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Patti's Princess (2 of 3)

Sam, Cousin Patti and Sister Monika were very close growing up;
often enjoying playing dress up in girl's clothing when they were together.

This would have been normal if Sam were short for Samantha, but Samuel was his given name.

Patti had often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day.

That time has come... today!

Patti's Princess
By Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Patti's Princess (1 of 3)

Patti’s Princess

By JessicaC
Cousin Patti, my Sister Monika and Sam were very close growing up, often enjoying playing dress up in girls’ clothing when they were together. This would have been normal if Sam was short for Samantha but Samuel was his given name. Patti often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day. The time has come today…

The Vagina Monologues

Tricia and Tony both have their own special relationship with the vagina. When Tony tries to get one, it leads him into all sorts of difficulties.

The Vagina Monologues
Lin Dale

The Price She Paid

teens making out

I would gratefully like to acknowledge Mr. Ram as my Editor. Without his suggestions and watchful eye, this story would not be as complete. To him and all of our volunteer Editors, Thank You!

The Price She Paid
By Anon Allsop

With frustration, I looked back at the little girl running to catch up with me. I hated her almost as much as I did her brother, Jeremy. It wasn't always that way, we used to be good friends way back when. But when my girlfriend dumped me, after a month and a half of dating... for Jeremy, our friendship was shattered.

I should have known better getting close to Adrienne, she was like that, a social butterfly. Before Jeremy, before me, there was Jack, Mark and two guys from the school across town. Adrienne was a real player, I guess I shouldn't have held it against Jeremy but... he was the guy after me, and I've blamed him ever since. I kept making up things about him in my head, and after time, came to believe them.

Sarcasm: Becomes Her

Sarcasm: Becomes Her

Just a little piece of fluff I thought of as I watched a kid pull off his wetsuit

Evan Sky had not been to busy to get his haircut for about four months. So today he had started out with a morning of surfing before heading to the barber. He peeled off the green XSPAN Wetsuit Jacket and pulled on a dark green tank over his green speedo. It only stung a little as it pulled off the little hair that had sprouted since he last wore it. Made the short drive to the strip mall where his favorite barber at 'Great Sports' used to be. He had just been paid for delivery of new software package. So Evan was planning on getting the works done, looking forward to having his hair off his collar again. Evan did not notice that the 'Great Sports' had moved, In it's place was Gray's Spa.

Life Is Better with a Bump

Like many newlywed grooms, Michael has been adding a few pounds. His added weight has centered in his lower abdomen. Hoping to shame him into watching his weight and joining her yoga class, Jessica asks Michael if he’s pregnant.

Winter's Child: Chapter 4

Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 4

My mother was suddenly right in front of the Kitsune holding him a foot off the ground by his throat. “You have already lost two tails in this prank of yours. If you do not explain yourself now I will personally remove the remaining seven.”

My Office Gift - 3 - Blossoming of Anne

Britt pulled back her hand as I expected, her eyes were looking up to indicate she was thinking. It was the bright smile that followed I was not expecting. She eagerly grabbed my hands and excitedly said, “Do you know what that means? For some lesbians you are a dream come true!” I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. “That means you could probably get me, someone, pregnant and we could be a couple with our own child.”

I did not let go, but I kind of moved back. “I’m not even sure I am a lesbian. I’m not ready to think of a commitment or something like that.”

My Office Gift
Chapter 3
Blossoming of Anne

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2012,2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

The trip home. Part 7

Beth woke up groggily. She felt trapped for a moment before she realized that during the night the sheets had wrapped around her tightly. Having all the sheets including the bedsheet wrapped around her had caused her to sweat quite a bit as well as her nightie clung to her skin like glue. She knew it meant she had had a bad night. While she couldn't recall any of the dreams she did feel a little less that refreshed that morning. Once out of bed she put the bedsheets into the clothes basket by the door that already had the clothes she had worn the day before in it.

Alex in Wonderland - 4

Alex always wanted to be a girl.
He gets his wish when he wakes up on an alien world.
Alex in Wonderland
Chapter 4
Sweet Sixteen

I nodded agreement, giving a nervous laugh, replying quietly. “Well we're in the same boat then. I never thought I'd be a Princess in her Giftsun Parade.”

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 2 - The Girl Comes into View

Before we pulled away an officer ran over to the taxi and hands a card through the window. Bridgette hands it to me. It's a driver’s license marked ‘Identification only’. There was my picture and name as Ashley Phoenix Riley. I find a wallet with a change purse and place for my license along with a place for a phone with an I.O.U for a new phone... We were on our way. I knew where Bridgette lived, but I'm not sure of anything else. A confused look must have gone onto my face. Bridgette leaned over and gave me one of those women kisses on the cheek, saying “Welcome to Oz Sweetie.”

Ashley Phoenix Riley
Chapter 2
The Girl Comes into View

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Nightmare in Elm Grove - Clara's Christmas.

Cliff woke up and rolled over not yet wanting to open his eyes. He did not know what had woken him up and he did not care in the slightest. It was Christmas today and he should be getting out of bed all excited like when he was younger but he was too tired. The small amount of whiskey he had had at the family gathering last night might have had something to do with it. Being newly 11 by a month he was almost a man, well a teenager at least, and his father had allowed him to have a small shot. It tasted awful and burned going down his throat.

Skirting the issue 4 No stopping!

Melissa started to hyperventilate. The thought that some guy was attracted to her was causing her to seriously panic. This was supposed to be a gag thing. Safe Petra said.

The trip home. Part 4

Beth woke to feeling warm and comfy in her bed. She stretched her arms above her head as she rolled over onto her back still under the covers. The spagetti straps of her purple nightie had bit into the one shoulder while she slept and she felt the strap loosen as she turned letting back in oxygen to that one spot. She had a smile on her face as she felt more than saw it was light outside and knew she was home.

The trip home. Part 2

Beth was confused, hurt, and somewhat angry at her mother's strange remark. She did not have very long to ponder what it could possibly mean as the priest walked in starting the long funeral. Beth had an excellent view of her Grandmothers coffin. It was a symbol really since her grandmothers ashes were inside and a picture of her when she was much younger was on display over the coffin.

The trip home. Part 1

Beth had not seen her family in some time. Last year at Thanksgiving she had been so busy with studying for her exams that she couldn't get away. Then at Christmas she had volunteered as an elf for the children's ward at the hospital only finding out at the last minute her family was going away to visit her grandmother a few provinces away.

Belle of the ball 23

The sun was shining from an odd angle as I woke up. I was warm but felt cramped. I struggled with a thicker comforter and arms before I was able to see that I was in my parents bed. Sam was on one side of me with daddy on the other side of her. Mother was on my other side. I do not remember how I got here nor how I got into my lavender silk pajamas. I did know that my bladder was calling for immediate attention. I padded out of bed being careful not to disturb any of my family.

X-Why-Me...Chapter 5

X-Why-Me…Chapter 5

Chapter 5

*Two months later…

Emily sat in front of her computer trying to ignore the maddening itching ache in her breasts.

She’d hated being small and skinny and flat and she had never had a period…never would according to her doctors. Yes plural, since the whole thing with her being a CAIS XY person came out in her family she’d been to several specialists and even had her DNA tested for some disorder where she’d need kickstarter hormones.

Belle of the ball 3

"I can't believe I'm doing this!"

How many 15 year old boys accompany their moms shopping for new bras for him to wear since he is gonna be wearing them for a bit again. Mom is getting a bit too enthusiastic about it though. She is now picking out lacy bra and panty sets.


"Oh just look at this one Belle it will look so cute on you don't you think."


"Oh and this one would look just great under a nice dress and make you feel just sexy.

Belle of the ball 2

I can't believe I'm doing this.

After Friday's performance I had asked Kim to remove the forms and hair things. She just looked at me funny and asked me why since I was gonna wear them again anyways. Seems nobody told me that the play was on for four days. Two shows on Saturday, two on Sunday and a final one tonight.

Skirting the issue 3 What a drag!

The evening is not yet dark enough for headlights as a red blur passes by. The grass on the verge of the road barely moves from its passing. The deer drinking its water in the ditch looked up after its passing looked around and went back to drinking.

Skirting the issue.

Look I have chapters for a whole bunch of other stories I need to finish. I am sure none of the readers need yet another story from me started.

I don't care if you think its cool or not I am not doing it end of story.

Yeah right that'll be the ....

The New Girl in My Life (REVISED)

The New Girl in My Life (Revised)
By Jessica C

My name is Jeff but for years now and then I get these compulsions to see myself as a girl. It has become a growing ongoing tension between me and my parents that was supposed to be a thing of the past. It was two weeks before school let out for Christmas break, and I had an urge to be sick at school. I worked myself up to be sick so I could get sent home from school. I had weeks ago found some clothes a friend was throwing out and I had taken them, without anyone knowing but not yet had a chance to try them on.

Bridges 31

Bridges 31

Chapter 31

“Samantha…Samaritan Chase…do you take this woman…”

“To Have and to Hold…
To Love, Honor and Cherish…
In Sickness and Health…
Through Good times and Bad…
Forever and Always…
Always and Forever…
For as long as you both shall live…”


Secrets of the Dead 02

Secrets of the Dead 02
Lilith Langtree

The Redferne's have survived twenty generations since the witch hangings at Pendle Hill in 17th century England. Kenneth Redferne is about to take up his duty, but he has a few things to learn about the progenitor of the family and himself when that happens.


The First Queen in the Village 19

The First Queen in the Village 19

by WannabeGinger

The answer to “will they, won’t they?” is emphatically “They will!” The days pass by and the preparations… and the excitement… grow and grow!

Chapter 19 — Are we ready???!

Work experience P4

After all the new experiences, fights with his mother and his internal discussions, which way will Joe go when the pressure builds.
This is as far as I will take Joe in his life, unless I can be persauded (not bullied off course) otherwise, or someone else can see his potential :)


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