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Prisoner of the Flesh

Warning: This is horror story. There is no happy ending. It is inspired by Johnathan's Rings of Fate on FM, which is one of the best bodyswap horror stories I have ever read.

Prisoner of the Flesh

Halo Cast

Halo Cast


Synopsis: When Josh was wheeled into the emergency room he didn't care what was plugged or poked into him. When his landlady arrived an hour later he was just beginning to wake up and only then did he realize he wasn't riding his bicycle anymore. Then he saw his landlady and remembered he had made her his contact in case of an accident. That's when he also saw the disposable he was tapped into.

Life of Avery 14

I woke up to the sound of the television. I poked my head out still in my nightgown and seeing Jessica realised everyone must have already left for church. I decided to shower now considering the house was mostly empty. I either shower now or I would have to wait until my afternoon change so I didn’t waste a diaper.

Life of Avery 13

Everyone was really great yesterday. I went to the bathroom and washed my face so I didn't look like I was crying my head off. By the time I came out everyone had already eaten and the movie of the night had just started. They all said how nice I looked and then Emily let me eat on the couch with a tray and plenty of napkins so I didn't miss more of the movie. At least when I promised to be really careful, which I did. I didn't want to make a mess on their nice furniture at all, or my pretty new clothes.

Life of Avery 12

Arriving home Emily quickly announced that we would be getting pizza for dinner as it was already well after six. Had we really spent that much time just shopping? As we brought everything in bags were piled everywhere in the living room.

I grabbed a bag ready to begin the dreaded task of taking off all these tags and putting things away. Not long after I picked up the first bag though the twins attacked the pile and in a single trip everything was on my bed.

Life of Avery 11

I haven't been to a lot of malls but this one seemed big. Because it was friday there were a lot of people here too. For a bit I was almost looking forward to this even in the dress. The twins kept talking about how fun it was going to be. This was their world. Some of their excitement was rubbing off on me maybe. No less than two nurses said how cute I looked at the doctors. It was a different cute though, the cute of a little girl looking like her mommy made her all pretty.

Life of Avery 10

A couple days went by and things started to feel familiar. We would wake up and have breakfast. I was on toast and passing out plates. Honestly I was starting to like it. It let me pretend I belonged. Everything was mostly fine although it was still too early to actually think this was going to work. Jessica would come back after the adults went to work and do school study stuff most of the day. Once she even let Faith braid her hair as Grace braided Cindy’s. They couldn't do their own yet but they could do other's reasonably well.

Life of Avery 9

Stepping out of his room he felt alive sort of, like reborn. What ever happened now he was just going to do what he liked. He finally didn't care what other people thought. Before he just pretended he didn't care, he knew that now. Now it was real, he was really free to just be “self” whatever prefix the world wanted to add to it was fine.

Life of Avery 8

“Her name is Jessica.” Emily said as she cooked eggs for breakfast. “She goes to the local college and looks after you kids while we are at work. She takes a light class load in the summer but on thursdays we are testing Faith and Grace who insist are old enough to not need a sitter.”

Life of Avery 7

Mostly I just stared out the window as we drove to the new house. Kelly sat in back next to me which seemed to annoy John who was our driver again. He had to take out one of the car seats, likely had to put it back in later too. If I had my way he would have taken both of them out but I was use to them by this point.

Life of Avery


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Join Avery and follow along as the hard life starts to show a silver lining. Things may not be great at first but there is still hope. Dangerous hope. To have hope and lose it may perhaps be one of the worst things of all. Walls of protection firmly in place around Avery’s heart and despite the past hardships and a lot of personal issues. Avery finds people who care and finally starts to feel good about the future. Tainted future. Past experience and unplanned secrets threaten to unravel. Will hope shine or will despair wall Avery away from the world forever?

Life of Avery 6

Sunday morning Kelly was a couple levels above normal perky. Honestly I don't know how she does it all the time. I was getting use to it though. Seeing her happy all the time did make me feel a little better. There are many ways to wake up in the mornings and a chipper all too happy Kelly calling me honey, sweetie or the dreaded sweetheart was far from the worst.

Life of Avery 5

Kelly was extra perky this morning for breakfast. I almost think she’s keeping a secret or something. Super perky Kelly who couldn’t even stop smiling to chew her food told me she might miss lunch because she had an important phone call. I nodded, it was kind of good because this new level of perky was starting to creep me out a little. I still liked her. Well, I decided I liked her a day or two ago. Until she crossed some line somewhere she keeps that status. Not many make it there.

Life of Avery 4

I haven’t been in a shelter for a really long time. I think I was five back then. I forgot how crowded they were. People everywhere. Last time I had to stay in the nursery with the really young kids and toddlers. Probably the only place where I was one of the biggest. This time they gave me a small room. There was a small window on the top of the ceiling which was on the ground outside as we were in the basement. It had a bar in front of said window on the back wall to hang clothes on even though I couldn’t reach it. A small garbage can, a dresser and a bed.

Life of Avery 3

I knew it was going to be bad. They never call us into the living room this late. It’s their television time together they call it. This time the television was off though. Definitely something bad, and were part of it. I don't think we did anything. Were we too loud? I was just reading I don't know how that was bad…

“I’m sorry kids.” Mr. Lopez said. “There's really no easy way to say this. I haven't been working for a few weeks now. I was hoping I could find something. It’s just not happening as soon as we wanted.”

Life of Avery 2

“What?” Stella says into the phone. It’s her cousin from the clinic. “Hold on, start over and let me put you on speaker phone. Pedro, you need to hear this.” Getting his attention as he was coming in from mowing the lawn. Both sat at the kitchen table, phone in the center on speaker. “Okay Michelle, Pedro is here. Tell us what happened.

Life of Avery 1

Join Avery and follow along as the hard life starts to show a silver lining. Things may not be great at first but there is still hope. Dangerous hope. To have hope and lose it may perhaps be one of the worst things of all. Walls of protection firmly in place around Avery’s heart and despite the past hardships and a lot of personal issues. Avery finds people who care and finally starts to feel good about the future. Tainted future. Past experience and unplanned secrets threaten to unravel. Will hope shine or will dispare wall Avery away from the world for ever?

Therapy Doll

Therapy Doll


A young man finds himself in the middle of two personalities. It's in the middle of that discovery that he finds himself about to become homeless. There is a plan, albeit an odd plan but he and he alone might be able to bring those two together and in doing so find a home. All he's got to do is become a Therapy Doll.

Patty's Play Pal




One minute your breaking into places, making a decent living, next some damn robot is taping you into a diaper. Mark didn’t begrudge the robot the diaper, he was small enough for that, but if their robot was suppose to be all that intelligent how come it didn’t know that boys didn’t wear dresses?



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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to locations, persons living or dead is purely coincidental. There is also sex between consenting partners over the age of 18 which may include sexual fetish elements and role-playing. As always I write this for your enjoyment. A comment if able would be greatly appreciated. Hugs Mary Beth.

CMC 07: Goodbye Frank

Cindy at Music Camp

By Teek
© 2019

Chapter 07
Goodbye Frank

Summary: It is time to say Goodbye to Frank. Samantha sets out to make sure Cindy is dressed appropriately for the rest of camp.

To the Matt Part 23

Special thanks to LookingGlass for the unintentional inspiration for Mack's family. It's tough to have a story involving pro wrestling without the inclusion of characters from a nation famous for its pro wrestlers. Unless by some unforseen plot twist, this is the penultimate chapter.



written by Dauphin
My neighbour changed everything about me, and I let her
"This is a sad story and once again Dauphin talks about how scociety wants to change people and not accept them" Diana
"Who is the villian in this story" Dauphin

Getting What She Wanted

“Deeper Draco, I want all of you inside of me.” Reba was on all fours on the bed with her breast swinging back and forth dressed as a humanoid female mouse.

Behind her, pumping in and out of her ass was a humanoid Dragon man. Draco enjoyed pounding into Reba. The two of them loved being furries and wishes they were the actual animals they wanted to be like.

I Like Dressing Up

Rachael looks at her collection of women clothing she has. Most of them she designed herself and have worn at one time or another. She has never confined herself to one gender. If she felt like dressing as a girl, she dresses as a girl. If she felt like dressing gender neutral, she dressed gender neutral. She loved designing and modeling clothes.

I was Turned into A Six-Year-Old Girl

Harry pulls his battered pick-up truck up to the house he had been told to clean out by his father. It was to pay his father back for buying the truck he was driving. He grabs his gloves and paper mask as he heads inside the house. He couldn’t believe how much of a mess had been left behind.

The house had been foreclosed on and his father had bought the house at an auction to flip it. His father loved making money. His father was paying him and four of his friends to clean the house out. If there is anything they wanted to come for themselves, they could.


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