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Pretty Stacy: Beginnings

“Hello, my name is Stacy. I used to be known as John Miller. I designed the waitress uniform I’m wearing. I added starched petticoats because I love petticoats. Everyone should have some rustle in their bustle. Besides, having a petticoated sissy as a friend isn’t a bad thing. This story explains my beginning and my evolution to full sissydom. I think it was a matter of good luck; right place at the right time. It could happen to anyone.”

Forgotten: Chapter 17

The sun was fully up by the time we got ourselves together and made our way out of the forest, heading back to where me, Selena, and Ryu had left Wren. But the trip back was antagonizing. We had lost Frank’s partners and Sybil was missing, but most importantly, Greg’s death. But I was too worked up to really think about my relationship with Greg. Plus, there was the small matter of being in severe pain. My leg hurt, so I could only badly limp. Ryu and Selena helped me walk, the rest shuffling about, and then there was Frank.

The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle

This is a story I did a few years ago and posted on Sapphire's. It's an attempt at Science Fiction and Adventure. At the time I wrote it, I had never read any of the Gor books. Now that I have, I'm surprised at some of the similarities.

The story is about Bill, who, through a travesty of justice gets involved with a dying boy. With the help of the boy's late uncle's writings, Bill is pulled into a strange, savage world.

The Princess of Q’fahr

Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2005

Princess of Q'fahr
Princess of Q'Fahr on Amazon

Self-made Man, Umm Person

Self-made Man, Umm Person
By BillieBob


What if it only took the power of thought to make things possible? Just imagine your future and make it real. If you have the tools to do it. Mainly, yourself, and only limited by your imagination!


By Samantha Jay
Copyright © 2010 Samantha Jay


I had a second chance to get it right. To make sure that what happened to Peter wouldn't happen again. This time I wouldn't fail. They would have to kill me first...
The long overdue sequel to Peter

Five for Fifty

“No matter what happens … no matter whether or not you grant my wish … I just want to say how much I appreciate your friendship. You’ve been kind and patient and compassionate, helpful and honest and … most of all … been there when I’ve needed you. Thank you.”

Five for Fifty

by Maggie the Kitten

The River of Shadows

The River of Shadows
by Alyssa Plant

A high school senior heads to Boston to visit his sister for Halloween. A twist of fate reveals something they would never have admited alone... and it proves to be the one thing that may keep them alive when the best laid plans of a group of college students are lain waste by a force of terrible evil and corruption that has thrived for centuries... Can Charlie Kane be strong enough to live? or will the River of Shadows claim yet another victim...?

Laura, part 22

"Are you sure you're ready?" Mum asks, waiting as I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. Before I reply, I can't help but look at the girl looking at me in the mirror, a girl wearing a grey school uniform, complete with a white blouse, a smart blazer and tie, a grey knee-length pleated skirt, thick grey tights and plain black flats.

Forgotten: Chapter 16

Galen slowly came to, his head aching from being punched by a gun. At first, it was just lights and movement. Over time, though, everything became clearer, the voices piercing. Finally, Galen fully came to, headache and all, but otherwise alive. He tested his ears and eyes, just making sure that they didn’t cause a concussion. Everything checked out, so then he focused on where he was. He was in some office room. It looked abandoned, the paper scattered around and the shattered computer monitors on the cracked and water-damaged desks.

A Tiny Change In Life

Donovan lives in a bleak future and his personal one is ready to take a nosedive.
A new government act was voted in.
Now everyone like Donovan - unemployed for over ten years - is in for a big change in their lives.
Or was it only a Tiny one?

Jacinta, part 17

“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning…” The sound of the old nineties song by the Boo Radleys blares from my phone, raising me from my slumber and reminding me that I have a big day ahead of me. After I rise from my bed, I pad through to the bathroom, reminded every step of the way that I’ve had plenty of big days over the last few weeks as well.

Life expectancy

What we would call hate crimes are punishable by death and just about the entire LGBT community has gone over to his folk. The frightening thing is they have a much higher proportion of educated and skilled folk than the public at large and have become loyal to his cause simply because the Celts offered them security and safety. God help us, but some of our senior civil servants regard the LGBT leaving as a good thing because, and I quote, ‘We won’t have to deal with them.’

Mother and Daughter, part 12

“Hey girlies,” Lindsay said with a grin as Ellie, Monique and Kacey entered the packed coffee shop and slumped heavily into their seats. “Should I ask?”

“Ugh, I’d prefer it if you didn’t,” Monique groaned. “I HATE exams…”

“Well, only a few more days to go,” Kacey said with a tired chuckle. “Gonna be weird not going to college next year, heh.”

“Meh, I can’t wait to get to uni,” Jodie shrugged. “I love change, things get boring if things always stay the same, you know?”

Exposure, Disclosure

The Greatest Liar, Exposure, Disclosure
© Alexandra Rios 2019

Author’s Note:
This is a continuation of the narrative which commenced with “My Awkward Phase”, which I posted here previously. Readers may wish to read that before continuing, although I have written them to stand alone.

My Awkward Phase HTML

Alex Rios’ furtive high school transition is suspected by friends, revealed to a lover and exposed by his enemies. With his intellectual hauteur torn away, he becomes the girl he longed, and was destined, to be.

My Awkward Phase
©Alexandra Rios 2019

The greatest lie is that what happens in high school doesn't matter, because life begins in college. I pretended to agree, although I never believed it, for I was the world's greatest liar.


My Awkward Phase RTF

Alex Rios’ furtive high school transition is suspected by friends, revealed to a lover and exposed by his enemies. With his intellectual hauteur torn away, he becomes the girl he longed, and was destined, to be.

You Can Go Home Again But...

You Can Come Home Again, but…


Paula Dillon

Some people say you can't go home again. Stephanie Callaway was putting this axiom to the test. She was tired, she needed a place to live and she needed a home for her daughter Amy. Would there be a place for her at her parents home.

Change Order - Chapter 7 of 8

Mike was asked to cover a shift by a knowing friend on their birthday. Because the scheduling boss made an incorrect assumption, he ended up being something he could only dream of.

Ashley, part 14

“Come on,” mum insists as she arranges me and my sisters against the outside wall. “Can’t not get a photo of this, my four beautiful girls!” I smile as I hold hands with Bryony, who holds Cassie’s hand, who eagerly grips onto Dorothy’s hand. Today is a big day for all of us- the first day of school after a long summer holiday, and it’s a big day for me in particular, as it’ll be my last ever ‘first day of school’.

Forgotten: Chapter 15

Galen stood alone in the hospital in Roanoke. He’d had the opportunity to travel with a team of experts to aid in figuring out what Edward Watt knew about Bug, but he’d chosen to travel alone to meet Edward and his family. According to eyewitnesses, at the party trap that the Destructors had set for the girl, Edward had been ordered to pick Bug up off the ground. Immediately, for a few brief moments, they’d entered what witnesses described as some sort of vision.

Deep Cover - Epilogue






Scott looked over at the mousy brunette seated across from him and sipped his coffee.  It was hard to believe it had been two weeks since he’d seen her last.  She was dressed in a light sundress and sandals and had applied makeup for the first time since Scott knew her.  She adjusted her sunglasses and took a sip of the mocha leaving bright pink lipstick on the rim. 

“This is nice.” 

Deep Cover Chapter 6



Chapter Six



The shadows were long and dark drenching the landscape and giving the estate a gothic old world feel.  Solomon standing on the mansion’s third floor veranda looked up at the moon with unseeing eyes. 

“How is it possible?” 

Deep Cover Chapter 5



Chapter Five



‘I never imagined that I’d be attending my own funeral.’ Rhonda thought looking down at the closed casket.  The funeral home was mostly empty with only a few of Rhonda’s friends from the Agency attending.  Director Cox had acted quickly once news of the events at the prison was public. 

Deep Cover Chapter 4



Chapter Four



Scott looked around at the group.  Ironmonger, Dreadnaught and Vulcan had elected to change into digital camouflage uniforms with Vulcan adding ceramic plates and ballistic cloth body armor to his gear.  Dreadnaught had strapped a .50 Cal to his back along with ammo while Ironmonger had picked an M134 minigun going for a lighter round but greater rate of fire. 

“No extra firepower?”  Ironmonger asked looking at Vulcan. 

Stephanie, part 20

“Mmph,” I moan as I wake up in my bed, my soft sheets huddled around my body- and only my body. I let out a sigh as I swing my soft, hairless legs out of bed and pad through to the bathroom for a long, hot shower, before drying myself and heading to the kitchen to make myself a much-needed cup of hot coffee- and take my much-needed oestrogen tablets. I try to force a smile on my face as I switch on the television, but it quickly disappears when I’m greeted by a trailer for this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing, which starts tonight- and which features my Kayla.

Deep Cover Chapter 3



Chapter Three



The rumble of a truck moving past the van woke him and for a moment Scott didn’t know where he was.  Then he remembered yesterday.  He reached up and felt the soft flesh on his chest.  Fatalistically he slid a hand between his legs and found his sensitive feminine sex.

Deep Cover Chapter 2



Chapter Two



Scott normally didn’t care much about how he looked, well excluding the week he’d spent as “Rhonda,” but tonight he knew that he needed to look his best.  His light brown hair was slicked back and the designer black jeans and shirt were intended to show off his athletic build. 

The proper uniform.

Sorry about this yet another smut story. My brain, and muse, wont let me sleep so I have to get these out. I also think it is a short story despite the word limits Erin has made!

From about the age of five or maybe six Louis was having trouble. In school he was withdrawn and didn't play or seem to make any friends. This had concerned his parents as there was a number times he came home with a bruise or two from schoolyard bullies.

The last time was a few months ago. Frustrated they took him out of public school and looked around for a reputable private school.

Deep Cover Chapter 1

Deep Cover


By Zapper


Synopsis:  Special Agent Scott Irons is a mutant with the Special Mutant Affairs Command and is on a mission to help infiltrate a gang with criminal ties to a terrorist group in the Philippines.  Things don’t go according to plan and Scott quickly finds himself over his head.  Bodies are swapped and identities are stolen in this tale of action and betrayal. 

Change Order - Chapter 2 of 8

Change Order

Mike was asked to cover a shift by a knowing friend on their birthday. Because the scheduling boss made an incorrect assumption, he ended up being something he could only dream of.


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