't know how it came about to be honest, it just sorta....did. Being an 18 year old guy I (naturally) looked at a lot of girls intently, studying their beauty, and their delicate features. A desire grew within me, and as it grew, it became something....more. Instead of just wondering what it would be like to be with them, to make love to one of them, I also wondered what it would be like to BE one of them. I wasn't homosexual, nor a transexual, I wasn't even effeminate, which confused me all the more.

Passing Tones, Chapter 8

On Monday Dr. Caroll and I reviewed my performance. She summed up the entire evening when she said,
“Easily the best undergrad recital I’ve heard in a long time. Very well done.”
Passing Tones
Chapter 8

by Jillian Marie

Susan's Odyssey

Hi There Everyone: This story was written as a means to answer what I felt was an inhumane treatment of a loving husband by his so called loving Wife. With no disrespect intended to Miss Karen-Anne Brown for her story entitled 'Heatherized Hubby' as I of course realize that it was indeed just a flight of fancy?

Conversion Tables -- the complete contest entry --

Conversion Tables

This is not a fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. This is an entry in Bob’s Stardust R Us first anniversary story contest. This story has nothing to do with my Whateley serial, period. No, really, I mean it -- cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die.

Strange Happenings in Ragnorak County

Here is my Stardust contest entry and this is a rather differently edited version than the one posted on StarDust. If you find the slang a bit difficult to read please try the version at StarDust because it is somewhat a little easier on the Southernisms.


Someone wants private investigator Nick Llewellyn to disappear, and they've devised a twisted way to accomplish that. Now he has just twenty-four hours to find out who is behind it - twenty-four hours until he ends up dead on arrival.

Passing Tones, Chapter 7

I made my way to my apartment barely aware of anything going on around me thanks to my quickly downward-spiraling state of mind.
“How could she use me like that?” I thought.
Passing Tones
Chapter 7

by Jillian Marie

Dress Up Day

Dress Up Day

By Angel O’Hare

We have a tradition at school that I’ve always hated. Dress Up Day is a monthly event, and both the boys and girls are expected to dress in their best on these days. That isn’t all either, we also have to address each other as either Mister or Miss, follow the strictest rules of etiquette, and be both mannerly and respectful of each other along with our teachers and any other adults visiting our school that day.


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