Sequel or Series Episode

Software Update, Part 1 of 2

Seven years ago, an out-of-work programmer reprogrammed his life and, with the help of his old flame Sara, became Rosie. Just how good was Rosie’s “programming?” Four BigCloset authors, invited to join Sara and Rosie for a writers’ retreat, are about to find out!

Lilith's Despair Chapter 2

I am sorry with the delay in getting chapter two out, but I was working hard on my revisions from The Return of Lilith. I have it being reviewed by another person and then I hope to have it published. In this chapter you will see Lilith's overall personality changing. I hope that the changes make sense with the story as we would all change with different experiences. I am going to continue to write this book in the third person because it will allow me to develop some of the other characters better and increase the story as a whole. Thank you for reading Lilith's story so far.


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