Foolish Weatherman

Takes place shortly before the events of the episode "Unfair Weather Friends" from the Hoenn saga of the anime. After being pressured by his coworkers at the Weather Institute about his blatant feelings for their newest employee Millie, Bart musters up the courage to ask her out to dinner. But while the evening seems to go almost perfectly for them both, looks can be deceiving...

Sam Valentine -P2- How Ba-ad Could It Be?

Sam Valentine in on a mission; going home to take a bath. There's no time to deal with random insults from people who think they're bad.


Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 34- Ambush!

Quentin returns to the school to try to get the goods on Professor Ydde.
What could possibly go wrong with this plan?

Quillian in COLOR! -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 3-

This is a pretty gory picture with the color. Has a lot of impact. The simple visual jokes we included helped soften things. See if you can spot all four of them. :)

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 29- Who said anything about a hero?

Student-Faculty relations can be a drag...

Okay, that's a bad pun and not even accurate. :)

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 28- Smart Is As Smart Does

The Monster Maker thinks Quillian might be one of his own!

Check out the color archive, too. New versions of color pages one and two went up on Thursday.

Quillian In COLOR! -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 2-

Quillian in color just adds another dimension to the art, doesn't?

This isn't fully rendered yet, I'll upload a better copy later. This is flat color like they used in the sixties.

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 27- They Just Can't Resist

It's like a patter song in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta -- the villain just has to do it!

It's in the union contract, or something.

Quillian In COLOR! -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 1-

Quillian - Teenager from Hell, in color!

Tell us what you think of the color adventures of our favorite demonette!

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 25- Monster Mashers

Two big hunks fighting over her, what more could a demonette ask for?

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 23- Midnight Snack

Quillian is groggy, Inkypus is anxious. Has the monster worked up an appetite -- or a confession?

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 19- Chasing Some Tails

Dogfighting is a bitch! But where does Inkypus think he's going?

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 17- Up on the Rooftop, Quick, Quick, Quick

Quillian let's it all hang out, the transformation scene some people have been waiting for. :)



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