Carrie's Journey

Carrie's Journey

Fantasies Realized

Her tale is not a new one. The idea that she would grow up loving makeup and dresses instead football and jerseys is as much a mystery to her as to you the reader. It wasn't an accident that she was drawn satin and bows but a gradual evolution.

Unlike most boys his age Paul didn't like getting dirty and loved to read. He couldn't wait for next Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys come out in print. He secretly fantasized that he was Nancy out foil the plans of my latest foe and solve current mystery. He read the Hardy Boys and really tried to put himself in Frank or Joe's shoes, but Nancy's seem to fit better.
Besides mystery he also like the read the music tabloid's like Teen, Tiger Beat and others. He told myself that that reason he liked to read them was to find out about the music but he did find himself looking at the pictures and thinking how cute the lead singer of a band was this month. He never confided his secret to anyone until he met Amanda.

One day while he was perusing the stacks of books at the library his caught sight of a vision of loveliness. She had blond hair, and soft and creamy skin, a princess in the flesh. Paul paused and wondered whether he should approach and introduce himself to this unknown beauty. Walking up behind her, she was unaware of his approach. Coming up to her right shoulder he taps on it. Unaware of his presence and scanning a book in her hand, his sudden approach startled her and she dropped the book.

"I didn't mean to scare you, I just wanted to meet you," Paul said. That's ok the striking blonde responded. Continuing, she said, "My name is Amanda, I just moved here this summer, and don't know anyone in town, by the way I didn’t hear your name," Amanda said. Amanda couldn't put her finger on but something about Paul intrigued her. He wasn't built like an athlete but his slight build and average height made him attractive, “There is something about his eyes that makes him look hot,” Amanda thought to herself. Maybe he will ask me out and I can find what it is about him that turns me on,” Paul broke the silence and looked at Amanda, “Sorry I meant to introduce myself, my name is Paul. Well I'm glad to meet you Paul, Amanda said as she looks him over. He might be fun, she pondered to herself.

Paul, sensing an opening made his best pitch. "Since you are new in town and don't know anybody, I was wondering if I could show what it’s like in Lakeview America and to a nice restaurant to eat something," Paul said. "That would be nice, when you would like to go, Amanda responded with an air of anticipation in her voice. "How about tomorrow afternoon, we could make a day of it," he responded. "Sounds like a date she said taking a piece of paper and writing something down on it. Putting her pen in her purse she handed Paul the paper. Here is my cell number, call me about an hour early and I will give you directions to my house," Amanda said. "I got to pick up my Dad at work, see you tomorrow," Amanda said smiling at Paul. Amanda took her phone and Paul could see she was calling her father to let him know that she was on her way.

Paul’s heart raced with anticipation that soon he would know what it is to have a date with a beautiful girl. This was an experience that he had somehow missed out on because of his shy nature. He now wondered silently where they would go and what he should wear for this encounter. Paul took out his laptop from his backpack and switched on it. The library had wireless internet and he began to Google the topic, ?proper etiquette for the first date or how to avoid getting slapped by your date. Paul read intently the do’s and don’t of dating. Paul spent most of the afternoon reading about dating and was surprised when they announce that the library would be closing in 10 minutes.

After his research, Paul had a good idea how to approach his newest challenge.
He now knew that a person should not try look for more than a light peck on the cheek at the end of the first date. According to author, this gives the girl the opportunity a way to have a graceful exit if the date was not going well, it also gave her something to look forward to if the relationship continued.

Paul got into his Mom's car and decided to head out to the Mall to check out clothes for his for his date with Amanda.

Entering the mall, he found a number of stores that carried the type of clothes that he needed. As he entered the youth store called the Gap, a young attractive girl approached him and asked she could help. Paul realized that this girl was a salesperson and he unburden himself about what he was seeking.

I've got just the thing for you, she said steering him to rack containing different styles of pants. As she rummaged through the rack, she would stop periodically and hand Paul something. Next she head to the shirts and found a number for him to try on. The changing room is over there, you can try on the threads and pick out the one's you like. If you want I can give my opinion on the outfits. I saw several that would look good on you. By the way my name is Ann finishing her speech.? Paul entered the changing room and began to try the different threads as she called them. It looked as if he would be spending quite a bit of his savings on this makeover. Paul opened the door and pranced out to get the salesperson's attention. Miss, I think I have an idea of several pairs of pants and shirts, could I get her opinion, he said. Sure, Ann responding sensing her quota for the day might soon be met. After showing her several outfits, Paul said. Well what do you think and which one would look best for our first date. The black dungarees and the print shirt definitely caught my attention, any girl I know would be comfortable with a guy dressed in those threads, she said.

Paul took out his debit card, paid for the packages and picked them up off the counter. Paul left the store and headed out to the car with his bundles. Reaching the parking lot he opened the door and put the bundles on the passenger side of the car. Paul looked at the bundles and thought to himself, “I think Amanda will like this look, no more nerdy Paul,” he said to himself. Leaving the parking lot Paul headed home. His mother and dad would be home by now and he couldn't wait to tell them about Amanda. Reaching his neighborhood Paul turned down his street and pull into the driveway. After turning off the engine, got out of the car and went around to the passenger door and opened it. He picked up the packages in the seat and carried them into the house. Paul's mother pear out from the kitchen and waved at Paul saying “Dinner will be ready shortly,” Paul, tell your dad to wash up. Paul walked into the living room and set his packages down and looked toward his father. “Hi, dad how did your day go.” Hi Paul, just fine and yours, you look like you are about to burst.

“I had a great day, dad,” Paul bellowed excitedly, “While I was studying at the library, I met a girl that was cute and had a personality and I asked her for a date and she accepted.”
“Well looks like you bought out the store to impress that young lady,” his dad said. Let’s see what you bought, mother come looked what Paul have spent his money on.” What he has bought now, she said walking into the room. Looing at his purchases his mother looked up at Paul, “Those look really nice, you didn't pick them out by yourself did you?” “No the sales girl gave me her opinion,” “I think these are great looking clothes don't you,” Paul said beaming. Definitely a change for sure his dad piped in. Well let's eat, Paul's mother said. Paul ate quickly and head to his room.

Turning on his computer, Paul set down to check his email. Looking through his email, he found the usual spam and junk mail, looking down the list he found an email from a name that was not familiar to him. Opening the mail, there was a note with a link. It simply said . Opening the link Paul recognized the face of the girl on the web page. It was Amanda scantily clad in various stages on undress. The pictures showed her in brief bikinis and lingerie. It was apparent to Paul, that his sweet little Amanda was not as innocent as he thought. After reading some of the blogs on the site, he came upon a blog that was meant for him.

Paul, I know our meeting was short but I sent this link to my private website. This doesn't mean that I am easy. I am looking for long term relationship with a nice guy and after meeting you I felt that you have potential. My last relationship turned out bad. This girl was attracted to me and I to her, we had relationship but when I wanted to break off when I found out we were moving she took it badly and threatened to hurt herself and me. Finally my parents put an ended to affair and told my lover that they would preferred charge if she didn't stop. She has left me alone since then and we moved here. You know the rest of the story and I hope that you will still like me.

I set there not knowing what to do or say. Apparently, Amanda wanted to get to me know better and had opened up her soul. Grabbing my phone, I glanced at the clock, 8:30. It is still early enough to call her. Paul rummaged through his pocket and picked up the number and dial the phone. Hi, Amanda it's Paul are you busy. “No, I just finished my homework and was reading a magazine, what's up,” Amanda said. I just got your email and the link was a surprise, especially the photos. When do I get to see the real thing, Amanda?

Later lover, she said giggling. Before you ask Becky and I were intimate. I'm not proud of it and don't know whether I could happen again. Right now I just want to enjoy my time with you. Listen, Mom and dad went to a dinner party, can you come over, and I’m lonely and scared by myself. Ok , I can come over for a while. “See you in a bit,' bye Paul said. Hurried Paul hurriedly changed clothes. Looking in the mirror, he adjusted the collar on his shirt. He picked up the keys and check to see if his parents had gone to their bedroom. Listening he heard the noise from the TV and knew they were watching it in the bedroom.
Backing the car and he called Amanda's number on his cell. After a couple rings the phone was answered, Paul spoke first, Amanda, how do I get to your house,” Paul said. “It is on the road just past the High School. Third house on the left,” she added. Turning the corner, Paul found the house and pulled into the driveway. Amanda opened the door and looked at Paul. She was definitely impressed by his new clothes. “You look hot lover,” Amanda said.

Paul could see that Amanda was wearing short terry shorts and a mid top and more makeup than today in the library. As Paul came through the door and Amanda's embraced him. She initiated a long erotic kiss with Paul, which made him tingle inside. Backing away, Amanda looked at him saying, “I need to know if I can be satisfied with a guy. I have thought this over and have strange request from you, Paul.” she said. “There was something about you that attracted me and I finally figure it out. It is your demeanor and your body. You would make a perfect girl,” Are you shocked by what I said Paul, I will understand if you don't want to see me again.

Paul looked at her and considered her request. Why would she want a boy dressed up in girl’s clothes. I bet that I will look ridiculous, thought to himself. Carrie looked at Amanda, who looked very serious as she stood in the living room doorway. Ok, I guess I'm game, what you want me to do. Thank you, everything is ready she said. First go into my bathroom, everything you need is there. Paul walked up the stairs unsure about what was next.

Entering the bathroom, Paul found a razor, a can of shaving gel and bottle of flowery smelling body lotion and a note. As he opened the curtain a tub there was a tub that was filled with bubble bath. Stripping down Paul slipped into the warm tub after picking up the shaver and the gell. While he soaked he began to shave the hair on his legs, arms and chest until his body was free of body hair. Next he began shaving the meager hair on his face. Finishing his chore, Paul climbed out of the tub. His skin felt soft and smooth. Sitting down in the wardrobe chair he began to rub the body lotion on his legs, arms and chest. When he finished stood up nude. Looking into the full length mirror he look at his smooth and shiny body and picked up the red bikini's that Amanda, had left him to change and put on the matching robe tying the belt. After one last look he opened the door and found Amanda waiting for him. “Come, sit here,” she said and motioned for him to sit down at the makeup table. As she applied the different types of make she explained each step to Paul and pointed out how much of this and how much of that he should use if he did it next time on his own. Paul looked upon the transition with interest, see his immature male features disappear, being replaced with those of a teenage girl. He was amazed at the transformation, as male he had always looked a little effeminate and wimpy but as a girl, as she was now changing him into; he was as the guys say hot. When she finished his hair and makeup, she went into the kitchen and came out with a needle and cube of ice.
Looking at the items that she was now holding, Paul was curious asked Amanda “What is that for,” “Just a little feminizing,” she retorted. Now just hold still. Placing the ice against my right ear, I felt the sting of first the cold ice and then of the needle as she carefully poke two holes in that ear. Next she move to the other ear and repeated the process.

Opening her purse, she produced a match set of diamond studs one large and other one a little smaller. She handed the box containing the gems to Paul, who stood with mouth agape. “I can’t take these, their worth a fortune and look like antiques’” he said. “Where part of my inheritance when my Grandmother died,” she replied. “She was loaded, that is also where the money came from for my car,” But this is brand new, open the box a matching necklace and tennis bracelet also containing number of diamonds from the looks of them, Paul said to himself. Look at name on the bracelet Amanda said, looking into Paul’s eyes. Engrave on the bracelet was girls name’ Carrie’ . You look like a Carrie. “Here is your coronation gown, my queen, “ Amanda said. Finishing her speech, she reached into the bag on her bed, carefully she removed a long aqua dress that looked like a prom gown. Handing it to Paul, she said, “This is the christening of Carrie, my soul mate. May we never part.” Continuing her soliloquy, “Don’t let anyone tell you different, you make an awesome chick, and Carrie I think I love you.”

Turning her head toward his, she began kissing Paul/Carrie delicately. “You definitely do something for me now let me see dress I bought you Carrie.” Carrie carefully put on the under things that had been laid out on the bed and after finishing slipping into lingerie she unzipped the zipper and stepped into sparking aqua gown and pulled it over her waist. Suddenly Amanda appeared through doorway with box in one hand and spray bottle in the other. Here, she said “I almost forget this hand Carrie the box and the bottle.” Opening it she looked in the box, in it were two perfectly formed 36 C breast forms. Those were my aunt’s, she bought them after her mastectomy. When she bought those forms they were the best money could buy. Take off the dress and sit down. Carrie did what Amanda asks, Amanda produced and while looks she held up form and marked the position on his chest, careful place them in the right spot and did the same for the other. As Amanda marked the other form, Carrie shifted in her chair. “Be still Carrie, you want me to mess up, Amanda retorted. Finishing the marking, Amanda sprayed the adhesive on the forms waiting for it to set, Amanda looked and Carrie and smiled saying, I adore you Paul, you make me so happy. Carefully, using the marks Amanda applied the forms to Carrie chest. Carrie felt a slight tug from the forms and as she stood up understood what girls with large breast endure, feeling top heavy.

After waiting for the forms to set completely, Amanda took a bustier from her room and placed it against Carrie’s chest. As Amanda fastened the hooks, Carries breath shortened as Amanda fastening the last hook. This is going to be a little tight until you get use to it, she said. Going around to back and began tightening the laces. Amazingly, Carrie saw her body to develop an hourglass figure. Can you still breather, luv? Barely Carrie replied. Let’s see my girl in that gorgeous dress. Picking up the dress she helped Carrie into it and zipped up. Sitting down Carrie put on the matching high heels. Standing up she started to look in the mirror but Amanda stopped her. “Not yet darling, let me touch up your hair. Taking the curling iron out of the drawer, Amanda began curl Carrie dark brown hair, thinking to herself how pretty hair that Carrie had for a boys. You ought to let me lighten your hair, Paul. Amanda said. Paul/Carrie thought to him self that is the first time that she has called me Paul. Is she really thinking I am or could be Carrie? Fanaticizing to himself, I don’t fit as a male, could I become a female. Even though tonight was the first time that he had considered every being female. What would Amanda think if she knew that I was even thinking about such a thing? Paul wondered and decide finished her hair he would get a chance to see the finished product. There Amanda said, Now you can see the masterpiece I have created. Taking her hand Amanda guide Carrie toward the mirror. Walla! Before her was a modern Venus. You and totally look like my sister. Paul struck a pose reminiscent of Natalie Wood or some starlet from the 60’s. He truly looked totally female and this amazed Paul. Now seemed the time to ask Amanda what see would think if she became female.
Amanda, don’t be alarmed if I ask you this question. Go ahead, I am prepared, I guess Amanda said. Carrie took a deep breathe and exhaled. How would you feel if I became a girl. I mean became female, Amanda. I would love you any way you choose to be, why do you ask that? Well, I have never fit in as a boy, being teased and such. What would your parents think, they believe their son has a date with a nice little hottie. Paul thought to himself that he had not considered that. That would be a double dagger to his parents first they would to accept their son becoming their daughter and then having to deal with lesbian relationship with the same girl that was their former sons girlfriend. Carrie spoke up, “I just want to be with you and you have convinced me that I fit as a girl, with a little tune-up surgery and hormones that I could truly your soul mate.”

You would do that for me, Amanda said. Taking Carrie in her arms and kissing her tongue to tongue. As they tightened their embrace, Paul felt her chest against Amanda’s bare breast, discovering she was not wear a bra under her shirt. He knew that she was ready and waiting for him to make the next move.

Looking at his body in the mirror, Paul looked up and down his body. He now possessed an hourglass figure and impressive cleavage from attached breast forms was exposed on his chest. As Paul looked at the image in mirror, he knew that no one would be able to tell he wasn’t a genuine female. Looking at Amanda, Carrie asked would you like to go to that all age’s club Long Island. “I hear that both gay and straight kids in the area go to it. You could find something hot looking outfit to wear and we go as lesbian couple. Boy, Amanda said.

“I think I just created feminine monster. I think it would be fun, but what time do they close.” We have plenty of time they go from Sundown to Sunup, Carrie said. Let’s do it but, let’s go Goth. I bought some hot looking outfit at Hot Topic, both super short and totally sexy. But first I need you to make love to me. Just a quickie, I can’t wait for you to go down on me, get me hot and then fuck me. Then we can shower and redo your makeup and I can put mine on.

Leading Carrie to the closet, Amanda browsed through her closet and found the outfits they were going to wear. This one is for you. Amanda handed Carrie the Mini shirt with band with red glitter on skirt and blouse was black with red trim and traced in the chest in red and silver glitter that message. “I am a hot and sexy babe,” Paul shook his head. Amanda looked at Carrie and simply said, “Well aren’t you.” Check this out, Amanda held up against her a short dress the deep v-neck definitely designed to emphasize her impressive bust. It was crimson red with the neckline and hem trimmed in black lace.
“I have black and white witched poo knee socks for you and red purse with lace up matching boots,” “Under the knee socks, I have shimmering black tights for you,”\r
Amanda said.

What have you got to got to cover those luscious gams of yours Amanda. “How about a pair of fishnets and patent leather black boots, Amanda said. Right all I want is you hot babe, she added. Leading Carrie to the bed, she turned down the bed to reveal a set of hot pink satin sheets. Amanda began to kiss Carrie a she slowly removed her clothes. When she finished Carrie stood before topless and wearing her stockings, panties and her garter belt. Amanda browsed through the sexy nightgowns looking for the right ones for her and Carrie to wear. For Carrie, she selected a long white peignoir gown and for herself and sheer one with pink lace. Handing it to Carrie, Amanda said “I can’t wait for you to take me,” With that Amanda went into the bathroom to change. When she came back out of the bathroom, her look had totally changed, she looked the part of a sexy seductress. While she had been waiting for Amanda, Carrie had gotten dressed, touched up her makeup and looked the picture of loveliness.

Amanda lay down on the sheets eager for her encounter with Carrie. Carrie eased down onto Amanda opening sliding down gown and taking her waiting breast into her mouth. Amanda sucked gently on the firm nipple of Amanda’s breast. Amanda moaned in pleasure and told Carrie to suck harder, “Take me darling, show me how much you love me” Carrie slid down Amanda gown off over her hips and removed her thong panties. She began caressing Amanda’s body until after a quick romantic interlude they both were spent.

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