World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

Picture1.pngEpisode I: The son turned daughter

She querously crushed her thighs together as she rode the palanquin home. Its rising and falling as it bore her, up and down with the steady yet still human steps, was awfully reminiscent of her bouncing girlishly on Hoel's twyll just hours before. Her cheeks flushed red, and her hands drew the curtain of the palanquin closed fretfully.

Fairy Watching

A pervy guy goes “Fairy Watching” in the fantasy town of Moonview, hoping to see up the skirts of the fairies. When he’s caught, an angry fairy turns him into a fairy girl, but is that really such a bad thing?

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Honey

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Edited.jpg

Alex lives with his mother Julie and refuses to get a job or to help Julie pay the rent and household bills. When Julie sees pictures of Alex dressed as a girl she sees that Alex has potential for meaningful employment, even though Alex might not want the job.

The Breeding Chamber - Chapter 4

The Breeding Room Final.jpg
Chapter Four – Victoria and Madeline’s Backstory

The story of how a young Victoria Eglin is introduced to the breeding chambers and her relationship with Pope Durden. Then her rise to power as Brood Mistress in charge of the breeding program and her betrayal of Pope Durden. Madeline's Smith's formative years and transition and then her debut as a Comfort Girl. Finally both women become bent on revenge and committed to toppling the masochistic regime that enslaves them.

The Breeding Chamber Chapter 1

The Breeding Room Final.jpg
Chapter One – Down You Go Ladies

This is a tale of hope and redemption as three women struggle to live in a dystopian war-ravaged future where the world’s female population has been decimated by a pandemic. The precious few remaining females are rounded up and made to serve in ‘breeding chambers’ to produce children. With very few females available to meet the desires of men a breed of transgender women known as Comfort Girls takes their place. But all is not as it seems. The ‘breeding program’ which was created to proliferate the female population appears not to be working. The leader of the new-order city-state is complicit and an anti-establishment revolutionary force suspect they know why and they intend to do something about it.

Because I Admired A Pornstar Truck-kun Gave Me A Brothel

Jordan left Eroticon a happy camper.
He even got a signed poster of his favorite porn star.
But as said poster slips his grasp, Jordan has a fateful encounter with Truck-kun.
Reincarnated in a new world, there might be more sex in Jordan's future than he would have ever dreamed.
All he had to give was an arm and a leg for it. Twice.

The Girl In The Blue Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt Edited.jpg
Musings of a tights obsessed transvestite

Dennis becomes infatuated with the girl in the blue denim skirt who sits on the low brick wall running along the path inside Aston Park. He knows that his infatuation with her is troublesome and that he should just ignore her but he just can't resist her allure.

A Glimpse Of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg
Chapter Three – Where’s Julian?

Donald takes on a case that leads him to discover Julian's secret life and Donald and Julie finally meet, although not under the the circumstances that either of them expected. The outcome is a revelation to them both and they are both surprised at what happens afterwards. Final chapter.

A Glimpse of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 2

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg
Chapter Two – Julie and Julian

Julie Clifford continues to work as a prostitute to earn enough money to save her bookshop whilst Donald Cooper continues to pursue meaningless relationships to replace his his lost wife. An impoverished transvestite bookseller and a well-to-do heterosexual barrister live in separate universes but something keeps bringing them together.

A Glimpse of Nylon Stocking

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg
Chapter One –Strangers on a Train

A man notices that another male passenger on his commuter train appears to be wearing nylon stockings under his trousers. The man becomes curious and fascinated as to why this would be so. This simple glimpse of nylon stocking changes two lives forever.

Normal 3: Goo Girl

Caution: This story contains references to prostitution, murder, and suicide, but there are no graphic depictions of any of them..

I’m George Walda. Shortly after I turned 17, some strange things started happening to me. First it was this recurring dream that I had turned into a pile of goo.

American Girl - Chapter Four

American Girl Edited.jpg
Chapter Four – Crystal’s Demise

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is under pressure from her handler to get her hands on the documents in Professor Brett Beaumont's safe before her cover is blown by the FBI agent Liam Dresser who has become besotted with her and is closing in. This is the climax and final chapter.

American Girl - Chapter 3

American Girl Edited.jpg
Chapter Three – She’s My Spy!

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is starring in a Las Vegas review as part of her ruse to entrap an American genius professor who is an expert in X-ray laser technology. He also has a weakness for booze, gambling and pretty little trans women like Crystal. A rogue FBI agent is on her tail and Crystal may have to up her game to complete her mission before she is captured.

American Girl - Chapter 2

American Girl Edited.jpg
Chapter Two – Project Excalibur

Soviet spy Crystal Greystone is given a most dangerous mission. She must use her feminine charms to seduce an American scientist who is a genius in the field of X-ray lasers that could possibly render the Soviet nuclear arsenal useless. Set in the Reagan years the premise for this story is true so if the sex scenes aren't your cup of tea, read the story for the intriguing plot.

American Girl - Chapter 1

American Girl Edited.jpg
Chapter One – Hello, Daddy, Hello, Mom I'm Your Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb

During the Cold War two Soviet sleeper agents have a child who is a legitimate American citizen but as Kyle Gordon matures he reveals he has a feminine alter ego: Crystal Greystone. This conundrum is exploited by the Soviet rezidentura who use Crystal as an undercover operative. She may be a Soviet spy but she is... an American girl.

Mars Needs Bimbos - Part 2


Mars Needs Bimbos - Part 2
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2022 Melanie Brown

George and Mike decide they don't like getting old

Erin suggested an idea to me and this is what bubbled up --Ed

Moonblossom Tales Part 2: Voyage of Discovery

***Warning: The following story contains graphic sexual imagery and themes of gender transformation. Do NOT read on unless you are of legal age to do so, and not offended by such themes. To those reading on, enjoy, and feel free to comment below, I won’t bite… unless it’s requested.

“Welcome To Nevada, The Silver State.”

TransformX: The Story Behind a Scandal

Warning: the following story has some coarse language, adult content, and crude sexual elements. If this sort of thing offends you, or you are too young to view such material in your jurisdiction, please refrain from reading any further. To the mature adult tg erotica fan, hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment below and I will do my best to reply.

[Voice narration by Rick Deacon, GNN News]

The Captured Crossdresser Chapter 3

captured ver2.jpg
Chapter Three – The Emerald Earrings

Crystal is finally able to confront her captor when he finally opens the door to her cell and makes her an offer that she can't really refuse. Her emotions are contradictory when she has to decide whether or not she wants to be emancipated. Crystal contemplates the differences and similarities between freedom and servitude and makes a life changing decision for them both.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 3

Supergirls Edited.jpg
Well There Goes The Element of Surprise

The Deckers are ready to run to Mexico and freedom but Detective Penelope Bishop is close behind them as is ruthless mob boss Jennifer Jones. The Beasts of Burden MC also want what the Deckers have and by that I mean not just the money. Final chapter.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 2

Supergirls Edited.jpg
Chapter Two – The Pussy Palace

Harlan and Pete Decker are holed up after their botched robbery at Supergirls nightclub. Detective Penelope Bishop is on their trail and so too is Russian-Mob Supremo Jennifer Jones. The two beautiful, intelligent, courageous trans women meet at the crime scene and sparks fly.

Super Girls and Stupid Men - Chapter 1

Supergirls Edited.jpg
Chapter One – The Incident at Supergirls

A robbery goes wrong and Detective Penelope Bishop and her Task Force are brought in to solve the case. At the same time Russian-Mob Supremo Jennifer Jones is on her way to recover the proceeds of the crime. Two beautiful, intelligent, courageous trans women who come from different sides of the law are going to meet again and this time there will be sparks!

Mare's Tales 29

Mare's Tales - Chapter 29

My older twins were now virtually twin sisters. We had spent some
important time shopping for Bernadette and she had passed her 'Rite of
Passage'. She now thought of herself as a girl and lived as one despite
having the all-important indicator of her dual sexuality. She mimicked
me in nearly everything and for all practical purposes was deemed to be
a girl. Her new passport had arrived so there would be no problems with
immigration or police.

Strange Bedfellows - Chapter 3

Chapter Three – The Scorpion Bitch

The climax to this story of intrigue, danger, love and betrayal. Jennifer Jones and Penelope Bishop team up and betray a friend in order to bring an evil criminal to justice but can two women who admire and despise each other so much really reconcile?


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