Easy As Falling Off A Bike—Off-Site Archive

Easy As Falling Off A Bike
by Angharad

This magnum opus has been archived in 50-part collections which can be found at TGLibrary.

The archive now contains all parts up to 1,450.

This is an authorized compilation of Angharad’s story, with some minor reformatting of the synopsis areas and ending comments to make it work as a continuous story.

Erin has provided wonderful help. Regular readers all know what a prolific and prodigious author Angharad is. Some collections of 50 parts contain around 80,000 words, and there have been significant problems uploading and editing them. With Erin’s excellent assistance, that has now been achieved (and archived).

To communicate with the archivists about this project, send a Private Message to PS and Holly H Hart, or add a comment here.

Please do not send requests for more than 50 chapters in a section. TGLibrary is designed as a blogging site, and begins to really choke when posts have high word counts.

The archived collections have received a UK spell checking and very minor editing.

We hope you enjoy not having to download a very large number of parts individually.

If you wish to make a comment please go to the original posting on Big Closet/Top Shelf, as comments are turned off on TGLibrary. It's better that all the comments are in one place, and with the chapters to which they refer.

Holly H. Hart

Bike Resources (August, 2010)


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This story is 235 words long.