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The Mischief of Jamie Sarah Potter (2)

The following morning an hour or so before school was due to open. Two women, both wearing skirted business suits stood around the fountain. Both wore slightly amused looks on their faces as they peered toward the plastic fish that floated around the bottom of the fountain. The first one to speak was the tallest one she wore her strawberry blonde hair in a high bun.

“Really, plastic fish in the school’s fountain. I’ve seen it all know.” She said, shaking her head.

The Mischief of Jamie Sarah Potter (1)

The sun was hanging high over the township of Benton. The hours of the day were getting longer and longer with each passing day. All across Benton, both teachers and students were counting down the days till the sweet release of Summer. With bated breath, they waited for that final bell that would grant them freedom from the desk, freedom from homework and pop quiz’s and exams. Many dreamed of long, lazy summer afternoons spent playing in the grassy fields, or sitting by a cool shady spot down by the river.

The Puppeteer: Revenge-broker - chapter 07


The Puppeteer-Revengebroker coverart.png
People go about their lives in their own way. Some believe the world is against them. Some believe the world is their's. But when your world has been destroyed, what would you do? What would you pay, to get some part of it back. What would you pay, to balance those scales?
At what price; love? Safety? Sanity? Justice? At what price; Revenge?
*Warning- Does contain hyper-violence*


Virtually Feminine - Part 6 - The Choice

Virtually Feminine - Part 6 - The Choice
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This chapter starts telling the story of how I came to a point where I had to make a decision about my life. I’m sure you guys are way ahead of me, considering where I’m posting this story, but believe me when I tell you it wasn’t that obvious to me…

Kathryn knew my secret. Which was two people more than I was comfortable with. I was more comfortable staying in denial and convincing myself that it was all pretend in the game I was playing.

So, in the interests of full disclosure, and for those of you who haven't read the rest of my story so far… Hi, my name was Andy and I am a trans-woman called Cathy.

The Womenless Beauty Pageant (2)

he minute I stepped into the hallway, I found myself surrounded by boys who like me had been drafted, volunteered or had been volunteered into dawning a dress for charity. Most of them tried to pass and most did pass. Many of them where being interviewed by the varies reports that where covering the event. Lana Lightcap of WBT had just finished interviewing somebody when she spotted me. She smiled and motioned for the cameraman to follow her as she approached me.

The Womenless Beauty Pageant (1)

I had signed up for the “Vicksburg’s First Annual Womenless Beauty Pageant” because it was being held to provided relief for the Yazoo Delta, a diamonded shaped region of land that started in Greenville, Ms and ended in my own town The region was known for three things, dockside gambling, cotton, and the Blues. It was also covered in seven feet of water from point to point. The money raised from the pageant was to be used to provided relief from the flood water and help the people of that region recover.

Melodies of the Heart: The Renaissance Fair (1)

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival was one of the largest renaissance fairs in Erehwon. Located in the district of Ashen the fair covered an around one hundred and seventy acres. The fair by tradition opens on Victoria Day and closes on Labor Day.

Life of Avery 14

I woke up to the sound of the television. I poked my head out still in my nightgown and seeing Jessica realised everyone must have already left for church. I decided to shower now considering the house was mostly empty. I either shower now or I would have to wait until my afternoon change so I didn’t waste a diaper.

Life of Avery 13

Everyone was really great yesterday. I went to the bathroom and washed my face so I didn't look like I was crying my head off. By the time I came out everyone had already eaten and the movie of the night had just started. They all said how nice I looked and then Emily let me eat on the couch with a tray and plenty of napkins so I didn't miss more of the movie. At least when I promised to be really careful, which I did. I didn't want to make a mess on their nice furniture at all, or my pretty new clothes.

Life of Avery 12

Arriving home Emily quickly announced that we would be getting pizza for dinner as it was already well after six. Had we really spent that much time just shopping? As we brought everything in bags were piled everywhere in the living room.

I grabbed a bag ready to begin the dreaded task of taking off all these tags and putting things away. Not long after I picked up the first bag though the twins attacked the pile and in a single trip everything was on my bed.

Life of Avery 11

I haven't been to a lot of malls but this one seemed big. Because it was friday there were a lot of people here too. For a bit I was almost looking forward to this even in the dress. The twins kept talking about how fun it was going to be. This was their world. Some of their excitement was rubbing off on me maybe. No less than two nurses said how cute I looked at the doctors. It was a different cute though, the cute of a little girl looking like her mommy made her all pretty.

Life of Avery 10

A couple days went by and things started to feel familiar. We would wake up and have breakfast. I was on toast and passing out plates. Honestly I was starting to like it. It let me pretend I belonged. Everything was mostly fine although it was still too early to actually think this was going to work. Jessica would come back after the adults went to work and do school study stuff most of the day. Once she even let Faith braid her hair as Grace braided Cindy’s. They couldn't do their own yet but they could do other's reasonably well.

Life of Avery 9

Stepping out of his room he felt alive sort of, like reborn. What ever happened now he was just going to do what he liked. He finally didn't care what other people thought. Before he just pretended he didn't care, he knew that now. Now it was real, he was really free to just be “self” whatever prefix the world wanted to add to it was fine.

Life of Avery 8

“Her name is Jessica.” Emily said as she cooked eggs for breakfast. “She goes to the local college and looks after you kids while we are at work. She takes a light class load in the summer but on thursdays we are testing Faith and Grace who insist are old enough to not need a sitter.”

Life of Avery 7

Mostly I just stared out the window as we drove to the new house. Kelly sat in back next to me which seemed to annoy John who was our driver again. He had to take out one of the car seats, likely had to put it back in later too. If I had my way he would have taken both of them out but I was use to them by this point.

“Stripping the Light Fantastic” Venue 1 “I Gotta Feeling” (starter)

When I was seven I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I wanted to be a fire truck.

Seriously,I wanted to be a fire truck: drive around with lights and sirens with firemen to put out fires.

I have a few of those things still. I get to work with lights, sirens, smoke and I kind of worked with firemen, but not from a fire truck; actually from a stage at a club called “Four Alarm”.

I’m a dancer. I’m very good at what I do and yes, my parents were fine with it...after a few weeks.

I mean, it did pay for college.

Melodies of the Heart : The Birthday Wish (5)

Jane took the offered towel from Katherine and smiled as he tried to clear some of the icings away from his face, fingers and from the front of his dress. Josephine helped by bringing out a wet rag that was used to get most of the remaining icing and a little from his dress. Susan, once she finished laughing guided Jane over to the table where the presents where kept, while she darted into the kitchen to fetch a broom and a dustpan. She started to clean up the mess while Josephine handed out the gifts.

Jamie in Cartoon Land (2)

You could almost cut the tension in the room with a butter knife. The last hour and a half had been the most intense, soul-crushing, mind-numbing one of my life. Once I had arrived, I had found myself surrounded by nurses and more than a few doctors. The doctors and nurses wasted no time in rushing me back to the exam rooms. And they wasted no time in drawing blood, X-Ray’s were ordered and they finally poked an IV tube in my arm. And they started me on drips. I don’t really know, once the IV was put in, everything became quite sluggish.

Melodies of the Heart : The Birthday Wish (4)

Once James had finished his bath, Josephine dressed him in the yellow and pink party dress, styled his hair and even applied a thin coating of lip gloss to his lips. Once he was dressed, she stepped back and nodded her approval as she watched the boy look down and blush. Her smile only grew as the boy turned upon his heel and peered into the mirror of the bathroom.

Life of Avery 6

Sunday morning Kelly was a couple levels above normal perky. Honestly I don't know how she does it all the time. I was getting use to it though. Seeing her happy all the time did make me feel a little better. There are many ways to wake up in the mornings and a chipper all too happy Kelly calling me honey, sweetie or the dreaded sweetheart was far from the worst.

Life of Avery 5

Kelly was extra perky this morning for breakfast. I almost think she’s keeping a secret or something. Super perky Kelly who couldn’t even stop smiling to chew her food told me she might miss lunch because she had an important phone call. I nodded, it was kind of good because this new level of perky was starting to creep me out a little. I still liked her. Well, I decided I liked her a day or two ago. Until she crossed some line somewhere she keeps that status. Not many make it there.

Life of Avery 4

I haven’t been in a shelter for a really long time. I think I was five back then. I forgot how crowded they were. People everywhere. Last time I had to stay in the nursery with the really young kids and toddlers. Probably the only place where I was one of the biggest. This time they gave me a small room. There was a small window on the top of the ceiling which was on the ground outside as we were in the basement. It had a bar in front of said window on the back wall to hang clothes on even though I couldn’t reach it. A small garbage can, a dresser and a bed.

Life of Avery 2

“What?” Stella says into the phone. It’s her cousin from the clinic. “Hold on, start over and let me put you on speaker phone. Pedro, you need to hear this.” Getting his attention as he was coming in from mowing the lawn. Both sat at the kitchen table, phone in the center on speaker. “Okay Michelle, Pedro is here. Tell us what happened.

Melodies of the Heart : The Birthday Wish (3)

James took a deep breath as he reached under his covered and took hold of his phone. He then pressed a button and fell back down into the pillow. It was Saturday, and he wanted to sleep in. It was also his birthday, but he cared little about that. The only thing he wanted to do today was sleep and maybe level up his farm tools on ‘Magical Musical’ the latest title in a long series of farming slash slice of life games. Maybe if he was lucky, he could get a blue feather and propose to that cute rancher.

Melodies of the Heart : The Birthday Wish (2)

Sunday afternoon, after services, was the time set aside for the women of the foster home to sit down and enjoy a little afternoon tea and unwind from the week and get ready for another one. Sunday was considered a day of rest in the Forest Home, some of the children attend services either at the local Catholic, Episcopal or Methodist Churches. It was those three that supported the foster home with donations of either money or canned goods, but mostly money as cold hard cash was the sinew that kept the house running day to day, month to month and year to year.

Melodies of the Heart : The Birthday Wish (1)

Jane Caked.png

James was your average, not so average preteen. For one he lived in a foster home with a dozen of other tweens and teens. The home, was more like one big extended family, with the owners taking on the role of mother and father. While the supporting staff often acted as aunts and uncles. The older teens acted like big sisters and brothers to the younger ones and in some cases even mentored the younger ones.

Confession Chapter 1

“I just want to start by saying that this is confidential. I trust you, but i need to make sure. I crossdress. I have been since the summer going into 8th grade (possibly a bit earlier). Before that, I don’t even know how long i’ve been curious about it. I just did it one day when i was alone. I didn’t know what to expect, and what I found was that I enjoyed it a lot. It just makes me feel good about myself, though i really can't place why. I really hope that you can be understanding”

Jamie in Cartoon Land (1)

Time seemed to slow down, really it seemed to grind to a halt. As the minutes ticked by, the fever seemed to get worse, the pain in my belly grew more intense and small beads of sweat started to form on my forehead. Each time I opened my eyes the room started to spin around and around and around. And what worried me the most was in one of the chairs of the room there appeared a shadow. The shadow looked like me, we’ll a version of me before I started taking steps to become Jamie.

Its Halloween Jamie Potter (4)

The first period was oddly peaceful. Nobody really seemed to bother me much. The second period a few people made passing comments about what happened. Those comments passed over my head, the third period, was when I caught hell. Hell as in my whole world seemed to fall apart. I’d been feeling on edge all morning, and my fight with my sister on the way to school had been bothering me all day. But halfway through my history lesson, my head felt heavy and I felt very weak all of a sudden. I soldiered on though.

Blessings Part 8- Finale

July 27th, 2025

When the Elizas left after some time with Tara, Tara was discharged to the Russo home. The security force walked them out and saw David and Miles helping them. Both were in full uniform and saw the security force dismissed to their offices for a debriefing.

Its Halloween Jamie Potter (3)

I woke up a little late the following morning. The sound of mom hammering on my bedroom door jarred me from my sleep. It took only a brief glance down at my phone to tell me why my mom was hammering on my bedroom door. I had overslept by a good half hour and was now running behind. Going into panic mode, I jumped out of bed, threw on a school blouse, slipped on a pair of panties, slipped on a skirt and forced on some socks and laced up my shoes.

“The Best Damn Thing” Section 11: “Nobody’s Home”

I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I was sent home after a severe berating by the police and my parents telling me how I needed to straighten up and act right. I kind of took their choice of words a bit too personal.

Hit'n those notes... Chapter 4

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

Tuesday, March 27th 6:11 PM
"Hey Brea... How's it going?"

As much as I wanted to really speak my mind, needed too for my own sanity and to keep from spiraling into a dark place, I decided it was probably best to go with a generic answer since I didn't know Blake all that well, "It's going pretty good." I hoped I sounded like I believed my own answer.

Blake raised an eyebrow, "You sure? You don't sound very convincing."

Blessings Part 5

July 20th, 2025

Anthony awoke to Mary still asleep. Mary and he were stark naked and upon noticing him stirring she grinned and continued their mattress gymnastics from the night before. The two were slow to get out of bed, with Mary enjoying that Anthony knew how to please her after their long time apart.

Blessings Part 4

July 16th, 2025

Tara awoke to find herself in her bedroom again, only this time wearing girls' pajamas. She smiled at the memories of the day before and remembered making a new friend who was like her. She felt alive, she felt like she was herself for the first time ever.

The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter (7)

Once I reached the alter, a acolyte wearing a black cassock and white surplice approached me and offered me a hug. I was shocked at first, till I noticed the acolyte had shoulder length brown hair and baby blue eyes and a soft heart shaped face, I could place the face but not the name, then when she spoke I knew who it was.

Blessings Part 3

July 15th, 2025

Anthony drove to Winnisimmet and introduced Mary and her son Tommy to Rose and Sydney. The two girls looked at Mary then at Anthony and were about to say something, but thought better of it and led the scared Tommy inside so the duo could get to work. Tommy was afraid, but some soothing words from Sydney got him to relax and sit down on the floor to play with the few toys that he had while they cleaned the house.

The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter (6)

Sunday dawned cool and clear. An early frost covered the ground and brass bells of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church bellowed all through the town. Soon there voices were joined by All Saint’s Catholic church. Fr. Brown had insisted the service for that day be in the ‘High Church’ style. Cradle Episcopalians would know this style by the colorful nickname of ‘Smells and Bells’.

The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter (5)

The lunchroom was filled to the brim with people, lunch today was watery chili, stale bread, warm milk and something that looked like a brownie. A rumor was going around school that Mr. Henderson had been fired, it seemed his outburst this morning had ruffled a few feathers. I considered that a small victory. I was about to finish off my watery chili when much to my surprise Joan appeared and sat her tray down in front of me.

Binary Part 9

September 5th, 2016 Shuster Hall, Whateley Academy

When lunch finished, Morgan had to rush to her next class. Physics 1 was viewed as a basic class for all freshmen, but for her it was advanced. She was placed in it due to her abilities and she was starting to realize that it wasn't all fun and games anymore as things would only get tougher as the day went on.


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