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Essentially Egg. Part 25 of 39

Chapter 25

On the flight home on Sunday afternoon, I sat between Maureen and Mom and quietly spoke about the future as Ali dozed in my arms.

Mom said that she was going to push Dad into being in Fort Lauderdale by Easter and Maureen said that this would be a traditional weekend for Jordan and me to wed.

We batted it around a bit, and, between us, we thought about an Easter Sunday wedding, at the farm, with a big marquee set up. It would be kept quiet from the press, just for invited guests.

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 5 of 9

Chapter 5

Monday morning brought them back to earth. The had breakfast, tidied up and both left the house. They kissed, and then Maria went west, towards the Aston station, while Andy went towards Coventry and the Police College. When he arrived, he walked to the swimming pool, a place he remembered with happiness.

When he walked into the pool area, he saw the dive leader, now known to be DCI Alex Anderson, who was checking over a wetsuit.

Essentially Egg. Part 24 of 39

Chapter 24

“We are the administrators of the Swan Club. It all started when a few of us got together, one evening, to watch your classical DVD. When it finished, we were all crying and felt as if we could tell each other what we had been holding back.”

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 16

In Which I Have A Conversation Through The Door, And Wait For That Person’s Return

My body felt heavy and someone’s hand was gently holding mine. Everything was soft and warm, I seemed to be sleeping in a very comfortable bed. My eyes slowly blinked open.

The person formerly know as Sasha who was currently inhabiting my body smiled down at me tenderly. “Hey, pet… you okay?” She petted my arm softly with her free hand, and I pulled away my hand from hers, which she didn’t stop, although she frowned slightly.

Watery Tales (AquaGirl)

Watery Tales

(The life and times of Lorena Marquez, aka AquaGirl)

by mittfh

Copyright © Ben Norwood 2010-2011

Creative Commons License

Mark Foster is terrified of water.
So what's he doing on a cross-channel ferry... the bottom of the sea...

With thanks to Lilith, Lynceus and EnemyOfFun - you know your roles in producing this!


Image credits:
  Original: DC Comics
(found @ ComicVine)
  Modified: mittfh

Red Shoes

Red Shoes
by KaylaKayKee

These are the diary notes of a young man whom after taking a summer job experiences changes beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. It also suggests that there may be magic out there, not in the form of dramatic hocus-pocus but a more subtle one.

And sometimes that magic can come from something as inconspicuous as a pair of — Red Shoes.

FSF Trooper


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FSF Trooper
By JulieH

I was wearing my favorite dangly earrings that looked like a tiny model of the solar system with only 3 planets. I had a three-quarter sleeved top that showed off my breasts that were small and yet seemed to fit my frame. I heard loud voices behind me and turned to see what the commotion was about and saw my mother and sisters coming toward me, shouting and pointing at me. I covered my face and yelled nooooooo.

Essentially Egg. Part 23 of 39

Chapter 23

After the meal, the other girls left us, and Alicia went off with Josie to explain why she was sorry. Brad went off to have a drink or two in the bar which left me and Ali with Tony.

“Edie, Josie was devastated once she had watched that DVD. She told me a lot about her time with the Pixies, and her time living with you and your family at the farm. I saw that the papers have said that her brother is the father of little Ali, so Josie is really your sister-in-law.”

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 57

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 57
New And Unwanted Feelings

It was one of my worst nightmares.

I was naked in the middle of a crowded city street and everyone was looking at me. My nemesis, who had threatened to kill me twice, and was just as naked as I was, was holding me tightly against his chest. Our clothes had completely vanished, sucked up by a street cleaning machine, which was going on it's merry way completely ignoring us. And I couldn't breathe.

The Faerie Blade: Chapter 12

Faerie Blade.png


Chapter 12: Kaelyn's Heart

Kaelyn was just trying to fill her belly, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to save the life of a Faerie.


I attempted to shake off my melancholy as I considered Vesha’s words. “I do not think that I would have the money for such finely made instruments,” I told her with a sad smile.

Freedom of Naethari: Chapter 10



Chapter 10: It’s a Trap!

Naiya and her fellow Naethari have killed Edward Pierce and gained their freedom, but there are others who want the Naethari for their own ends. Can they keep their hard-won freedom?


“You sound American,” the senior Frost said with an uncertain expression.

Release Me Chapter 7- Next to You


I carefully stepped out of my second period class and checked if the William express was around. It was not, so I walked down the hall in my search for Anna. I had thought about asking her to go to the last game of the regular season. Since our school was out of the running for state I had to wonder if it would only be the two of us, the pep band and the cheerleaders. It would be cold, as it it usually became that time of year…except when I was next to Anna.

Essentially Egg. Part 22 of 39

Chapter 22

We all flew back on Sunday morning and my parents were treated to concert pianist class for the first time. On the way they told me that they wanted to join us when the band played in Florida on our next leg, which started in the following week.

Cuz - You're Mine. Part 2 of 9

Chapter 2

By Monday morning, they had sorted the boxes into some sort of order, ready to be worked on as they went forward. There was no pattern in the streetwalker dumpings, the sites looked as if they were chosen randomly. The places where the victims had been snatched from varied wildly, as well. One had been taken from Birmingham city, two from Sheffield, another two from Manchester and one from Coventry. There was no regular period between the bodies being found. All were naked when found and all had died by drowning.

Essentially Egg. Part 21 of 39

Chapter 21

Christmas Eve, the family sat in our lounge to watch it. I had put some serious money into the family coffers and Dad had bought a giant flat screen TV and sound bars.

That night, Jordan and I cuddled on one sofa with Ali on our laps. Jordan had finally admitted to his mother that we were a couple. She, surprisingly, was happy to go along with it, considering that many in the wide world thought we already were Ali’s parents.

He and I would be spending the night in the stable.

Necromancer Unmanned: Chapter 49

Necromancer Unmanned
Chapter 49

The city street was covered in filthy, black snow. In normal times they would have been shovelled clean. Now, no one had the energy for it. Narrow paths of packed snow led from doorways to a main path. A painfully thin body lay barely visible under the snow. The person was face down, an arm stretched out, like they were crawling for safety.

Essentially Egg. Part 20 of 39

Chapter 20

He turned to look at his wife. “Did you feel something, darling?”

“Of course, I did, you big lump. Not that you would notice without being told.” She came over to me and hugged me. “Thank you, I think my husband may be in for a torrid time, because now I’m able to stand up for myself. I know how I can get my way in future.”

“Go get him, girl,” I smiled.

She stepped back, now beside him, not behind as she had been before.

I turned to Kelly. “I think that it may be time we left for the hotel. It’s been a long day.”

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 13

Chapter 13: In Which I Stand In The Hallway With A Woman Whose Name I Don’t Know For A Very Awkward Five Minutes

It took me a moment to process that offer with a very hot and extremely naked Princess pressed up against my own naked body, but then:


She blinked, tilted her head to one side, raising an eyebrow as she tapped my nose with her finger.

“I mean, no, sorry, your highness… anything that involves the death of Master is not something I’ll ever agree to.”

“Okay, I can respect that. What if your Master agreed to it?”

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 12

Chapter 12: In Which I Am Sorry I Used The Metaphor Too Soon, This Time Literal Cards Are Hitting The Literal Table

The Royal Garden of Eusthyne, the place where those looking for admittance to the Night Court waited for their invitation. It was surprisingly unkempt, with plants growing all over the place in a lot of places, yet barren in other parts, stagnant pools of water filled with algae. We were dressed in black robes, which was the apparent custom of the Night Court to conceal identities, but Valentine still stood out thanks to her relatively huge size.

Release Me Chapter 4- I Can Hear Music


The Den was a huge and recessed room with a large couch with a television on the wall. The pool table was a full-sized unit. I wondered how they got it into the house and into this room. The air hockey table was just as new looking and probably twice as heavy.
I admit I am terrible at pool. Anna went over the rules a little bit and we played one game before shifting over to air hockey.

Essentially Egg. Part 19 of 39

Chapter 19

I had tears in my eyes. When I looked around, Pet and the other girls who had seen it already were also glistening. Jordan sat with tears streaming down his face. He turned to me and buried his head into my shoulder. Pet had let go of my hand and was comforting a weeping Anton. Ian and Matty were wet-eyed. Abigail was rocking a weeping Matt.

Flora said, “I think it still has the power to heal.”

Release Me Chapter 3- Wouldn’t It Be Nice


I met up with Anna in the parking lot. I had walked past a few car and and trucks until I came upon a small car with Alabama plates and assumed it was hers. Anna walked up to me with a young girl skipping along behind her.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 55

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 55
Planning To Have Fun

“OK, Ella, what the heck are you thinking, agreeing to have Reginald the Idiot with us? Do you want us to get caught?” Naomi demanded, as soon as we were inside our beach house.


I hurriedly rummaged through the deep pockets of my beige coat before pulling out a set of unorganized keys, one of which was supposed to open the door to my apartment. I let out a big sigh as I carried the bags of groceries I had just bought inside before closing the door and slumping to the floor. Being a woman had made me significantly physically weaker than when I was a man, and performing everyday tasks took more energy. Like how every time I needed to use the tallest cabinets in the kitchen, I needed to grab a chair and climb on top of it.

Merope, Maybe : 15


"Here's the thing, Merope," Agent Kirchmeyer said.
"If we take what you said at face value, what do we have? Something about cylinders.
We don't know what these cylinders are. Frankly, they sound like rolls of money.
Which, of course, is nice for him, but not really remarkable,
if you know anything about the Switcher."



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