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Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 228

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 228

Colonel Pratt again.
A meeting with Los Alamos,
a surprise guest, and more.
Dinner with our friends.

Colonel Pratt, why are you here? ~o~O~o~ Our people from Los Alamos brought a big surprise with them. ~o~O~o~ A launch party. What are we launching? ~o~O~o~ We plan a big hike for Sunday to the summit of Tsoodzil. ~o~O~o~ A wonderful cookout with our six friends.


Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 22 and 23

Chapter 22 Ian's POV

Adi for Addison. I think I preferred Addison. Or I could go with sex Goddess. I kept on going back to that image of her standing there in boxer shorts. She was so sexy I needed more. I started reviewing the downloaded images every night. Nothing on Monday, but on Tuesday it looked like she was moving in. Then she sat on the sofa, undid her dress, pulled it down and undid her bra so that she was naked from the waist up.

Becoming Chloe 1 of 3

Becoming Chloe Part 1 of 3
by Cindy Johnson ([email protected])
Audio version avaialble - send a request to my email

It was about a year ago when Kate was putting my dry cleaning away when she noticed 'the box' and that's when the changes started. She found my secret stash of women's clothing and made me explain in detail why I would hide this from her. Since the box contained every feminine item you can think of in my size along with size-9 high heels, there was no escaping a truthful answer.


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Siobhan and I had gone through a similar education for a career in advertising. We shared a modest apartment in the city. We were both young and ambitious, and short of money. The only real differences were that she was a woman, and I wasn’t; and I had talent, and she didn’t.

Fantasy Realized

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 21

Chapter 21

It was nice breastfeeding Chloe again. I enjoyed breastfeeding the girls but there was something special about having a young child feed from you. They are so innocent and trusting. Chloe immediately relaxed into it, snuggled against my skin and suckled. When she felt tired or needed a break she let go and then started again when she was ready and in between was content to just bask in the glow of my tender loving care.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 12 of 39


Chapter 12 - The Sniff Test

Sunday Morning
I woke up to a discrete knocking on my door. My first fuzzy thought was that at least my head wasn't pounding like the door did yesterday. So call me stupid, but I stumbled to the door and opened it wearing just my pajamas.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 8: Daddy's Girl or Jonathan comes to dinner

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 8
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

“Here’s the deal. That’s my little girl in there. She means the world to me. Have you heard the stories about fathers and the bonds they have with their little girls?” The boy nods, “Good. Shelby and I are no different. So If I’m going to allow you to date my daughter there are a few things you will need to understand.”

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 20

Chapter 20

I was feeling a little bit awkward with Chloe on my lap and Beth sitting on the other sofa in the garage flat. I was wearing one of the dresses that Beth had modified for me, but it wasn't designed for breastfeeding. I loved the dresses they made me feel feminine and gave me confidence. Chloe had tried to get to my breasts, but I would have to undo the dress and pull down the top half to give her access. After one attempt she gave up and that made me feel sad as it felt like I was denying her.

Katie Ann - Chapter 33: I Am Katie To You

Katie Ann

Nineteen-year-old submissive Kathleen was sick of men that only wanted to be her master for sexual reasons, but when she responded to message from a gentleman on a matching site, she didn't realize how life-changing their relationship would be, and how right it would feel.

Gloria Greenways Academy 2 Georgi’s Tale

Georgi was in year eleven and just turned sixteen. She played the bassoon and was into chemistry. She was intelligent, played netball, wrote scifi and fantasy, loved dancing and made a lot of her own clothes which was understandable as she was six foot four, hugely bosomed and bottomed and had very wide shoulders.

Stone - 49

caravan.jpgA bit of a cliffhanger here, but I will try to get the next chapter out before the end of the week: Daw


Chapter 49- Jason as Sea 3

Jason felt the sun on his face as he woke. Looking around, he discovered that he was in Kalosun’s sick bay, laying on a cot beside Kookla and the seaman who was injured when the mast fell. Jason looked at the window, which showed light shining through.

Babs' New Year's Resolution 41

Having learned of her blood connection to Bab's, Lola now has to negotiate the delicate issues that arise between her and her adoptive sisters. She is determined to reassure them that nothing has changed between the four girls but she has yet to tell Bab's about the blood connection because Bab's is still very frail after the surgery.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 11 of 39


Chapter 11 - A Rude Awakening

The next morning I awoke to a godawful pounding. In my semi-somnolent state I first thought the pounding was internal to my aching head, but slowly realized the pounding in my head was at a different tempo from the pounding on the door.

Lifeline 41

I had a hangover the next morning, but we had the shower, as Mam had promised, and I spent more than a few minutes soaking, which gave me time to settle my mood and my behaviour. Not my day, much as I might have wished things had followed a different course, but in a way the day actually was mine. Two people I loved would be happy, so suck it up, woman, and be happy for them. After all, didn’t I have Class?

Sissys Reckoning

Sissys Reckoning

By Julia Michelle
an abused stepson sissy returns for a little payback to those who took her life as a boy
Warning. This is a very violent story with extreme cruelty, torture and murder. Stephania is not the typical sissy.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 7: Revelations

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 7
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

Sheila levels a doubtful look at him, “Do I need to throw the bull-shit flag or are you gonna come clean?”


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

My son JJ had always had a spiritual side.

I came from a religiously family and reacted against it. I would not call myself an atheist. I guess that I have always felt that I had a personal god – somebody to talk to in moments of crisis, to ask the question ‘why?’, or to shout at in moments of frustration. My wife too, came from a devout home. They were Catholics and when she married me and moved away from her family she chose not to connect with the local church. So, both our boys were raised without religion.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 10 of 39


Chapter 10 - The Panty Raid

Once at college, I did my best to convince myself that Conrad was destined to be who I was, that Connie was an interesting phase in the life of a teenager. Nothing more than a phase…

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 18 and 19

Chapter 18

I woke up with a smile on my face, still remembering yesterday and knowing that Adi had moved in with us. I'm not sure why my parents decided to offer Adi the garage flat rather than the spare room, but I suspect it was because Adi was used to being independent and they didn't want to smother her. I had hoped that I would be given that opportunity but got the impression that my father would never have willingly agreed.

The Blossoming of Ciri, Chapter 4

The Blossoming of Ciri

Chapter 4- The Return Home

“Hi my full name is Alex Damion Marteau and I’m. Well currently I’am 18 but in this story I will be telling you about when my life got turned upside down and changed both me and my family forever...” Chapter 4...

“...hmmm... Oh!” I said as I stretched and yawned sleepily, looking to my left and seeing my clock that Dad brought me from home. 11:59 AM, Friday.

“Mornin, little sis. Finally awake are we?” Allison said beside me.

She put the magazine that she was reading down and stood up to stretch.

This is not me - Part 4

Phoebe moped around home for the rest of the week. She was unsure about calling Samantha because she didn’t know what to say to her over the phone and she didn’t want to stop her doing her job. In the end, late on Friday afternoon, she called Samantha.

“Hi Samantha, this is Phoebe.”

“Ha-ha, yes, I have been thinking about you. A lot actually.”

“I hope I’m not interrupting your work?”

“Oh good,” said Phoebe breathing a sigh of relief that she hoped didn’t make it down the phone.

“Would you be open to coming to Dinner tomorrow night?”

Phoebe burst out laughing.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 6: Meet the Parents

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 6
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

“When good and just men fail to act in the face of evil, evil triumphs and society loses. The rights of the oppressed shall be defended at all costs, lest the oppressors gain absolute power…. Jonathan Moorland. My Father”

Castle The Series - 0093 Beth, Greensward, Morgelle, Tuyere, Warbler, Jed



“You don’t have to let go of my hand if you will not, Greensward,” Beth telt him.



Morgelle’s life was improving, and she could now think of Caoilté with regret, rather than the crushing unhappith of before.



Turner was, Otday discovered, taciturn and, when she did spaek, surly.



“Jed, doet you have aught to do with Otday apprenticing to Turner? For to start with he doetn’t wish to leave the Keep and then suddenly he couldn’t leave fast enough, and you doet say if he doetn’t will to go he’d have to be maekt to will to.”


A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

“I call her Pandora,” said Felix. “Get used to her. This is why I need you. This kind of interaction has to be a two-person thing.”

Jake was used to virtual reality. It was his thing after all. But here he was in their apartment. The only thing different was that he was in another body. When he held his hand up he could see that it was not his hand at all, it was a slender feminine hand, with manicured nails.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 9 of 39


Chapter 9 - It Ain't So Easy

Grandpa Dave has a saying he's fond of: Be careful of what you wish for, you might get it. It's the kind of stuff old people like to say to young people. Lord knows I've used it a time or two myself.

Viper II - Mother of the Dragon Queen, Part 13

viper embroidery.jpg


Having heard she knew where there were more victims I was sure we had to get her out quickly to be able to get as much information we could get, before I would have a go at our assault. I gently took her arm again and we started walking towards the Porta del Perugino. I knew we would have to pass the Sant Carlo palace but as hoping, that the two who had been in front of the door there were among our victims. I let out a deep sigh of relief, when I carefully peeked around the corner of the chapel again and saw no suspicious people in our path. The front of the building was clear and it seemed, we were more than just lucky today.

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 16 and 17

Chapter 16 David's POV

The meeting with the principal went well. Addison had to meet the nurse and even show the nurse that she looked indistinguishable from another girl, which was probably a bit embarrassing, but the end result was excellent. Addison was able to use the girl's restrooms and join the gym class. That wouldn't happen until next week because she was still sore from the procedure and needed to recover.

New Tale to Tell Chapter 5: Enough's Enough

New Tale to Tell
Chapter 5
by Justin M.
Copyright © 2020 Justin M. All rights reserved.

““Leave her alone!” Jonathan is ten feet away and closing fast. Mark sneers at Jonathan's approach. “Fuck off you dick-head before I teach you who’s boss.” Jonathan steps right up on the other kid, forcing him to step back. “Why don't you and I go somewhere and address that.”

Charli(e) Wilder Saga Part 12

In this episode, Charlie jumps the final hurdle to attend St.Katherine's. The family gets cell phones.
Charlie muses that she is probably a cis-male but pretending to be a transgender girl is the best path for now, and to just go with the flow and have fun along the way.

Memoir of a Stealth Transition - 8 of 39


Chapter 8 - The Setup

"There's no doubt that she's my daughter, is there Mom?

Mom called me her Daughter?


"Well, you were a little more developed up top, weren't you Booberly?"

"Did you have to remember that nickname?"

"Kind of hard to forget, girl. I don't think any amount of tissues would pad Connie out enough to be reasonable, though."

"Not without a bra, I guess."

Filled with the milk of human kindness Chapter 14 and 15

Chapter 14 Adi's POV

Helen seemed really nice. Her official name was Dr Helen Worthington, but she had a more relaxed style that either David or Dr Lincoln and insisted that I call her, Helen. She examined my breasts and showed me how to self-examine and what to look for. She had lots of breastfeeding mothers as patients, so she had lots of advice. Not all of it I wanted to comply with, but she made me promise, saying it was for my own good.

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 227

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 227

Why is she here?
Ajie, she needs to talk to you.
Zimm answers the question.
Home for Christmas or not?

Miss Pratt, you don't belong in his class. ~o~O~o~ Mrs. Woodall just might be the answer. ~o~O~o~ Maybe Ajie is the answer. ~o~O~o~ What kind of Eagle? ~o~O~o~ Then maybe it's Dean Vickie. ~o~O~o~ Why are we talking about Christmas?