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Not Like Other Girls - the Wedding

Emily Berrigan is a 23 year old transwoman who hasn't seen her twin in six years. Why? Because her parents threw her out when she told them who she really was. Now, her older sister Stephanie is getting married and wants Emily there - as a bridesmaid. Will sparks fly?
This is it. Stephanie's wedding day. Thanks to everyone who stuck with my story.

Niaroo Part 8

Chapter 8 – This is your big night, Bro !

The next day I was nervous once more. I was meeting Kelly who I knew I had strong affection for but at the same time I had sensed she was nervous about me in my Angus mode. She had loved me when I dressed as Susan and tonight I would dress as my alter ego once again and take Kelly for dinner. Could I rebuild the fences that had been damaged by Angus and is there a future in a relationship that requires me to be en-femme full time?

Niaroo Part 7

Chapter 7 – Thank you for being a friend

When I woke the next morning I realised I had a lot of things to do – things I had sat aside while attending to my presentation as Sally. I needed to do a grocery shop for one thing, as well as vacuum and dust the house and there was the small matter of finding myself some meaningful work to pay my expenses! I DID have an exhibition stand to furnish in a few weeks but I really needed to find something in the interim and it would involve me taking the initiative and seeking out the work.

Niaroo Part 6

Chapter 6 – My new life feels good.

“Good evening Susan, can you just sign here please” Moira said as she welcomed me. “Flowers for mum? Not sure she has a vase in her room – I’ll get one of the staff to bring one through with a little water in a moment.” She checked the clock on the wall and said “We’re organised tonight so you can go in a little early, its OK!” I thanked her and walked down to mum’s room. I took a deep breath and then chapped the door as I opened it up.

My Summer at Camp Kickapoo (2)

My Summer at Camp Kickapoo
Chapter Two
Concerning Merit Badges

The sound of a lone trumpeter sounding out reveille sounded through the woods. The ear piercing sound caused me to roll over and slowly open my eyes. It was still raining outside my tent and the wind was starting to blow harder now than it had when I'd fallen into a fitful sleep. The wind blew the falling rain at a slant. My eyes still heavy with sleep tried to focus on my watch. It was four o' clock in the morning.

Niaroo Part 4

Chapter 4 – And it was all going so well, too . . .

This evening as I walked along the pavement I did see some people react to my appearance but it was all positive. A couple of young girls looked at my ensemble with genuine admiration while a man ogled me for longer than he should have and was rewarded with a thump on the arm from his wife who had clearly noticed. I wondered it I wasn’t a little overdressed for the Care Home but I knew Susan was rarely underdressed and I was maintaining an appropriate presentation as my sister.

Niaroo Part 3

Chapter 3 – This could work, you know!

As I walked back from the Care Home the adrenalin that had built up all afternoon finally dissipated from my body and I realised my mouth was bone dry after the long monologue I had performed and the nerves I had endured. I needed a beer. I knew I was still at least 10 minutes from Susan’s house and another 10 before I got to my flat and I wasn’t sure I could wait for either.

The Oyama Project Chapter 3: An Evening With Mihari


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Chapter 3: An Evening With Mihari

"Mahiro-chan? Mahiro-chan, are you awake?" a voice called out.

Mahiro let out a yawn and slowly opened her eyes. She could see Mihari's face directly in front of her. As her eyes fully opened, Mihari began to smile.

"Oh thank goodness." Mihari exclaimed. "I thought something bad might've happened or something, but it seems you just got overwhelmed looking through all the happy moments of our lives and fell asleep."

"What?" Mahiro asked.

The Oyama Project Chapter 2: The New World

Chapter 2: The New World

A loud beeping noise could be heard echoing throughout the room. Groaning, Mahiro reached her hand out from under her covers so she could hit the top of her alarm to get it to shut off. After a few attempts, she managed to succeed and breathed a sigh of relief.

Mahiro sat up and stretched her arms above her head while letting out a large yawn. Rubbing her eyes she still felt a bit sleepy, but she knew that she'd have to get up anyway.

"Well, I guess it's time to start the day."

The Oyama Project Chapter 1: Mahiro of Two Worlds

Chapter 1: Mahiro of Two Worlds



"It's okay Mrs. Oyama, you're doing fine. Just keep breathing. That baby will be coming out of you very soon."

"Thank goodness." Mrs. Oyama replied. "How long has it been?"

"Seventeen hours." the doctor replied. "I know it may seem long, but I've seen some women stay in labor for two or three days without delivering. You're honestly way ahead of them even if this is taking quite a while."


Part One - A son's sense of duty . . . .

Mum’s health had been declining for a couple of years now and in her late eighties everything seemed to be failing. That was why my sister and I decided she could not look after herself anymore and putting her into a care home was the kindest thing for her.


Copyright 2024 by Heather Rose Brown

A few years ago, I created the drawing below, of a couple of friends experimenting with makeup. Today a vignette of what was happening in the drawing popped into my head. Even though it's short, I really liked how it came out, so I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!


The Permanent Sojourn of Mallory Sutherland

Meet Malcolm Sutherland, a sixteen-year-old forced to work a tough labouring job after his mother gets crippled in the same car crash that claimed his father. He longs for an out, but a whimsical purchase by a friend of his sister gives him one he wasn't expecting ...

The Exchange Student

Just a little idea I had while getting ready for work the other day that I thought I'd share.


Honestly, I think "but Jesus had long hair, so why can't I?" was probably where it all started. Or at least, that's where it began. Because the whole thing really started several years after that, or about six months ago, with my best friend Claire saying, in a fit of joking frustration while we were studying on the way home from school, "How are you so freaking good at German? Are you secretly an exchange student in disguise?" And like, that kind of stuck with me.

Daughter In Curls

Daughter In Curls

Ever since graduation from high school, my dream of the good life has seemed to be a lesson in futility. First there was my Mom’s accident, her injuries didn’t take her life, but maybe that would have been better. I loved my Mom but couldn’t stand to be around watching her in a wheelchair, knowing that most likely she would be confined to one for the rest of her life. The idiot driver walked away from the crash, apparently drunk, never admitting fault for the trouble and grief he caused.

Not Like Other Girls, Part 7

Emily Berrigan is a 23 year old transwoman, who hasn't seen her twin Jordan in six years. Not since she told her parents the truth about herself and they threw her out. Her older sister is getting married and wants Emily there - as a bridesmaid. Will sparks fly?
Jeannie, Rob and Liam come to visit Emily, and she learns the truth about their other son. Emily faces off against her mother about the wedding and being a bridesmaid.

Cerridwen's First Anime Convention (3)

Part Three of Three
The Bunny Belle of The Anime Convention! Cerridwen-Chan!

The Vicksburg Convention Center was a handsome brick building located in the heart of downtown Vicksburg, that to say it was located right on the riverfront, right behind the concrete flood wall the city had built some twenty years ago to contain the yearly overflow from the Mississippi River. Vicksburg being a river port depended on the Mississippi River and the barge traffic that flowed up and down the river.

Divide by Zero and Conquer

Divide by Zero and Conquer
Copyright 2024 by Heather Rose Brown

This is a story about what I wish I could have said when a teacher said you couldn't divide by zero. Even though it's not a tg story, it was fun to write, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!


The Boy Who Never Was Part 3 of 3

Robert has been asked out on a date as Bobbi. Can his feminine side make the evening a success or is he doomed to exposure and ridicule?

Chapter 3

Robert stood in the hallway for the next 5 minutes absorbing what had just happened. Then he went into the kitchen and stood there for another 5 minutes considering what he should do next. His appetite was gone so he simply grabbed a granola bar from the cupboard and began chewing on it. He walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, his legs tucked beneath himself.

False Start 5 and 6

False Start
A New Year’s Resolution Story
By Melanie E.

After a less-than-stellar time at their employer's New Year's party, Courtney returns home with a new drive to prove to the world just how much of a man she -- err, he -- truly is.

If only they can avoid the temptations of cute clothes, cute shoes, cute... boys? And other trials.

WhatAHoliday Chapter 4


What Child Is This

The drive through northwest Texas went faster than I thought it would as the speed was nearly eighty miles an hour, or at least that’s how fast Garrett drove as we passed farms, ranches, small towns with mega-sized churches and football fields that rivaled Neyland Stadium at The University of Tennessee.

The Boy Who Never Was Part 1 of 3

Robert looked at the beautiful young girl in the mirror. She was wearing a sleek red silk dress with Asian emblems on it, held on her slender form by spaghetti straps. Her modest breasts barely registered to the casual eye but the vivid red lipstick enhanced her mouth and the smoky eye makeup she had expertly applied gave her face a striking beauty and her long black hair that descended over her shoulders framed her beautifully, The dress ended mid thigh and then her slim legs showed down to the bright red 4 inch heeled shoes she balanced casually on.


On the cusp of living authentically, Allison Szymanski hopes for one final quiet New Year's Eve with family. But the best laid plans of mice and trans women...

By Marissa Lynn

New Year's Eve

Allison pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her eyes. She zipped up her jacket, glancing at the walls, grateful that the steps to the old treehouse still held.

Trust Machines - New Year's Revolution

Gary and Leah get persuaded to join in when their friends decide it's time to make a dramatic New Year's Resolution - one that involves the transformation booths that have become common where they live...

(First time here, encouraged by magicshoppe to join the contest.)

Cerridwen's First Anime Convention (2)

Part Two of Three:
Bunnygirl Cerridwen-Chan!

Amazon was the premier bazaar of the internet. One could find anything one wanted there. And so one afternoon mom and I sat down together and started to browse the site for bunny suits. Mom kind of wanted to be there to help guide me I guess. Also I guess she kind of saw this as a kind of mother-daughter bonding time.

A baker street drabble

“My God, Holmes, why are you dressed as a woman? “

“This is the real me. Watson. All the opium and melancholy were just trying to deflect my agony over living as a man.”

“Extraordinary! How long have you felt like this? When did you know?”

“When? Elementary, my dear Watson.”

Astralwife | efiwlartsA

My wife and I have a rather unique relationship. In fact, I met her after she had already died, and she had meet me after I already died. This was not at the same time, and, yes, we are both alive right now. And, no, it isn’t due to magic (which doesn’t exist) nor some kind of advanced scientific breakthrough. To put it simply, my wife is a 4 dimensional being primarily traveling the opposite way through space time.

(same text but backwards)
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New Year's Revolutions

New Year's Revolutions

Author Alan here for just a moment: Thanks to Dorothy Colleen for a Beta Reading.

I thought today was going to be a nice, easy, relaxed day with my daughter, after all the big Holidays stuff had settled down.

Until yet another nightmare dumped my kid out of bed. Here's the way things went. And that's "Revolutions", with a "V".


I have tried to give the flavor of J'Marra's speech without overdoing the profanity. I just can't picture her in a stressful situation not being course. It's part of her street cred and automatic now. You may recognize her name from one line in The Worst Day. Dorothy's comment made me realize that her story needed to be told.

Space Queen Chapter 9

My guests were murmuring as I got up from my discussion with Braccious. This is what I wanted them to start doing, questioning who I would show favor to. The wealthy always want to find themselves able to make more money and status. I just gave that to one of their rivals, and they were not included in any discussions.


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