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Healing a Princess...12 (Cold)

          Kadyr led them forward. Monyka wanted nothing more than to stand in the middle of the burning blaze. She could faintly feel the warm it was radiating as it was.
          “Oh for all our sakes, Tanner, can’t you see that they are hypothermic?” A stern woman’s voice chastised. “You two get over near this fire, immediately.” She left no room for argument. Monyka stumbled forward and held her hands over the fire.

Healing a Princess

Chapter 12 - (Cold!)

by Anistasia Allread

Becoming Antonia Part 7.

missbehavin4.jpgLater that night as we both sat in the hot tub and relaxed, I had to ask Brit, who told George about my tool box covered in Billy’s work? She of course got that shit eating grin she always gets when she tries to keep a secret but can’t. I just hugged her and we went to bed for the first night as a married couple.

TWINS by Marie Part 4, MISSING

At one seventeen a.m. his desk phone buzzed. “Zack, it’s Linda. I can’t find Marlene. I’ve looked everywhere!” Her voice sounded flat and depleted. He waved at the dispatcher to plug in and tape the call. Linda had dialed his direct line, not 911.

TWINS by Marie, Part 4: Missing
by Marie C.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 158

"Well borrow some of mine."

"Don't be ridiculous, you are several sizes smaller than I, so if I did borrow them, I'd end up singing bloody soprano. Besides what if we had an accident? No thanks, I'll stick with the chaffing."

"I'll kiss it better for you." I said suddenly realising what I had said.

"You'll what?" His face positively lit up.

Easy As Falling In Love.

TWINS by Marie Part 3, THE PARTY

Linda pouffed our hair and combed our bangs with a big smile. “I love fixing up my little dolls,” she said, her annoyance with my father forgotten. Lastly she attached large fuchsias at the sides of our heads. Prepubescent prom queens from the 1950s. .

TWINS by Marie C.
Part 3. The Party

Heroes of Justice Part 2

           Taking it in stride, Will replied humorously in a John Wayne accent, “Shucks Ma'am it weren't nuthing. Well, I guess I can sell him to you cheap, but I'm warning you, he bites!”
Mark gave him an evil stare. “Gee thanks, buddy. It's a good thing it wasn’t a silver hammer.” He eyed his injured digit, that was regaining its normal shape after presumably being flattened by Will, using the same hammer Mark was regarding with ill intent.

Heroes of Justice

Part 2

by Grover

TWINS by Marie Part 2, Saturday

Standing there in my very girlie undies Leticia eyed me from top to bottom with undisguised glee. She really got off on this I thought. Together they slid the pink dress over my head and zipped the back. My chest now sported two points and my butt stuck out in back. Marlene lightly dabbed me with lipstick and that was it. I had turned into the most pliant girl child any parent could ever want.

TWINS Part 2. Saturday
by Marie C.

Rest and Relaxation Part 2

The two drank and danced the night away amerced in the atmosphere and in each other. They sat closely together and found comfort in that closeness. As the drinks began to take their desired effect, fears and inhibitions fell. The two ladies were tonight a couple. As Lana stared into the loving eyes of Shayne, she saw what she had been seeking for her entire life. Not just acceptance of Lana as a woman, but also deep love and desire for this girl named Lana Lund.

Rest And Relaxation Part 2

By Lana Lund

Becoming Antonia Part 6.

...we left the hospital, just as the police showed up.

“Toni Trepasso?”

I raised my hand and of course dad always being a smart ass did the same. The cop looked at us and asked which one of us hit a truck on a motorcycle today?

“That would be me.” I told him.

Becoming Antonia Part 5.

“Toni wait!”

This was the first time he’d even acknowledged my existence since my change, and all I could do was just turn in my seat to look at him as the tears started to roll. He opened the door and gave me a big hug, which I returned.

“Oh daddy.”

A Cop Story part 5... The End... For now

We all finished and headed to the morning briefing. I heard one of the guys ask who the new piece of ass was and watched as Sarah decked him.

“Anyone else want to talk about my wife like that?” she asked as she pulled the brass knuckles off her fist.

She got a standing ovation from the rest of the women...

Young Love, Chapter 2

Lizzie Jane and Jake sat holding hands watching the old clock on the mantel over the fireplace tick toward midnight and the new year -- 1955. Their clock may be off a few minutes, but to them it would be official and they would meet the new year together.

Young Love
A Lizzie Jane Romantic Adventure
Chapter 2
By Billie Sue Pilgrim

Short Chapters: 6. The Most Interesting First-Kiss Story Of Anybody

When I was finally alone, lying in a huge bed in a huge dark room, I felt terrible. It wasn't just the residue of the waxy toy makeup. It was a crippling cosmic guilt like I've never felt before. I don't pray, but that night I slipped out of bed in my Hello Kitty nightgown and got on my knees.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way

Rules Are Rules: 12. The Third Degree

Cassie cut in with a question to me. "I was thinking about what you said before. You came here to Tierson without any clothes? Without any at all?"

"Were you naked?" Nina giggled.

"No," I said, blushing yet again. "I had some clothes, and I did bring a big box, but it was all boy clothes."

"WHAT!?" Cassie cried. "Boy clothes?"

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 157

"So what do you think of Mr O'Rourke then?"

"He's very nice," I allowed.

"Only very nice, haven't you fallen in love with him yet?"

"I love someone else, but I fell in lust within twenty seconds." I joked.

She laughed, "I thought this blood felt hot." She continued removing it from me and labelling the little vials. "So you're Stella's little sister?"

Short Chapters: 5. The Big Piehole

"The only thing I want to change," I informed my parents, "is that I want to go to Lou's party on Saturday."

They glanced at each other for a moment, then Dad said, "As Tinkerbell, or Lite Brite?"

"It's Rainbow Brite," I corrected.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way

The Dream Part 1

‘Princess? Now I’m confused. I know I’m a boy, but did Mom just call me Princess?’ I opened my eyes, expecting to see my blue room with Spiderman posters on the wall, but was shocked to see Barbie posters, Faeries, and horses on PINK walls. Looking down at my bed, I found I was in a pink toddler bed with Tinkerbelle sheets and a pink comforter with Tinkerbelle looking happy on it. Shaking that off I looked at my clothes. I had gone to sleep wearing my blue Spiderman shorts and top, but woke up wearing a long shirt with little ponies on it..

Charlotte's Tale part 4.

The headmaster walked over, so I pretended I was just mingling with my mother, walking away as he approached. “Christine, thank you for your help in making the concert a success.” He led me away from the main crowd. “You’re at St Margaret’s?”


A Cop Story part 4

We all went to the stadium and found our seats. Jake and I went to go get some beers and hotdogs, but I found out that things were going to be different now even if I hadn’t noticed it before. I was in line, while Jake went to use the head, when some asshole grabbed my ass. I turned around and saw that he was twice my size. He said something about me having a nice ass and then smiled while he looked right down my shirt. I punched him right in the balls, and then felt someone grab me, as the big guy shook his balls back down into his sack. He started to make a grab for me when out of the corner of my eye I saw Jake come flying in and deck the son of a bitch. Before I could even think he had the guy in handcuffs and was handing him over to security while they did the same to the guys who had grabbed on to me.

Becoming Antonia Part 4.

“I guess you were right back in the hospital Brit.”

“Oh, how’s that?”

“Jamie asked if I was me, and I told her that I was still me on the inside but on the outside I was, and you cut me off to say.”

“My next girlfriend.” She cut me off again. I giggled and kissed her again.

“If that’s an invite I might have to take you up on the offer. Just promise me that you’ll be gentle. After all, I’m a virgin again... or at least I was until tonight.”

She just laughed and hugged me tight till we both fell asleep.

Gaby Book 5 Chapter *21* Das Mädchen

This is an absolute first - This chapter is getting posted here first! Don't get in too much of a tiz - Angharad threw down the gauntlet last night so I had to reply in like!. This will be going up on my site with 179 next week so for now consider yourselves spoilt!

Gaby_book_5_teaser_title.jpgGaby Book 5 - Bits
Chapter *21* Das Má¤dchen
by Maddy Bell

Rules Are Rules: 11. My Weekend As A Pariah Begins

"Oh, my God, Jerry!" I said when he emerged, "Everybody thinks this baby is real and that's it's mine!" At that moment, the baby stopped crying and let out a soft coo. I sighed in relief...

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 156

Everything is coming up roses, so why does Cathy only see the greenfly? Read the next exciting episode of this enthralling saga (you're not supposed to laugh! Pout!)

Easy As Falling Off A Bike.
by Usual suspect.
part, twelve thirteens (one for the trisdekaphiles)

Jack's Christmas Wish

Having to reveal my thoughts on transition to Saint Nicholas made me a little uncomfortable. I wondered secretly whether he even had the power to fulfill my desire. “Sir, it seems that my feeling that my body was of the wrong sex was prevalent even in my preteens. I suppressed those feelings thinking the it was not natural and a passing fad. As I reached my teen years and found that I would be different from my mates, I found myself questioning my masculinity."

Jack’s Christmas Wish
by Michelleokc08

The Rose (Chapters 12-15)

A meeting on the beach brings two people together and changes the world.
This is not your usual Maggie the Kitten story. It is an adult story, a romance, if you will.
I think you will enjoy it. Holly

The Rose (Chapters 12-15)

Written by Maggie the Kitten

Edited by Holly Hart and Shelly Shalimar

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 155

Do they really make doctors that big? How does the blood get all the way up to his brain and against gravity? Poor Cathy gets her knickers and her tongue all twisted!

Easy As Starting A Diet.
by: Angharad chocolate chomper.
part: After Eight thin chocolate mints.

Coulda Been... For Christmas

I would very much like to think I would find a point in which I had no more of these fantasies "in me" as it were. Unfortunately, I don't think that time will come anytime soon, so I'll continue to contribute these almost memories as necessary.

Coulda Been... For Christmas
by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
Note: This is dedicated to the memory of George Morse.
My Grandfather.

This didn't happen. The real story is less proactive, but really... this is what might have been in different circumstances. There's a kernel of the relationships at work here, but...

Rules Are Rules: 10. Baby Thinks-A-Lot

Ms. Tandy held up the doll and asked if anyone knew what it was.

One girl said, "A doll."

The teacher replied, "Come on, if it was that easy, I wouldn't have asked."

"Oh! Oh!" another girl called. "I know! I know!"

Rules Are Rules: A Marcie Donner Story, by Kaleigh Way

Becoming Antonia Part 3.

My inner monolog started to hold a conversation on it’s own.
“Well think about it. You were at a party, fell down a hill and woke up as a woman.”
“And you think freaking out will solve anything?”
“No, I guess not, but I don’t want to loose the old me.”
“I’m still here, and not going anywhere. Just relax and go with it. It’s either that or end up in jail for killing someone and THAT would suck.”

Becoming Antonia Part 3

By Toni Trepasso

A Cop Story part 3

"...You are going to be going thru much of what most transgenders go thru in what they call their ‘transition’. That is the time when they start to live their lives as a woman. It usually is done for a year or two before they have sexual reassignment surgery.” he said as he continued to write on the form the LT had given him. “Sue, that is to say Doctor Jones, is one of the best in the world in helping with transitions. And besides, she can help you get new I.D. since I don’t think anyone would believe that you are Gabe anymore....”

A Cop Story - Part 3

By Toni Trepasso

The Note part 3, the final chapter.

     "Thou shall not lay with man in the same way as woman.” he told us.
“Uh, does that hold true for lesbians or what?” I asked him almost laughing.
     “Don’t you blaspheme in here little girl.” he shot back less then happy with me.
“Alright then, whatever happened to love thy neighbor. Or god made man in his own image?” I asked back. “If that is the case, then wouldn’t you be sinning right now for showing intolerance to us? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

The Note Part 3

By Toni Trepasso

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 154

The girls go shopping with consequences neither could foresee!

Easy As Killing Things!
by:Black hearted Bonzi.
purred: 154.

With Simon out, I wished I'd brought my bike down with me, however Stella suggested we went shopping instead. "Let's get some Christmas prezzies," not my favourite phrase.

Becoming Antonia Part 2

Last Time:
...As we went in, our hostess was someone I used to work with when I was behind the parts counter at the local Hardly Dangerous dealer, (you think I’m that nuts to get sued for copyright violations?) so I had to play it cool and not do anything stupid. Surprisingly, lunch was rather un-eventful, well, other then the fact that I couldn’t eat half of what I used to be able to do. (The Dinosaur has this platter called the “Tres Grand Hombre’s” it’s half a chicken, a  ½ rack of ribs, and  ½ pound of pulled pork, two sides and corn bread. I used to pound one of those and then get a piece of home made pie.) I took my “to go” box and we headed back “home.”

Becoming Antonia Part 2

By Toni Trepasso

Short Chapters: 4. The Donut Tree

It wasn't just that she had me trying clothes on. She insisted that Miranda and I change at the same time, so we could open the curtains together. Miranda's face spoke volumes. I knew she felt pretty much the way I did. She was embarrassed by her mother's manner, but happy she wasn't suffering alone. Neither of us spoke, but it was a bonding experience. Like being in the Army together.

Short Chapters by Kaleigh Way

The Note part 2

I just looked at her in shock. “I don’t understand.”

“I was born a boy too. But an accident on my dad’s farm caused my genitals to get ripped off my body. They couldn’t put them back on, so my parents made the choice to have the doctors turn me into a girl. It was either that or live life as a male without the part of my body that makes me one.

The Note Part 2

By Toni Trepasso

A Cop Story part 2

Last time we looked in on our Hero....
It took the jury, a hole 20 minutes to find the defendant guilty of armed robbery and conspiracy to manufacture narcotics. As they lead him out of the court room he looked at me and spat, while screaming. “I’m gonna get you pig. You fucking watch. I’m gonna get you.”

I let it slide and put it in the back of my mind since he was going to be going to prison for a while. I just went on and did what I did best, be a good cop and topnotch husband to my ...

A Cop Story - Part 2

By Toni Trepasso

The Rose (Chapters 9-11)

A meeting on the beach brings two people together and changes the world.
This is not your usual Maggie the Kitten story. It is an adult story, a romance, if you will.
I think you will enjoy it. Holly

The Rose (Chapters 9-11)

Written by Maggie the Kitten

Edited by Holly Hart and Shelly Shalimar


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