Drabble ~ 100 words

Between Roles - 7 - Like a Lesbian

Art by LariUmbreon

Siblings are great for gossip, not so much reading the room.


Panel 1:

Lari: "It was really great to hear from you too. Love you, miss you. Call me later, okay?"
Sis: "Wait, before you go, Larissa. Have you seen your baby sister's new haircut?"

Panel 2:

Sis: "She looks like a ... >>lesbian..<<"
Lari: "Uh... huh..."


With assistance from Merior!

Late one morning, A and B went testing.
Having lost track of time while empesting.
It felt very good,
As she ground on his wood,
So they missed the red moon while cresting!

News soon went 'round the 'hood.
That they played with their pud.
And they were investing
In materials for nesting,
As A did what a responsible man should.

Between Roles - 6 - Changed

Art by LariUmbreon

Not everyone will approve of you as you go along your own gender journey. You'll change and grow in many ways they may disapprove of. But it's not your job to please them.


Panel 1:
Idiot: "This is why I don't like being your friend anymore. You've changed."
Lari: "Do you mean the tits, or the complete shift of my beliefs and worldview?"

Between Roles - 5 - Friendly Fire

Art by LariUmbreon

Sapphire has an itcy trigger finger when I'm in the way, for some reason. No matter what we play she finds a way to blow me up or take my head off. F R I E N D S H I P.


Panel 1:
Lari: "Hey uh... Sapph? A little help!?"

Panel 2:
Sapphire: "SHIT! Uh... SORRY!!"

Between Roles - 4 - Double It

Art by LariUmbreon

Actual conversations with my girlfriend, Tresenella.


Panel 1:
Lari: "Crud, I don't know if I've taken my meds today. What's the worst that'll happen if I take double?"
Tress: "I don't know. Double boobies?"

Panel 2:
Gem: "What would be better? Twice the size, or four boobs?"

Between Roles - 3 - Growth

Art by LariUmbreon

Art by LariUmbreon

Starting hormones was one of the most amazing choices I could have made. It's lead to a world of difference that's made me happier overall. Of course, there were some obvious growing pangs early on in my transition...

Between Roles - 2 - Obvious

Art by LariUmbreon

Let's just say my closet door was made of thin cellophane or transparent glass...


Panel 1:
Lari: "I wasn't THAT obvious in high school, was I?"

Panel 2:
Pointing to all the OBVIOUS things about her being trans in high school, like: The hair all the way down her back, the obvious bra strap, and the boymoder hoodie.

Between Roles - 1 - My Life

Art by LariUmbreon

A comic about a nobody voice actress between roles. What roles? Gender roles? Relationship roles? Actual acting roles? Yes.


Panel 1:
Tresenella: "Hahaha, that's hilarious! I'm stealing that!"
Lari: "Go ahead! I dont' mind."

My Darling Honey - Theme

Please take the time to listen to Tresenella's newest single, My Darling Honey. The theme for our collective works about a bunch of gay and trans bugs living their lives. She does unbelievable work on the art for all of my stories, it'd mean the world to me if you supported her other music too.

You can listen basically everywhere on your preferred store.



Copyright 2022 by Heather Rose Brown

This is a drabble (100 word story) about a boy who decides to trust some new friends, and experiments with something he'd never had the nerve to try at home. It's a continuation of my Pigtails drabble, but told from Lenny's point of view.

Freedom for the (not) nice girl

Freedom, oh freedom I was longing for you
Sitting alone in the dark, feeling so blue.
Pretending to be someone I didn't even know.
Stopping me from ever being able to grow.

Freedom, oh freedom what a crazy concept to think about.
I have been working hard to find you, feeling almost burnt out.
I was worried I will never find you, feeling empty inside.
I felt like staying in the dark, which was my only place to hide.

One Fine Day in 2018 (a drabble)

by Laika Pupkino


“And for your third wish: ABRACADABRA! Congratulations, Madame Secretary!”

“MADAM?! You turned me into a woman!”

“A woman who runs the U.S. Department of Commerce; The job you wished for.”


The shadows masked the room . Silence was unbreakable . Then it was heard a slow creeeeeeking then a thump . My eyes struggled to see my pupils wide to accept what little light there was . Creeeeeeek thump my mind was whirling in fear . Crreeeeek thump creeeek thump . IT WAS COMING UP THE STAIRS! CREEEK thump CREEK thump . it was at my door ! i dove under the covers shaking then peaking out to see the door handle sllloooowwwwly turn......... CLICK the door opened................ there it was looking at me staring at me ........ with a leap it was on me .........

Santa (The Three Epiphanies)

When I was young and innocent, I believed in Santa with all my heart.
He was good to me.

When I became older and not so innocent, I decided he didn't exist.
And yet he was still good to me.

And when I became a parent with little innocent ones of my own I realized
I was Santa, and life is good.

Trans Gender Airlines

While sitting in a waiting room I saw this brochure for a very unique travel agency that I found to be of great interest. It was only an 8x10 notice.

Trans Gender Airlines & Excursions

Board as one gender & arrive as a different gender! Become a Trans Traveler!

Complete makeover as you travel, Return to “normal” (if you want) makeover during your return

Length of stay options: 3 day - 5 day - 7 day excursions

It's Rosey's fault: Wish Granted

Its Rosey’s fault: Wish granted

Blame “stuck in a rut” author Rosey Redd for this one:

Rose looked at the magical genie she’d released. Genie says you can be anything you want, just name it,” Rose struggles, finally saying “I dont know, man” Genie replies “wish granted!”

And Richard was left to stagger home.



Equipment malfunction has been with mankind since the invention of the wheel. Possibly before with the club, spear, bow and arrows. As science progresses and equipment is in-bedded deeper and deeper into our lives, the one constant is at some point failure will occur. Let's pray the whole tie rod steering mechanism doesn't fall out from under your vehicle while you're traveling down the road. Mine did and it wasn't a story of fiction. Obviously I survived.
This is a tale of one of those equipment failures and it is a story of fiction.


I wish I had dreamt up this piece, but this prayer originated from neither my pen nor my mind. I remember it doing the rounds many years ago, and I thought it worth sharing in an updated form. I wish to make it clear that I have no special axe to grind with any of the individuals mentioned. My personal list would be much longer and include every politician of every stripe on the planet, but by all means feel free to amend the list or append to it with politicians or others of your choice. As far as I am aware it always was unattributed, but if you are the individual who originated the piece, one I dip my knees to you, and two please let me know so I can credit you with its creation properly. In gratitude, Eolwaen.

A wish for Joy

A wish for Joy

The old man fingered the ring, then summoned the genie.

“What is thy wish?” the genie asked.

“I’ve come to realize I never gave happiness to anybody. So my wish is that for whatever time I have left, I would be a person who makes others smile when I come into a room. To be a source of happiness wherever I go. “


Some time later, in a hospital across town, a baby is presented to her parents.

They say “Let’s call her ... Joy ...”


Bat Mitzvah

“I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!” said Jeff’s mom.

“Yeah, the service is tomorrow,” said Jeff.

“Do you think you’re ready for your bat mitzvah?”

“It’s a bar mitzvah, Mom. How do you always get it wrong.”

“I don’t know. Let me think of a way to get it right.”

“Just practice! Seriously how are you this bad!’


“Hey James, would you ever suck dick?” asked Aaron.

“No fucking way,” said James.

“What if you were a girl?”

“Maybe, I don’t know,” said James hesitantly.

“Let’s find out,” said Aaron. Suddenly James’ body started to change. His waist got slim, his face changed to be more feminine and his lip became plump, and his chest and ass ballooned out. Her hair grew long, and his clothing disappeared. “Alright Jenny, do you want to suck my dick?” asked Aaron, pulling his cock out.

Thoughts of Thots

Nate was eating dinner with his sister, and began complaining about the girls in his school. “They’re all thots,” he said. “They all post like borderline nudes on their instagrams and vscos.”
“Why are you making such a broad generalization?” asked his sister Jessica. “It’s honestly very rude.” They argued for a while before Jessica said something that completely put Nate off guard. “Why are you so obsessed?” she asked.

“I don’t know, it just pisses me off I guess.”

“OMG, are you jealous of them?! Do you want to be a slutty girl?”

Sitting Down

I created a new keyword (in the Other Keywords box.) All are welcome to use "Bathroom Foibles."

Martha walked into the lady's room. Red in the face, she immediately left.

"May I help you, ma'am?" the help desk clerk asked.

"Where is the lady's room? I thought I was going into the right one, but there are urinals!" she said while crossing her legs and looking decidedly uncomfortable.

After the Big Game

A 100 word drabble inspired by Bru's short story Cheerleader Material
I'm not sure which State this story takes place in...

by Laika Pupkino ~ 2018


Our defeat at the hands of Middledale High's team was humiliating, the bus ride home was even worse.


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