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Flipped Antimony regulus, or Gold in Copper


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A Child's I's

A Child's I's
Copyright 2024 by Heather Rose Brown

CAUTION: This is one of my darker poems. While it does mention death, there's no depiction of anyone being hurt or harmed in it. Still, if something like that might be triggering for you, then please be careful.




Dedicated to the memory of Nex Benedict (Jan 11, 2008-Feb 8, 2024)

R.I.P. Nex

I heard you talk across the room
You spoke your personal kind of tune
You and your friend were sitting paired
But other students simply stared
They stood apart and uttered jibes
You simply weren’t part of their tribe.
The teacher saw you from the front
But was too frozen to confront

Right Path

Stuck at a crossroads

No signs

No civilization


Only the whisper of trees

Lost at the fork

Staring at each choice

Nothing but death is certain

No clue

Muscles stiffen

Blood boils

Screams of frustration fill the air

Which way is it!?

There's no way to know for sure

Heart breaks

Pressure mounts

Suddenly a tiny tug

Lead slowly in one direction

An angel guide

With sad dark eyes

Pleading to go this way

This is the path


With assistance from Merior!

His wishes granted,
By contract, reviewed and read,
For a blessed bed.

Leavening his bread,
Set the plate to gift his stead,
Fiancé unwed.

Soon he’d be jiggled,
And one who never fiddled,
Uniquely riddled.

The body rested,
Soon, divinely regifted,

And acclimated.
Two bodies respirited,
Deal, consummated!

Something That I Want

Something That I Want or Magic Me True
Sung to the tune of "From Me To You"
With apologies to The Beatles

Da da da da da dum dum da
Da da da da da dum dum da

Oh, there's something that I want
But there's nothing I can do
Put a spell on me, and make it strong
A girl of me, from you

Give me everything that I want
Like some breasts that's oh so true
Put a spell on me, and make it strong
A girl of me, from you

"My Gender Lament" or yet another song destruction

My Gender Lament

Sung to the tune of "I'm Not Going To Let It Bother Me Tonight

With apologies to The Atlanta Rhythm Section

I fucked up my breakfast this morning
This life just gives me the blues
My gender is a tragedy
There's nothing that I can do

About all this hair and my jaw line
I'm struggling with my sorrow
And living in a danger zone
Might end it all tomorrow

The Prince and the Maiden

”Peace, love and joy is what I foretell.
Our girls and boys will grow up well.”

From death they did part, and so his thoughts turned to marriage,
Who’d take his son’s part, and continue his lineage?

“Mirror mirror, I command,
who’s the smartest in my land?”

How can I tell her about me? (Song remake)

How can I tell her about me?
With apologies to Lobo, sung to the tune "How can I tell her about you?"

She knows when I am lonesome
She cries when I am sad
She's up in the good times
She's down in the bad
Whenever I am discouraged
She knows just what to do
But girl,
She doesn't know about you

With apologies to John Lennon

I recently came out to my wife, and this reworking of John Lennon's "Woman" says just how it went. Amazingly, it takes very little reworking!


I can hardly express
My elation for your thoughtfulness
After all, I'm forever in your debt

And woman
I will try to express
My inner feelings and thankfulness
For giving me the freedom of a dress

Ooh-ooh, well-well
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Ooh-ooh, well-well
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

The Transgender Bunch

The Transgender Bunch
Copyright 2021 by Heather Rose Brown

While chatting with a few folk in a blog post, I sorta wandered off the original topic, and did a rewrite of the Brady Bunch song, as well as creating a modified pic, showing what I imagined the Transgender Bunch might look like. It's mostly just a bit of silliness, but it was fun, and so I thought I'd share. Enjoy! :)



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