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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business
Part 1

By Brianna Luna

Copyright© 2009, 2016 Brianna Luna
All Rights Reserved.

With his life and family destroyed, Richard finds hope
and salvation in continuing to live life, albeit differently -
by letting Ingrid come out to play!

Changes in Paradise Chapter 20

Changes in Paradise
Chapter 20
By Raine Monday this is the final chapter. I'd love some feedback on what you think should happen "next" for the opening chapter of the next book. I intend to make this a long running series.

Sometime later I awoke to find I was in my suite. My hands were free, bandaged about my wrists, and the other cuts and bruises I’d incurred had also been treated.

Changes in Paradise Chapter 19

Changes in Paradise
Chapter 19
by Raine Monday

I'll be posting the next chapter after this. Thank you again to all who have reviewed. -- Raine

Syn and I stood at the doorway as the last of the participants entered into the meeting room. All ten participants were seated in their chairs, glancing at promotional feeds on their tablets. They’d already signed the waivers and the air thrummed with excitement.

Being Me - Part 10 - Pt1 - On Home Shores

Being Me

By Karin Roberts

The Cruise – Voyage of Discovery – On Home Shores

The Finale – Part 1

3 Months Later

It’s been three months now since the day that Michael / Tracey left the Cruise ship and arrived back to good old normal home life.

I left my story the last time as we approached Avril’s house in the back of an unmarked Police Car. WPC Crawford a rather attractive woman in her thirties helped us inside with our bags before leaving us to it.

Being Me - Part 9 - Voyage of Discovery

Being Me

By Karin Roberts

The Cruise – Voyage of Discovery & Home

Cruise Diary – Day 8 - 10

This was getting a bit of a habit I thought as I awoke the next morning with a fuzzy head. If I’m not careful I’m going to turn into some sort of lush like Avril. I slipped out of bed and ran myself a glass of water before sliding back under the covers.

Just what had gone on in my head last night ?

Teenage Sissy Smoking Grandma (Ch. 1)

18 year old crossdresser Brian Oldham thinks his life would be better if he could look like an adult woman. He and his mother, Barbara, hatch a plan for him to live out his dreams for the summer, working as a 45 year old chain-smoking waitress in a diner. Not content with stage make-up, Brian takes the aging too far and the changes are permanent! Watch out, Papaw Frank!

Teenage Sissy Smoking Grandma
by Sharon Parsons
March 1, 2015
Chapter 1 of 7

Being Me - Part 6 - Voyage of Discovery

Being Me

By Karin Roberts

The Cruise – Voyage of Discovery

Cruise Diary – Day 5

I woke with a slight start a noise outside in the corridor, it passed. I looked at the clock just gone 8am.

Yesterday had been a strange day it had started so well, I had really been looking forward to Cadiz and my trip ashore. The end though with Mhari confirming her knowledge of my true gender had knocked me a bit sideways.

Summer Night

The metal of the drink cooler was cold against my back. Reflections of flashing police lights flashed all around me. I laid my head back and closed my eyes for a moment, listening to the rush of police officers out in the parking lot.
I took a drag from my cigarette. I could feel a trickle of blood running down my chest and into my cleavage.
The weight of the .44 magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk was familiar in my hand, but heavier somehow than it had been before. I pulled back the hammer. The click of the cylinders turning seemed loud as thunder.
I risked a glance over the top of the cooler, the glass crunching under my feet as loud as an avalanche.
Only four; I have to hurry.
I took a final drag from my cigarette, then flicked it away, trying to center myself for what I knew was coming.
How did I get here?
That made me smile a little.
How did I get here?

The Heir

The Heir

When 16 year old Josh's aunt dies, he is surprised to be named as her sole heir. He is even more surprised to discover exactly what that means. This story was originally written and posted in 2005.

Amazing Grace - Chapter 5

Amazing Grace

Grace Carson was just your ordinary everyday slightly introverted transgendered woman trying to make her way through life. She never expected to be tested, ran through the fires of hell, and face the very worst humanity has to offer. But, who does? This is her story.



The Devil sends thirteen demons to Earth on Halloween for a one night vacation. Unfortunately for Kyle, one of these demons has chosen him to be her host.

Like Mother Like Sister 02

Chapter 2

Synopsis: Nancy, aka Darren, checks out of the hospital and begins to have some second doubts about her decision to become a middle-aged woman.

Like Mother Like Sister 01

Like Mother Like Sister is a continuation of the original, "Like Mother Like Son". In the original story, Darren Peterman is a popular, athletic, heterosexual, 16 year old boy who has grown up having a "thang" for his mother. Its a stand alone story, but why not read "Like Mother Like Son" first.

Jem...Chapter 27

Jem…Chapter 27


I can’t help the smile on my face when I watch that little fucker’s car on the posted up videos online.

Summer’s giggling her ass off as she replays it and is taking repeated hits off the joints I bought her. “This is so fucking cool! That fucker’s been hanging around my ex’s new singer and dirty little cunt licker…Jem…Jem, Jem Fucking Jem!”

She starts to elbow my car windows and settles down when I give her a backhanded slap.
“Hey fucker!”

“Don’t scuff my interior.”

Like Mother Like Son 3

16 year old Darren Peterman comes home from school to find his mother has bought him a new outfit, befitting of a middle aged woman. Can he face his father and little brother for the first time in a dress?

Unfinished Business Part 6

Edited by Don (Thanks Hon)

Part 6 -

Ingrid rushed into the kitchen. She dropped her keys on the counter as she walked, not breaking stride as she headed for the stairs. She bounced up the steps and into the suite, slinging her purse onto the bed as she headed for the bathroom. After a quick stop at the toilet, she cranked up some music and turned on the shower.

Chloe's new life

A transgender, smoking involved, slightly twist ending story.

Yes! I'm a crossdresser Mum! in that one simple sentence, Alan was fully exposed in the worst possible manner, to his own mother in her house and in mostly her clothes.

And the smoking! she exclaimed, He felt more shame and embarrassment over this one, as for years he had been so vocal in trying to make her quit, yes, I smoke a little too Mum, but never when I am wearing my male clothes.

But you,,,,I?,,, you, Oh I can't think Alan, and she stormed out of the room.

Gail comes of age

A story about a young man who loves to dress and act much much older with help from his best friend then unexpectedly from his mother, his dreams are set to come true.


My horribly modified body fit snugly into the cylindrical space of the garbage can, nestled in among the old newspapers, the eggshells & coffee grounds. Martinette loomed above me in the moonlite. With that trashcan lid and pooper scooper in her hands she appeared to me as a fierce Barbarian warrior queen brandishing her shield and battle axe. Her beauty still took my breath away...

"Goodbye Gregor. There's just no place in my life for you anymore. With all the remodelling we're doing, and how ratty you've gotten- you're embarrassing! You're headed for Garbage Island now, a fitting end for a worthless thing like you. You were a poor excuse for a man, but perhaps you'll make adequate landfill..."

She laughed evilly as she emptied the pooper-scooper out onto my head and locked the trashcan firmly into place above me, plunging me into absolute blackness...

The Ultimate One Handed Sadomasochistic Forced Femme
Sissy-Cuckold Humiliation Torture & Mutilation Funtime Story...
by Laika Pupkino

MIA - Chapter 8

Chapters 8-9
By Brianna Luna

Mia dropped another shot, grimaced, then put the shot glass upside down on the table. She shook her head and let out a loud yelp. Tot laughed, then downed her own shot.

Lisa's New Whore

Lisa's New Whore
By Melissa Kandy

I stood and fished out my ciggies once more. Lighting one I happened to glance over the street at a shop window. There stood a woman, slim body with boobs prominent. Perched on sexy high heels, light reflecting off her diamante belly button piercing, full makeup and holding a long white cigarette.... It was me!

I hope you enjoy my first attempt...

Mia - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Mia rolled over and slapped the snooze button on the alarm. She laid on her back for a minute and stared at the ceiling. Monday. June. No longer a (technical) virgin. She smiled and rolled onto her side. She laid there for a few minutes more, eyes closed, mind blank. Then the dreaded alarm went off again. This time she turned it off and sat up. It was cool in the house, the air conditioner was pumping, and gooseflesh instantly rose on her arms and body. She looked around for her slippers, then gave up and headed to the bathroom.

Parental Permission_13_Final Chapter

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction. This is the final chapter about Hank/Henrietta. Henrietta wants to get married and have a family. She thinks her new life as a woman and a wife will be all fun and games. Life seldom turns out the way you think it will.

Parental Permission_12

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: Even if the coding says explicit- its not. This segment is just a hair above mature. Speaking of mature, Hank (Henrietta) and Dave are having their morning after talk. Is marriage still in the air?

Parental Permission_11

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction. Hank's parents get into an argument after Dave takes Hank to church. Hank fantasizes about being Dave's wife. Dave gets drunk at a VFW dance and Hank takes sexual advantage of the older man. This chapter includes sex.

Parental Permission_10

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: After Hank reveals his infatuation for older men, Arlene decides to take him to a VFW dance to meet the kind of men he's attracted to. Hank thinks it will be a chance to find out once and for all if he's really attracted to men or if its just a figment of his imagination. Hank meets Dave Evans, a retired colonel who turns out to be both an officer and a gentleman.

Parental Permission_09

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: Hank takes a job as a secretary and gets his first date which winds up being a let down. He has a conversation with his mother about expectations. Arlene thinks she has a plan that will get Hank out of the dumps.

Parental Permission_09

Parental Permission_08

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: After getting back from vacation, Hank starts the process of becoming a woman. His father tries to talk him out of it. Barbara and Arlene help Hank plan his future. The chapter takes place over the remainder of the summer.

Parental Permission_07

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: Big Dick hurts Hanks's feelings causing him to seriously reconsider his womanhood. He returns to the park the next day dressed as a boy. Maybe its not so bad afterall being a boy. Then again...


Parental Permission_07
by slimv



Parental Permission_06

Smoking Fetish / TG Fiction: Hank has a conversation about womanhood and sexuality with his mom and Mrs. Dickson in the back of the motor home on the way to their Florida vacation. Hank asks the question: Do I really want this?

Parental Permission_06
by slimv
June 2008

Parental Permission_05

Smoking fetish/tg story. After his make-over from the 4th chapter, Hank looks like a middle-aged woman. Hank comes clean with his mother about his sexuality when he tells her about being attracted to older men. This story takes place in the 1970s, but I'm sticking to current age of consent laws, because most of you are reading this story in 2008. BTW, there's no sex in this chapter.

Parental Permission_04

This is chapter 4 of a Smoking Fetish / TG fiction story. Hank has agreed to go on vacation as a girl. Problem is that Hank doesn't want to look like a teenage girl. He wants to look like a woman his mom's age. He gets Parental Permission to do so. How does he react to the new look? How does his family react?

Parental Permission_03

This is the third installment of Parental Permission. Start with chapter 01. First and foremost, this is a Smoking Fetish / TG fiction story. It's about Hank, a teenage boy who gets caught smoking by his parents. This is the story of him getting parental permission to do the things he's always wanted to do but didn't have the guts to do on his own. It's a personal adventure story.


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