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The Living VS The Dead

The Living VS. The Dead
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

Something In The Way

A/N: This isn't a story that goes anywhere. It's a semi-autobiographical snapshot that I needed to put outside of myself, but read and enjoy if you're into something dark.


Amber wasn’t an orphan, but she didn’t imagine it being much different to her own life. ‘Family’ was something other people had, while she kept to her own company.

Her father and brother were there, at least in body, with eyes glued to the tee-vee set. Truth be told they cared more about wrestling than they did the eldest daughter, and told her so whenever they deemed her worthy of notice.

Shadowsblade: Exchange

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and

In this one!

We go off the rails!




There I was getting home from a long day at work again, once I opened the door going from the garage to my house. I heard the very distinct sound of food already cooking on the stove!

April Fool's!

I was walking towards the bookstore where we hosted our usual Saturday evening D & D game. It was a beautiful spring day--April first, to be precise, and I was once again acting in my role of Dungeon Master. I had just rounded the corner to the shopping plaza when a strange imp pulled on my sleeve, dragging me into a tiny curio shop in the corner.

Beastly Beauty

OK I said I'd look silly stealing a twisted idea proposed by Daphne Xu in a comment to a recent blog. With her permission I did it anyway. Of course I added an extra twist of my own.

Belle leaned forward to kiss the ”Beast”. He raised a paw and gently stopped her. In his strong and yet soft manly voice he said:

”I have to warn you. When I was cursed ten years ago the witch told me I had to find love in my heart and be loved back before my 21th birthday, which is tomorrow, otherwise I would stay a beast. A beast I truly was then. The witch made me look like I was inside, in every way. If I found love I would revert to my previous physical form. It may not be what you expect”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 22 - Final Thoughts

Summer vacation ended. Our senior year began with both Amie and I needing very few credits for

graduation. This gave us time for career research with a lot of free time also. We had both decided on

our majors. Amie would study law, I was going into medicine. Now that I had decided on a direction, I

was anxious to get started. I had heard horror stories about the hours required of interns, but had my

mind made up that nothing would deter me from the path I had chosen.

Yes, Mr President

There are an awful lot of decisions to make when you're an incoming president.

Author's Note: This is a light-hearted work of fiction and bears no relation to what really goes on in the White House – I think!
Copyright© Lin Dale 2017

The necklace

The necklace

The young woman looks down to the heart shape necklace in her hand with tears running down her face... on the night of Christmas eve -such a simple thing so small yet has such meaning to the young women - the story that the necklace tells is of the love between a mother and her daughter... And of acceptance and support...

A life spent searching for some thing

The young woman looks out the door of her home - it's the door of a small 2 man tent - just big enough for her and her gear - she has no house or a fixed home - all ways traveling - never spending long in one place - as she keeps looking for something - what is it she's looking for?   - only when /if see finds it will she know -  the road calls to her -  in a soft yet strong voice - calling like a mare to her foal

Cat on the lap

Another very short story that just popped in my head. It doesn't really have a plot and the morale is pretty thin, and there's no explanation as to why it could happen. Just don't bother someone when they're busy unless it's actually important.

Caution: some slight descriptiveness of genitalia. Story rating is for safety but otherwise ok.

A Moment at the Mirror

A Moment at the Mirror

The young man looked in the mirror and sighed.

He had hoped to see a girl there, but instead he saw a sad boy in his mother’s clothes.

He’d been dressing up whenever he had the chance for a while now, and he still didn’t understand why. What was it about women’s clothes, a woman’s life that attracted him so?

The fact that he didn’t know the answer to that embarrassed him, frustrated him and drained him.

Returning Home for Christmas

I was amazed. The house looked exactly like it had done twenty years ago. Now when I finally had got this far I suddenly hesitated. Was I really prepared to meet my father? Could we put all everything behind us and start anew? Could all the prejudice be overcome?

Jaci-Stien: A Jaci and Dottie Story

Jaci-Stien: A Jaci and Dottie Story

“Ha ha ha! I’ve created the ultimate man! Now, to activate ... Computer! Activate manly man program.”

“Beep. Error, program corrupted.”

“What? Computer, activate manly man program!”

Beep. Error, program corrupted.”

“Computer, perform diagnostics on program.”

“Beep. Program has been corrupted by virus designated ‘girly germs’. Virus was most likely delivered via delivery system designated ‘huggles.’ Beep.”

Town Princess

Town Princess

Almost every town probably has its rituals.

You know, the stuff that brings the neighbors together, have a bit of fun, remember the important stuff the past or celebrate the future.

My town’s ritual is a bit ... different.

It all started about ten years ago.

We had two stunning revelations that shook us to the core.

The first was the suicide of a teen named Brett Markson. He’d been popular, involved in local charities, always the first to step up when called upon, so his death came out of the blue to all of us.

Transformation Conversation

Transformation Conversation

Author’s note. You may notice some similarities between this story and a story that was recently republished. What follows is not in any way intended as a criticism of that story, but just what I think I would do in that situation.

I stood before two women, newly transformed into one myself, and I had to acknowledge two truths.

A bridge between lives

A night sky full of stars - it's late - a young man slowly walks back  to the place they are staying at from a birthday party - walking across a bridge high above a small river the runs though town they stop as they look over the side - with tears running down they face all they can think about is how easy it would be to end it - to step off the edge  - end all the pain and suffering - no longer seeing any way out... 

The old hospital

Late in the fall of 1978 just after the first snow fall, also called locally the winter warning, a community came together in an ageing meeting hall before it became the curling/hockey rink for winter.

It was decided that since old Doc McMartin and his small clinic was not large enough to serve the community a proper hospital would be built. This may have had something to do with his habit of prescribing cod liver oil to all his patients.

They spent most of the that meeting and the winter meetings discussing ways to raise funds.

Customer Service

Customer Service

It had been a typically slow day in the Walmart electronics department. New games and movies come in on Friday, so usually by mid-week I end up covering some other department as well, just to give me something to do.

So it was just luck that I was in the area when a boy came up and asked for help. He looked to be about thirteen, with sandy blond hair and green eyes partially obscured by glasses.

“I would like a girl controller, please” He said softly.

The Good Knight


The Good Knight
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2016 Melanie Brown

Apologies. This popped into my head this morning while taking a shower and I wrote it at work while waiting for a vendor to call. Don't take any deep meaning into it. This was entered directly into the web editor on BC.

Daughter of the Knight

Author's note: If you are a comic-book fan, you might recognize who is who in this little story

Daughter of the Knight

I am the child of two dangerous people.

My mother was trained by my grandfather in the arts of intimidation, control ... and death.

My father, on the other hand, uses darkness and fear as weapons, but what most people don’t understand is that his goal always has been to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

To be a modern-day knight.

It's Jaci's fault -again, again!

It’s Jaci’s fault, again, again!

Wanna know the secret origin of the super powered girl that’s been flying around town?

You’ll probably wont believe it.

Okay, can’t say I didn’t warn you.

It all started with that TV show based on the old comic book “Shazam.”

A bunch of the boys in my neighborhood got into it, and when they found out I had a collection of some of the old comic books, they insisted I join in.

One boy's dream

Note- This story is fictional it's based on true events
Story- Each part will have a character introduction and then a back story message.
-={Part 1}=-
Will has a secret
What happens when his friends find outs?

Will- 13 years old, boy(The character this perspective is on)
Tegan- 14 years old, girl, same class as Will
Chailian- 14 year old, Boy, Wills friend
Cienna 13 year old/girl/WillsFriend
Romah- 13/girl

It's Jaci's fault - again!

It's Jaci's fault - again!

As the title suggests, this little piece came out of conversations I had with Jaci.

One summer day, two boys met at a local park, with younger siblings in tow.

“Hey John, stuck looking after your sister again?”

“Yeah, Mike, what can you do. I see you got your tag-along behind you as well. You know, I’ve been meaning to ask, what’s the deal with them? They act more like your little sister than your little brother.”

Behind John a small voice said, “Sister? I knew it!”

Easing the feeling

The injection came and suddenly what was stiff between my legs suddenly receded and lowered itself. "Alright," the doctor said motioning me to get up. "No, no, you won't need that now," he said and I discarded the gaffe I once wore and just pulled up the padded panty with the maxi-pad attached. It was definitely a more feminine shape down below now. I continued to re-dress, hooking on the bra over my breast forms and pulling back my dress as he snapped off the medical gloves and typed away at his computer.

"Ok, uh Cathy?"

My Last Conversation with Father

I usually write basically nice stories that could be labeled as comedy. Every now and then something very dark comes into my head. I usually don’t publish those stories.

Please note the WARNING.

File this one under, oh heck just toss it...

More stories of the strange. John our first story comes out of Alberta, Canada...

File this one under, oh heck just toss it...

By Dreammaker

Originally posted Tue, 2004/05/25

Dress up

Dress up

I put it to you that it’s just as sexy to watch a woman dress as it is to watch her undress.

At least it’s true for me, when it comes to watching my wife, Anne.

Of course, being a smart woman, she sometimes teases me by making it a bit of a production.

She’ll come out of the bathroom in just a bra and panties, and take her time putting on stockings before slipping on her blouse and wiggling into her skirt.

Then she’ll come over to the bed and give me a long kiss before putting on her makeup and shoes to face the world.

Out of the Closet

I feel very awkward but I finally have to talk with my son about his cross-dressing. We have known for a couple of months that he goes out partying dressed as girl together with his friends whenever my husband and I are away on week-ends but we haven't said anything. We wanted it to be his choice when/if he wants to bring it up with us.

No Son of Mine is Going Out Dressed Like That!

Just for once I had managed to get away from the steel mill at 4. It was Friday after all. Coming home tired after a very bad day and opening the door I surprised my 16 year old son getting ready to go out. I was appalled! He was wearing a calf-length dress, pumps with a 2 inch heel, a necklace and ear-rings that had belonged to my departed and sorely missed wife, red lipstick and a little rouge. Where did I go wrong? I had tried to be a good parent but it hadn’t been easy since my wife passed away four years ago.

The Third Host - Origins : (The beginning)

"The Mythology of a World"
((warning: this is semi-spoilerish for the 'separate' stories that will follow but not really more so then the tags))


Cathy Hillman looked at her old picture on the mantle and sighed.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" Susan, her mother, asked.

"Am I still me? So much has changed. I mean, I love what MORFS has done to me, but am I still me?'

"Oh honey," she replied. "Come over her and sit with me. I need a hug from my favorite kitty girl."

Cathy forced a smile. "Mama gonna make it all better?"

Susan snickered. "Now, that's more the child I raised."

Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

(Author's note: No, this isnt the adventure story. Just a little snippet that came into my head today.)

A young man paces outside a house, arguing with himself.

Finally, He steps toward the house, takes a breath, and rings the bell.

A young woman answers, and says, “Hey! Long time no see.”

He replies, “Yeah, sorry about that. Needed to get my head together after all the ... changes.”

“I totally get that. I was kinda in the same place.”

“So ... we cool?”

“I’m cool if you are.”

Fiction: Hot girl reality tg (caption short)

crossdressRichard was looking for some fun in his boring life. He was walking down the street when he saw a shop that mysteriously seemed to call to him like a siren's song. He walked in and was greeted by a funny-looking little old man. The man somehow knew of Richard's predicament and exclaimed that he had just the thing to solve his problem. He brought out a device he said that could take Richard to many different realities.

The First Known Case of Biker Virus

The First Known Case of Biker Virus
By Ellie Dauber © 2016

The first known case of Biker Virus was reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in April 2014.

Womanly Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Luke decided to take Kylie out to an exclusive restaurant. He wanted the date to be special as he was falling in love with her. She was a beautiful woman who was confident in herself. In fact she reminded him of Lucy, but not as resentful of men.

After dinner, Luke asked Kylie if she wanted to go for a walk in the rose gardens, that were in full bloom. Kylie agreed and they strolled off.

“Luke, I am enjoying being with you. You are a wonderful guy.” Kylie thought to herself that Luke was how she should have been when she was Kyle.


The ripping snarl of a jaguar in full hunt shredded the concealment of darkness.

Below me the three men paused for a moment, their erections beginning to wilt from fear.

“What the fuck was that?” One of them half-yelled as he tried to pull his pants back up.

“That was the sound of your doom!”

I can’t help it, as I see them begin to scramble for escape I laugh, a sound of shattering glass.
“I warned you, all of you…”

By now the three men are scrambling past me and I let them go… sport for later…

The Crush : Always first.

Diane Bradley was always first.
First for wear a Bra in Junior School.
First to get suspended for wearing too much make-up.
First to get suspended for wearing too high heels to school.
First to get suspended for wearing skirts that were almost indecently short AND stockings.
First to get her Nose Pierced.

The Crush: In for a Penny

The Crush: In for a Penny

They say twins can read each other’s minds, and maybe that’s true.

My sister Paige can sure read mine, even if we’re only fraternal twins, not identical.

Like the fact that long before I could say the words, she knew I felt more like a girl and not like a guy at all. She even was the one who decided my real name should be Penny, and not the Peter I was named at birth.

Eventually, we told Mom and Dad, but I hadn’t gone any further than that.

But that changed today.


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