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Andy and Dawn by Angela Rasch on DopplerPress


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What would you do for your career? What would you do for your best friend?

Andy and Dawn
by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Original
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Andrea Leonard believes that television is where great actors go to die. A star of stage and screen, she fervently objects when her agent wants her to take the lead role in a television series.

Don Champp's life is in neutral. He isn't sure what he wants to do with his future, or what he wants to be... or who. When an agent tells him they have the perfect role for him, he takes the card and tries out for the part without any expectation of it turning into something more.

Misfortune by Maryanne Peters and Joyce Melton on Kindle


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Return now with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear when women were women and men were men — except when they became women!

and Other Romances of the Old West
by Maryanne Peters with Joyce Melton
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An 11-year-old boy is living a happy childhood. He had a loving mom and Dad. He has friends and is respected and liked at school. He loves playing football and helping his mother cook. He thanks God every night for the blessings he has.
This was until his life was turned upside down.

A Cruel and Unusual Punishment 3

This chapter has some sexual content.

As I walked to the Williams house I dreaded the fresh humiliations that awaited me. It had been a week now, and I was getting used to the feeling of women's clothes. Even at home, my mother made me sleep in a night dress. It was black and plain cotton, but still had a small lace edging. She told me it would be stupid to be caught violating my "parole" while sleeping.

Go Big or Go Homeless

My entry for the 2024 New Year's Resolution Story Contest

Tired of loneliness, Skylar resolves to find love at any cost. Nudged along by fate, and self imposed circumstance, he's well on his way to a happy future. It just doesn't look like anything he ever expected.

Beware which apps you give access to your information. It could change your life.

Wet Weather Companion Part 2

Wet Weather Companion Part 2

This is the second part of my story and deals with my usual niche rainwear fetish. If this is not to your taste, read no further.

Lily holds James to his offer to help sell Dorothy's raincoats in an unusual way which may or may not delight James. Then unexpected visitors arrive ....


Lily decided to try her wiles with James' inhibitions lowered by being unused to alcohol.

Royal Frills 5

Honey, I'm Home part 2 of 2

For the first time since moving in with Jack, Eddie woke to the sound of an alarm. Having always been a creature of habit he’d usually have Jack’s suit laid out for the day, showered, and dressed himself. He’d be starting breakfast in the kitchen, but that morning his head was pounding. Veronica was right. He did in fact like the wine better than beer, but he didn’t like the dry mouth, the sick feeling, and everything else that went with it the next day.

Honey, I'm Home part 1 of 2

[This is a slow burn story. The transformation doesn’t happen till a little over halfway through the text of part one, but I really wanted to give the reader a chance to get to know the characters, and their motivations. Enjoy.]

Honey, I’m Home Part 1
By Lauren Bliss

The Social Security Act of 1935 established the first Aid to Dependent Children program. Eddie Martin would tell you that like many first iterations, it didn’t function as advertised. Man-in-the-house policies kept his young unwed mother from receiving any assistance.

Royal Frills 4

Royal Frills
Chapter 4 - Christmas in the Palace

Prince Taylor goes home for Christmas. He hopes he can wear his own clothes and use his old toys. Christmas break gives him a lot of time to think of his situation

Royal Frills 3

Royal Frills
Chapter 3 - Natural Sissy

Prince Taylor is now getting used to the new school and all its strange ways. He is worried that the school is changing him, and he is becoming something he would have hated a few months ago

Royal Frills 2

Royal Frills
Chapter 2 - This is your future

Prince Taylor has started at the Victorian Virtue Institute.
This school specializes in an old method of raising boys called petticoat discipline. They help improve a boy's behaviour by expressing their feminine side. In other words, they treat boys like sissies.
How will Prince Taylor deal with this, and since as a royal member he is in the public eye, how will the public react?

Royal Frills 1

Royal Frills
Chapter 1 - Spoiled Brat

Prince Taylor is just a boy that gets in a lot of trouble. Some say that he is spoiled and some say he has a problem with temper tantrums. His parents are very worried... so worried that they are sending their son to the Victorian Virtue Institute.
This school specializes in an old method of raising boys called petticoat discipline. They help improve a boy's behaviour by expressing their feminine side. In other words, they treat boys like sissies.
How will Prince Taylor deal with this, and since as a royal member he is in the public eye, how will the public react?

Diva Dismayed 16

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 16 – A Rollercoaster Ride
The next day at the salon there was a surprise in store. Mrs Millward called all of us into her office and made an announcement.

“You may have noticed, ladies, that the premises next door have recently been put on the market. It was soon sold and the purchaser just so happens to be… myself!”

Murmurs of astonishment and approval greeted her declaration.

Orphan Petal


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Orphan Petal

This is the story of an 11-year-old who loses his parents and is now an orphan. He is bitter and mad at the world. His new life will change him in ways he never knew possible. Can he find himself and be happy?

This is a spin-off to the story "The Teenage Years of Alexander Horten"

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...12 ~ Final Chapter

I woke up. It was gloomy almost dark with just the bedside lamp on. I was in Nan’s bed for some reason. I looked over to the corner. She was there, fast asleep, a book on her lap, looking peaceful.

We Shall Fight On The Beaches...

Chapter 12

By Susan Brown

My Time as a Wife

This is a continuation of "Life's Lottery". Steve is delving deeper into his Sarah persona.
This story contains sexual scenes.

I bit the bullet and took some pictures of myself as Sarah. Nothing
outrageous, mainly just myself in various wigs and underwear. Then I
posted them on a few contact sites. I really did not know what to expect,
and to be honest I really don't know why I did it. I think I was seeking
affirmation that I was acceptable as a woman by men.

Diva Dismayed 4

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 4 – All girls together
Rachel’s apartment was small. In addition to the bedroom, it had only a single living space which served as sitting room, kitchen and diner. I was thankful to be able to flop down into one of the two easy chairs while she busied herself making us both a much needed coffee. I was almost shaking with the stress of all that had happened.

“You need to sit still and try to unwind” was her assessment. Empathetic as ever, she sensed how mentally exhausted I must be after everything I’d been through that day.

Diva Dismayed 3

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 3 – Out of the frying pan
It took some time and the application of several tissues before I regained any kind of composure. Rachel stood back to look me up and down and her conclusion was no doubt warranted “You’re a sight for sore eyes and no mistake.”

The Girl In The Blue Denim Skirt

Denim Skirt Edited.jpg

Musings of a tights obsessed transvestite

Dennis becomes infatuated with the girl in the blue denim skirt who sits on the low brick wall running along the path inside Aston Park. He knows that his infatuation with her is troublesome and that he should just ignore her but he just can't resist her allure.

The Pinky Confessions 4


The Pinky Confessions 4

There is a debate about transgender children. Should a Child be allowed to change gender? Some parents even allow their children to be drag kids! Should we allow this so the child is happy? Or is this just a form of child abuse?
You may know me as Pinky and read a lot about me. This is my story in my words.
A story of who I was, who I wanted to be, who others wanted me to be and who people thought I was

Coming Out During a Zombie Apocalypse


No one knew how it started. It just did. The nanites were probably designed to fight cancer or restart dying cells. They certainly did that. The upshot was that most of the world seemed to be infected by a real-life zombie plague.


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