The Unusual Case of the Vindictive Ghost (Entwhistle Investigations 4)

When Angela gets a message to help her half brother Ian, Anthony feels guilty enough to put the Entwhistle Investigations resources at his disposal to get to the bottom of the mystery of a ghost who is haunting his bride to be.

The Moment of Truth (LoPR Part IX)

Anthony and Anwyn are preparing for their Wedding. Meanwhile Wesley Caplin escapes from Swansea Jail determined to get revenge on those who have wronged him. With Anwyn and Mark missing, Theresa and Angela have to team up to try and save the day. However now they must face the Moment of Truth, where someone has to take the bullet!

Becoming Sara


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Sean has a problem to get his book published the owner only publishes stories from women. Sean has used a female pen name,his sister's photo and a voice modulator on the phone but it wasn't enough. The publisher wants to see him in person. His friend Max and Jackie take him on his first journey to become the woman he wants to present. Can he handle it or will he find something more?

Starts with Day Zero may not post all original chapters I posted on FictionMania.

Posted on Wattpad as well.

The Strange Case of the Jittery Jury (Entwhistle Investigations 3)

Anthony has a problem. He's been selected for Jury Duty. The problem is so has Angela. Now he has to somehow deal with the problem of being both identities and then somehow survive a Jury rigged Mafia case.

The Mysterious Case of the Vengeful Lothario (Entwhistle Investigations 2)

Enwhistle Investigations is hired by a High School Principle in Swansea after a murder at the school. Angela is sent in undercover whilst Phillip and Mark seek other angles to the investigation. Who is committing the murders and why and can the team stop them?

The Curious Case of the Mutating Flasher (Entwhistle Investigations 1)

The new detective agency's is given an opportunity to try and find a flasher on the Swansea University campus. But it appears that the perpetrator is not always the same person, and is the actual mastermind a threat to Angela and Theresa?

The Mistress of Good Breeding (LoPR Part VIII)

Anthony must decide whether to take up Mark's offer, and having done he he gets invited to one of Theresa's little dinner parties to celebrate. But does Theresa has an ulterior motive for being nice to Angela and what does she hate more than Angela?

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 3

“Now, I think you’ll like this property. It’s a fixer-upper, but most of it is in excellent condition.” Jill Miller unlocks the front door of the old Spanish home.

Victoria and Kelly look at the courtyard of the home they were looking at. It was going to take a lot of work to clear it up and replant it. The fountain in the middle of the courtyard was going to need to be repaired as well.

Victoria and Kelly follow behind Jill as she takes them inside the house. The place looked like no one has been inside the place for years.

The New Recruits Part 18

“Hello, Uncle Frank.” Brittney looks directly at her uncle.

Frank looks directly at Brittney “you’re supposed to be dead along with that freak that took you from your family.”

“I would be careful calling my mother, a freak. She doesn’t take kindly to words like that.” Brittney was controlling her anger. She didn’t like it when people call her mother weird, or names.

“Why should I worry about her? According to what I have been hearing, she’ll be dead soon.” An evil smile appears on his face.

Jackie It Just Feels Right

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

It was that time of year again, spring had already sprung here in the Deep South, flowers all in bloom, the azaleas and rhododendrons tapering off, the daffodils and crocus already done for the year. My wife and I just returning from a planning meeting of the Rancho Verde Country Club. Neither one of us were really the country club type, but both of us joined because of business contacts. Deborah joined because of her client base. She is an attorney mainly handling divorce cases. Surprisingly a lot of her clients were male, although she was not lacking female clients. Her reputation for no non-sense representation of her clients made her popular with either sex. I was a commercial photographer, mainly doing weddings, debutante parties and an occasional private party.

My first bodysuit

First bodysuit, first transformation, first sex

Hello, it's my first ever try to make a story - so do not judge me too strong. And I hope you will forgive my not perfect english. So. let's the tory begin :)

I always wanted to understand how it feels to be a woman. I did not want to do surgery and hormone therapy, and crossdressing was not so good idea - just a man in dress, maybe attractive one, but man.

Donna Paybacks Can Be A Bitch

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

I had built my realty business up from a single office to well over three hundred offices, now I needed to sell the business or find some investors badly before I had to declare bankruptcy. The recent downturn in the economy had hit my company hard, causing me to curtail activities severely. It had not reached the point of laying off personnel yet, but another couple of weeks without an infusion of money would make that a necessity. It wasn’t because I wanted to sell it, quite the opposite. To keep it a viable business I had to get some cash infusion, either by selling the whole business or some part of it.

Patricia Doing It For Love

This story is Fiction, the characters and situations in this story are products of my imagination and not based on any reality.

I was out with my wife shopping, an ordeal that I was not really comfortable with, but one that I thought necessary. My wife of five years is drop dead gorgeous, but dresses like a librarian sometimes. She has D cup breasts, a 38/28/38 figure and a face that belongs on the cover of fashion magazines. She was a cosmetologist for a while when we first married and knows how to make the most of what she has been born with. Now she is an executive secretary for a prominent lawyer in town.

Princess in a New World Chapter 2

Princess in a new world

By Jasmine Monica

Chapter 2

The forcibly transformed medieval boy princess struggles to adjust to life in our time
She has been adopted by a loving family and struggles to learn modern english and adjust to life as a modern girl

Matthew had just spent the last two hours doing his best to teach Serinina a new language. His frustration had just about reached his limit.

Soixante-Trois Airlines Season 2, part 8

Sophie had a wide grin on her face as she stood among her colleagues, all of whom were wearing the same blue uniform as her. The uniform, especially the corset, was just as uncomfortable as it had been the first time Sophie had worn it 15 months earlier, but she had long since stopped caring about that. She had long since stopped feeling like an outsider in the uniform, as though she, as a genetic male, didn’t belong in the group of beautiful professional women.

The Star

The star

By Julia

Chapter 1

Pete was told that these people were going to help him get back on his feet. He was told there were great opportunities here. What he did know was that his wife Jackie had sold him, and that once he went there, he wasnt going to leave. He was going to be enslaved, abused and made into a porn star.

A prince's Duty

A prince’s Duty

By Julia Michelle
This is just a short tale that I had in mind. It is a quick but very brutal tale of a prince that had it all but fate and powers beyond his control decided the course of his life l before he was born.

And since its a quick overview of his life from birth to fifteen to a marriage at 18 and after. I wasnt even sure what age rang to put on the tale. Theres some sex at his marriage at 18. Nothing really graphic is described. I must warn you, theres even some brief talk of suicide. As I said. its just a brief and quick tale. I may consider fully trying to write out the story later.
I am just wondering if anything thinks this tale is worth really trying to flesh everything out
The Story

Hearts Desire


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Randall Bartholomew, the adopted ward of the pirate king Roderick Drake, has just come home from three months at sea. The King has a mission for his three children that will throw Randall into a situation he never expected. Can he escape his situation before its too late?

A Spark Can Start A Blaze

Ethan stretches like a cat as he wakes-up in bed. He was enjoying dressing like a girl all the time now. The silk nightgown he wore to bed rubs against his smooth skin and sends goosebumps up and down his body.

He looks down towards his chest and he was slowly developing his own breasts. He decided after high school that he wanted his own breasts. He had been wearing fake ones all the time for his performances. So, he talked Dr. Wolfhart into increasing his estrogen levels, since his body produced so little testosterone.

Pushing the Limits- Part 5

Hey guys! I’m back after a long hiatus….sorry for disappearing but yes..this story is still very much alive. Here is an update. It’s a bit longer this time around. Enjoy!

Chapter 5: Work Hard, Play Hard

“I….I think I wanna be Little Bow Peep tonight”, he said, with a giggle.

As soon as he said the words, though, he realized how high pitched his voice had sounded. It definitely wasn’t intentional on his part- it actually felt natural. But still, it wasn’t something that he was entirely comfortable with .

Feminine wiles

Feminine wiles

We had been sharing a flat for about three years now, Colette and I, because we had quite a lot in common. Both of us had always dreamt about becoming women, but while Colette was really serious about it and now in the last stage of her transition, meaning that she was pre-op, I had always been reluctant to start hormones, because I simply liked sex with girls too much.

The Curious Boy - Part 1

Tom was sitting on his bed when he heard his mother leaving the driveway with the family car. He knew he was alone. His sister was at school. He was home sick with the flue and was curious to go through his sister's things, especially since she seemed so against him doing that. She had told him time and time again: If I catch you in there Tom you'll regret it.

Eerie Saloon -- Treasure of Eerie: Chapter 5

The Treasure of Eerie, Arizona -- Chapter 5
By Christopher Leeson and Ellie Dauber

The final chapter – for now. George does chores. Tor returns the stolen horses. Female take notice.

The seduction: part 26

after Lauren.jpg
A new chapter, sorry for the delay but I tried my best to fiish a ew story on NaNoWriMo and did well there. Now it is down to iroing out all the typos and other errors, then it s going to appear as a book here, before it goes on sale.

So here is a new chapter of the seduction, just one, but an extra long one, enjoy!

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

Waisting my life – why I love corsets.

“That’s how it began – Just an injury – then a corset but now …...

You don’t get life-changing injuries in Tennis! Not unless you’re very unlucky. T’was so for me.

An AP-500 story


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