Valentine's Day

Go Big or Go Homeless

My entry for the 2024 New Year's Resolution Story Contest

Tired of loneliness, Skylar resolves to find love at any cost. Nudged along by fate, and self imposed circumstance, he's well on his way to a happy future. It just doesn't look like anything he ever expected.

Beware which apps you give access to your information. It could change your life.

Laura, part 27

“Ugh, this SUCKS,” Suri overdramatically moans as she types away at her computer. “If I have to fill out one more UCAS form I think my wrists are going to seize up!”

“Could be worse,” I muse. “Imagine having to handwrite all of this…”

“I’d rather not, thanks,” Suri snorts. “Still got half a textbook to read for the next exam. Who knew acting involved so much, well, homework?”

My Obsession, Part 28 of 29


Photo by Wilson Vitorino from Pexels

Part 28 of 29

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Even though he officially retired some years ago, Grandpa is still a force to be reckoned with at the library. If he needs the community room on New Year's Eve then naturally he gets the community room on New Year's Eve even if the place is shuttered tight. He says he knows just where all the bodies are buried and there's no budget for re-interring them so they just have to let him do what he wants.

Laura, part 24

“How’s the fit?” the shop clerk asks me as I smooth the long, flowing dress over my narrow waist and smooth, curved hips.

“Be honest, Laura,” mum advises. “If there are any problems, you need to let us know now as there won’t be another chance before Saturday, and you’ll be in that dress for a long-“

“I know, I know,” I interrupt. “It’s still pinching a bit around my armpits…”

“Okay, we can do something about that,” the clerk says. “Are there any other places it’s too tight?”

“Nope,” I reply, smirking as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Stephanie, part 22

“No peeking!” Kayla admonishes me as I enter her bedroom.

“What, I’m not allowed to see my girlfriend naked?” I tease, smiling as Kayla giggles and tosses a ball of scrunched-up wrapping paper at me.

“I’M not naked,” Kayla retorts.

“D’aww,” I pout, earning another giggle.

“Your presents, on the other hand, are!” Kayla yells as she jumps off her bed and closes the door- though not before giving me a gentle kiss. I giggle as I leave my girlfriend be and return to the living room, though inside, my nerves are jangling for multiple reasons.

Jacinta, part 15

“Ahh!” I screech as my ‘seat’ slides across the ground, threatening to tip me on my backside with every movement it makes. “Jeez- how did I let you talk me into this again?”

“You said you wanted a Valentine’s date that was truly unique,” the young Welshman replies with an almost sadistic chuckle as he fiddles with his controls. “I guarantee you, this is something no one will have ever done before!”

“There’s a reason for that!” I complain, grimacing as I feel the cold February air blow up my extra-short skirt. “And I’m not really dressed for it either!”

Valentine Gift

Valentine Gift
by Ellie Dauber
© 2003

Attorney Rebecca Sutton normally didn’t like getting gifts from her staff. She didn’t like this one—until she put it on and couldn’t get it off.

This is the second “Stavros” story.

Gene or Jean? - Part 6 - How I got a job wearing a dress

The college sponsored a Winter Carnival every year near the end of January to give everyone a chance to blow off a little steam. There were all sorts of activities such as figure skating contests, snow man building, and even sleigh rides. Some of the frats and sororities had booths with food, hot cider and cocoa. Others set up carnival type of games. The college even cancelled classes for Friday. Naturally, my presence, as the SRS Halloqueen, was requested, and because of my position, RLE didn’t object.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I lamented to Sylvia.

“Said just like a woman,” she responded.

Jacinta, part 11

“God, I always feel so out of place every time I come here…” I moan as I step into the vast dance studio, surrounded by my friends.

“I really hope that’s NOT because you feel uncomfortable wearing THAT!” Lauren teases, making me giggle as I stare down at the short-sleeved black leotard and baby pink tights that are covering my body.

“Hell no!” I reply, making my friends giggle and cheer. “It’s just- you know? You girls are all so good at ballet, and I’m still just a beginner… Not to mention the fact that everyone here is, like, famous!”

Jacinta, part 8

“Urgh…”I groan as I’m awoken from a blissful slumber by a loud knocking on my front door. “Stop fucking banging…” I grab my phone to check the clock, only to roll my eyes when I discover that it’s gone 11am. Fortunately, today is Wednesday, meaning I’m not at uni today, but that also means that none of my friends are either, as I discover when Ophelia (who has obviously already been up for ages) opens the door.

“Helloooo!” Katie giggles loud enough for me to hear in my bedroom. “Flying solo today then, Ophelia?”

Scarlet Ribbons

Scarlet Ribbons

by Anam Chara

When a father and husband is left alone as a widower with two children, he can deal with his son well enough, but he knows nothing about raising a daughter—not even where to find those special things that little girls pray for…

Reflections 1


A short story for Valentine`s day

- - -
Authors Note: I posted this short story on Valentine`s day and I am not comfortable with the way it looks or reads. I have edited it and made changes to the story and have posted the new version under the title of Reflections 2. Thanks also to Erin for her advice when I was unsure how to proceed with the amendments.

- - -

The mirror on the wall sees all and hides nothing.

Here he comes again he looks sad and seems to have lost his way and all interest in life.

Smoky Corners: The Universe - rules and notes


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Smoky Corners: the Universe

"Smoky Corners, Montana, is a nice, typical small western town. Nothing unusual ever happens here... at least on the surface. But, if you happen to find yourself on Mulberry Street, 239, standing in front of a quaint little curio shop ran by an old, bearded Asian man named Kato Chigiri, you may find more than you bargained for. And EXACTLY what you need..."

Hi, and welcome to what I hope will become a new, unique universe for fans of trans-fiction. - Haylee V

Ian, part 4

"A whole week off!" Maisie squeaks in my ear as the bell rings to signify the end of the school day- and indeed, the end of this half of the term.

At least, it would be the end of the school day for me, were it not for the fact that when I arrive home, I immediately head up to my bedroom and exchange the itchy, clingy black tights and knee-length skirt I've worn all day for an even itchier, even clingier pair of pink tights and a black tank leotard, just as I've done every Tuesday and every Friday since the New Year began.

Xìngbié; part 4 (of 12): Valentine's Day

When Nathan finally stirred on Saturday, the alarm clock read 11:32. Nathan sprang to his feet. He’d slept in! He never slept in. It was a bad habit. At least, according to his father it was.

At least the movie wasn’t until 3 o’clock. Nathan still had plenty of time to prepare and still get his homework done like his father had insisted. He wasn’t opposed to Nathan spending time with his friends (at least, not after a talk with his wife), but he still wanted Nathan to focus on schoolwork first.

But first Nathan needed a shower. He slipped out of his room and darted toward the bathroom. But as he turned the corner, he ran right into his father coming the other way.

Xìngbié; part 3 (of 12): Comfortable as an Old Shoe

Nathan stared down at his open sock drawer in confusion. This absolutely was not the way that it had looked the day before. He’d had maybe a dozen white socks and a few black dress socks. He certainly had not had three dozen pairs of socks of varying lengths and colors, some with pictures of animals and cartoon characters. And there was no way that he’d had a small collection of rolled-up tights and leggings of various colors and patterns.

Xìngbié; part 2 (of 12): Old Habits Die Swift

In the morning, Nathan didn’t feel the least bit rested. He was struggling to keep his eyes open even in the shower. If he didn’t perk up soon, he was going to have a hard time staying awake through his morning classes.

Shampoo, conditioner… where’s…?

There was no body wash on the shelf in the shower.

I don’t use body wash, Nathan realized, groaning. It was going to be one of those days, wasn’t it? He grabbed a bar of soap and scrubbed himself down quickly.

A knock at the door, his mother, let him know that he was running out of time before the bus came. Nathan turned off the water and got out, grabbing a towel from the rack. He rubbed himself dry, but paused when he saw his stomach. It looked different… flatter? Sure, being Chinese, Nathan had always been smaller and thinner than other boys (much to their amusement and playful mockery), but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was… wrong about him.

Xìngbié; part 1 (of 12): Takeout Chinese

Nathan poked at his food with a fork. Part of him found it ironic that a Chinese American family was eating Chinese takeout for dinner, but his mind wasn’t really on the food.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” his mother asked from across the table. She was frowning, but it was concern in her eyes.

Nathan’s younger brother snickered, and Nathan cast him a dark look.

“I’m just not very hungry, I guess,” he lied. He hated lying to his mother, but he really didn’t want to talk about it.

“He’s upset because he still doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day,” Tyler chimed in.

Nathan stabbed his beef with his fork, looking down to hide his grimace.

“Tyler, stop antagonizing your brother and eat your dinner,” their father said.

Tyler grumbled something under his breath, but didn’t respond.

Nathan silently thanked his father, but he knew that Tyler was right. He was fifteen now and still didn’t have a girlfriend. All his friends were always talking about girls, but Nathan had such a hard time getting a girl to go out with him.

Not that he hadn’t tried, of course. He’d asked out four different girls this school year already, and each one had said no. And every time they did he wished he could just disappear and never have to try again. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, he felt even worse than usual.

Ticket stubs. (prologue)

Dear clyde, HE KISSED ME, Omg he kissed me!!!!!! Aahhhhhhhhhh, my first real Kiss and it was just as magical as I'd hoped for. Ok well there wheren't any fireworks, and my leg didn't pop but I don't think those things really happen. Tonight was simply amazing, I didn't think he could pull it off but it was definitly the best night of my life. And I kissed a boy!! No... A boy kissed ME! Yes me, of all people, got kissed. I don't think im going to be able to sleep, i'm so excited! Ok, so you probably want to know what happened tonight.

Laura, part 10

“Double turn!” The teacher yells, and I comply, pirouetting twice on my right leg. “Point your back leg… And pose!” I throw my arms up in the air and grin widely as the music finishes, earning- alone with Nicole on my left, and Suriya on my right- a rapturous round of applause from the assembled students.

Charlotte, part 15

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” I say happily, clinking my wine glass with that of the sexy guy opposite me. I’m dressed in a short, slinky black dress, translucent seamed stockings and extra-high heels (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin), whilst the handsome man opposite me is wearing a smart suit with a bright white shirt and a plain grey tie.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Stuart says, sipping his wine with one hand whilst his other hand links his fingers with mine. “This is absolutely PERFECT.”

Nikki, part 15

“I shall see you on Tuesday!” Hannah giggles as she drops me off outside my former college. “Give my love to the rest of the ‘Teen Angels’. Oh- and enjoy your long, loooong weekend!”

“Will do!” I laugh, straightening my short skirt and opaque black tights as I step out of the car and stride into the dining hall of the large building. I breathe a sigh of relief that my work is over for another week- not that I don’t still enjoy it, of course, but it IS hard work, and I’m REALLY looking forward to three free days to spend with my friends… Especially Sarah.

Stuart, part 2

"Who needs BOYS anyway?" Krystie- my ex-girlfriend- yells over the noise of the crowded Parisian nightclub she, Jamie and myself have found ourselves in.

"I'll try not to take that personally!" I yell back, handing the two girls their drinks and escorting them back to their table in the club's VIP area where Krystie immediately raises a toast.

"To being single!" The tall, attractive woman says. Jamie, Krystie and I clink our glasses together, but I can't help but comment on the surrealism of the scene.

Nikki, part 10

“Should anyone here present know of any reason why this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony,” the vicar says with a warm, happy smile, “speak now, or forever hold your peace.” Sarah and I- both dressed in identical, beautiful wedding dresses, our hair tied into elaborate matching hairdos and our make-up immaculately applied, stare at each other and smile, but almost immediately, the silence in the church is broken.

Kingston Academy Shorts #2: Ruby's Valentine

Kingston Academy Shorts
#2: Ruby's Valentine

By Melanie E.

Rudy/Ruby has been having a heck of a time with the Princess program. It all seemed like such a great opportunity to indulge, but it turns out it's a lot of work! Add in a mysterious valentine, and what's a boy/girl to do?

The End Of The World: The Last Valentine Part 2

Humanity is fighting for the right to live on our own home world. Every month, week, or day could be our last. However, no matter how we fight each other, if you give us a good enough reason to band together ...

Love and Old Books...Part Five The Finale

Love and Old Books…Finale

It changed everything that weekend and I mean it changed everything…

I will remember that night forever but the next day too. I woke up and it was chilly even with it being summer but the smell of the water coming in off the beach was still heavy in the air and there’s nothing like it really the smell of salt water that close. It mixed with the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and the smell of us, of Valerie sleeping there beside me.

I rubbed some more thankful, so thankful wetness from my eyes with my thumb and then I rolled over and spooned her wrapping an arm around her and the blankets and just holding her.

Smelling her skin, her hair.

There are some perfect moments in this world.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 4

The nurse took the CNA’s hand. “It’s basically a big, strong magnet,” she said. “It will stop the defibrillator from shocking him and restarting his heart.”
Aubrey felt her chest grow numb, and her arms and legs suddenly chilled. “Why the hell does he need something like that?” she whispered almost inaudibly.

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 4

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 3

"Fish! God, no! Not that, not again! Please don't! What will your wife think?"
"Hell, Honey. I'm filming this. This gets my own rocks off," laughed Mamie.

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 3

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Trans. Plant. Heart. Chapter 2

"Bambi, why would you say that? You're 'living the dream', so to speak."
She looked up at him with tear-striped cheeks. "I'm living a nightmare!

Trans. Plant. Heart.
Chapter 2

by **Sigh**
Copyright © 2013 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

Through the years: Two against the world part 23

Tracy smiled. “So I can do it?”

“Yes. Let's start now. Also we're thinking of taking you out to a nice dinner tonight, okay? For Valentine’s Day.”

“Okay. That was what Uncle Frank was talking about?”

“Yes, it was. So a nice dress for dinner if you want, or a good skirt and blouse, nothing too fancy, just a nice one will do.”


Edited by Djkauf

Valentines day, 1983


An Old Memory

He leaned in slowly, his eyes closing as he lifted my chin with his fingers, and slowly touched his lips oh-so-softly against mine.

In case you hadn’t guessed, that was a dream. No good story ever starts with a kiss. In fact, most of them end with one. I have had a massive crush on a boy named Tyler basically since Freshman orientation; now we’re both Juniors, and I don’t think he even knows I exist.

Now, I know what y’all are thinking. “Oh no, not yet ANOTHER ‘shy girl gets guy who barely notices her, but turns out to have been crushing silently. Oh, and of course he’s popular and on the football team and everything.’”

Sorry to disappoint, but there are three big problems with that.

Valentine Walnut

How does a smitten junior-high jock get on the close side of a cold embittered lad who's the splitting-image of his stunning classic tween star heart-throb?

This Valentine's Day quickie was 60% inspired by a middle school incident which I might expand on in a larger story. Please excuse this draft's grammar; I was scurrying to get this out on the appropriate day!

Take care!

My Valentine's Dream Come True

My Valentine's Dream Come True

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he is a girl, his parents lovingly encourage their child's journey into womanhood. She grows up as a girl in a boy's body and has a best friend who accepts her for who she truly is. As they go through school, each one proves to be each others best friend that ends in the culmination of a Dream come true.

TransBike-Valentine's Wish

TransBike-March Winds Wish

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a Trans-Woman who has created three memoriable stories and immortal characters finally meets the Dapper Gentleman and the TransBike, she finds her special wish to become a genetic woman is granted, thanks to the love of her many friends.

Oscar Night - Part 17

Oscar dresses up
Oscar Night

by Jennifer Brock

Nearly a year ago, Novelist/screenwriter David Fine was nominated for an Academy Award and wore a red suit designed by his friend fashion designer Claude Marsh. Unfortunately, television personality Jane Waters chose to make David's outfit an object of ridicule, and in an attempt to save face he joked that he'd wear a gown if he was nominated again. When he was indeed nominated a year later, Claude seized upon David's defense of his honor and pushed him to embrace the idea of wearing a gown, and his girlfriend bisexual fashion model Maritza Delgado was also keen to make him more feminine. He was talked into severalplastic surgeries on his face and breast implants, and he's been training with live-in feminine deportment coach Kay Thomas, who has renamed him Dee. In this installment, Dee learns a little more about the different kinds of men who dress as women, and where she fits on the scale. Also, the romance is brought back into focus, and Dee starts thinking about dating.


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