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The Gods Still Exist


Growing up I loved stories about Greek mythology. There was something special about the idea that gods and humans led these interwoven lives and the god-like offspring they could have and about the mythical creatures and historical battles of eons past. What would happen if the gods still existed today? Please note that Hercules is a modernized name for Heracles and I chose to use his traditional name throughout this story. Please write a review and I hope you enjoy the story.


The Gods Still Exist

Memoirs of an Interplanetary Queen

Memoirs of an Interplanetary Queen

Part 1

Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday and I've been waiting for this day for many years. You see, I've had a crush on a girl since the tenth grade. She's like the feeling of standing in a warm summer's rain; like the first day in spring when you realize you don’t need to wear a coat; like the fresh smell of the air after a lightning storm; and like the first taste of bubblegum before it become all bland and tasteless. Tomorrow, on my birthday, she promised me that we'd have a date.

Maggie's Secret's Secret

Maggie's Secret's Secret

This story is purely fiction. No corporations or names represent real people or companies in any way.

I appreciate all story reviews to help me become a better writer or, from a purely selfish perspective, make me want to continue writing.

If you like the story I've written numerous others that you might want to read. You can search for all my stories by using the 'author search' and typing in the author, 'Want2BaGirl'. I hope you enjoy.

Part One – The Opportunity

I recently received a very strange email:

A New Superheroine

Stan Lee had it wrong. To think that a spider could bite a man and have a 'spidey sense', make webs from his hands, and climb walls is a little outrageous. Sure, I can agree that a bite from a radioactive, genetically-engineered spider would likely play with your DNA, however, to be realistic, if you were going to create a genetically-engineered, radioactive spider, you'd start with a female spider; and a bite from one of those would not only play with your DNA, it would also play with your chromosomes. Believe me, I know from experience.

The Fae

Shaelan ran through the stillness of the forest, silent accept for her ragged breathing. She didn’t feel the bitter cold or her snow-soaked clothing that clung to her like a second skin. She reached for the thick trunk of an aspen tree and wrapped her arms around it, grateful for its strength to keep her from collapsing to the ground. She was shaking from exertion, her lungs burning with every breath as if she was inhaling shards of glass. Her vibrant blue eyes were wide with fear as she paused to look back the way she’d come. Her hearing was exceptional as were all her senses.

Eagle's Cry

Eagle’s Cry


This is my first attempt at a western genre TG story. I wrote it to stretch my comfort zone and hopefully improve my overall writing. This story contains no graphic sex, but does contain a rape scene and thus I rate the story X.

I love writing but what keeps me writing are your reviews and comments. Please consider reviewing this story. I hope you enjoy it.


For Whom Death Comes

Synopsis: Owen has a plan for his summer which he hopes will make him the most popular freshman to ever attend his high school. Things start to go astray, though, when he sees a mysterious girl in white who seems dead set on throwing all of his plans into disarray.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 9

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 9

© D.L.

Liz peered out of the bus window as it drove into the city. It was Saturday morning. She had driven to the park and ride and was now heading into Norwich to meet her nephew, Jason.

Having checked the bus route, and confirming the meeting point with Jason by phone the previous evening, she was looking out for the unmistakable landmark of the castle.

The Boys of Summer

A Whateley Academy Adventure
The Boys of Summer
by E. E. Nalley

Part Two

I'm supergirl, And I'm here
To save the world
And I wanna know
Who's gonna save me?
I'm supergirl, And I'm here to
Save the world
And I wanna know
Why I feel so alone

Krystal Harris, Supergirl

June 9th, 2007
Holbrook Arena, Whateley Academy

"You are going to be tested," Dr. Hartford warned her.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 7

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 7

© D.L.

"We need to talk," Bill stated to his wife, who had just curled up against him on the sofa. Their guests had left and the kids had gone to bed.

Jack, much to Becky's amusement, had gone to sleep in one of her spare nightgowns.

"Don't worry about Jack," Liz stated, "I've already had him tested, he isn't transgendered."

"How? When?" Bill replied.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 6

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 6

© D.L.

The group proceeded through to the dining room.

"Watch the girls as they sit," Tom whispered in Eddie's ear. "You don't want to end up with an uncomfortable crease under your bum from the skirt."

The young boy had calmed down a bit after seeing his elder cousin dressed in a similar fashion.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 5

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 5

© D.L.

The silver Ford Focus turned in through the tall metal gates onto the brick weave drive. Arnold swung the car around and pulled up in front of one of the garage doors, parking next to the white Fiat 500 already parked there.

Emily recognised the other car as the one belonging to her Aunt Molly and cousin Susan.

Arnold opened the rear hatchback and handed the bags to his passengers to carry inside.

The Squad Chapter 8


The Squad: Chapter 8


I met Lisa in the hall just after second period. “Hey, are you okay? I heard that they took you off the squad. Then you disappear for a week? What happened?”

“Amber. We had a scare last Tuesday Night. It’s all a blur to me. She almost died. I was in the room at the time. All the doctors and nurses rushed in; I felt so helpless.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. We haven’t had any news about you or Amber. We were all so worried.”

“Well, they took her in for surgery that night. It took forever, but the following morning they told us that she had survived. By Friday she even opened her eyes!”

“REALLY! That’s amazing!”

Somewhere New Chapter 1

“No mom, everything is fine!” Yvette stands in her living room, phone to her head, a crumpled tissue in her other hand. The new diamond on her ring finger glinted from the sunlight that shone into her apartment. The hormones had made her much more emotional now that she was back on them.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 4

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 4

© D.L.

The silver Ford Focus edged its way through the late afternoon traffic. Arnold steered the car into the side street towards his place of employment. His wife sat at his side. Anna and Jason sat in the rear.

Emily, as promised, was using her male persona. She had opted for a pair of black trousers, and an overly large red sweater with a reindeer knitted onto the front. Her hair was hidden under a Santa hat.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 3

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 3

© D.L.

Marilyn put the last of the shopping bags into the boot of the car. Shutting the hatchback, she pushed the trolley over to the trolley park before unlocking the car doors and getting into the driver's seat.

Bikini Beach: All Tucked Up

Tuck Solo.png
Bikini Beach:
All Tucked Up

by Ellen Hayes

Copyright© 2001, 2017 Ellen Hayes & Copyright© 2001, 2017 Elrod
All Rights Reserved to the Characters and Universes of the respective authors.

"Didn't she say to calm down?" Kim calmly observed as Mike calmly
slowed to forty miles per hour to make a screaming hairpin one-eighty
leading towards the entrance.

"I am calmly getting away from someone who transforms people and
influences thoughts," Mike said back, calmly. "While I still have a brain
and thumbs."

"Go faster," Tucker suggested from the backseat. Calmly, of course.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 2

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 2

© D.L.

Emily sat on the bulging suitcase as Anna carefully zipped it closed. The suitcase was only moderately sized and contained most of Anna's clothes for the fortnight that she would be staying with the Bridges.

Emily's suitcase was only half full, and she had offered to carry some extra sets of shoes for Anna. Each girl also had a rucksack carrying small gifts to put under the family Christmas tree.

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 1

Playing her way 2 - Chapter 1

© D.L.

Emily casually strolled down the pathway towards the shelter of the large oak tree. A light rain splashed in the puddles she stepped over, not wanting to get her shoes wetter than needed. She had her umbrella in one hand, and her mobile phone in the other, watching the bars of signal strength vary from practically nothing all the way up to half strength.

The Dress That Changed My Life - 3

The Dress that Changed My Life - 3

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2016)
(We continue this holiday season story about the dress I saw in a store window while on a Christmas shopping trip. This special dress helped me realize a truth about myself.)

It Wasn't a Mistake - 10


It Wasn't a Mistake
by Tiffany B. Quinn

How bad can things get? In his darkest hour, Jerry finds out that his life has been one big character test... And he passed!

Jeri finds a way to reassure her new peer group.

Chapter Ten: Proving the Point

Foster Mother

December 2016 Spirit of Giving Story Contest Entry

A foster mother expects to give her foster child shelter for a while. But when Millie took Michael in, she found herself giving -- and getting -- much, much more.

Edited 30.Dec.2016
Revised 14. Jan. 2017

It Wasn't a Mistake - 09


It Wasn't a Mistake
by Tiffany B. Quinn

How bad can things get? In his darkest hour, Jerry finds out that his life has been one big character test... And he passed!

Jeri finds ways to be productive and finds a new friend.

Chapter Nine: New Employment & A New Friend

The Lucky Charm Chapter 6

The Lucky Charm

Chapter 6: Journeys

While I had been busy changing my clothes, mom and Darla had come home and started making dinner. Keara explained to them all that I had revealed to her since I had not said to keep it from them. That was actually a godsend, as I didn't need to repeat all of what I had said to her.

Ma Cherie Amour









Lea and Zack are twins. They want to spend their last summer before college together, because Lea is going off to an all-girls college. Their mother finds the perfect job for them as nannies at a lake cottage, perfect except the woman is looking to hire two girls.

The Lucky Charm Chapter 5

The Lucky Charm

Chapter 5: Day on the Job

Getting ready for work in the bathroom, running water for my shower waiting for the temperature to rise enough. I looked in
the mirror to see if I needed to shave, but no, nothing had started to grow back, thank you very much. I noticed my facial
features looked a little softer than last night, almost heart shaped. My eyes looked bigger, nose smaller, not that it was
big before.

The Lucky Charm Chapter 4

The Lucky Charm

Chapter Four: A Journey Started

Dinner passed quickly, and for the most part quietly. They each made comments about how assertive I had been and how
atypical it was for me. Though my new eating habits seemed to be gathering approval.

It Wasn't A Mistake - 06


It Wasn't a Mistake
by Tiffany B. Quinn

How bad can things get? In his darkest hour, Jerry finds out that his life has been one big character test... And he passed!

The changes are becoming apparent prompting actions on several fronts.

Chapter Six: More Changes

Tell Me How Can I Sing Like a Girl - A TG Mixed Tape

A costume party to remember, a young man in need of his family and a smartphone app that changes one person's life. Hit play on the latest TG Mixed Tape and enjoy nine enthralling tales from six unique authors, which also includes MrMarvel, Pepper and Susy.

Tell Me How Can I Sing Like a Girl
A TG Mixed Tape

The Lucky Charm Chapter 3

The Lucky Charm

Chapter Three: As American as Apple Pie

Feeling better than I had in ages, I stretched again, twisting and popping muscles, feeling them loosen and ease. Reaching
high overhead, my shorts fell down. Well that hasn't happened in a long time now. I pulled them back up and retied the
string on them tighter than before, noticing as I did so that my little pudge belly was gone. I was liking this more and
more all the time.

An Unexpected Pastime — Chapter 5

Now with something to do these holidays, Sam and his sisters were going to require a few more leotards.

Once again, I'm sorry about the long delay on this. Along with personal matters, I had felt that I had written myself into a corner for a large length of time. I was previously writing this story as it flowed out from my fingertips, not really having an overall goal for it in mind.

However, I'm pleased to say that I've now planned ahead for the next several chapters. With this, I aim to produce chapters at a much faster pace. Thanks to anyone who stayed with me.

Please let me know of any feedback, be it positive or negative. It's very much appreciated.

The Lucky Charm Chapter 2

The Lucky Charm

Chapter Two: The Road to Recovery

I was just coming around, realizing that I was flat on my back. I had just been electrocuted, why was I still alive. Then I
heard Darla scream, so I couldn't have been out for very long, bare moments. I moaned, barely audible. God, I hurt all over.

Again, how was I even alive after that shock? Guess I was just lucky! Ha, ha.

The Black Ring I

Jack suffers from a curious mental illness that gives him a female persona in his mind. It greatly increases his intelligence and his ability to work on his studies. However, he is constantly aware of the needs and desires of his alter-ego, Jill. The two work well together as a team but then Jack's new girlfriend Maria enters the picture.

Kayda 9 - Crying for a Dream

A Whateley Academy Adventure

Kayda 9: Crying for a Dream

by ElrodW


On a night as I lay sleeping, in a dream I saw the shore of a distant land where
Promise lay in wait
And I heard the sound of voices of a million hungry souls
Now it comes to me to lead them to the gate

But I am just a man, not worthy of this plan
With a strength that's not my own,
I must rise


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