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Cop Town - Chapter 1

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Chapter One - Penelope

Young transgender woman Penelope Bishop and her mother Rosemary are advised that their estranged father and husband was killed in the line of duty as a Police Sargent in the small city of Balwyn Texas. Much to her mother's chagrin, Penelope decides to joing the Balwyn Police Department and follow in her father's footsteps and possibly solve his murder. Penelope attends the funeral and finds out her kind aren't welcome in Balwyn

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.2

Raven stops and wipes the sweat from her forehead. She felt uncomfortable wearing a bikini top while she was washing Mrs. Mercer’s car.
Originally, she had started washing the car in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, but after the shirt got wet and her bra underneath got wet, it became uncomfortable. Mrs. Mercer suggested that she might be more comfortable just wearing a bikini top while she washed the car.

Mother - and daughter too.

Mother – and daughter too.

Auntie owned a dress-shop. Yes, I know now that’s the introduction to a whole sub-section of transvestite literature. I didn’t know it then. All I knew was that my mum had a sister in faraway Leeds and they rarely met, rarely spoke to each other and in fact mum rarely spoke of Aunt Lily. Perhaps Mum knew that working in a dress shop would be the right thing for me.

An AP-500 starter-story.

Learning To Be A Mother Part 3

Gina stands next to Arnold in her bikini as he steered the sailboat. She was wearing her black bikini and Arabella had on a purple one. Cadmus and Trigger were standing near everyone as they sail on the ocean.

Arabella was enjoying the ride. She had never been on a sailboat before and was amazed at how big the ocean was. They were at least fifteen miles away from shore.

“Mom, do you know how to scuba dive?” Arabella looks towards Gina.

TransVixen Chapter 02

Michele Nylons

Chapter Two: TransVixen begins

Wendy convinces Panti and Cherri to front the band in their femme personas and gets the other musicians onside and smartened up. Trouble arises when the shady businessman reneges on the deal for their debut venue. Panti decides to visit the businessman and see if she can't change his mind.

TransVixen Chapter 01

Tv Band1.jpg
Michele Nylons

Chapter One: Panti and Cherri Pops

Vixen are a mediocre covers band led by guitarist Steve Grayson and manged by his mother Wendy. Steve's alter-ego is cute rock chick 'Panti Pops'. Joined by fellow closet crossdresser 'Cherri Pops', the two are amazing guitarists leading a band with little or no future. The band needs a 'hook'...something to draw the crowds. When Wendy sees the two gorgeous young crossdressers rocking out in Panti's bedroom, an idea begins to germinate.


Brooke was annoyed with her younger brother Kaleb. He had been annoying her and getting her into trouble all the time. So one day she wished she had a little sister who wouldn't annoy her as much and who she would have more control over so she ordered some kind of powder off some website a friend of hers told her would help. So when it came she slipped it in his soda he left on the table. So when he came back...

"Hey Brookiee." He said walking in grabbing the drink and guzzling it down. "What are you up to?" He asked.

A Game Of Cards Chapter 3

A Game Of Cards

Chapter 3

" You got me a BIKINI?"

Jake looked at the red string bikini in utter disgust as Jen chuckled. He was now annoyed at Jen.

" This is too much Jen! First you cheat and paint my nails but I don't utter a word. You make me wear heels but I don't complain much. Now a bikini? What are you trying to do?"

" Okay. I agree to cheating in poker. I only did that because I wanted to paint your nails since three years and I could never make you agree to it."

" So that is why every bet we make involves you painting my nails?"

A Game Of Cards Chapter 1

Support is.. appreciated, sometimes [5.5]


A day at the lake during the mid-summer heat, full of barbecues, family and mildly confused neighbours.
It could almost be considered idyllic if you ignored certain unfortunate clothing choices being thrust upon certain poor unsuspecting people by their pushy sister and daughter..

Oh well, let's hope that's the worst of Hannah's problems today, shall we?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Wet John cuddles and stolen T-shirts being stolen.
Large hands being used for various things
(to rather worrying degrees of success as well),
Meanwhile Hannah drools on John's crotch and a pow-wow is interrupted rather rudely by a matriarch on a mission.

Hold on tight folks, it's swimming trip day at Klamath Falls!

Support is.. necessary [5.4]


Some things in life are so unbelievable we doubt if they actually happened or not,
Other things are so embarrassing that we wish they hadn't really happened,
and sometimes things fall into that awkward spot somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.
What can you do about it at the end of the day?

What can HANNAH do about it more importantly!

Events unfold including but not limited to:
John being trapped by a disappearing wall and Eris has a front-row seat to the creation of a universe.
Meanwhile some familiar familiar's get familiar with each other
(try saying that one three times fast),
and Hannah goes on a power-trip while wearing a long white silk nightgown!

Support is.. overbearing [5.1]

After a rather stressful day, we all like to unwind a little.
After three stress free days to unwind while under 'doctors' orders to rest, I think we'd all go a little stir crazy, right?
..just imagine how badly Hannah's been handling it!..

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Pixies attack some left over vegetation,
a discussion is had about bunny/fish
(while it proceeds to eat a campfire)
and Hannah threatens to give a career soldier a blue-rinse perm!

Admit it, ya'll have missed the craziness, right?

Family is.. a bit Bazaar at times [4.11]

Mau-Kitten.jpg Why is it, when you're hungry, everything suddenly has some kind of food connection to it?
I'd be tempted to say it's a psychological issue but we can't rule out the obvious answer that it's all just magic of course!

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Eris enjoying the fall in a glass box.
John gains a personal assistant
(minus the mini-skirt and free coffee delivery)
and Hannah has more cat troubles!


Family is.. never too far away [4.5]

ourIceMain.jpg Road trips can be fun but they can also get old quickly.
The same can be said for being ‘on the run’ and ‘in hiding’ of course.
Naturally Hannah would mix all three together, you know what she’s like?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
Eris eats pancakes and John stares at the sky
(then he swears a bit)
In other news, Hannah considers turning off her phone.

Family is.. growing [4.3]

ourIceMain.jpg Family can be a bit overwhelming at times, too many people, too much history.
Some people shy away from interaction with their family's, others embrace it with open arms.
Sometimes you don't get a choice either way sadly.
Family's family though, good, bad or miscellaneous right?

Events unfold including but not limited to:
John making himself useful
(as a waiter, which he’s surprisingly good at?)
and Hannah is having a magic free da- Wait! there's something in the trees?!

Happy Teen Babies Part 9.0 the New Girls & Happy Teen Babies 1 Part 9.5 Bobby and the Gang

Note. Kelly is now dressing like a girl by his self and has a girlfriend that loves it.
Charlie still acts up and faces even more girl time.

Bobby/Bobbie and his/her sister attend a sleepover.

Dumb Bet

Dumb Bet

By Patricia Marie Allen

Edited by alys9

Author’s Note: While Alys9 did edit this for me,
I didn’t necessarily use all of her suggestions.
Any errors remaining in the text are mine.

“I don’t know why you can’t dress like a girl. I mean, I’ve never seen you in a dress and you’ve lived next door for five years,” I told Susie, the tomboy that lived next door. She was my sister’s age, two years older than me, and I was starting to notice girls and she was one I noticed. Under her jeans (boys) and loose shirt, there was a good looking body. The only time you could tell was when she put on a swimsuit. “And you should do something with your hair and maybe wear some nail polish or somethin’,” I continued.

“Leave her alone Frank. She can dress how ever she wants. I don’t blame her. I like to wear jeans and sweatshirts too,” my sister defended.

“Yeah, you’re nearly as bad as she is. You only wear dresses sometimes, when there’s some kind of special occasion. You’ve got a drawer full of nice nighties and all you ever wear to bed is flannel pajamas. The only difference between you and Susie is you polish your nails. Susie never wears dresses,” I complained.

“I don’t always wear flannel pajamas.”

“Oh yeah; I forgot. During the summer, you wear Dad’s old T-shirt and Boxers. Real girlie. I’ll bet Susie wears that kind of thing year round.”

Susie whispered something to Karen, who nodded. “I’ll tell you what,” Susie said. “Let’s have a contest. I’ll bet that I can do everything you do and that you can’t do everything I can do. If you win, I’ll wear whatever you say for a whole week and fix my hair all girlie. I’ll even let you go first.”

“What if I lose?”

“Well then,” she grinned, “you’ll have to wear whatever I say all week.”

“What ever we say… I’ll even do it too. And you’ll have to do something with the sorry mop you call hair to make it look better. I don’t know where you get off talking about Susie’s hair. At least she washes hers,” my sister Karen insisted.

Shopping for Sophie

Sophie is caught wearing mum's new dress. This would be fine ..... except that Sophie is a 15 year old boy. Sophie's mum is, not unreasonably, upset and angry. Next day, Sophie is taken shopping for her proper clothes.

One of the minor characters is in a SisterDom story "You want to be in the Gang".

Fixa Fatalis


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Fixa Fatalis

Using technology stolen from both the Hegemon, and Kormault League, Mystica and Robo-brain, have continued their experiment with gestalt quantum template powers. The second generation gestalt is about to be tested and unleashed on the world who has yet to fully deal with the first gestalt. Four children will have their lives turned upside down as they’re caught up in the mess that Mystica and Robo-brain have created.

Playing the Piper

Playing the Piper

By Paul Calhoun

Paid for by Demuto up to a point. Then I went crazy and just kept running with it until I was done.

The cats of Bad Munder have heard about the goings on in Hamlin. The Pig Piper, the rat suit, and how they might be out of a job soon. So the president of the Society of Mousers comes up with his own rodent costume, one meant to trap the mice rather than fool the government.
Soon word of the seductive giant mouse has reached the rodent Syndicate and when they find out the truth, they send three operatives in a cat costume to trap the trap.
After that, a sexy scene I wanted to do and an only partly connected political plot involving the mice, their cat suit, skunks, wolf suits and interesting times.
One of the rare times in which I do vore because it's cats eating mice so how can I NOT do vore?


STEP RIGHT UP. We got suits, we got sexy, we got skunks, vore (yes vore!), elections, romance, excitement, murder, hate, revenge! It's not a story about a boy and his dog! It's the Pied Piper's Sequel!

Vanilla Sky...Part 9.

Vanilla Sky…Part 9.


I’m kind of perplexed watching it until in like twenty minutes the fire’s out and the water’s starting to touch my toes.


“Bay of Fundy tides Sam, fastest and highest tides in the world.” Shane says smiling.

“Okay…that was very, very cool.” I’m actually sill impressed with it still and still stealing glances at the water as we walk back to the vehicles and the guys drive us all home. Music’s on, heater on, friends and just…I want to live now…I want my life so badly now.

*And Now…

Immortality of Emotion - Part 2 of 6

Immortality of Emotion
by Arcie Emm

Part 2 of 6

We live in a world where emotions can lift people from their sorrows as easily as drown them within. They cause you to strive for something better or hold you back, wielding control both unmeasurable and unmistakable. But what if, for some, emotions held a tangible power, if they could use the emotions of the world for their own benefit? What is the chance that someone would abuse that gift?

Winter's Child: Chapter 4

Mitsuo is a promising martial artist and dating the most popular girl in school. Life seems perfect until his sixteenth birthday when he comes into his mother's heritage and his father's curse.


Winter's Child
Chapter 4

My mother was suddenly right in front of the Kitsune holding him a foot off the ground by his throat. “You have already lost two tails in this prank of yours. If you do not explain yourself now I will personally remove the remaining seven.”


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