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Old Friends Meeting for the First Time

Author's Note: This is an old story of mine which I self-edited using the great suggestions I got from my last postings. I will go back and edit it more. I want to see how well I was able to implement the suggestions which I got.

Chapter 1

A boy named Alice: Prologue

A boy named Alice

Have you ever heard of that song “A boy named Sue”? If you have you might get an inkling about what my life is like. Supposedly the father of the boy named him Sue so he would get teased and bullied in school in order to toughen him up. Well my sire liked that philosophy and named me Alice. Needless to say very much like Sue’s my life isn’t very nice because of it. That is also why I call my sperm donor “sire” I just can’t bring myself to call him “dad” or “father” even. Complete and utter moron, spineless too.

When I Grow Up

They told me
I could be
Anything I wanted
Asked me what
I meant to be
When I grew up
When I told them
"I want to be a mommy!"
They changed their tune
"You can't be a mommy
You can only be a daddy!"
My life could be
A consolation prize
And then they wonder
Why I don't know me

Smoky Corners 3-NC - Aussie Dreams

OK, so I'm posting this two days early, but I wanted to do something special for a special person on (or at least near) her birthday. Besides, it's Pi Day, so...

Without further ado, I present:

Smoky Corners 3-NC: Aussie Dreams
(c) 2017
Haylee V

Masks 15: Part 4

Masks Fifteen: Part Seven


Rodford Edmiston

Pine Island was among the few places on Earth with a force field which was holding.

"We are getting pounded!" said Lori Savage, looking at the large video display of the attack. She turned to Junker.

Making Up the Numbers (Preview/Demo)

Making Up the Numbers

A DEMO of a new story in the works by:
Melanie E.


Yep. I'm writing this. What you're seeing here is a first draft of the first 3 chapters of a brand-new tale by yours truly that, when finished, will be submitted to Erin for use in the hatbox and, maybe, for Amazon sales. We'll see.

It's been a while since I wrote anything substantial, so this time around I'm going for something a bit, well, a bit different.

Hope you enjoy the demo, and if you like it... well, keep an eye out :)

Masks 15: Part 2

Masks Fifteen: Part Three


Rodford Edmiston

Besides the President and her staff, others were also planning for the upcoming attack. Many of them were nowhere near Earth. Some of them were currently in a cavernous storage chamber which was part of a research and development facility on a major asteroid in the Shilmek home system.

"This device interferes with graviton manipulation," said the Shilmek scientist, gesturing with pride at a construct about the size and shape of a large locomotive. "That will greatly reduce the ability of their flying supers."

Masks 14: Part 8

Masks Fourteen: Part Fifteen


Rodford Edmiston

"We have gadgeteer and mastermind inventions," said Dr. Device, chatting with Energia as he worked on the old computer tape drive. "We have things reverse-engineered from alien technology, and gadgeteer and mastermind inventions. We have things developed through standard research... these are generally less capable but more reliable, and we have a lot more of them, since they're more easily reproducible.

Masks 14: Part 7

Masks Fourteen: Part Thirteen


Rodford Edmiston

Deep under a low mountain, in one of the most secure sections of the Assembly's base, a bizarre ritual was performed. A ritual days in the making, due to the esoteric and unusual preparations involved. The participants were both serious and uncertain.

"Frankly, this is beyond me," said Sharma, finally. She looked over at Dr. Piano.

"It's a god complex," he said, nodding. "Rather, a demigod complex. Indeed very much like a Gift, as Paula guessed."

Masks 14: Part 3

Masks Fourteen: Part Five


Rodford Edmiston

The return of Monstro from its trip for maintenance attracted a small audience. The car was actually a bit famous around campus. Most of those interested, of course, were simply checking up on their favorite way of bumming a ride.

"Ooh, shiny," said Alex, when Vic got back from her maintenance trip.

Masks 14: Part 2

Note that Masks 14 follows the characters through about a year, skipping long periods of time.

Masks Fourteen: Part Three


Rodford Edmiston

"'Teen defenders'?" said Energia, after hearing a local news segment that evening on her team's work at the factory complex. "I'm the only member still in her teens, and that just barely."

"Yeah, but I'm only twenty, and teach has regeneration, so we all look like we could be in our teens."

"Could they have confused us with another team?"

"Not likely," said Blue Impact.

Masks 14: Part 1

A partial timeline for the Masks universe:

This story runs around 50k words. As with Masks XIII I will post two segments per submission.

Masks XIV


Rodford Edmiston

Part One

Road Phantoms - Chapter 02


  At anytime over a million trucks are professionally driven on the highways and by-ways of America. Carrying everything from acid to yachts. Not all loads are so innocuous. Some are precious and some are out-right lethal. For loads that are deemed dangerous or valuable to be referred to as High-Security, special trucks are used. Trucks that look so normal, one would never guess it from any other. Trucks that run in secret, apart from their company, called Ghost Fleets. Others have no markings at all, and are specially modified. One such company that specializes in High-Security Loads; Phantom Lines....


Upheaval Chapter 3: New Friends, New Problems

Life's never so interesting as when you find out that you've defected in the gender wars involuntarily, but when you find out that the change can also carry the price of your very freedom? Welcome to Erik Mahren's Nightmare.

Oddly enough, becoming an outcast just might be what saves her.

Child of Confusion

Sandra "Diamondback" Carter would be a fairly normal girl, had she not been born both male, and human. Turning into a mutant and developing massive GSD has flipped her world upside down, and even at Whateley Academy, she deals with constant reminders that she's freakier than the freaks. But it's another day in the life of a budding mystic with a few good, but odd, friends.

This is a Whateley Academy Canon story

I'm a Freak, Sue Me

Jericho is a model student at Whateley Academy, just ask him! Join us as he shares with us the joys of life, how to deal with conflict and the dangers of overindulgence of coffee.

Did I mention both of his best friends at school are changelings who missed the Poe Bus?

This is a Whateley Academy Canon story

Masks 13: Part 12

Chapter Twenty-Three


Rodford Edmiston

Vic wasn't surprised to see light coming under the door to her room as she approached. She was surprised to find more than Alex waiting for her.

"Well?" said the youngest of the three all-too-eager inquisitors.

Vic looked between her, Candy and Melanie. She sighed, stepped in, and closed the door behind her.

"Let's make this quick. I really, really want to take a shower."

"Wow," said Candy, shocked.

"Was it really that bad?" said Melanie.

No Good Deed

No Good Deed

(c) 2017 Haylee V

It is often said, and highly misquoted, that no good deed ever goes unpunished. Yet I never thought

I'd find out how true that adage rang...

Masks 13: Part 8

Chapter Fifteen


Rodford Edmiston

A month and a half into the semester, Vic's parents finally were able to bring her car to her.

"Hello, Monstro," said Vic, giving the fender of the old car an affectionate pat. "Wow, you're looking good."

"She greets the car before she greets us," said Arnold, dryly, as he climbed out.

"Hey, it got here first."

She gave her Father a warm and very firm hug which lasted until her Mother walked over from her own car; then Vic switched targets.

Somewhere New Chapter 1

“No mom, everything is fine!” Yvette stands in her living room, phone to her head, a crumpled tissue in her other hand. The new diamond on her ring finger glinted from the sunlight that shone into her apartment. The hormones had made her much more emotional now that she was back on them.


By Joannebarbarella

The Remains Of The Day. The Rest of D-Day

First hurdle cleared.

I went into my office breathing a sigh of relief and feeling twenty pounds lighter. Margaret had accepted me without blinking an eye. I called her my receptionist but in truth she was much more than that. She was my gate-keeper and the one with whom I shared “post-mortem” appreciations of new and unknown clients. A second opinion of a client is always very valuable, and she was very perceptive….as indeed she had just shown.

The true story of Selene

OK so this year’s cold virus was a bit more stubborn than I anticipated so instead of the next chapter of Selene (don’t worry it will happen sometime) I’m instead going to bore you with stuff that might have come out of the fictional stories on this site, but which actually happened. This for two reasons, 1) I don’t want to post nothing for so long and 2) I need to get this stuff off my chest to someone else than my therapist. Again this stuff actually happened so it might either be amusing or completely dull, regardless it had a big impact on me.


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