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Living a life less ordinary Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Triss had pulled herself together after she had gotten over the shock of the pregnancy test and allowed the joy to shine through. She did decide to break the news to Pierce gently, err.. not.

She had about half an hour to get a hold of herself and then we trooped down for dinner. Her face seemed to go between shock and joy and back again. If Pierce had been paying attention he would have known something was up, but he came in, apologising for not being earlier, and sat down. Maria brought out the food. Bee could see something was up but didn't know what to ask.

Lifeline 17

We spent two more days in our little place in the woods, which sat on a very quiet road in a corner of Kent that somehow seemed to escape the hurry and bustle of the outside world despite sitting so close to three main roads. Years later, I would read of the man who lived secretly in his tent, hidden away in the bushes of the central reservation of the dual carriageway leading past Southampton’s railway station, his life passing in parallel with that of the commuters streaming past each day.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 192

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2019 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 192

We prepare for the move.
The House Blessing Ceremony.
Our first night.
Moving day.
Our first dinner party.

Moving is a pain! ~o~O~o~ We are staying here tonight! ~o~O~o~ Naainish and the House Blessing Ceremony. ~o~O~o~ We did it. We moved. ~o~O~o~ A gift from Aunt Ruth. ~o~O~o~ A dinner party. And, yes Jackie you are one of us.


Forsythe Saga - The French Connection

One of the many businesses that Adrian had fingers in was a 40% stake in a Vineyard in the Languedoc region of France. Maxine was still getting to grips with the affairs of the hotel in Devon when he said that it was time for them to visit it.

She looked up the location on the map and it was clear that it wasn’t the easiest of places to get to. A quick internet search revealed that one airline flew direct from London to Carcassonne a few times a week.

“Shall I book us some flights? They go from Stanstead,” asked Maxine.

Adrian laughed.

“Already booked for next Tuesday,” he replied grinning.

Racing Angels -chp 29

Racing Angels

Webster’s dictionary defines Speed as the fallowing: the rate of change of position along a straight line with respect to time over a set distance. In other words, the quicker you can get from one place to another. The question is what do you, when your family has spent the last two generations in search of ways to accomplish this goal faster and faster. Would do you do when the family business is the search for more Speed. For Robert ‘Robby’ McGuire the answer is easy. You grab your sister and strap on a pair of Formula One racecars then go for broke.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention - Chapter 11

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

the same accident that caused the loss of his leg at age six also stimulated the latent genetics that ran in his family to trigger a mutation. Although becoming one of the ‘exo-humans’ the government monitored would prove to be the least of his worries once he stumbled upon his family’s secret.

Brought to you by the warped mind of Nuuan

Stick Her Shock 2 - Part 3

Chapter 8

After talking with Dana, Sandy didn't know what to worry about more, her husband and what was happening with her or the thefts going on in the store. Logic prevailed. There was nothing she could do at the moment about Jackie's situation. What she could and did need to do was concentrate on the job she was being paid to do. Maybe she and Dana could convince Jackie to take up her offer at dinner on Wednesday. Until then there was little she could do. She turned her attention back to the store.

Foreign influence: part 43, final

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg

seventy one

Life at Davidwache went back to normal, as Biggi, Marion and Esme finalized the preparations for our celebration. Our outside guests, ThreeB and Maureen, Chris and Helena and most important of all Kathrin and Martin had been alerted and I had finally remembered to ask Esme about Agatha. Evidently she was a lost daughter of the house of Hessen, who had been written off immediately after her disappearance. We both thought it best to leave it at that, I because I knew Agatha would like it that way and Esme because she knew the parents and siblings.

The Voyage of the Visund -20-

Everybody's plans are thrown into confusion when Mamoot's upset stomach turns out to be something life-threatening instead. Ursula is forced to take charge and show those of Joth just what it is she can do. Unfortunately, she has overlooked some important considerations...

grakh on parchment

The Voyage of the Visund

A tale of Anmar by Penny Lane

20 - Emergency Room

Undercover Girl - Chapter 5

Undercover Girl - Chapter Five
By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(The young social worker grows more comfortable as one of the girls and his enjoyable girlish weekend ends with a brutal attack on one of his teen clients)

Angels High

Angels_High_Cover_1.jpg"The summer of 1940 would have been a glorious time had someone mentioned to Mister Hitler that it was cricket season."

A tale of War, of love, and of friendship. (And a few Nazis)

String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

Murphy's Law : Book 2 | Red Harvest

Murphy's Law
Book II: Red Harvest
By Josie

Jack Murphy once again delves into the murky underworld to find a missing girl. Armed with only his dry-wit and cynicism, he journeys to a quiet little farm town called Waterston. It’s a beautiful place, renown for its cherries and the orchards that dotted the landscape against the rolling green hills beyond. But it’s also a world where the hunter becomes the hunted and where the forces of good collide with the evil cloaked in the myth and mysticism of an ancient belief.

It’s also a place where some find the "Red Harvest sinfully wild to enjoy, while others find nothing more than disappointment and regret . . ."

Murphy's Law (Revised)

Murphy's Law
By Josie

“Murphy understood the law and knew justice. He also knew that the two were often not the same. To catch the bad guy and win a confession, you had to be willing to step outside the box and take chances. That’s what made him a great cop. But that didn’t give him the right to take the law in his own hands. All he had to do was have a boy examined to confirm his true gender and now his mistake was going to cost him. Maybe his job? Maybe a demotion?

But then nothing in this case was turning out like it should. He should have seen this coming. He should have known that you can test the odds and you can test your resolve, but never pit your luck against Murphy’s Law. Because sure as the devil will get his due, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!”

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Bee's period started during the night. I only found out when she didn't turn up for yoga so I was concerned about her. I didn't see her since she was in the shower, but I did notice her bed and the tell-tale dark red signs. I listened at the bathroom door and heard the shower running and Bee crying. I spoke to Triss who told me to do my yoga on my own that morning, while she sorted Bee out.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 16

Chapter 16

It took three months to produce that movie and so much happened in that time. I visited the psychologist four times in total. The first time that Sunday morning and then we moved the appointment to a Saturday afternoon. I have nothing against the psychologist, her name was Ann and she was a lovely lady. She tried to get me to relax by small talk which I was happy to engage in, but if any question related to my past I refused to talk.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After we had arrived on set, I followed Triss to her office and the day began as usual. I made sure the coffee was on and started brewing. I went to the cafeteria to get some biscuits, smiling at the staff and getting smiles back. I then went back to Triss to see if there was anything else I could help with.

When I got back, Triss was on the phone, frowning into the receiver.

“Uh-huh, alright. OK, I see. I'll be there,” was Triss' side of the conversation.

“Come on, let's go, there is an emergency meeting we need to get to,” Triss told me.

Lifeline 16

Morning was damper, with another low mist leaving the tents wet with dew. The campers were up before us, and already looking to be on their way when Lorraine shouted about the kettle, which brought both grins and nods. The three had apparently already breakfasted, but the lure of one last cup of Proper Tea seemed irresistible, before they set off along the path leading to the East.

The New Recruits Part 11

Jill watches as Freddy tries to lure another teenage girl to his van. She hated the bastard and wanted to kill him. He was the one that had kidnapped her and knocked her out. He had taken her to the perverts that abused her sexually and physically.

She checks the stun gun she stole from a law enforcement supply store. She watches as a young girl was about to be suckered into Freddy’s lies. She walks across the street and up to the driver door and opens it.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Rose's POV

We left early to go back to Bee's apartment and pack our stuff up. I didn't have that much. We hadn't gone shopping since the first day, so all of my stuff fit into a small section of one of Bee's suitcases. Bee was packing for about two weeks worth of clothes and because she was only packing her male clothes, it was an easy job. Most of our meals we ate on-site, so there was only a small plastic bag with perishable items from her fridge.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Michael Valles Point of View (POV) New York

I was sitting at my desk going over some numbers when Al knocked politely at my door.

“Come in,” I said loudly.

Al entered quietly. “Hi, boss. I've got some good news for you. It's definite the Feds have lost our miracle boy. They have had to drop the case. You can't prosecute someone for kidnapping someone they can't prove exists.”

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I didn't have a lot of time to dwell on our conversation with Triss. Bee took charge of me and kept me very occupied. There weren't many lines, most of the scene involved me staring at a wall and causing it to burst into flames as the temperature kept rising.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 191

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2019 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 191

Miss Nez! You bought this!
Phone calls.
A visit to the Eagles and a surprise.


We meet our other neighbor. ~o~O~o~ We learn the Senators true feelings about the Mayor. ~o~O~o~ Dr. Joe didn't believe me. ~o~O~o~
We made arraignments for the ceremony and to move. ~o~O~o~ The Eagles have a surprise for us.


Living a life less ordinary Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Going back to the set on Monday morning was both good and bad. I did enjoy my job, it was easy and allowed me to observe a fascinating process. If I had any questions I waited until Triss wasn't busy and then asked her. She seemed quite happy to explain. This was a new experience for me since my curiosity for how things worked or why things were done had been squashed for the last three years. Those were not acceptable questions.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 10

Chapter 10

So began my career as a gofer. Mainly it was coffee for Triss and the Producer who was called Adam. Everyone else called him Mr Smithson, but he insisted I call him Adam. Triss was married to the director, Pierce Slater, but he had Bee to get drinks for him. Bee did lots of other things besides. I only really fetched drinks and cookies, occasional lunches and snacks.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Bee drove the car into an underground car park for an apartment block. I had to wait for her to release me before I could start helping her gather all our shopping. We then had an elevator ride to her one-bedroom apartment. I was asked to sit quietly while she sorted out her bedroom, so I sat on the sofa and pulled out my kindle.

Lifeline 15

“What’s a diddycoy, Loz?”

“Ah, love, it’s one of those words that has two meanings. Two uses, really. See, Ken’s Romany, mother and father. Me, it’s just my Dad, so that makes me a sort of mongrel, and the old Romany word means mixed blood. That’s one meaning, and one use of the word. If you were ours by blood, that is what you would be. The other meaning is also tied in with how it gets used, and it’s just another insult. They throw the same thing at the tinkers, and most of them have got big houses in Ireland as well as bloody big caravans.

Living a life less ordinary Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Before I was ready to meet up with Billy, I needed to organise. If I ended up leaving with Billy, I wouldn't have a chance to come back to my campsite. I didn't want to leave all my stuff to be discovered, but I also needed to be able to retrieve everything if I didn't leave with Billy. I made two piles, one that I thought I could take with me and the rest. I had to base what I could take with me on what I could reasonably have gotten a hold of or couldn't live without and what I would be able to carry.


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