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Insurance Ad

Insurance Ad
By Ellie Dauber © 2020

Here’s a VERY short piece, a script based on an ad that keeps turning up on my TV. I mean no offense to the insurance company. This is just something that the wording of the ad suggested to me.

* * * * *

The scene is a modern kitchen. A young woman in a house dress is sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. There are a few papers with some sort of writing on them near where she is sitting. The camera moves in to a medium shot as she speaks.

The Living VS The Dead

The Living VS. The Dead
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

Masks 22: Addendum

This goes between the last chapter segments about the thing in the ice and the shooting of Mr. Gone.

Finally back in the small Denver apartment she shared with Melissa, Vic acted strangely the first day. However, the next day was the last one before classes restarted, and Vic made sure to catch Melissa at a time when she had nothing important going on.

"Now that all that holiday stuff and the Moldarian treasure recovery are over," said Vic, uncharacteristically both nervous and serious, "I have something important to ask you."

The Price of Success

The Price of Success

Hunter Miller pulled his big Mercedes up to the front door of his 3-story mansion on Mulholland Drive. He left the engine running as he reflected on his 60 years. He was born in Texas to a couple of modest means. His dad was a mechanic and mom was a homemaker. They managed to take a vacation to Los Angeles, where Hunter saw Mulholland Drive for the first time. Hunter remembered whispering to himself, “I’m gonna live here someday.”

The Final Rescue

This is one of those stories that just comes to mind one day when thinking about... Well, nothing really. I was driving in AZ, at the time, near Kingman, and I was bored. I began to wonder about Lassie, and Timmy's penchant for getting into trouble, and how long a dog's patience would last. This very short story is the result.

The Final Rescue

It had been a busy day for Timmy and Lassie. They had been out, running and playing around the farm. Lassie had been keeping a sharp eye on the boy, and had already stopped him from throwing rocks at both a

NPN North pole News

Today's top story.

Santa has little choice but to cancel Christmas this year. Apparently jolly old nick has not fully recovered from last years incident where a redneck blasted him with a facefull of buckshot for apparent breaking and entering.

Rudolf and Cloe are burnt out from having multiple fawns. All does, though they all have healthy glows and are popular with the other fawns.

Gina's Unexpected Adventure, part the second.

Gina’s unexpected adventure Part 2.

Melissa sat on the sofa next to Gina and slid her hand into Gina’s, interlocking fingers. She could sense that Gina was running a whole gamut of emotions here, fear not being the least of them and she wanted to reassure her that she was safe.

“So,” she said, softly. “How did you meet Michael?”

Gina went to pull away but Melissa held her grasp, “please, just tell me.”

“It was at a fetish club. I had been a few times.”

“Like that?” Melissa looked her up and down and gestured at the school uniform.



Yeah, i was there at the start of it, but I didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.

Fine, Let me start at the beginning.

First thing I noticed was that some of the girls coming to school all super dressed up

Dresses, heels the whole thing.

I just figured some class was doing something. Giving ballroom dancing lessons or something like that.

But the number of girls coming to school all super girly kept getting bigger.

From the files of Chester A. Arthur High School

Document dated August 15:
Request for Andie (a neat line crossing out the name which has been replaced by hand with "Andrew") McPherson to attend her ("her" crossed out. By hand: “his”) sophomore year as a girl. Various attachments including psychological evaluation.
Note by Principal Smith: Rejected! Unnatural!

darkness one lone tear

so here is another one after so many years coments well come rip it apart

darkness one lone tear

Darkness , the kind that is solid, unforgiving and infinite.

up down left right stillness .BBleeprup.......bluureeep.

Noises in the darkness all around close closer like nails on a marble floor.


Mumblings and more noises , the darkness holding them back holding me back .

Breep.....brreeep distant voices talking .......

VENNgence Is Mine 1

This is a Trust Machines story. If you're not familiar with them, you aren't likely to understand this one. It is a short-short, so there is no development of the background.

There is a discussion of the Trust Machines universe in the parent organizer of this story. (Click [up] at the bottom of this story.)

The Trust Machine universe is discussed here:

Nobody would likely note the three high school boys that were walking down the sidewalk. The boy on the left was rather large, well over six feet and quite stocky. He was walking with a cocky swagger, and had a cruel smile on his face.

A prince's Duty

A prince’s Duty

By Julia Michelle
This is just a short tale that I had in mind. It is a quick but very brutal tale of a prince that had it all but fate and powers beyond his control decided the course of his life l before he was born.

And since its a quick overview of his life from birth to fifteen to a marriage at 18 and after. I wasnt even sure what age rang to put on the tale. Theres some sex at his marriage at 18. Nothing really graphic is described. I must warn you, theres even some brief talk of suicide. As I said. its just a brief and quick tale. I may consider fully trying to write out the story later.
I am just wondering if anything thinks this tale is worth really trying to flesh everything out
The Story

Feral Saga Chapter 6 – A Preview/Interlude to Gathering Storm


Feral Saga Chapter 6 – A Preview/Interlude to Gathering Storm

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

Here is a special treat, a preview / interlude from our upcoming issue. This is a fun scene between the newly female Wolverine and Dr.Hank McCoy. We hope that you won’t forget about this series while we are on hiatus. We will return next week with another huge, action-packed sexy issue,

Not This Time

As I watched the green light above the camera turn to red my stomach tried to rebel one more time. I didn’t want to do this. Our grief should have been a private thing, shared only with our family and the small community of our friends. Jan’s death had been hard enough without the media avalanche we were being buried under. I was about to interviewed once again when all I wanted to do was cuddle with Bea and our remaining children as we tried to comfort each other. Someone had to speak out though and I am much more accustomed to public speaking than Bea is.



Girlhood that’s what I want.
Womanhood that’s what I need.
Sadness overcomes me and sometimes has me beat.
Joyful I think about tenderness and beauty.
Warm and yellow sunflowers I feel in my heart my dear cutie.
An endless rainbow of hope as the sun rises in my heart.
Oh, how can the world sometimes be oh so dark?
Ghosts of the past come and haunt me on occasion.
I don’t need any more persuasion because I know what I want and know who I am.

That's One

That's One

The young farmer offered his hand to his new bride and helped her up onto the seat of the buggy for the ride back to his farm, her new home. The trip was not unfamiliar to her since she had grown up next door to him on her parent's farm. They were boyhood friends, and now through a twist of fate, they were husband and wife.

No one else in town knew that this girl was the boy who had left home several years before and apparently disappeared. But her husband, he had always loved him, really her, he knew.

Moose Turd Pie

Kris and her three vacation companions had been boyhood friends. For as long as she could remember they had taken Summer trips to a fishing camp in northern Canada with their families. As the years passed their parents became frail or passed away leaving the four to carry on the Summer tradition. This continued despite Kris' transition several years ago.



Alice already had her door fob in her hand when she reached her stairwell, still high from the day. Yeah the day had been excellent, a whole day of doing Alice stuff, no one else’s. Not that she’d really done very much, caught the bus over to the next town, a bit of window shopping, lunch in ‘Spoons before slipping in to the Odeon to watch an admittedly lame addition to the Fast and Furious series.

A Few Good Panties Parody

A Few Good Panties Parody (Apologies to Tom Cruise and the A Few Good Men movie)

You can't handle the panties!

Kaffee: Did you order the Red Corset, Colonel?

Jessup: Son, we live in a world that has lingerie, and that lingerie needs to be worn by men. Who's gonna do it? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater supply of panties than you can’t possibly fathom. You secretly yearn to wear panties and yet you curse crossdressers. You have that luxury.


The girls came round later that afternoon, it was my turn to have them. Now don’t get me wrong I love my daughters, and I really enjoy our Sunday activities, but I do find the three hour Saturday afternoon Monopoly sessions rather dull. This week was different. The girls had a new set. New to them anyway.

Stranger by the Day: a "Stranger by the Hour" reboot

Ok i know what you are thinking... actually i don't, but i think you are thinking that i got tired of the first story and decided to expand on it with a little more development. If you havent already, please read the original
If not, well the story stands without it. I will however, as always, be making subtle references to the rest of the canon.

Enjoy :)

James and Hannah Harrison are 2 fraternal twins. James is 5'7" and Hanna is 5'3". They're pretty average, but they have a secret. They involuntarily swap certain traits every night at midnight. How will they learn to cope with it?

The Last Race

The Last Race

Nearly the entire crew had gathered in the crew lounge to hear who would be the lucky one, the last Starter for the very last Race.

As chance would have it, the task fell to Horatio Smalls, who was known by the crew for his love of obscure trivia about the Race, so there was little grumbling but much congratulations.

Once he had graciously accepted his crewmates’ salutes, he bustled to the Starter’s booth to begin the last preparations for the Race.

The Patient

The Patient
[March 2019, Challenge - Round 3]

"Just one more step, Joanna…” Sky’s encouragement was as much to keep her own spirits buoyed as to keep the teen focused on her rehabilitation.  In Joanna, Sky saw the reincarnation of her own daughter and hoped her patient’s fate would be different.

House Hunting

The real estate agent was trying to up-sell the dismal flat as a room with a view. Miss Loving was having none of that! A crazy cat lady had probably died there, though she couldn't find that info, but Mia, Miss Loving if she didn't like you, and she definitely didn't like the pushy agent, could smell them, though someone had worked hard to remove the scent of far too many cats in a small space.

This is why I'm a bully

Every day is a struggle. My father left just when my sister was born, and my mother went crazy soon after that. Drugs and alcohol consumed her, and she was fired from job to job never really staying at one. The money she does get, she uses on herself. When she sober, she’s horrible to deal with. I don’t know what happened to my dad or why he left us. Mom never mentioned anything about him and when I asked, she’d beat me. Asking her any question like that got me a beating. Asking for money got a beating. Asking her for food got a beating. Just existing got a beating.

A Brother's Love

Two teens entered a shop specialised in “slightly” provocative clothing for girls. The rather skinny girl was very pretty in a girl-next-door way. The boy looked very much like the girl. They obviously were siblings. The boy more or less dragged the blushing girl into the shop.

The boy addressed the gorgeous and very seductively made up girl (whose dress had required minimal material) working in the shop.

Great News, yeah right

Back in 2017, there was an event that came to be known as, Spontaneous Body Swapping Syndrome. Thought of in the past as a disturbance in the flow of nature, or a scientific experiment gone wrong on the genetic level, it is in fact a magical curse inflicted on one member of each family. Each of the opposite gender. In the future SBSS has become something of a regular event. So regular in fact that it is found to be linked to birth. Scientists and Mages have found that when two people are born at the same exact time, their bodies are linked together. When either person reaches a certain event in their life, the cycle begins. The duration of the event depends on the strength (or weakness) of the connection.
this is the origin story i have been cooking up since i started writing. Hope you enjoy ^-^

The Body Snatcher

As odd as it sounds, Eddie has gotten used to body snatching as he's begun to call it. He thought he had it figured out until he lands in a body that changes everything.

Pink Boys

Pink boys

“Grandpa? Mom said ... mom said I need to hear the story about that picture of grandma and her baseball team.”

I looked at my grandson, and then said, “All right. Do you see that person standing beside her? That’s me.”

“You? You wore a pink dress to play baseball?”

“I did indeed, Alan. Let me tell you all about it ...:

Years ago ...

“Hey coach, why is there a girl trying out for the team?”

“Because she’s the best pitcher I’ve ever seen.”

“Come on, really?”

SRU: Haiku

SRU: Haiku
By Ellie Dauber
© 2001

Another old story, another high school football story, another experiment – this time, writing in haiku.

Haiku - a Japanese form of poetry made up of three lines of, respectively, 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

* * * * *

Madeline's Saturday Detention (2)

I took a deep breath as I was lead into the nurses office. The minute I entered into the room, I felt the tiny hairs on my arm stand up as the smell of antiseptic filled my nose. It was nauseating to say the least as memories of my stint in the IC of UMC came flooding back. My palms starting sweating and chill passed over my shoulder. Slowly I closed my eye and shivered again.


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