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Sara, Becka, and me. - Chapter 4


Sara, Becka, and me.
by Teddie S.


Chapter IV
The First Week
Sunday - Hi Daddy


Well I’ve done it now! I’ve agreed to be one of Vicki’s bride’s maids. And, to live the next two weeks as a girl. And, we, actually Sara’s mother, has spent a small fortune. Lets see what happens next . . .

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 2

“All good things must come to an end.” I guess that’s a cliché, but it fit my situation. Summer vacation was soon to be ending. With that, I assumed that my life as a girl was also drawing to a close. The happy days and cozy nights became almost overshadowed by the dread of what was to follow at home.

One morning, Amie was up early and waiting for me. “Jamie, I have something to tell you.”

Amie and Jamie - Chapter 1 - I make a new friend

I met Amie in 10th grade. She was beautiful. She was tall with brown hair and big brown eyes…and smart. She was in all advanced classes, like me. I was short, skinny and my looks were only average. Also, I was still prepubescent. So I had no reason to think she would have much to do with me. But, thanks to detention one Thursday, we became friends.

She was there ahead of me, so I walked in and sat across the table from her. I couldn’t help but notice her earrings.
So, I spoke up. “Nice earrings”.

“Yeah,” She said, “want to borrow them sometime.

Spring Break Gender Break! (Part 3)

Spring Break Gender Break!
Part 3 - Owning It!
By Drew Miller
Andy thought he was going to be able to go back into boy mode after assuming the identity of his fraternal twin sister,
but when he and Alana's friend Christina arrive in Miami, Spring Break truly turns into a gender break for him because
of circumstances beyond his control...
very attractive circumstances that is!

Caught In the Act – 2

Caught In the Act – 2
Jessie and Cinderella

By Jessica C

Home Alone from school sick, Jeff thought it safe to get into his sister’s stuff…
Rachel home early catches Jeff in her clothes and makeup…
Instead of angry, Rachel helps her young brother to look better as a girl…
Getting caught can sometimes be the best thing that could happen.

James and Diane

Diane and James



They say that tall people have a competitive edge. I can't confirm that, but I do know that short men, such as myself, are at a disadvantage unexplainable by grades or accomplishments. In my last year of law school I got as many interviews as anyone else in the upper 10% of my class, but however smoothly they went, no job offers materialized. Thus, I graduated with no job and no prospect for one.

Nikki, part 7

"God, this should not be this hard," I complain as I sit in front of my dresser, staring at my anxious (but impeccably made-up) reflection.

"You've taken bigger steps that this before, much bigger steps," Sarah reminds me, wrapping her arms around my shaking body. And she's right- I have.

The Devil and Mr. Abercrombie

A quiet drink by the river on a sunny September afternoon. What could be more pleasant?

A casual conversation with a stranger who claims an old family connection What could be more innocent, more natural? And if Simon didn't believe in the Devil he is hardly alone in that.

But it was a pity really because if he had believed he might have been just that little bit more careful ...

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 6

Will our heroes and heroines be able to convince the Earth Alliance that there will be war if they don't support the treaty? This is the penultimate chapter in the story. Strap in, settle back and rejoin UF-2 Seeds Of War.

FROM LAST TIME: "Our daughters were going in harms way because I had brought Jeeter and Bunny to our home.

Bunny stepped up in front of me and took my hand. “We won’t let anything happen to them. I promise they won’t be harmed. They can’t trade directly with the slavers. They would become slaves themselves. They are too beautiful and not experienced enough to handle slavers, even if they are telepathic. Jeeter and I will make sure they stay safe.”


He pulled me in tighter as he held me without answering. His pain was evident. In true Pash form, he was willing to let our daughters do what they knew was right. Even if it cost them their lives."

And NOW>>>

Joey's Joy -- Part 2 (Author's Note Edited)

Joey learns some unexpected life-lessons and finds out some unexpected things about himself along the way. In this part, Joey realizes that he has lost control of his life for the foreseeable future.

St. Paul’s

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I must caution readers that this particular chapter in the story may be offensive to some. It includes scenes that many would consider abusive in nature. To be honest, they are, but there is a reason for this that will come out later in the stories within this universe.

If you do not think that you want to read this particular chapter, then here is a sanitized synopsis so that you can skip to the next one and still follow the story line: Joey is forced by the group he calls the Joy-Squad to be pierced and tattooed. He is obviously confused and hurt, both physically and mentally. This is NOT the theme of the rest of the book.

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 4

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 4
By Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

Things are heating up for out heroines and their mates. Is war inevitable? Will they best the slavers, pirates and the rest of the scum who are breaking the treaties? Plenty of action in this chapter so Strap in, settle back and prepare for more UF-2, now!

FROM BEFORE: "Dan was shaking his head no, as Sandy answered. “They took over the Control Center by pad six. Most of the time that’s where you will find the majority of them. They can keep an eye on the spacers coming and going and what everyone is shipping. Kind of like a help yourself buffet. You like what’s moving in front of you, then you take it. If it’s not worth the trouble or it belongs to another slaver let it pass.”

“How many?” Meliss waited for an answer.

“I’m not sure. Forty or so from what I’ve heard.” Sandy figured the conversation was over. Two men going up against forty were not good odds."

And NOW...

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 3


FROM BEFORE: Vin had been watching, along with everyone else in the bar. “Those girls are deadly. They handle those swords as good or better than any bounty hunters I’ve seen.” She looked over at Toni. “The chair by the Blonde disappeared when her sword touched it. It’s been a long time since I heard stories about the Sword of the Queen. I’m guessing I just saw the sword in action?”

A hint of a smile crossed Toni’s face. “It’s possible.”

Loads of action in chapter three. Brandy, Sherry, Tony and Meliss try to gather forces to help if war becomes inevitable, while fighting off slavers, pirates, and general scum. Strap in and settle back. UF-2 continues now!

UF-2 Book 2 Chapter 1

UF-2 The Seeds of War
by Barbie Lee
Edited by Catherine Linda Michel
Copyright April 2002

"His breath reeked of gin and spirits. It was probably the only mouthwash he ever used. He smiled, and his yellow teeth looked bright against the dark recess of his yawning gullet. His lips were thin. Probably from seldom being pulled into a smile. He held his knife to my throat. “I’m going to sell you to the slavers.”

Over the shoulder of the first man, I could see another man coming across the room. He was holding up a slave collar. A cruel device, it was guaranteed to make the person it was placed on, submissive. Voice controlled, the master didn’t need a transmitter. All the master had to do was give a command. If the slave didn’t respond the slave collar would give a cruel shock. I had seen slaves drop to the floor writhing in agony when they didn’t respond to a command from the master. Those slave collars were a product of the government for use on prisoners. Pirates and slavers found a new use for the government prisoner collars."

And off we go in Book two of UF-2 The Seeds Of War. Strap yourselves in and suit up for action in deep space. Pirates, slavers, alien races and war loom ahead for Brandy, Sherry and all the universes and dimensions. Can our heroes and heroines stave off war and win out against the worst that space has to offer? Well here we go!

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 6

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 6 By Barbie Lee, Edited by Catherine Linda Michel


She made the motions of drawing an X over her heart. “Nope, God’s own truth. He turned of age yesterday. That meant two things for him. He was allowed to marry without his parents permission, and he ascends to command of his clan. His dad, your father in law, has stepped down as leader of the clan.”

“Honey, you married into the Number One Clan. Toni is head or leader of all Pash as of yesterday.”

FROM THE EDITOR: So now we know who Toni actually is. In this final chapter we will witness Brandy's acceptance of the life that fate has brought her, the final showdown with the Trag, and Brandy's rise to Queen of the Pash.

Book 2 of this great space opera is about done with editing and will follow as soon as possible.

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 4


As promised, here's Chapter 4, a longer chapter than chapter 3. In this one we get answers to a lot of questions. Who is Toni, really? Who released the virus that changed Bill and Sherri? What are Toni's plans for Bill/Brandy? All that and more in this chapter.

FROM BEFORE: "Sherry managed to push me to the bottom of the ramp and walked around me. “Plus, some dimensional side travel tossed in for good measure. We couldn’t phone home if we wanted to. We aren’t in our dimension any longer. Earth and all the worlds mankind has populated don’t exist any longer.”

“WHAT! YOU’RE KIDDING!” I was thinking about a hologram and some weird joke between Toni and Sherry.

“Brandy, don’t get me wrong. Humanity still exists, but not in this dimension. Toni’s species travel not only from star to star but through dimensions as well.” She motioned me to follow. “Let’s go see Toni’s home. It’s a rare invite. We are the only humans to be invited to a Pash home.”

“O… kay.” I followed Toni and Sherry into what I would call an Ivy covered entry."

AND NOW.....

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 3

The thot plickens. Our heroine and her friend are about to have all their realities torn apart and replaced by things they never even imagined. Secrets are brought out, changes occur and Brandy and Sherry are introduced to Toni's home world and culture.

This is a short chapter, because there simply wasn't any other good place for the chapter break. The next chapter will be considerably longer. Look for it on Monday.


“Oh God…!” The idea I could have a baby had never entered into my psyche. The idea I was a woman was tolerable as a short term concept. We were the most advanced intelligent race ever, at least that we knew about. I was positive medical could find a cure. Now, Sherry was telling me I could possibly not only have a baby, I was designed as a baby factory! Damn those who did this!"

And now;

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 2

FROM CHAPTER 1: "I had wandered down to the galley after reading the reports coming in from medical and control. All our efforts were turning up negative. Our search teams had yet to find the cause. Medical had yet to find a cure. I felt tired, physically and mentally. My mind was shut down from fatigue when David and Toni walked in. I was totally exhausted, as none of us had much sleep the past ten days."

“Want to see your infection carrier?”

“YOU FOUND IT!” I turned around so fast I almost fell out of my chair. "Them.” David held his hand over my table and hundreds of little black balls that looked more like BB’s bounced and scattered everywhere."

So, our brave crew has found the source of their "problem." What is it? Where did it come from? Why them? Settle in and begin to find out all those answers and more.

UF-2 Book 1 Chapter 1

Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

This is a long one, folks. There are two books to this story and the total comes to just under 75,500 words, counting both books. Both books are complete and chapters will be posted three times a week through the end of Book 2.

So settle in and strap in for a space drama/love story/mystery that will transport you to a distant future and other dimensions. If you're not a big "info dump" fan, you can skip the first few paragraphs and go right to the story beginning, referring to the foreword as you find the info there relevant. There IS a lot of info there and you will probably be able to answer some of your "tech" questions by doing so.

Warrior Princess Chapter Three



This is the final chapter of this story. Will our heroine win through? Will she finally accept her place in this strange new world? Who and what are those damned Homm? The ride gets bumpier from here and our heroine faces many things she never dreamed of in her old life.

When we left off, Our heroine was facing some nasty possibilities.

"Was it doubt that stopped me? Or was I being smart by not breaking my bonds and escaping? I decided to wait when no dark voids were around had knocked me out without me sensing it coming. I didn’t want a repeat performance. Going against an unknown was an act of desperation. I wasn’t desperate. Yet."

And now:

Almost A Girl Chapter 10

So... we've finally reached the end of this story. Barbie and I want to thank everyone who read, commented on and/or kudoed the story. We have both been very gratified to see that a lot of you enjoyed it and stuck with it to the end. There is some mild violence in this part but it's crucial to the plot and the story and will explain further what and who was behind Barbara's transformation and the reasons for it.

Almost A Girl Chapter 9

Things are coming to a head. There are decisions to make, secrets to reveal and fences to mend, and one or two more challenges to overcome. This is the penultimate chapter, with one more to go. Barbie and I want to thank all of you who have followed, commented on, and kudoed the story. We both appreciate it very much. The final chapter will be posted on Friday, this week.

Fracta Sole


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Fracta Sole

Arsan isn’t the only star system within the Kormault League the Shadow Hegemon actively works to subvert. It is 2025. On Earth, the United States of America, after decades of the Shadow’s efforts, is considered by most, to be a pale imitation of the bastion of democracy and freedom it used to be. Following a disastrous false flag operation that left Hawaii almost uninhabitable and a government who now acts in the belief that the majority of its own citizens are a threat to itself, the US finds about to shatter. Six individuals will be put to the test over the next year. Events that can build them up or tear them apart.

Quantum Implicitum


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Quantum Implicitum

Andrew Trell of Earth, and Cavin Conn of Arsan are rare individuals. Both are the children of those seen as famous heroes on their worlds. Both due to their parentage and circumstances, have quantum templated powers but are unable to use them. Andrew, against his mother’s reluctance, is going to Arsan to discover his heritage. Cavin, familiar with his, wishes it was drastically different. Both will find themselves caught up in events that will mold them, and may even break them. Follow Andrew Trell and Cavin Conn as they discover their heritage, and find it within themselves to be heroes.

Broken Cup

Sometimes those outside looking in know us better than we know ourselves. The life they choose for us would never be the one we would admit to wanting. Much less having the courage to follow. A push in the right direction places us on the path we will follow for the rest of our lives. Those who share that path have their lives enriched at the same time.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 6

Atalanta's Story - Chapter 6 This chapter involved a lot of rework and back and forth with William Durr. My grammar skills are not the best so any errors that I left are mine. This is also longer than most of the chapters and the hardest to get right.

A lot happens in this chapter, some discoveries, some mysteries and Atalanta has her first date. She starts to grow up and assert herself a little bit.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 4

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 4. My thanks again go to William Durr for his help, encouragement, and editing. Any errors are mine though. As a reminder this is a Whateley Academy Fanfiction.

This is a shorter chapter. Atalanta dresses up and goes to a barbecue where she dances and learns a valuable lesson and gains more insight into her change.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 2 Revised

Atalanta's Story - Chapter 2 Revised. Written by Katelyn and Edited by William Durr.I want to thank Bill for editing and proofreading while admitting any errors left are mine. The setting and character were inspired by a story Julie O wrote; Frseh Start. The first 2 or 3 chapters were too close and I apologize to the readers, Big Closet, and Julie O. I have re written chapters 2-6 to avoid that as much as possible.

I also wanted to apologize for taking so long to get this out but medical issues and frozen water pipes will do that to a schedule. It is mostly edited and ready to go. You may need to read chapter 1 again.

In this chapter Atalanta adjusts to living as a girl. Both mother and daughter struggle with their new relationship and Atalanta is given a brief look at a mystery of her transformation.

Jack and Jill by Trudy - 12 - The Date

Jack and Jill, by Trudy
12 - The Date

A Halloween fun event becomes attractive because of the girl asking Melvin... Melanie's comment to a reporter is seen by the School Board as a challenge to their authority... Instead of apologizing, Mel simply says they're wrong in accepting the reporter's interpretation of events.


When Daniel O'Brien gets called to fix a broken PDE console a glitch gives him the shock of his life and life in Morristown will never be the same.



“Y-you’re a chick,” my older brother stammered.

“Yes, I had noticed that thanks,” I replied drolly. “You still want powers of your own bro?”

The Archmage and the Coin of Abraxis

The Archmage of the Grand court is over two thousand years old and there are very few things that he has done that he regrets. The biggest is the Coin of Abraxis and the trail of sex crazed men and women with amazing bodies that it has left behind.

Chesterville: A Town Too Tough for Change

Joey made the decision to leave his small Midwestern town to attend college out of state. He’s been gone a school year and it is his first night back in town. Alec calls and invites Joey to a beer party at his lake cabin with Chuck and Bennie. The night is an unpleasant reminder of how slowly things change, in a town like Chesterville.

Patti's Princess (3 of 3)

Sam, Cousin Patti and Sister Monika were very close growing up;
often enjoying playing dress up in girl's clothing when they were together.

This would have been normal if Sam were short for Samantha, but Samuel was his given name.

Patti had often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day.

That time has come... today!

Patti's Princess
By Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Patti's Princess (2 of 3)

Sam, Cousin Patti and Sister Monika were very close growing up;
often enjoying playing dress up in girl's clothing when they were together.

This would be normal if Sam were short for Samantha, but Samuel was his given name.

Patti had often said that Sam would be Patti’s Princess come her wedding day.

That time has come... today!

Patti's Princess
By Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.


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