Final Chapter

Wings, part 62 of 62 [FINAL]

“Yeah, we can only stay about an hour 'cause I’ve got a freshman orientation thing to go to at four o’clock, and I want to allow time to unload the car and do some unpacking first.”

Driftwood #12 - Game Over Man. - Conclusion!

By Alyssa Plant

Life and Love are far more complicated than we can possibly understand. For one young cop, a journey of self-discovery will teach them that true strength was inside them all along.

Cuz - You look good. Part 8 of 8

Chapter 8

The trip back to Walton was taken in high spirits, every girl feeling extra special. When they got there, they found that Terry had organised pizza to be delivered, along with some chicken meals. Everyone made sure that they didn’t soil their clothes as they ate.

Seven Dresses - The Seventh Dress

Seven Dresses - The Seventh Dress

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

Things are as good as she can hope at school, although home life is still difficult for Shelley. She's reached the age when she can start taking feminising hormones and thing change rapidly, with her body, with her boyfriend, with her father. A few more hurdles to leap.

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...12 ~ Final Chapter

I woke up. It was gloomy almost dark with just the bedside lamp on. I was in Nan’s bed for some reason. I looked over to the corner. She was there, fast asleep, a book on her lap, looking peaceful.

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...

Chapter 12

By Susan Brown

TSS: Ch 7 - School (Final Chapter)


True Self Syndrome (TSS)

By Teek
© June 2023

Chapter 7: School

In the Final Chapter of this story, Mandy goes off to her new school. Her little brother gets to come along for morning drop-off.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 5

Breeding Chamber New.jpg
Chapter Five – Hook, Line, and Sinker

Victoria, Madeline and Susan hatch a daring, dangerous plan to take over Durden City and hold Pope Durden and his evil Commission to account. The final chapter.

The Angels: Rodeo Tour Chap. 15 (Final Chapter)

Cassady walks into her apartment and turns the lights on. She was so glad to be home, as she walks into her bedroom to get undressed. She’ll go by the studio tomorrow to pick up all her stuff. All she wanted to do now was take a nice relaxing shower and crawl into her bed.

She strips out of her clothes after dropping her keys on her dresser. Her skin was still red from tanning outside in the nude. Their last rodeo gig had gone smoothly and there was going to be an update about their touring schedule.

Dear Rylee - Epilogue

Hi Everyone!

The first three chapters and the epilogue of Dear Rylee are here on BCTS for free, but due to Amazon's policies, I can't have more than 10% up. To continue reading, you can buy it on Amazon, or simply download the ebook for free. Enjoy!

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Emerald Princess - Epilogue

BC Title Page Image.jpg

Emerald Princess

by Sofia Hammerstein


Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Hammerstein is at the cusp of finishing high school in his hometown of Los Alamos, NM. He has a seemingly ideal life and is blessed with loving parents, a cute baby sister, and great friends. Nicholas is a gifted student and martial artist who has dreams of leaving for college at the end of his senior year. But, living in a world of Emergent humans, he will soon find his life turned upside down as his life and the fate of a kingdom hang in the balance. His future and theirs will be determined by how he navigates the drastic changes in his body and the magical and superpowered Mergent population he joins.

“Virtually Yours” Session 15 (Final) “Young and Innocent Days”

January 20th, 2023
Signing on…
Updating Avatar model properties…
Calibrating AI parameters…
Syncing memory…
Avatar complete:

Hi Seth! Thanks for creating me. I’m so excited to meet you

Who are you?

Smart House AI in Another World, part 9 of 9

“Hello!” Bisur said, and “We come in peace,” said Pamani. My other self had spent the morning during breakfast drilling the emissaries in English greetings, and had apparently thought “We come in peace” would be funny. Juniper certainly found it so, snorting as she suppressed an inappropriate laugh. And to be honest, so did I.

The Light Between - Part 8 (complete)

The Light Between

The Light Between (Part 8 of 8)

by Erisian

Book 5


If you have yet to read the saga - the tale starts here:

Into The Light

Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 30 - Terminus


For more than thirty years, Deniz Akbas had given fishing tours of the Bosphorus with his small boat. With his pleasant demeanor (and perhaps due to a few missing teeth lending him a certain charm) tourists had found him trustworthy as well as deeming his white-tire clad vessel seaworthy for a day’s cruise. From his pilot’s position in the wooden front compartment, travelers to Istanbul had relaxed in the glass-walled and ivory-benched area in the back where they enjoyed whatever food and drink they’d brought aboard inside their many baskets - all while marveling at the magnificent views of the Turkish seaside and the wide bridge connecting Asia to Europe, a construction officially known as the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and unofficially as the First Bridge.

In all that time he had never been paid so much to do so little.

The Kielder girls 4/4 - Homecoming

Once we were away from the site, all a bit subdued at the thought that our time in Kielder was over, we stopped just outside Hexham, where I was going to leave them and get the train back home, before they all went back to Newcastle. Regretfully I needed to to change back into my boys’ clothes and revert to my life as Lyndsay for the last part of the trip to my home village. My time with the girls as Lyn was now over, or was it?

The Interpreter - Chapter 4

The Interpreter.jpg
Chapter Four – Toast and Marmalade

The Professor knows that Valerie is sitting on secret but remains infatuated with her. What will he do now that he has the tools to blackmail her? At the same time the FBI and MI6 are closing in our beautiful ingénue and Soviet spy. Can Yuri save Valerie and will he have to sacrifice himself to do so? Please heed the cautions.

The Return of Lilith Epilogue

Author’s note: TRIGGER WARNING. This chapter contains a description of abuse and sex trafficking. Also, this is the final chapter of the first book of Lilith. I have more planned but I will have to wait a bit to get the outline done on it before I start writing. I am grateful to all of you who have traveled through the adventures of Lilith.

12 Days - Day 12

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 12

The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Fortunately, I have access to my new nightgown drawer again. I pick a shorter flannel nightgown for tonight. After cleaning off my makeup, brushing my teeth and admiring my new studs, I braid my hair and crawl into my parent's bed wondering what tomorrow’s epiphany will be.



Friday Jan 6: Day 12 - The Epiphany

A Glimpse Of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg
Chapter Three – Where’s Julian?

Donald takes on a case that leads him to discover Julian's secret life and Donald and Julie finally meet, although not under the the circumstances that either of them expected. The outcome is a revelation to them both and they are both surprised at what happens afterwards. Final chapter.

Fire Over Phoenix (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found HERE.

A Second Generation Whateley Academy Story
Fire Over Phoenix
Astrodragon & Domoviye

Part 2


Friday, Early Afternoon, the FrankenCorps secret base

Iron Rain looked up from his tablet as his co-worker came in looking pissed. “Hey Scorpio, I heard your target got away from you. That sucks, man.”

Misteleported, part 6 of 6

“At some point, InstaThere is probably going to be offering body swap services. It’s going to be expensive at first, but I’ll probably be able to get you a big discount. You’d just need to find a — um, a trans woman to swap with you... But she probably won’t want to swap if you’ve been taking male hormones or had a mastectomy.”

Plus-One With A Vengeance : 29 / 29


"Can you do that?" Melissa asked. "Can the medallion make you younger? Keep you young?"

Viv looked thoughtful. She didn't answer; she pretended not to hear.


An Aria for Cami, Part 18: Trumpet Voluntary

The party was sprawling down the lawn towards the harbor, splashes of bright colors against blue skies, scudding white clouds and a crystal clear view of the Boston skyline. It reminded me of the dream I had taken across the threshold into morning. It had been years since I had seen that dreamscape, but there it was, whole and healed and perfect: me, making a graceful dive from a wooden pier into a deep, pristine lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, pine forests and the clearest air in the world. Wearing a lime-green one-piece and curves that were, finally, all my own.

American Girl - Chapter Four

American Girl Edited.jpg
Chapter Four – Crystal’s Demise

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is under pressure from her handler to get her hands on the documents in Professor Brett Beaumont's safe before her cover is blown by the FBI agent Liam Dresser who has become besotted with her and is closing in. This is the climax and final chapter.


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