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Perpendicular Time

It was for the start of 2010 that I’d made a resolution to spend more money on myself. Little did I know what the action I took to satisfy that resolution would mean starting months later. It changed my view of reality.

A Song of Silk and Shadows: Chapter 2

A Song of Silk and Shadows
By Fakeminsk
([email protected])

The old king is dead. The great houses of Sangriferia manoeuvre to claim the Garland Crown and Aubriella Malveil—once Duncan, Earl of the North, now adopted daughter to his hated rival—faces punishment for lashing out. With marriage and life-long subjugation looming, she is taught a lesson by her mistress, Lady Castigan.

Whatever You Desire - Chapter 2

Whatever You Desire.jpg

Chapter Two – Day Two - Day Three - Day Four

Transgender detective Julie Sanderson begins to break down detective Tommy Lomax's prejudices and they actually begin to trust each other and bond. As they get closer to finding out who murdered Stephanie Carter the investigation turns dangerous

The Transformation Inspector

Thomas Rider parked his car in the driveway and approached the front door. He straightened his collar before ringing the doorbell. After a moment, a tall, older gentleman opened the door. He was dressed in a formal suit. Given the size of the home, he gave off butler vibes.

“May I help you?” the butler said.

Diva Dismayed 15

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 15 – Not a date
Despairingly I looked along the closet rail and couldn’t find anything which was new or newish and which hit the spot. I’d just resigned myself to defeat when finally a skirt caught my eye. It was straight and in a bright floral brocade and one I hadn’t worn before. The label told me that Mom must have found it in a sale. I stepped into it, pulled it up around my middle and fastened the zipper. I stood before the glass critically but thankfully it looked just right.

Comfort Women - Chapter 3

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter Three – This Is For You and This Is For Me

Samantha Steele and Wendy Meakins are ordered to live full-time as 'comfort women'. This arrangement suits Wendy but Sam takes some adjusting. Bill Brody keeps Samantha exclusively for himself with creates consternation amongst the other men. 'Nurse Steele', as she has now become, tends to the men's therapeutic needs while she tends to all of Bill Brody' physical needs and won't admit to herself that she secretly likes it.

Comfort Women - Chapter 1

Comfort Women Edited.jpg

Chapter One – A Controversial Study

Post WW2 the Army conducts an experiment placing six men alone in an isolated village with all the comforts of home but without the comfort of women. How will they find the solace and comfort that only the female form brings to desperate men?

Angel of Earth: Part 19

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Nineteen

"This is definitely worrying," said CornFed, in the computer room, the next day. She glanced up at the holographic model overhead, then at the latest analysis printout in her hands. "Not only is Blackpool missing, but Insight is growing increasingly unstable. It's worse than useless in trying to find him."

"Almost as if it's helping to conceal him," said Multi, thoughtfully.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 22/27

Choosing the self-imposed exile of The Pyramids Of Kentoshan might see Lillyn face her greatest foe:
Luckily she has Myra as company.
Which might be worth it?
If not, Lillyn can always leave to find some excitement elsewhere.

Angel of Earth: Part 14

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Fourteen

"You finally caught him?!" said CornFed, impressed.

"Her, actually," said Mike. "Which was only a bit of a surprise. Yeah, we finally caught her and just now got permission to tell folks who helped. Though what was a surprise is that she's a raving looney, and violent on top of that."

"Psychologists and mental health advocates all over the world are wincing at your diagnosis," said CornFed, dryly. "However, we can discuss that later. Please continue."

Angel of Earth: Part 13

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Thirteen

The interceptor was a marvel of modern technology, capable of flying higher and faster than any other craft on Earth which was limited to airbreathing engines. Yet the only reason it was able to close with the target it had been radar-directed towards was due to that target slowing and descending. As if it were preparing to land. Or attack.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 21/27

Lillyn is arriving at the Pyramids Of Kentoshan.
A whole new area to explore (and to get disappointed).
New people to meet (and screw up the introduction).
Of course, some people are already aware of Lillyn and won't ask twice for an audience.

Angel of Earth: Part 11

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Eleven

That tactic seemed to work. The thing stopped, then the part sticking above the tall grass scanned back and forth a bit, as if looking for her. Through the weeds Melody saw that the automaton was segmented, and could fold like a carpenter's rule. The thing unfolded the part with its, well, head further, sending the main sensor array higher. Melody knew that some of these devices responded to motion, and held still.

Angel of Earth: Part 10

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Ten

Melody was determined to get more from Aaron about the event, and she wasn't the only one. However, she had resources even the New York Police Department lacked. Getting Blackpool to take her once more to the Repository was easy. Catching Aaron there was harder. However, she made an appointment, and another and another, until she finally caught him. Except that she didn't encounter him in his office.

Thanks Truck-kun For Making Me A Trader - Part 20/27

Lillyn has a lot on her plate.
Getting used to a new roommate being the least of her worries.
Her luck with research just might be worse than ever and someone dear to her departs.
But all that bad comes with some good.
A resolution is formed and sudden insight gained.

Angel of Earth: Part 8

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Eight

Getting there was easy, since Blackpool was still in charge of the facility. He and Melody both took precautions to maintain the fiction that the two of them were not closely connected.

The staff at the chemical Repository - whether empowered or "just folks" - welcomed Melody back. Of course, part of this attitude was due simply to the change in routine she brought to the isolated facility.

Angel of Earth: Part 7

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Seven

The UN officer hurried from his vehicle towards the ruin of the building, from which smoke still rose lazily in the setting sun. He was sweating from more than the tropical heat and humidity.

"Report," he said, after quickly exchanging salutes with the senior officer on scene.

Angel of Earth: Part 2

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part Two

The phone rang, actually causing Melody to jump a bit. Coral hurried into the den from the kitchen to get it, since Aaron was busy with his guest. After giving a perfunctory greeting and then listening for a moment, she gestured Aaron over. He sighed, just a bit, rose and moved to take the antique receiver.

Angel of Earth: Part 1

This is the third and final planned in the "Angel of..." series. The first was Angel of Chicago, the second was Angel of Haven. There may be other stories set in this world but for now this is all I have planned.

Sorry for the sizable absence in posting. This came out longer than I originally thought it would and many parts were difficult to get right.

As usual I plan to post parts every other day.

The Angel of Earth


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

This is definitely not funny!

Being offered the chance to work with Professor Trent in the university Cybernetics Department seemed an ideal opportunity for about-to-be-made-redundant lab technician, Mike. Little did he know that it was far more than a lab technician that Prof Trent wanted.

Sophia's Choice

Michael and Jason had been partners in a failed scientific venture. A few years later, when Michael’s wife left him, he blamed Jason. He then used the knowledge they had learned together in their laboratory to exact his revenge.

Burn This Diary

I recently found a diary washed up on the shore.
It bears witness to the demise of an island no one remembers.
Retells the fate of a young teenager and a mystery unfolding.
Maybe I should have burned it, but then again, what harm is there to share it?

Angel of Haven: Part 3

Part Three

As he rose invisible into the sky, Aaron was tempted to fly the slow way back to Haven. The weather was that nice. With a resigned sigh, he flew high enough to be above airliner traffic and applied his quick travel power to head west.

* * *

Melody was sitting, staring unseeing at the far wall of her office, when her boss stopped by later that afternoon.

"You look busy."

"I am, actually," she said, raising an eyebrow. "Deep in thought."

Angel of Haven


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This is a sequel to The Angel of Chicago, which can be found at:

Sometimes your own worst enemy is yourself. This can apply to groups as well as to individuals. Mannequin is learning and growing, and Aaron/Malak is pleased, both with Mannequin's progress and how several of his other projects are going. However, there are empowered in the world who aren't content with the slow, corrective and additive route.

A Sissy For Christmas -Part 2

Several months had passed and Melissa could tell that it was close to Christmas now. After months of being changed in and out of various types of lingerie and swimsuit as well as a French maid costume for Halloween, Melissa wondered what she’d be dressed as now. The whole ordeal was a mix of humiliation as well as pleasure and excitement. Melissa had gotten a bit more used to being a mannequin and forced to stay in one position now, but she still hated how the witch treated her like an object and fondled her whenever she dressed her.

A Sissy For Christmas -Part 1

A Sissy for Christmas

Author's note: This is an older story I've decided to upload while you guys wait for me to continue updating Pushing the Limits. This one is finished and will be uploaded in multiple parts

I, Jennifer Ch. 04

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons


Chapter Four: The End

The final chapter. Jennifer and Christina are inside Cybertronics Inc trying to bring down the evil empire where illegal Binomial Hominoids are being manufactured and distributed. Meanwhile 'The Movement', a terrorist organisation that what's to bring an end to all Hominoids, headquarters is under attack.

I, Jennifer Ch. 03

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons


Chapter Three: Love Your Suit

Jennifer is put to use by The Movement, sent into Cybertronics Inc HQ to gather evidence against the company to prove their illegal activities. Christina reveals to Jennifer why she hates Hominoids so much but they are forced into an uneasy alliance. Please take note of the Caution.

I, Jennifer Ch. 02

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons

Chapter Two

Cybertronics Inc is determined to capture or destroy the defective 'Jennifer', her very existence is a threat to the company and cannot be tolerated. Jennifer is captured by 'The Movement', a terrorist organisation determined to destroy all Hominoids, who they believe are abhorrent, but in this case, The Movement need Jennifer alive to prove Cybertronics Inc is breaking the 'two sex' law.

I, Jennifer Ch. 01

I, Jennifer
Michele Nylons


Chapter One - Awakening

In the year 2347 Cybertronics Inc have released their new line of Companion Hominoids, 'The Jennifer'. But one of them has a manufacturing fault; a fault that could reveal secrets that Cybertronics Inc would go to any length to conceal. Registered for termination, Jennifer defies her programming and enlists the help of a company employee to escape.

Not your usual Michele Nylons story.


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