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Maintenance Workout - A Night To Remember

Maintenance Workout - A Night To Remember

It's Super Bowl Sunday.
All Zane wants is to pop a few beers and enjoy the games.
But a call from his boss Myrna throws those plans out the window.
She needs his help. Urgently.
He speculates what she might need of him on his way to the office, but no guess comes even close to the truth.
Soon it becomes evident that whatever this evening holds, it will change Zane forever.

Gender Panic, part 4 of 5

“Hey,” Julius says to him, “you should apologize to Sebastian. About what you said yesterday.”


“Yeah, I guess so,” Vincent says, not quite meeting Sebastian’s eyes. “I’m sorry I said stupid stuff when you told us about changing your type. Um, I heard somebody saying you were using new pronouns already?”

The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle

This is a story I did a few years ago and posted on Sapphire's. It's an attempt at Science Fiction and Adventure. At the time I wrote it, I had never read any of the Gor books. Now that I have, I'm surprised at some of the similarities.

The story is about Bill, who, through a travesty of justice gets involved with a dying boy. With the help of the boy's late uncle's writings, Bill is pulled into a strange, savage world.

The Princess of Q’fahr

Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2005

Princess of Q'fahr
Princess of Q'Fahr on Amazon

Self-made Man, Umm Person

Self-made Man, Umm Person
By BillieBob


What if it only took the power of thought to make things possible? Just imagine your future and make it real. If you have the tools to do it. Mainly, yourself, and only limited by your imagination!


By Samantha Jay
Copyright © 2010 Samantha Jay


I had a second chance to get it right. To make sure that what happened to Peter wouldn't happen again. This time I wouldn't fail. They would have to kill me first...
The long overdue sequel to Peter

Five for Fifty

“No matter what happens … no matter whether or not you grant my wish … I just want to say how much I appreciate your friendship. You’ve been kind and patient and compassionate, helpful and honest and … most of all … been there when I’ve needed you. Thank you.”

Five for Fifty

by Maggie the Kitten

The River of Shadows

The River of Shadows
by Alyssa Plant

A high school senior heads to Boston to visit his sister for Halloween. A twist of fate reveals something they would never have admited alone... and it proves to be the one thing that may keep them alive when the best laid plans of a group of college students are lain waste by a force of terrible evil and corruption that has thrived for centuries... Can Charlie Kane be strong enough to live? or will the River of Shadows claim yet another victim...?

A Needed Change - Part One

A needed change - Part 1

I sat there and looked at the surprise on her face. I think she was expecting me to be nervous, not do what I just did, but I wanted to show her I was serious and it was the easiest way I could think of to prove it. I took hold of the end, pulling it back and looked at her, then I did it again, taking my hands away and waggling my eyebrows at her. I hoped she could see I was smiling, but instead I saw the door open and her boyfriend, Rich stand there looking at me.

Release Me Chapter 7- Next to You


I carefully stepped out of my second period class and checked if the William express was around. It was not, so I walked down the hall in my search for Anna. I had thought about asking her to go to the last game of the regular season. Since our school was out of the running for state I had to wonder if it would only be the two of us, the pep band and the cheerleaders. It would be cold, as it it usually became that time of year…except when I was next to Anna.

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 3

To Save the Worlds
by Monica Rose

Chapter 3

There were a couple of additional salutes to the lost soldiers before Alexa was able to break away. Losing a teammate had always been difficult for Michael and it affected Alexa just as hard. She was essentially on the outside looking into a mission that had gone very wrong.

Charlie and The Big Win

Charlie and The Big Win

I suppose that I’d better come out and admit, right now, that I used to be a rowdy teen. Not only that, I was one of a gang of four rowdy teens, the other three also being bullies. Me, I was the one that made the plans, thought about the consequences, and mainly kept us all from spending our schooldays in detention.

My Mom, My Cousin, and Me: Part 2

*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** Hello, I'm Hibari and thank you for all the wonderful reception on my first story! I saw a lot of comments to continue the story, and that's exactly what I've done here. I have a lot of great ideas where I can take this story in future installments, but in order to explore a more interesting narrative I will have to delve into some more mature topics. For this particular entry I wanted to give a CONTENT WARNING in regards to some of the topics that you will read. Please let me know what you girls think, I hope to continue this soon!

My Mom, My Cousin, and Me: Part 1

It was a scorching June day when this all took place. I was 13 and living alone with my single mom. I was homeschooled, but not sheltered from the world. My mom was my hero - my dad was gone before I was even born, so she raised me solo without any help, all while owning and operating her own successful salon. We did well for ourselves, had a nice house with a pool. Despite her busy schedule she always made time for me, and even though I was homeschooled I never felt coddled or alone with her parenting. I based a lot of my personality and work ethic off of her.

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 2 - A Deity Arms Story

To Save the Worlds

Chapter 2

The sun was shining through a gap in the drapes, casting plenty of light. Michael found himself squinting as he woke. The bed was comfortable, probably the best he had slept in for quite some time. He lay still for a bit, just enjoying the feel of the bed and the scent of fresh linen. These were things that he had not had a chance to experience in quite some time.

Gender Panic, part 2 of 5

“Are you like that because your mommy or daddy was a beringer, or did you decide to be a beringer after you grew up?”


Mx. Herschel laughs. “I’m glad you think I look that young! No, when I was born I had a girl type body — almost everyone had a girl or boy type body back then. I was several years older than you when I told my parents I didn’t want to be a girl, but they didn’t like that, so I didn’t get to change into a beringer body until I was eighteen.”

To Save the Worlds - Chapter 1

To Save the Worlds
By Monica Rose

Have you ever considered that there is a fine line between Yes and No, Black and White? When you are cold, how low can you raise the temperature before warm becomes hot? Major Micheal Davis is going to discover that you cannot have one without other.

Chapter 1

Stephanie, part 28

“Tonight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time…” The sound of singing comes from our living room, waking me from my dreamless slumber. However, it’s not Freddie Mercury’s flawless vocals that have woken me up, but rather, those of my girlfriend. “I feel light…”

“And the world,” I join in, earning a giggle from Kayla. “Is turning inside out…”
“And floating around,” we sing in perfect harmony. “In ecstasy, so
Don’t stop me now…
Don’t stop me, ‘cause I’m having a good time, having a good time!”

Gender Panic, part 1 of 5

“Zoe, bring up some pictures of me from about ten to fourteen years ago,” Daddy says to the household AI. Zoe complies, projecting an array of four pictures on the opposite wall. Three of the four show Daddy holding a baby, either Sebastian or his big sister Stella, who lives with Mommy now. In one of them, he’s nursing the baby. “Sebastian, do you see what’s different about me back then?”

A Yank in British Fancy Dress

A Yank in fancy dress.pngPhoto credit Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Thanks to a few of our British sisters, I'm relatively certain that my British characters aren't speaking in American.

This is an account of an American's visit to London England an how he felt about attending a fancy dress party. Something he'd only experienced at Halloween and not since eighth grade. But then this wasn't like any Halloween party he'd ever been to.

Can you spell "Turn-About"?

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Honey

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Edited.jpg

Alex lives with his mother Julie and refuses to get a job or to help Julie pay the rent and household bills. When Julie sees pictures of Alex dressed as a girl she sees that Alex has potential for meaningful employment, even though Alex might not want the job.

Lisa, part 4

“Another one?” Sonia asks as my phone pings to inform me of a new message. “Really?”

“Nothing else for us to do,” I reply with a shrug. “Not while we’re in tier 4, anyway.”

Spectacle: A Day of Revelations

A Day of Revelations

In this classic piece from the Cynosure collection, a beautiful young tranzie discovers a secret doorway to another world - but it doesn't lead to Narnia! Finding herself on the wrong side of the mirror, Bianca Woodrow discovers that the brightest of dreams can give way to the darkest of nightmares - one in which she might be trapped until the end of her days...

Art and text released into the public domain by the author.

Selected Briefs

selected briefs

CYNOSURE: SELECTED BRIEFS: this special illustrated edition features eight brief vignettes covering a wide range of transgendered themes. Written in the racy, fast-paced style of the classic pulp era, Cynosure Illustrated Fiction is an eclectic blend of whimsy, pathos, humor and fantasy.

Art and text released into the public domain. Feel Free to reuse as you see fit.

Because I Admired A Pornstar Truck-kun Gave Me A Brothel

Jordan left Eroticon a happy camper.
He even got a signed poster of his favorite porn star.
But as said poster slips his grasp, Jordan has a fateful encounter with Truck-kun.
Reincarnated in a new world, there might be more sex in Jordan's future than he would have ever dreamed.
All he had to give was an arm and a leg for it. Twice.

Ian, part 24

“Unf,” I grunt as I’m woken from a dreamless slumber by my phone, though it isn’t my alarm that wakes me, but rather an incoming call. I try to smile as I click the ‘answer’ button- normally I'd be happy to see the identity of the caller on my phone's screen, but it's much too early- and much too cold- for that right now.

“Good morning, Ian!” Grandma says with a cheerful tone. “Or rather, happy birth-eve!”

“Thanks, grandma,” I say quietly as I prop myself up in bed and huddle my sheets around my shivering form. “Is everything okay in Cardiff?”

The Posies Book Three: Jealousy – Part One

The Posies Book Three: Jealousy – Part One
By: Light Clark
Synopsis: The whole point of Tessa going to Whateley had been to get out of her sister's shadow and find her own place. Even in a new place, though, the same things seem to be happening all over again. No matter how hard she tries, everyone seems to want someone else, and she can't help but feel a little ... jealous.

Lisa, part 3

“Have a good day!” Sonia calls after me as I leave our flat, on my way to start another day of school.

“Will do,” I reply, even though deep down, I'm almost certain that I won't.

It’s been a month since I started my new school, and while I'm sure I might give the impression of having settled into the school, on the inside, my head is still spinning from my new circumstances.


Lane Carter was a cargo bay drone pilot scraping by and spending all his...rather her time in the Virtual Reality game created by the Zenith Company. He was a playtester on their first serious fantasy setting on the neural link head set and now steps into playtesting their new full body pods and Vala their account became something more and more.

Twins, part 12

“Luke!” Paul shouted up the stairs. “Come on, get out of bed, it’s nearly 10 o’clock and we’ve a lot to do today!”

“Yeah, alright,” Luke grunted in reply as he threw back his bed sheets and pulled on his dressing gown, only pausing to look at himself in the mirror before leaving his bedroom.

Soixante-Trois Airlines: Sophie, part 16

“How are the sales today?” Hayley asked as she returned to her flat to find Sophie sat on the sofa, checking her laptop.

“Still good,” Sophie replied with a smile. “I mean, yes, they’re tapering off, but that’s to be expected after this length of time, so- yeah. Publishers are still VERY happy though.”

“I still can’t believe I know a famous author!” Hayley teased, giggling as her friend rolled her eyes and blushed.

From the Ashes - Part 1

This story is both an entry into the April 2023 “take your daughter to work day” challenge and a personal homage to a classic shared world from the archives of BCTS.

I could see the plume of smoke rising over the cornfields from several miles away. Not the thick, rolling smoke of a hungry blaze, but the puffs and wisps of a fire nearly burned out. Despite it being over a decade since I last fought a major fire, I still felt the same pulse of adrenaline and the bitter taste of fear and anticipation. As I approached the site along the narrow country road, I pulled over to let the coroner and a police cruiser pass in the other direction. If anything, that made the anticipation worse.

The Thornies Book Two: A Beryl of Trouble – Final Part

The Thornies Book Two: A Beryl of Trouble – Final Part
By: Light Clark
Synopsis: At long last, Jewel is a full member of the gang, just in time for the big heist. She even has a critical role to play, but will she be able to handle it – and does she even want to?


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