Between Rolls


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Between Rolls
by LariUmbreon

A Baldur's Gate fan comic about a Goddess, Castina, trapped in a devotee's body after being captured and infected with the Mindflayer Tadpole. It's causing instabilities with her godlike powers to alter and shift people's bodies and genders. With the world at risk and her powers in flux, will she transcend to godhood again?

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Vagina

When Greg Samson woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found his penis changed in his bed into a vagina.

In the fugue state between being asleep and awake, his hand went below his waist, as it did every morning - and several times a day - to look for his reliable old friend and…

What the fuck, he thought, as his hand felt it. Where the hell is it? Then, he thought, this is one weird dream. You don't just grow a vagina. And he closed his eyes.

Because I Admired A Pornstar Truck-kun Gave Me A Brothel

Jordan left Eroticon a happy camper.
He even got a signed poster of his favorite porn star.
But as said poster slips his grasp, Jordan has a fateful encounter with Truck-kun.
Reincarnated in a new world, there might be more sex in Jordan's future than he would have ever dreamed.
All he had to give was an arm and a leg for it. Twice.

It's a hard life for a bright boy in the Feminine Queendom Part 3

This is Part 3 of a story about a bright boy living in Berverly Taff's United Queendom. Recent events have caused unrest. Peter and his mother are affected. With the end of Beverly's amazing story . This is my take on what some of the events may have looked like from someone living in the UQ.

As before I will edit or delete the story if Beverly doesn't approve. My ideas are guesswork into what may have happened.


A Short Story based on Historical Fact
By Maryanne Peters

My Mammy always said that I was more stubborn than a mule, so I always stayed away from mules. I won’t buy a fight if I don’t need it. But my folks knew soon enough that there was no winning an argument with their girl Lucy. Sure, I was born with something that did not belong, and without something that did, but nobody was going to tell me that I was a boy.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 9

Officer Callusy sighed as she rubbed her face. The was the second time that new magical girl was seen in action. This time, there was two different sets of ex-magical girls to pick up. So far, they had been able to keep the press from getting pictures of the girls. Even then, they were only able to do that because they were underage. No pictures allowed without their parent or guardian being present.

The Earl Maid - Chapter 8 (conclusion)

The Earl Maid

By Susannah Donim

Rob is a shy and reserved young man, but an unexpected inheritance suddenly makes him the centre of attention. His wife helps him find a way of hiding in plain sight.

Chapter 8

So Rob is back but no more comfortable as the Earl than before. What’s to be done? He can’t be Martha anymore, can he?

Office Takeover (Extended)

Office Takeover (Extended)

By Susannah Donim (based on a short story by Margaret Jeanette)

Jim and his secretary change places, with far-reaching consequences.

The Christmas party

“Come on – you’re the CEO. You have to push the boat out a bit!”

My wife, Marilyn, was trying to persuade me to splash out on our costumes for the company’s Christmas fancy dress party.

“CEO, hah! There’s only sixteen of us in the company. I’m more like a Team Leader.”

After the Pantomime - Chapter 9 of 9 (conclusion)

After the Pantomime

By Susannah Donim

A spare time hobby slowly turns into a lifetime choice for Nick.

Chapter 9 – After the Birth

Is Nick’s future, Daisy? Or is Daisy’s future, Nick?

After the Pantomime - Chapter 8 of 9

After the Pantomime

By Susannah Donim

A spare time hobby slowly turns into a lifetime choice for Nick.

Chapter 8 – Daisy’s Promotion

From pregnant secretary to Madam Chairman…

We three directors were meeting to compile our list of how we proposed to spend the Bank’s first £125k before our first Board meeting with Margaret.

After the Pantomime - Chapter 7 of 9

After the Pantomime

By Susannah Donim

A spare time hobby slowly turns into a lifetime choice for Nick.

Chapter 7 – The Secretary

Ruth makes Nick pay for keeping secrets from her. His ‘transformation’ becomes more permanent.

Ruth stood with her hands on her hips and demanded an explanation.

Acting as a Cleaning Lady - Chapter 11 (conclusion)

Acting as a Cleaning Lady

By Susannah Donim

Chapter 11 – The Tribunal

Dave returns to the bank face the music. Is this the end of his career as Maria, the cleaning lady?

I showed up at the bank’s headquarters that fateful Monday in my best suit, now a size or two too big for me, and with my dyed hair in a discreet low ponytail. I was smart enough but I guess I must have looked worn and haggard. Maybe I would get the sympathy vote.

Acting as a Cleaning Lady - Chapter 7

Acting as a Cleaning Lady

By Susannah Donim

Chapter 7 – A Born Cleaning Lady

A new career beckons for Maria, the hard-working cleaning lady and laundry maid.

As promised, Anna and Phil came round at about eight o’clock to see how Maria had turned out. I answered the door and took some pleasure in seeing their open mouths and gasps of astonishment. I loved performing, and being admired for my acting talents.

“Por favor, pase, Señor y Señora,” I said in character, holding the door wide open.


A ‘Master of the Universe’ Investment Banker and his university professor wife are a happy and successful couple. Then their Psychologist friend persuades them to participate in an unusual study and things change for everyone.

To Return Home 1.4

To Return Home.png

Thanks to Malady for his work in proofreading and ideas!

Chapter 4

I stared at Carla. “I’m your sister. Rose.”

Carla laughed! “I don’t think so. Rose looks pretty good, but you’re obviously a genetic female.”


Daddy spoke up. “It must be her bots. They’re programmed to protect the individual. To do that, they might cut off any memories that will cause a mental breakdown.”

To Return Home 1.3

To Return Home.png

Thanks to Malady for his help in editing this!

I woke up sometime later. I was in my bed, and Mama was sitting in a chair beside me, keeping watch.

How long have I been out, Mama?

A couple of hours, Rosie.”

To Return Home 1.2

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.2


I watched as Daddy put out a command wide message saying that I was in charge of the project of reviving Carla. Then, he turned to me. "What are you going to do, Rosie?"

"As soon as I can dive into her crystals, I want to see what's there."

Daddy considered for a bit, then said, "I'm sorry, Rosie. I can't let you do that."

To Return Home 1.1

To Return Home.pngI'd like to thank Malady for his help editing this.

To Return Home

Chapter 1.1

I dove into the water, alongside my sister, Paula. Neither of us wore any of the diving equipment of old, except for a pair of goggles each. I hated trying to see underwater without them. Many people didn’t worry about them either, but I had hated blurry vision since I was a kid. Before I was injected with nanobots, I was myopic, but the bots had cured me of that problem almost immediately. My vision had been perfect ever since then. To dive into the water and not be able to see was too nerve-wracking. Perhaps since it took me back to the time before I was female? I wasn’t sure, but nevertheless — I wasn’t willing to do it.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 8

Sam studied the trembling girl in front of her. The girl had been standing with one group of magical girls. But she was far enough away that it looked like she didn’t want to be there. That make him curious. It was the only thing that kept him from shooting her. He still might. It all depended on how she satisfied his curiosity. He kept one gun pointed at the girl.

“Why,” he asked. At the girl’s blank look, he continued. “Why were you standing away from them?”

“I, I didn’t like what they were doing,” the girl stammered.

“And why not,” Sam coldly asked.

The Trouble with Binky

2020 January - Leap of Faith Story Contest

The Trouble with Binky
by Rosalie Redd

I screamed through the gates of the estate in my Testarosa. My name is Maximilian Wallace Brockton. I am a world-renown dancer and actor. I live on this estate with my sister. I suspect we have a man-servant or two that live on the estate somewhere. I don’t really know.

Coming into the foyer, I was greeted by my sister, Binky. She had been working in her workshop, as is her usual hobby. She ran in and lept into my arms.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 7

Stacy Ellington was nervous. She was a magical girl. Valkyrie Stormbreaker was her name. Well, her magical girl name. She was part of a team of magical girls called the Storm Valkyries. All but two of them had storm in their names. She didn’t like her name. It was too war-like for her. Even if their group fought a lot. It was in defense of the innocent and defenseless. That was different.

The New Human


The New Human
By Bobbie C.

- - - - -

This story is set in an alternate present, where ten or so years ago, a new race of near-humans burst upon the scene and threatened the geopolitical balance of the world simply by their presence.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 6

Sam was not happy. He was in the mall shopping for clothes. With his girlfriend and his sister. It wouldn't be so bad if they were shopping for his girlfriend. He'd even accept shopping for his sister. But they were shopping for him. For clothes fit for a girl. The only consolation he had was that they were only shopping for his upper body. So, he did not have to worry about jeans, shorts, or skirts. Especially skirts. Unfortunately, that did not exclude dresses.

Zodiac Coin: Scorpio

Zodiac Coin: Scorpio
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2006

Unprincipled legal gun for hire, Sam Ralston, is forced/brined to take on a charity case, a woman accused of threatening an urban drug lord who is one of Sam’s regular clients. The bribe is the Scorpio Coin, and Sam uses it in ways he never would have imagined. The result… read for yourself. The tale also contains the conclusion of the background tale of how the coins came to be.

Zodiac Coin: Scorpio
By Ellie Dauber (c) 2006

TG Techie: Chapter 38: [XXX] Blowee


It was later. The world was a long way away from wherever I was at that second. It was like looking at everything through a wide angle lens. Even my hands were several feet away from me. Only they were right there too.

TG Techie: Chapter 36: Penis



It was a week later. I had sucked 5 dicks. I had been eaten out 4 times. One of those times Bree had put her thumb just over my pucker and I had squirmed until she took it away. Then at night I still thought about it. I had been finger banged once. It occupied the majority of my fantasies now.

Then I woke up with a penis in my hand.

It was mine.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad


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Sam stared at the girl in front of him. She stood 5’4” tall. Her heart shaped face was framed by short, thick black hair. Her large green eyes seemed to take up half her face. She had a small nose over full lips. Her figure was slim, but curvy with high C-cup breasts. A narrow waist widened into hips that let to shapely legs. Yes, she was a beauty. Except for the large bulge of a penis and testicles in her green panties. For Sam, her penis wasn’t a turn off. For the girl in front of him was his reflection.

Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 5

Sam nervously sat in the doctor’s office. While this wasn’t the first time he had been called to the doctor’s office, it was the first time without being told why. He hoped they had discovered what was wrong with him and had a treatment plan. But, he was also afraid that the doctor was going to tell him that he couldn’t help him. He didn’t know which frightened him more. Sam couldn’t help but jump when the receptionist called his name. His mother squeezed his hand while his father patted him on the shoulder. It wasn’t much, but it reminded him that he wasn’t alone.


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