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Through the years: Tracy emerging part 1

Tracy lay back slowly, a look of confusion all over her face. “Water.” She said in a raspy voice. Conner held up a glass with a straw and he let Tracy take a drink. Then he pulled it away in mid drink. She tired to follow the straw, but he held her back again.

“Sorry, but the nurse said you could drink a little when you woke, but they want to check on you before you have too much.”

His grandchild moaned, but she lay back and looked at the other side of the bed, then back at her grandfather. “Mom isn't here?”

“She's with Modine in the cafeteria. She needed a break. We've been taking turns with you and Modine.” He said, then he sighed. “Tell me Troy, what do you remember?”


The Last Letter

The Last Letter



To whoever finds this letter,

By the time you find this I will be dead and believe it or not I am actually welcoming death as a friend, my only friend.
You most probably are thinking I`m mentally unbalanced but,believe me when I tell you I am writing this after my eyes have been truly opened by so called humanity and their damned religions.

Simon(e) - Book One: Chapter 4

Book 1: Chapter 4 of 9

by D.L.

Copyright  © 2011 D.L. All Rights Reserved.

"I would be quite happy to have my ears pierced," I state.
“You are only saying that safe in the knowledge that you aren’t allowed to have pierced ears. The ‘I will if you will’ trick only works on a level playing field,” Emily replies.
“Why do you think Jasmine isn’t allowed earrings?” my mother asks Emily.

Like Mother Like Son 8

Edited by Victor G.
16 year old Darren (Nancy) Peterson and his mom pay a visit to Dr. Girardi, a psychiatrist who specializes in transgender issues. Afterwards, Nancy has dinner alone with her father and asks his advice.

Altered Fate

Altered Fate
By Shagufta Hanaphie

1. a. Deepika meets Alok

I was studying in the first year of engineering college at that time,
so was Alok. The first time I met Alok he was struggling with some
luggage he was trying to get to his hostel room. I carried it for him
till the boys' hostel gate, as he walked behind looking quite
embarrassed. I wondered at the frailty of the poor guy, he seemed so
weak and shy.

He thanked me profusely the next time we met - I think it was in the
canteen. I tried to make light of it by saying, "It's alright. What

The rescue 10

This chapter deals with the ongoing issues surrounding Jalina's reconciliation and eventual acceptance back into her family's bosom. Beverly also manages to sound out Abhay's views about hijras and finally surmounts the problem surrounding Jalina's return to the family.

The Rescue 10


Beverly Taff. Transvestite
James or Jamie Transgendered kid.
Candice Jamie’s Younger Sister.
Sergeant Williams Hate crime police officer
David Evans Knife-boy. (Son of Dewi Evans.)

Suzy Q by Suzy Q

Suzy Q
Suzy Q

Sam Quinn invented Suzy Q, the exotic Cuban dancer. José Enrá­quez insisted on meeting her–but of course that was impossible! Or was it?

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman

S.R.U. Silver Blood: Frankenwoman
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When Jody Lynn Franklyn designs his own bodysuit for Halloween, he finds himself involved in a horror as the suit's safety systems make him into something beyond his imagination That attracts Silverblood and a certain Wizard.

Sam & Jess - 04

I cleaned up my eyes and took his hand again, I felt it move, squeezing my hand and I heard a faint voice.


Sam & Jess
Chapter 4
 ©2010 - Andrea Ribeiro


TGL - Book 1: Through Death, Rebirth: Chapter 1

Gateway to Life
-:Book 1:-
Through Death, Rebirth

by Faeriemage

Copyright  © 2010 Faeriemage
All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes, it is what you do that matters. Sometimes, it is who you are. Usually it is just being in the proper place at the proper moment in time with the will to act.

Chapter 1:
How I ended up in Earth2

The Light at the End of the Closet -9-

Ashton is dead. Long live Ashley

I hadn’t realized that six months had gone by. So one morning, I got out of the shower, just like every day, and to my big surprise I ran into John. He was sitting on my bed. When I entered the room he stood up. I guess he was taken back by what he saw, because he simply stared at me for a long time without saying anything.

“Holy shit...” he whispered. “You look like...” but he never ended the phrase. He was speechless.

The Light at the End of the Closet -8-

The Woman Inside Begins to Awaken

I must’ve lied there for about an hour. I has helpless. I was depressed. I was full of fear and anxiety. I felt the chilly morning air hit my naked, shaved calves. Every time I stirred or moved, I felt the g-string ride up my ass or my dick and balls shift in my crotch. I wanted to stay very still.

Suddenly, John came back. He had a few dumbbells and other female exercise equipment. He dropped the equipment and went over to the kitchen.

The Light at the End of the Closet -5-

A Son’s Farewell

That summer I spent with John at Martha’s Vineyard was the last time I would be in control of my own life. But at the time, I didn’t know it.

When I returned home, I simply spent one week packing to leave for Chicago where I would be starting college in the fall. It was now late July and I had a lot of things to do before fall term began. As a graduation present, my parents gave me a brand-new car, so I packed, said my farewells and drove off to Chicago.

The Light at the End of the Closet -4-


One of the most important aspects of cross dressing, is that the more you dress up, the more time you want to spend dressed up and the greater the need to dress more often.

The Light at the End of the Closet -3-

The Road to Cross Dressing

One of the best moments for a cross dresser is to imagine the time he’ll have to enjoy his female clothes. The expectation of the feeling of the fabrics against his skin is something difficult to explain in words. The best analogy I can think of, is this: thinking about the moment you’ll be wearing women’s clothing is like thinking about the beer you’ll be drinking after you finish a 20 mile hike across the desert.

The Light at the End of the Closet -2-

A Transvestite is Born

The following morning I woke up with a wonderful feeling over me. I felt as if I had something to look forward to in my life. I literally sprang out of bed and went into the shower.

My cock still hurt a little and I had a sore groin from those extraordinary orgasms. But I felt invigorated. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and emotions.

Was I really a freak? Do all kids go through what I had gone through the night before? Was I a pervert for getting aroused by my mom’s smell?

The Light at the End of the Closet


As I write these lines, I can’t help but think of the extraordinary events that have brought me here, and one question keeps popping into my head: what makes a man be a man, and what makes a woman be a woman?

You see, we may think that because a man has a penis, that makes him a man. But in reality, there are times when women are born as men, and they don’t realize that until someone comes along to show them the way.

At times, that way can be glorious, wonderful and exhilarating.

Other times, it can be a rude awakening.

My Legacy

Grow a Pair!

Grow a Pair!

 © 2010 by Nom de Plume

Pesticide Turns Males Into Females

BERKELEY: Atrazine, one of the world's most widely used pesticides, wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females, according to a new study by University of California, Berkeley biologist Hung Lo.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 5/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 5 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Cindy is safe and back with her friends and family. What did Maddy do to save the day? Where has The Wizard been? What will become of Evan Sheisskopf?

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 4/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 4 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Cindy, Bobbie and their mothers are doing some pre-school shopping for essentials. Bobby, especially, is very conscious about how nice she looks, and wants to get a swim suit for her final trip to the beach before school starts. Bobbie’s mother is pleasantly surprised, and at the same time a bit disturbed, about how strikingly beautiful her daughter has become. Evan Sheisskopf is lurking in the parking lot.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 3/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 3 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Cindy has adjusted quite well after some initial psychological problems and doubts created by her two life experiences. She has been growing rapidly over the summer, and enjoying every second of it. There is no reason for doubt any longer. Her mother talks to her about her sexuality, and Cindy has some definite feelings; however, she doesn’t feel she is ready to venture in that direction. There is a dark cloud on the horizon; something that none of them are prepared for.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 2/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 2 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Bobbie Schmedlap, Cindy’s best friend, is quick to diagnose Cindy’s problem. As we have seen before, Bobbie can detect physical problems in some people, and she quickly diagnoses Cindy’s ‘problem’. She is happy for her friend, but Cindy is not happy at all about the pending event. She is having serious doubts about her role, and the nightmare of the night before was an expression of that doubt. Now is the time for her mother to be there. Bobbie and Maddy help, too.

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth - Chapter 1/5

Cynthia and the Moment of Truth
Chapter 1 of 5

By Portia Bennett

Growing up isn’t easy for anyone, and certainly Cynthia Lewis is no exception. The hormones are starting to flow in greater quantities than they ever have before. Suddenly, the doubts that had been hiding in the depths of her mind are beginning to surface. Menarche is pending, and Cindy is beginning to think that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a woman. She is suddenly very afraid.

Stacy In Love - Part 2

Bad Boy

Kelly's Journey-Chapter 6 No More Kelly Boy

Kelly's Journey (Revised)
Chapter 6 No More Kelly Boy
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

In school, Kelly proves to be very much of a tom boy as he excels at academics, and sports, side by side with his best friend, Johnny. Together, they become the school's top athletes until Kelly is hurt, then Kelly become Johnny's tutor to keep him from academic probation. Later on, a misguided doctor destroys Kelly's dream, and Kelly finds a new dream.

He Throws Like A Girl

He Throws Like A Girl
By: Willy Mays Hayes

“The time has come” a slender slightly graying woman stated “Every walk of life is in baseball, there are the Blacks, the Jews, even the Hispanics are in baseball, and yet women are still not allowed in the game, this has to change!”

The Red Dress - Part 3

“You danced several dances with him and each one was more…provocative then the one before it. You were grinding your ass against his crotch and then you shoved your crotch at him as though there were a place to put his package in your front. It was truly quite amazing to watch. You really got into character.”

“What do you mean? I ‘got into character’?”

“Well, you were dressed like a woman and were reacting to the men as a woman might…”

The Red Dress
Part 3
By Kelly Blake

Leprechaun Trickery Part 10 The End

"Now, girls, I'll give some last instructions," Dr. Trate told the nervous teary eyed ex-boys. "As I said, my treatments will help you accept your girlhood. You'll quickly adapt to girlhood. I'm sure at least some of you were planning a last minute escape by running away tonight. Since you're castrated, you now know such an act is useless. Saturday afternoon, you will attend the Victorian Tea Party at the Balkut estate. Saturday evening, you will enter the hospital. On Sunday, one by one, I will remove the now useless remnants of your masculinity and reshape your groins into absolute girlishness. By this time on Sunday, each of you will be forever more a girl..."

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 10 - The End


Leprechaun Trickery Part 9

"Tony sat with me in Olivia's office as Robert spouted off," Lydia stated. "He didn't try to deny anything and even confessed to his weakness. Olivia has a close relationship with Dr. Trate whom I mentioned earlier. I'm sure you've heard of her good reputation as a plastic surgeon, endocrinologist, and Hypnotherapist. Well, Dr. Trate has an interesting side line that matches her name quite well and fit in perfectly with disciplining both Tony and Robert. Now what do think Dr. Cassandra Trate's side line might be? Just think of what a good disciplinary procedure Dr. Cass Trate could employ."

The women gasped as they realized what Lydia was getting at. "Oh my," Linda gasped. "Cass Trate... Castrate. You don't mean..."

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 9


Leprechaun Trickery Part 8

"You were right," he grunted. "The damn thing has always gotten me in trouble. Now it won't let me jerk off. Take me to this Dr. Trate! Let her cut the fucking thing off! Let her rip off my balls! Have her give me a complete sex change! I'll fuck the first man you want me to screw. All I ask is that you do it now, tonight, while my hatred for the damned thing is still hot. Do it now, damn it! Do it now!"

Leprechaun Trickery

Part 8


Cresswell Industries Chapters 70-71-72


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