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With assistance from Merior!

His wishes granted,
By contract, reviewed and read,
For a blessed bed.

Leavening his bread,
Set the plate to gift his stead,
Fiancé unwed.

Soon he’d be jiggled,
And one who never fiddled,
Uniquely riddled.

The body rested,
Soon, divinely regifted,

And acclimated.
Two bodies respirited,
Deal, consummated!

Something That I Want

Something That I Want or Magic Me True
Sung to the tune of "From Me To You"
With apologies to The Beatles

Da da da da da dum dum da
Da da da da da dum dum da

Oh, there's something that I want
But there's nothing I can do
Put a spell on me, and make it strong
A girl of me, from you

Give me everything that I want
Like some breasts that's oh so true
Put a spell on me, and make it strong
A girl of me, from you

"My Gender Lament" or yet another song destruction

My Gender Lament

Sung to the tune of "I'm Not Going To Let It Bother Me Tonight

With apologies to The Atlanta Rhythm Section

I fucked up my breakfast this morning
This life just gives me the blues
My gender is a tragedy
There's nothing that I can do

About all this hair and my jaw line
I'm struggling with my sorrow
And living in a danger zone
Might end it all tomorrow

The Prince and the Maiden

”Peace, love and joy is what I foretell.
Our girls and boys will grow up well.”

From death they did part, and so his thoughts turned to marriage,
Who’d take his son’s part, and continue his lineage?

“Mirror mirror, I command,
who’s the smartest in my land?”

How can I tell her about me? (Song remake)

How can I tell her about me?
With apologies to Lobo, sung to the tune "How can I tell her about you?"

She knows when I am lonesome
She cries when I am sad
She's up in the good times
She's down in the bad
Whenever I am discouraged
She knows just what to do
But girl,
She doesn't know about you

With apologies to John Lennon

I recently came out to my wife, and this reworking of John Lennon's "Woman" says just how it went. Amazingly, it takes very little reworking!


I can hardly express
My elation for your thoughtfulness
After all, I'm forever in your debt

And woman
I will try to express
My inner feelings and thankfulness
For giving me the freedom of a dress

Ooh-ooh, well-well
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Ooh-ooh, well-well
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

The Transgender Bunch

The Transgender Bunch
Copyright 2021 by Heather Rose Brown

While chatting with a few folk in a blog post, I sorta wandered off the original topic, and did a rewrite of the Brady Bunch song, as well as creating a modified pic, showing what I imagined the Transgender Bunch might look like. It's mostly just a bit of silliness, but it was fun, and so I thought I'd share. Enjoy! :)


The Ballad of Ted Bandpat

Ballad of Ted Bandpat

Come listen to my story
About a man named Ted
A poor trans girl
Lived inside his head
Then one day when crying feeling blue
She decided she would stop being a fake dude
Be a girl, that is, both pretty and bold
Be called a “she”

Nightmare Dance

Nightmare Dance

Verse 1: I can't take it anymore

I've considered sleeping on the floor

as every time in sleep I drift away

my mind and body they begin to play

I'm always thrashing, as dreams go through my mind

cause my subconscious hunt for darkness to find

my pillows fly from the bed on which I lay

and the covers go they never want to stay

Chorus: its always been this way,

it never seems to change

and I just can't find

Leap of faith

Leap of faith

Take a leap of great faith.
From a familiar place.
But it’s someplace where you don’t belong.

Things rush at your face.
As you strive to erase.
Those things that you know that are wrong.

Like running a race.
As you slowly displace.
The things that have hurt you so long.

As you hurtle through space.
Letting go with great haste.
Be proud to sing out your song.

And seek to embrace.
All the style and grace.
That’s eluded your life all along.

The song

The song

I wish that everyone could just get along.
Like words and music in a song.
A song so free it brings a tear.
And to the whole it brings good cheer.

Too many see the outward shells.
And fail to see the inward hells.
The hells of our inner child.
For most of us are driven wild.

We often live within ourselves.
All our hopes and dreams upon a shelf.
This is why we wish this song.
This show of hearts that get along.

Pain within

Pain within

A piece of paper, pen in hand.
Time flows by like hourglass sand.
Words rush out from in the brain.
As tears pour down like falling rain.

The pain withheld just grows some way.
And haunts your being everyday.
From dawn to dusk and in between.
Are battles to keep the hurt unseen.

And then there comes a tiny slip.
When someone sees a subtle tip.
That not all is how your life might seem.
How the nightmare fades away the dream.

Force a smile

I’ve traveled a great distance.
Yet have so far to go.
And met with much resistance.
From those that just don’t know.

Tried to explain, to educate.
But end up wasting time.
It always ends up in debate.
With narrow brainwashed minds.

I’ve made mistakes along the way.
Like most everybody does.
By not being open everyday.
To the ones I really love.

Because I’ve lived for someone else.
For way too many years.
The mistakes I made were to myself.
For not facing my worst fears.

Just me

Just me

Somehow was born convicted.
And sentenced to doing time.
For being just the way I am.
And didn't once commit a crime.

They'd say I was pathetic.
And that I was a disgrace.
Minding my own business.
Someone punched me in the face.

The last one chosen for the team.
As if I really cared.
And always getting teased.
Cause of the way I wore my hair.

River of tears

River of tears

This time I know I crossed a line.
And paid no heed to the warning signs.
The feelings within me, there all of my life.
As I held them in, they cut like a knife.

I need to release what’s been trapped inside.
Out into the day and no longer hide.
It has all been my fault, of this I do know.
For just not allowing, my true self to show.

Free at last

Free at last

I’m surrounded by people, and yet I’m alone.
I dwell in my own house, but I’m not at home.
I’ve lived most of my life, hiding inside a shell.
Tossed a fortune in hopes, into the wishing well.

Memories of time lost, and torturous pain.
Are embedded and grate, there inside my brain,
I searched for the good, but found only despair.
Would often give up with, no emotion to spare.

He's A Loser

Say kids, what time is it? Time for another MAD song parody!!!

(With apologies to Lennon/McCartney)
Laika Pupkino ~ 2020

“The first thing he calls someone he feels has wronged him
is a loser. That’s his main attack word. The worst thing in his world is
to be a loser. To avoid being called a loser he will do or say anything.”

~Jack O'Donell, former manager of Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City NJ

A Song for the Dead

We all love a clever, humorous song parody with a transgender twist.
I regret to inform you this isn't one of those lighthearted ditties. It's based on a tune called
People Who Died by Jim Carroll ( )
and is posted in commemoration of Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020


I'm a Girl - Song parody of The Who's "I'm a boy"

"I'm A Girl"
(With apologies to The Who)

One little girl was called Anne-Marie
Another little girl was called Felicity
Another little girl was called Sally-Pearl
The other was me
Yeah I'm a Girl

My name is Holly, I'm a head case
I like putting make-up on my face
Yeah I feel lucky when I get dresses to wear
And spend hours just fixing up my hair

I'm a girl, I'm a girl
But my ma won't permit it
I'm a girl, I'm a girl
But if I say I am
I get it

Not a story...a lament to a lost love.

This is a tribute, a remembrance, a the best man I ever knew, the best human being, my secret love.

He was taken from us...from me, several years ago, but he still lives in my heart and my memories. He knew how I felt, but we could never let on to anyone else. He never did.

I really don't care how any of this is taken by anyone, but as emotional as I have been for the last few days, I HAD to get this out of me for my sanity's sake.

To Mikey, my secret love, my hero, my heart.

I'm missing you tonite...
lying here looking up at the stars.

Gehenna Entredeux

Delicate pattern laid out soft and lovely
Feels so enticing on the fingertips
To feel the garment on the loin would be heaven
But Gehenna bars Entreduex from the skin

Heaven or hell
Tracks cover with snow
Silk or cotton exclusive yet elusive
For these are not for the likes of I

Gehenna Entredeux on wedding lingerie
Entredeux in Dress with crinoline flair
Flowing skirt hugging bodice
Empire waist puffed sleeves
Sweet heart neckline


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