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Vanilla Sky...Part 7.

Vanilla Sky…Part7.

There’s almost ten of us actually and we’re laughing and chatting and headed into the coffee place.

They all know…they all know and they don’t care and it just really doesn’t seem to matter.

Okay…coffee and sugar and some more shopping.

And we walk into the place and I slow down and stop almost as I see other kids there and not just other kids but there’s boys there.

And they’re looking up at us all as we’re coming in.

Eeep…shit do I look alright?

X-Why-Me...Chapter 14

X-Why-Me…Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“You’ll deal?” More sarcasm. “Okay you might have some haters but here being gay can get you lynched.”

Kira’s mom turned to Emily’s mom looking both mad and really hurting and there were tears there starting. “We’ll deal because we don’t have a choice…we don’t have anywhere else to go…we lost everything and this… (She gestured around.)…this put us in a big whole as it is…This is it this is home now and I have a daughter that needs to be who she is because the last time we went with her hiding it…it almost killed her.”

Emily got up and went out front to the main part of the diner and she looked for Kira who was smiling and taking peoples orders and looked just amazing and sunny and beautiful…had she done something like trying to kill herself.

Not this time, no…hell no.

Allie Sequel 4: Multilane

By Paul Calhoun

So we're back to the Allie plot. More foreshadowing of the UA in the question of who is Antigone and where did she come from?

Each of the boys has their storylines further fleshed out. Not sure if I'll continue this way or focus one one next time.

Winter's Child: Chapter 6

Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 6
New World

“I don’t think you need to worry about maintaining my modesty,” I joked, “I don’t seem to have any.”

The trip home. part 12 (Conclusion)

Promptly at ten thirty on Thursday morning Beth was sitting in the chair in Professor Tandy's office a tea cup nearby. Beth had come prepared this time with a cup of tea of her own.

The trip home. part 11

True to the Professor's words David did return with a can of pop. Pepsi, not diet of course, however he at least managed to get her a straw of sorts. The Slurpee straw with it's spoon type end wouldn't but much use in a small can of cola. David handed it to her along with the straw. His big hands dwarfing her tiny hands as he did so. What took him less than his one hand took her two to catch. It was also no surprise that after handing over the can her own hands were a bit black as well.

Costumes and Cars

ed maid.jpg

Brittany really does not want to give up her Easter Saturday in order to move her school's costume collection. On the other hand, her brother Tom says he'd do anything to see Sir John Thunder's collection of cars.

Author's Note: This is a standalone story, one of several set at the Seacombe Independent Girls' High School, or SIGHS. If you enjoy this story, you might like to try more SIGHS stories: Jolly Hockey Sticks; Your Starter For... and Strings of Sighs.

Warning: This story, like most of my other stories, is a light-hearted cross-dressing romp, and is not to be taken seriously.

Going Native chapter 1

Magic exists!

Two boys borrow magic books from their mothers, who are witches.
Together with two friends they try to do magic with unexpected results.

Two lives will never be the same afterwards.
This is the start of a new story with multiple chapters.

The trip home. part 9

Beth's afternoon classes were hectic. Her lab partner in her basic chem class was a bore. Ty was a nerdy know it all that liked to speak to her as if she was a product of a by gone era. Ie little better than to breed children. It was comments such as this that usually raised her hackles. But he was always like this no matter how many times she had proven to him she actually had a brain in her head.

So you're as good as me?

So, you're as good as me, hey?

(c) Alys Prince 2013


"This is Angela's story of how Annette arrived. Annette soon realizes how much she enjoys being a teenage girl and being a new-sister."
A second story about how the SisterDom grew and helped so many boys and young men.


Auntie owned a Dress-shop

NOTE - The SisterDom is a group of wonderful women who know that it is important to help their men to access and, when they are comfortable with the concept, to release their inner girlhood. These women are willing to train and transition their new-girls using a variety of simple techniques, sometimes with a touch of ‘domination’ and strong encouragement.

Several of the stories in the group involve overlapping characters.

Naming a Doll

Naming a Doll.jpg
Naming a Doll


A needle weaved in and out of the fabric creating intricate designs that only a master of their craft could achieve. Nimble hands carefully painted the eyes adding fine details. He slowly assembled each piece of the porcelain doll; each time the pieces clicked together it was like finishing a part of the puzzle. This was to be his final doll, a compilation of all his skill, imagination, and years of experience. It would be the perfect doll, his greatest masterpiece.

Strings of Sighs

When the cellist doesn't turn up for the rehearsal of their school's string quartet, the girls decide they need a stand in. The problem is, the only other decent cellist they know is the second violin's brother.





Aaron Connor grew up as a normal boy with normal interests despite his mom leaving him at a young age. When his sixteenth birthday started to come around his dad starts acting weird and decides they are going on a father son camping trip. Somehow it all comes down to the mystery of who exactly was his mom and this started what was only the beginning of a new and somewhat strange adventure.


From the time I was very little I had always been pretty. Not cute, pretty. My mother dressed me in girls clothing and I was even prettier. Being pretty was my focus as a young child.

The trip home. Part 8

Beth pulled the old Diplomat into it's normal parking spot. She reached forward and turned off the chrome ignition. The only sound that could be heard was the faint bubbles and tinks of the engine starting to cool down. She did not yet move from her car as she looked out blankly through the windshield. The drive back to her sorority had given her ample time to think things through.

The trip home. Part 7

Beth woke up groggily. She felt trapped for a moment before she realized that during the night the sheets had wrapped around her tightly. Having all the sheets including the bedsheet wrapped around her had caused her to sweat quite a bit as well as her nightie clung to her skin like glue. She knew it meant she had had a bad night. While she couldn't recall any of the dreams she did feel a little less that refreshed that morning. Once out of bed she put the bedsheets into the clothes basket by the door that already had the clothes she had worn the day before in it.

Nightmare in Elm Grove - Clara's Christmas.

Cliff woke up and rolled over not yet wanting to open his eyes. He did not know what had woken him up and he did not care in the slightest. It was Christmas today and he should be getting out of bed all excited like when he was younger but he was too tired. The small amount of whiskey he had had at the family gathering last night might have had something to do with it. Being newly 11 by a month he was almost a man, well a teenager at least, and his father had allowed him to have a small shot. It tasted awful and burned going down his throat.

The Price To Pay - Vol. 5.04 - Celyn’s Christmas


‘The next stop will be Reading in five minutes. Reading is the next stop.
Great Western Railways would like to apologise to passengers departing the train
in Reading for the late arrival of the train. This was caused by the wrong type
of politician travelling in the first class carriage.’

The Price To Pay
- 5.04 -
Celyn’s Christmas

by Alys

The Panic Before Part 1 - A Jaci and Dottie Story

Jacilynn was trying very hard to keep her emotions down today. The minutes slipped by far to fast for her. Although their regular school had let them out for the holidays yesterday today Jaci and Dottie were attending the Barbie Princess Charm School meeting.


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