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2024 New Year’s Writing Contest — Prizes, Awards, and Recognition!!!

Okay!!! It’s time to stick a bow on our 2024 New Year’s Writing Contest!

First, a huge thank you to EVERYONE who participated, whether by posting a story or leaving a comment. You helped make this a true community event.

Now: Let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for. We have a few prizes, but in the end, not enough of them, because so many wonderful people submitted GREAT stories.

sissygirl’s journey 6.4

Keeping my knees and ankles together was difficult for me, holding them together in a upright position worked the best for me and to have my legs at a angle looked better and more feminine but it was even harder to sit in that position for any length of time.

Mom could see this so she had me cross my legs and wala that was the answer for me, it really felt way more comfortable and natural crossing my legs, so that became my sitting position from that morning on, plus I really kinda loved it.

sissygirl’s journey 6.3

I think at this point in my girlhood experiences mom was accepting it and enjoying it, seeing how I was really enjoying it too mom probably realize that I didn’t have a need to be a girl but just loved girl things and the fact that my sister was a tomboy jock mom was just happy to have a new daughter to have some girl fun with.

sissygirl’s journey 6.2

I just wanted to touch on this and see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

When I was in the 2 or 3 grade I was walking down the classroom isle towards the front of the class probably heading to my desk when a boy said to me you walk like a girl, that was the first time I heard someone saying that to me, well it stuck in my head even to this very day and a funny thing it really didn’t bother me or upset me it just made me aware that yes I’m walking like a girl, that was the first time I was kinda outed in public lol.

sissygirl’s journey 6.1

My relationship with my auntie we where always close and loved each other she treated me like her son but when she met sissy things changed from that first weekend, it was kinda like love at first sight all over again but would definitely be going down a different path.

sissygirl’s journey 6 lipstick girl

Yes I’am a lipstick girl, from the very beginning I was mesmerized by my mom’s lipsticks and at that time all the magazines had pretty women with amazing makeup and of course amazing lipstick lips, this is a little embarrassing but as a very young boy 5 or so I would find myself kissing those pretty models in the magazines and enjoying it very much so I guess that was one of my fetishes to be forever in my life, lipstick kisses that is lol.

Between Roles - 7 - Like a Lesbian

Art by LariUmbreon

Siblings are great for gossip, not so much reading the room.


Panel 1:

Lari: "It was really great to hear from you too. Love you, miss you. Call me later, okay?"
Sis: "Wait, before you go, Larissa. Have you seen your baby sister's new haircut?"

Panel 2:

Sis: "She looks like a ... >>lesbian..<<"
Lari: "Uh... huh..."

sissygirl’s journey 5.5

It’s funny how being a little mortified and days later looking forward to the same thing, isn’t it crazy how human emotions can play little games in your head, that’s how I felt about sissy meeting my auntie one minute thinking one way and now really looking forward to it, mom really didn’t say too much just mentioning sissy that would be nice to give our guests a hello kiss just to make them feel welcome.

sissygirl’s journey 5.4

Mom having me kiss my Barbie doll with my freshly applied lipstick I think was just a way to have me start wearing lipstick because she knew i was fascinated with her lipstick and it wouldn’t take much to have me fall in love with wearing lipstick.

sissygirl’s journey 5.3

The first time mom put lipstick on me when she was tucking me in, up until then she was having me kiss my Barbie doll good night, after she kissed me good night on my cheek or forehead.

That night she said sweetie look in your purse which I usually kept on my bed at night with my Barbie doll, grabbing my purse unsnapping the clasp looking inside and there was a new lipstick tube before my very eyes, I was so excited just looking at that wonderful item of girlhood.

sissygirl’s journey 5.2

My nephew was 4 and I was 7 it’s been about 2 years now since mom and I started down my girlhood journey, I know I’m jumping ahead a little but I’ll get back to the beginning after this little side adventure.

Mom loved me and my girlhood telling me years later she did it for me seeing how I loved girl things and my girl feelings she wanted to help me also admitting she enjoyed it too, even loved having two daughters at home, I think my sister being a jock and not really being very girly had mom really enjoying my feminine side but anyway.

sissygirl’s journey 5

Most of mom’s girl talk with me was when she was tucking me into bed and also a good time to introducing me to other girly things too.

Mom started out being somewhat curious about my interests of girly things and it grew from there, seeing what else I liked and seeing how far she could take it, I think at that point she was really enjoying it.

I always had that girl gene deep inside me and mom pushing me towards girlhood it was more than not a little emotional and embarrassing to say the least but I survived and of course I loved it too.

Between Roles - 5 - Friendly Fire

Art by LariUmbreon

Sapphire has an itcy trigger finger when I'm in the way, for some reason. No matter what we play she finds a way to blow me up or take my head off. F R I E N D S H I P.


Panel 1:
Lari: "Hey uh... Sapph? A little help!?"

Panel 2:
Sapphire: "SHIT! Uh... SORRY!!"

sissygirl’s journey 4

As I handed mom her purse she always gave me that cute little smile as with her eyes too, she knew I loved her purses while giving me purse time and still being nonchalant about it, a few times she would quietly say you love it, I knew she was just having a little fun I just stood there and didn’t say a thing but yes I did.

sissygirl’s journey 3

So mom really didn’t get upset or mad about anything but she did let you know if she was not happy and her personal lipstick collection was one of them.

Being a very curious little boy and mesmerized by her lipstick I would always find myself looking through her lipstick collection.

Little boy’s can never put anything back correctly or organized we’re just too focused on the prize and her lipsticks being in a pretty tube I would twist those amazing lipsticks out of their tube and spend my time enjoying all the different and wonderful colors and scents.

sissygirl’s journey 2

Hi everyone, before I continue I would like to give a little view into my life at that time.

Mom, what can I say she was a wonderful mother very supportive of everything my sister and I did with all the love she had.

My sis was 3 years older than me and being a real jock she had her own group of friends and from what vibe I got from her she wanted nothing to do with me especially when mom and I were exploring my other side, of course mom always tried to kept it out of sight so nobody got uncomfortable to a certain point as you will see, she was a great mom.

sissygirl’s journey

Being about 5 or 6 I was mesmerized by my mother’s black patent purses and her lipsticks also my sister’s black patent Mary Janes, any chance I had I would go into her closet and reacquaint myself with those beautiful patent little girl shoes.

I would pick them up to get a closer look feeling the shiny smooth patent leather and playing with the buckle just in amazement of how pretty they were, if time allowed I would take them back to my bedroom to wear them.

Between Roles - 4 - Double It

Art by LariUmbreon

Actual conversations with my girlfriend, Tresenella.


Panel 1:
Lari: "Crud, I don't know if I've taken my meds today. What's the worst that'll happen if I take double?"
Tress: "I don't know. Double boobies?"

Panel 2:
Gem: "What would be better? Twice the size, or four boobs?"

Between Roles - 3 - Growth

Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

Starting hormones was one of the most amazing choices I could have made. It's lead to a world of difference that's made me happier overall. Of course, there were some obvious growing pangs early on in my transition...


Panel 1:
Lari: "And that makes TWO whole months on hormones!"

Between Roles - 2 - Obvious

Art by LariUmbreon

Let's just say my closet door was made of thin cellophane or transparent glass...


Panel 1:
Lari: "I wasn't THAT obvious in high school, was I?"

Panel 2:
Pointing to all the OBVIOUS things about her being trans in high school, like: The hair all the way down her back, the obvious bra strap, and the boymoder hoodie.

Between Roles - 1 - My Life

Art by LariUmbreon

A comic about a nobody voice actress between roles. What roles? Gender roles? Relationship roles? Actual acting roles? Yes.


Panel 1:
Tresenella: "Hahaha, that's hilarious! I'm stealing that!"
Lari: "Go ahead! I dont' mind."

Panel 2:
Tresenella: "You come up with all these so quickly. Why don't you write your own comics?"
Lari: "I mean..."

A true story from my Daughter.

A true story from my Daughter


Not too long ago I was told a story by my daughter Ohmie. At the time she was serving as a Recruiter for the US Army. She was station in Morningside Heights neighborhood of New York city. The story concerns two families and tradition held on Veterans' Day.

Personal Theology on Transgender

Personal Theology on Transgender
By Patricia Marie Allen

Disclaimer: Warning to all who may read this: This article contains explicit religious content. The views are my own and are based on my understanding of scripture, i.e. the Bible. I will present Christian theology and quote Bible verses throughout. If you have any opposing view of creation (the beginning of it all – call it what you may) other than the traditional Christian view, this may be offensive. If this applies to you then I ask you to choose now to either discontinue reading or to accept this as an opposing view and simply agree to disagree with me. While I may read your comments, I will not respond in an effort to defend my views… it’s not a point of discussion for me. I offer this only as another option for understanding our condition.

A Brief look into my past

As I sit and watch the thunderstorm’s fury unleashed on the city I realize that my life reflects the activity of the storm. I sit here in my friend’s garage shut away from the world hiding from my past. I can’t believe that people can be so cruel and heartless. Well maybe I can’t accuse the whole world of being cruel as I have at least two friends.

I don’t really understand why people have to be so mean when they find out someone is different. Let me go back to the beginning, as it seems that I need to get this burden off my chest.

I Mourn

*-*-*-*- Teek's Mini-Story Collection -*-*-*-*


I Mourn
By Teek

I wrote this a few years ago as I faced my reality and contemplated my transition. I share it now with you all as I find myself farther into my transition. It is not a story, and only about 300 words long. It is not exactly a blog entry either, so I post it here.

My Story

david-brooke-martin-yJzurJ0IRh4-unsplash.jpg This is an accurate biography of myself, and gets into why I believe what I do as a Christian at the end. I know that this might offend some people, so I am saying it right here at the beginning. If this may offend you, I recommend that you read something else. If it won’t offend you, or you don’t think it will, You Have Been Warned!

Transitional Writings

I just recently managed to find copies of two things that I wrote back in 2003. That year is significant because it was the first year of my transition.


Healing Transformation

A piece of onion-skin paper, made into a male mask by a 5 year old girl using safety scissors and crayons about forty- four years ago. She didn't make it because she wanted to, but to please her Mommy and Daddy.


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