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The Adventure of Jamie Potter (11)

Once Joan and I finished our little talk, I kind of started to look for Ben. Once more I had to wade through the crowds of people, somewhere dancing and others where chatting, boys flirted with girls and girls flirted with boys. All in all, it was your average dance. Finally a few minutes of searching, I found Ben by the refreshment table. He offered me a small smile as he passed me the paper cup.

“Have a nice talk with Joan?” He asked as he raised his paper cup to his lips and closing his eyes he took a small sip of the punch.

More Adventures of Madeline Brewer (2)

Johannes Malt Shop was a Benton mainstay, located on a few doors down from “Ginger Evens Bakery” and only a quarter mile from the towns only supermarket in town “Sunflower: Food store” it the main hang out for the tweens and teens all year round. And to honesty, really everybody stopped here to get a quick snack. There hamburgers, where to die for, and their milkshakes were the best around. Thick and creamy.

The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle

This is a story I did a few years ago and posted on Sapphire's. It's an attempt at Science Fiction and Adventure. At the time I wrote it, I had never read any of the Gor books. Now that I have, I'm surprised at some of the similarities.

The story is about Bill, who, through a travesty of justice gets involved with a dying boy. With the help of the boy's late uncle's writings, Bill is pulled into a strange, savage world.

The Princess of Q’fahr

Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2005

Princess of Q'fahr
Princess of Q'Fahr on Amazon

Self-made Man, Umm Person

Self-made Man, Umm Person
By BillieBob


What if it only took the power of thought to make things possible? Just imagine your future and make it real. If you have the tools to do it. Mainly, yourself, and only limited by your imagination!


By Samantha Jay
Copyright © 2010 Samantha Jay


I had a second chance to get it right. To make sure that what happened to Peter wouldn't happen again. This time I wouldn't fail. They would have to kill me first...
The long overdue sequel to Peter

Five for Fifty

“No matter what happens … no matter whether or not you grant my wish … I just want to say how much I appreciate your friendship. You’ve been kind and patient and compassionate, helpful and honest and … most of all … been there when I’ve needed you. Thank you.”

Five for Fifty

by Maggie the Kitten

The River of Shadows

The River of Shadows
by Alyssa Plant

A high school senior heads to Boston to visit his sister for Halloween. A twist of fate reveals something they would never have admited alone... and it proves to be the one thing that may keep them alive when the best laid plans of a group of college students are lain waste by a force of terrible evil and corruption that has thrived for centuries... Can Charlie Kane be strong enough to live? or will the River of Shadows claim yet another victim...?

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (10)

The gymnasium was filled to the brim with people. Colorful streamers hung down from the ceiling, romantic music filled the air with a loud tempo. Toward the back, there stood at least two dozen men, all dressed in coat and ties. Each one refused to look each other in the eyes as they shifted their weight from one foot to the other. Some played with the cuffs of there suits, other kept playing with there watches. Others just stood there, their arms folded over there chest and their eyes firmly glued to the dance floor. No doubt they were passing around small brown bottles of bourbon around.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (9)

I was guided into the bathroom of the gym and scrubbed clean. I had every inch of me scrubbed and scrubbed, I had my hair washed and rewashed. It took around two good, hot showers to clean every trace of slop from my hair, skin and personal area. The warm water felt so good too. My whole world became a vision of colors, as the smells from the shampoo, body wash and lotions filled the air. Once I was “Clean” I was ordered to dry off with a warm towel. Once I was dry, they ordered me to lotion up, something about making my skin shimmer. It was all very confusing.

Eerie Saloon -- Treasure of Eerie: Chapter 5

The Treasure of Eerie, Arizona -- Chapter 5
By Christopher Leeson and Ellie Dauber

The final chapter – for now. George does chores. Tor returns the stolen horses. Female take notice.

More Adventures of Madeline Brewer (1)

Thanksgiving follows Halloween. While Halloween is all about the spooks, Thanksgiving is more about family and sharing the fruits of the earth. It was also the time of year people start playing Christmas music and every shop puts up a tiny Christmas village in there display windows. And considering that were in the south, I think the fake flakes of snow that piled high on the display tables, is the closest thing we’ll ever see to a “White Christmas”.

Here Comes the Bride Chapter 11 Final

Today was the day which both Mel and Maryanne have been dreaming of most of their lives, their wedding. When both of them first started to dream of being a bride,it was all about each of them having their own pretty pretty princess day. The day’s goal was making them the center of attention, The epicenter of everyone's focus. Them being the most beautiful lady at the wedding.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (8)

The minute I stepped inside the tank, was the minute I heard a metallic click. I was now enclosed in this thing, trapped. Taking a deep breath I looked up and noticed a few drops of green slime starting to seep down from above me. Katie, the head cheerleader from Manchester Academy was grinning ear to ear as she walked over to the left side of the tank. Wrapping her fingers around the chain she peered at me and in a menacing tone of voice whisper to me.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (7)

The bleachers on both sides of the field where filled to the brim with people. The whole school had turned out, with dozens of people waving small flags that had the school’s mascot on them. The cheerleaders where busy whipping the crowds into a frizzy. And thereby the side, My eyes firmly fixed upon the strawberry blonde girl being lead to our side of the field by three Manchester cheerleaders. Lily, Joan, and Mindy were there. The three talked with the other three and finally, Joan escorted the girl from Manchester over to a waiting table where our homecoming court sat.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (5)

Nothing really happen after that. The weekend came and passed, with me spending the weekend as Jamie. Since I had little pocket money, and my sister was likewise broke, we spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday doing extra chores around the house to earn some extra coins. Sunday afternoon, when we finally knocked off, the whole house had been cleaned from top to bottom, swept, mopped and dusted. We even tackled the corners and baseboards. I’m proud to say the whole thing shinned like new money.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (4)

With daddies money in hand. Mom, Lily and I headed to Johannes Malt Shop, Benton favorite and only mom and pop burger joint. Once we walked through the door, the smell of beef patties being grilled on a open flame hit us like a ton of bricks. Once we were inside, mom guided Lily and I toward a table. Once we were seated a women around Lily age appeared. She had honey blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She smiled toward each of us and placed a small paper menu down upon the table.

Here Comes the Bride Chapter 1,2 &3

Chapter 1

It has been three months since Terry and Beth's wedding. The wedding went off without a hitch, but the ceremony was anticlimactic for Terry and Beth. All the groomsmen, other than Kim, did not hide how disinterested they were to be there. The toast which the best man, Kelly, made was as bland and flat as a can of Budweiser which has sat open on a hot summer day for hours. Three of the five bridesmaids also showed disinterest in the celebration of the union.

Brotherly Love

A novelette ...

Brotherly Love


After a horrible tragedy years earlier, a Christmas miracle will bring love to a hurting family and a better future for a little girl!

Copyright © 2018 by AuP reviner

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (3)

Lily did my hair and makeup. She wanted to do more, but the chime of the front door filled the air. Mom and dad were home early it seemed. Lily blinked and stood me up, and took me by the hand and guided me down the hallway and then down the stairwell and finally we reached the foyer. And there in the doorway stood mom and dad, see mom and dad worked together, my family was.. I guess you would call us bourgeoisie. We owned and operated a store in downtown Benton ‘Potter Mercantile’. It was among the oldest businesses in operation. And my sister and I attend Benton Academy.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (2)

That afternoon, as I peered toward the glowing computer screen of my laptop. Wrecking my brain for ideas and lead ins for the rp post I was working on. I noticed the door of my bedroom open and there in the doorway stood my older sister. She had changed out of her school uniform and into something more casual. A pair of jeans and short sleeve shirt that had the logo of a popular girls band written across it. She stood there, eyeing me for a minute before she moved into my bedroom.

The Adventure of Jamie Potter (1)

It was the week before homecoming. All of Benton Academy was in full swing, the school was bustling with activity. It seemed every club, no matter there social ranking was doing something to contributed to the festive air filling the hallways. The football players where kings of the school, having just handed St. Katherine’s Episcopal Academy a crushing defeat. If the football players where the kings of the school, then the cheerleader’s where princess. If the cheerleader where princesses that made my sister chief-princess because she was the captain of the varsity cheerleaders.

Homesick, part 1 of 3

Our house wasn’t there. Mr. Starrett’s house was on the left, with his red F-150 in the driveway, and the Petrovs' house was on the right, with no cars in the driveway but all their super-early Christmas decorations on the porch and lawn (it wasn’t even Halloween yet) — and there was nothing between them.

Soixante-Trois Airlines, part 23

Sophie could barely suppress her giggles as she and the rest of the crowd stood in anticipation of the event that was about to occur. Sure, the weather wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t matter. Sure, she was several hundred miles from her home in London, but that didn’t matter either. And sure, she was clad in a snug pencil dress and uncomfortable stiletto heeled shoes, but that just served to make the event all the more exciting for Sophie.

The Temp Girl

This is an attempt at writing a first person story. I'm not to sure of the results, but I tend to be hyper critical of my own work.

My name is Alex Winters. And this is my story. It's how I began to work for the absolutely strangest temp service in the world. I should have known something was up with them, but everybody does things over the 'net or phones now. And I needed the money. I didn't want to be a burden on my parents. Besides, temp jobs wouldn't be that strange. I sure got my eyes opened on my first job.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (8)

The steaks I’d brought from Sunflower turned out to be perfect and my sister had seasoned and charbroiled them to perfection. We rarely ate steak, but tonight my sister wanted to celebrate. Celebrate what I have no idea, I did know she been working around the clock this week. Some crops where coming in on the farm and that required the hiring of extra field hands. Those crops where in now and had already been sold and a check for them deposited into the farm account. That much I knew from the small bits and pieces from over hearing my sister talking to some of her friends.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (6)

The nave of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was half full I’ll say with around sixty people sitting spread out in the wooden pews. Small puffs of gray smoke hung above our heads and the air was scented with the smell of burning charcoal and incense pellets. The flicking orange and yellow light of the twelve burning candles divided into two groups of six. Six to the left and six to the right of the high altar.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (5)

eather’s House Party was the bread and butter of PBS the American cousin of the BBC. Each week Heather Ford would welcome guest from all walks of life onto her show and for whole duration of the two hour block they would be toasted and welcome. Toward the end of the show somebody, be it a guest from one of the segments or a member of the audience would be put into the fabled “The Gunge Booth” a phone book looking box that was trimmed in faux gold and copper.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (4)

It was already a hour into my shift. When I was informed by Lily that somebody else wanted a go. A friend of hers, a girl by the name of Robin. That being said my shift had been cut from three hours down to just two. Which in all honesty was fine with me. It was pushing ten and the smell of fresh fried chicken from the deli across the street was making me hungry.

“Just one more hour girl.” Lilly called out to me. “Then you can go and enjoy the rest of the day.” She said taking a deep breath. “Man, you can smell that chicken frying. And it's really making my mouth water too.”

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (2)

Saturday came soon enough. A hazy mist hung over the whole town, the air was hot and humid. Stepping outside felt like one was stepping into a steam bath. The sickly sweet smell of magnolia blooms and blooming flowers scented the air. Across the street Ginger’s Bakery was putting out some fresh donuts in the display window. A few people were milling about the front of the local Post Office and finally a lone bagboy was gathering up some stray shopping carts in front of the Local Sunflower.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (1)

The young adult’s section of Albert Sidney Johnston Memorial Library was my personal retreat from the outside word. Here among the old paperback novels and cheap pup fiction from the late eighties to the early nineties I felt safe for a time. Also for practical reasons, the library offered a place to cool down and relax on those long, hot summer days that Mississippi is known for.

Ian, part 14

I take a deep breath as I wake up, but even this action is enough to cause me a lot of pain in my chest. As I open my eyes, I’m briefly confused by my surroundings- this isn’t my bedroom in Cardiff, or even my old bedroom in London, but somewhere else… A hospital? That’d explain the pain in my chest, anyway…

“Good morning,” a familiar Welsh accent says, chilling the blood in my veins as I slowly turn my head and come face to face with my mother, and the stern look on her face…

Jacinta, part 16

“Oh god…” I moan as I open my eyes and am greeted by the bright sunlight and the oppressive heat of the room I’m in. “Oh- oh god!” I try to huddle my covers around me in a vain attempt to sleep away my hangover, but when all that does is make me even hotter, I slowly roll out of the bed, landing in a heap not on the floor, but on top of the unmoving form of the woman who was my classmate for the last three years.

“Katie?” I grunt, rolling off the freckled girl’s body and giving her a shake. “You still alive?”

Bikini Beach: Abyss's Ledge - Part 2

Bikini Beach: Abyss's Ledge

Story by E. M. Pisek


     When a child grows from tween to teen it can be fraught both physically and emotionally when started. Mel is no exception as she continues her journey having less than 2 years of living life as a girl. With her own share of challenges in defining who she is, what of those close to her: Bobby, Brad and their friends?

The Beast - Chapter 4: United

Filas looked Kim in the eyes. Kim looked Filas in the eyes. Then, at the same moment, they approached each other with a few, large steps and embraced each other in a close hug, the first one they’d ever shared. The first time they were physically close. The first time they got to smell each other’s odour. And that in one of the most unlikely places and at the potentially most unlikely time.

“Umm”, the man who had addressed Filas before dragged them back into reality way too soon, “whatever you two are doing there, you should continue once we’re out of here…”


Tweed sat alone at an otherwise empty table as he silently read, a late afternoon glow pouring in through the windows of the Diamond Town High School library. His generously freckled face rested in gentle determination as he continued to study, another oversized tome nearing its completion. Already at the end of the final volume, Tweed’s endeavor to finish the school’s entire Encyclopedia Britannica set had almost come to a close. It wasn’t like he hadn’t known most of the information before he began, but it still had been a fascinating read-- well worth the week spent.

Camps, Cruelty, and Julia Elmwood

It wasn’t right to judge other people. If Parker had learned anything during his eighteen short years of life, it was that. But as Julia Elmwood sat by the side of the pool twiddling her thumbs on her cell phone and shouting out not-so-silent insults to him and the rest of the swim club, he had a tough time living by that code. They took a short break and rested in the water, and Bee turned to him pleadingly, shooting daggers at Julia. This wasn’t what the swim team was meant to be.


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